Paultards Interrupted RPK’s Weekend Convention

If you weren’t able to attend the Republican Party’s convention in Bowling Green this weekend, you’ve gotta catch up. Ron Paul’s supporters went batshit insane and the RPK’s chairman tried to fight back.

Visit PolitickerKY to read all about it and listen to audio of Paultards getting kicked out of the convention. Thank goodness Trey Pollard was there to catch it all on tape.

BOWLING GREEN — Supporters of presidential candidate and U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) saw all of their efforts to influence the outcome of the Kentucky Republican convention thwarted during a noisy procedural stand-off with party leadership on the floor of Saturday’s event. Amid shouting and unrestrained debate, Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson pushed through votes on convention rules, resolutions, and delegate slates while dissenting Paul supporters vocally argued parliamentary procedure was being bypassed.

Near the end of a tumultuous half-hour of confusion, some of the dissent moved to depose Robertson of his position while other Paul supporters were ordered out of the convention hall by the chair.

We hear Senate President David Williams also did his part to taunt the Paultards by playing along with them. If only we could have been a fly on the wall!.

Barack Obama is a Muslim and Michelle Obama Hates All White People

It’s true. Brett Hall and the rest of the right-wing blogosphere is spinning completely out of control about alleged comments Michelle Obama made.

Michelle Obama again finds herself in the eye of a tropical storm simmering on the horizon. This time, the controversy centers around a video that may or may not exist in which Barack Obama’s wife took to the pulpit in Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ and delivered a passionate sermon about “Whitey.” Whoever that is. Apparently, it was someone she didn’t like. (Reminds one of U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters’ cries of “Get Whitey!” during the 1992 Rodney King riots in Los Angeles.)

Brett’s also using a fancy and terrifying photo of Michelle to make it seem like she really does hate white people. See for yourself:

Race-baiting, anyone? Let’s make the scary black lady look as ominous and mean as possible!


Note to Steve Robertson: I hope this isn’t a talking point coming from your desk. Especially not at a time when your party is experiencing a renaissance of sorts. Especially not after all of the progress and inroads you and your staff have made over the past year-and-a-half.

Jefferson County GOP Launches New Website

Brad Cummings, the newly elected Chairman of the Jefferson County Republican Party, announced the re-launch of his party’s website. Click here to take a peek.

From Brad: “We are blessed to have a dynamic blend of youth and experience, breathing new life into our organization. “This is a strong first step in proving to party faithful that the future is now in the Jefferson County Republican Party.”

The new site has a frequently updated news feed, blog (they must be turning into fancy elitists!) and an events calendar. Visitors to the site can sign up for email updates, learn about volunteering and help the Party and Republican candidates by making financial contributions.

Wednesday Update. Hump Day Edition of Stuff.

Morgan Wilkins is back. The Republican henchgirl joined the military a few months ago and is now Private First Class Wilkins. And she’s going to Iraq in June 2009. Quite a change of pace from the days of invading Democratic functions while pretending to be a journalist. [Morgan Wilkins]

National political publications all over are writing about the coming Republican poo storm of failure this fall. This one focuses on early polls suggesting that Senate seats are within reach. [The Hill]

Just in case you needed a reason to avoid Northern Kentucky. The Creation Museum is expanding and plans to focus on children. There’ll be kiosks all over the place and a playground that will no doubt include dinosaurs you can ride. The good news is the museum– which featured a gay porn star as Adam– won’t be expanding to other cities just yet. [H-L]

Some uppity east enders in Louisville, namely the Courier-Journal editorial board, are up in arms that a one-lane bridge on River Road could be widened to accomodate 21st century traffic. Anyone else out there rolling their eyes? Or is it just us? It’s a bridge. Widen it. Waiting for oncoming traffic to cross is kind of, oh, 19th century. [C-J]

Okay. This is easily the best headline in the Herald-Leader in recent months: Percent of fat kids has leveled off. It’s an AP story about the number of children who are overweight or obese leveling off after a 25-year increase. [H-L]

Oh Snap Monday! 4-Day Work Week Edition.

