TGIF! The Weekend Has Finally Arrived For Us!

That mean Ryan Alessi is talking about how the Democrats are spending very little on their first ads in the U.S. Senate race. How mean! [Bluegrass Politics]

Terry Brooks, ED of Kentucky Youth Advocates, on the House budget: “[T]hese short-term adjustments fall short of what is needed to put the Commonwealth on stable ground for the long haul.  There is much talk about the need for “shared sacrifice” but not enough about “shared solutions.”  While the proposal put forth in HB 530 appropriately calls on businesses to do their part, it doesn’t ask enough from others.  What’s needed is a comprehensive and balanced revenue plan where Kentucky’s tax code reflects the 21st century economy and allows for adequate investment in the state’s future.  Otherwise our fiscal foundation will remain shaky for some time to come.” [Press Release]

The Jefferson County Teachers Association endorsed Jim King in Louisville’s race for Mayor on Wednesday. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Known crazy person and old poo… man, Jim Bunning, wrote an op-ed for USA Today about why he took a stand. Interestingly, Bunning didn’t note his senility anywhere in his piece. [Click the Clicky]

The House approved the revenue bill and Greg Stumbo is promising an aggressive construction plan. [Bluegrass Politics]

Surprised? Republican Party of Kentucky passed a resolution standing with senile Jim Bunning. [WLKY]

Here’s the latest video from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. [YouTube

Yesterday supporters rallied in Frankfort for the restoration of voting rights. Kentucky needs to flipping take action on this front. This is part of the reason we cannot have nice things. [Ronnie Ellis]

But suspension of this business tax write-off? That shiz is not gonna fly! How absurd. [More Ronnie Ellis]

Kim Geveden admits Lt. Dan is only on the air with an ad attacking Jim Bunning because Jack Conway was on the air doing that very same thing first. Hahaha. Hey, Kimball, that’s called getting sucked into spending all of your campaign cash by the opponent who has more of that dough. Kim Geveden, a spokesman for Mongiardo, said the lieutenant governor didn’t plan to run the ad until Conway’s aired on Wednesday. “When we saw Jack Conway’s talking-head ad, we thought Daniel and his candidacy of strength and leadership would make a nice contrast,” he said. [Joe Gerth]

Thursday Evening Dept of New Senate Polling

The Washington