Can Obama win Appalachia? Probably not as long as we perpetuate racism and ignorance in the region. It’d be wise for Barack Obama to get his butt into Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia ASAP. Wise for him to stay there for several weeks. KDP Chair Jennifer Moore still perpetuates the myth that Obama lost Appalachia because he didn’t campaign there. [H-L]

On the rare occasion that George W. Bush almost gets something right, Mitch McConnel and Jim Bunning stand up against him. This time it’s to combat HIV/AIDS, TV and malaria. Funding ($50 billion over five years, up from $15 billion) that we have a responsibility to provide the world if we wish to remain a superpower. [C-J]

Barack Obama is now the pick of the state GOP. Remember when it was Hillary like two weeks ago? Anyway, he’s now the pick because the RPK/GOP says Democrats are effed in Kentucky thanks to him. But Ryan Alessi disproves that talking point with historical bits & pieces that prove folks who vote for McCain won’t necessarily vote for McConnell. [H-L]

Mitch McConnell is poor and needs your $13 to process responses to his sham questionnaire. Michael Savage (real name: Michael Alan Weiner) is the sicko gas bag 84WHAS radio replaced Joe Elliott with. And CNN’s Gary Tuchman may return to Clay County to address the outrage sparked by his weird story that aired just before the Kentucky Primary. [C-J]

Larry Dale Keeling, in his bitter old man ways, paints the picture of struggle for the Democrats against Mitch McConnell. He brings up Bruce Lunsford’s baggage but conveniently neglects to mention that Mitch McConnell has 24 years of baggage as a U.S. Senator. But Keeling’s right about one thing: racism trumped sexism in Kentucky by a long shot. [KY Kurmudgeon]

Kentucky Tonight on May 26 – Watch It

The May 26th edition of Kentucky Tonight with host Bill Goodman will discuss the 2008 election.

Scheduled guests include:

  • Jennifer Moore, KDP Chair
  • Steve Robertson, RPK Chair
  • John Y. Brown III, former Secretary of State
  • Scott Jennings, former Karl Rove aide

It airs live at 8:00 P.M. eastern. Viewers with questions and comments may participate in the live broadcast by telephone at 1-800-494-7605.

Set your TiVo or DVR! This should be good.

Friday Afternoon Roundup. Shoot Yer Guns in Honor of the NRA Convention Edition.

John McCain is speaking to the National Rifle Association Convention at about 4:00 P.M. this afternoon. If you live in Louisville, head on down to the gun show or whatever to get your fancy guns for killing some bear and neighbors and such. [C-J Photos]

An AOL blogger says Greg Fischer will win the Senate primary because he has an ActBlue page. Don’t you love it when people who have no idea what’s going on in Kentucky politics write about it on a national level? [AOL Bloggers]

Hillary’s visiting Maysville on Monday. [Ledger Independent]

Candidate for the 4th District Congressional seat, Dr. Michael Kelley, will ride his bicycle across the 4th District over Memorial Day weekend to put the spotlight on physical fitness’ impact on healthcare costs. Kelley also plans to meet with voters to hear their ideas and concerns. [Press Release]

The Republican Party of Kentucky attacked Barack Obama by scaring the bejeezus out of gun owners. Obama’s gonna take yer guns! HIDE! But the RPK neglected to note that John McCain told the NRA to get out of the Republican Party. [Press Release, Cliff Schecter, B&P]

Steve Beshear won’t be cutting the $400,000 he gives away to the coal industry for self-promotion in order to save costs during our budgetary crisis. Should be noted that it was one of the first things Ernie Fletcher nixed when trying to get things under control. WTF. Also, we feel sorry for Ryan Alessi having to sit through the NRA shindig today. [PolWatchers]

Senate President David Williams is suing Governor Steve Beshear for vetoing his road projects. Hrm. [Hebert]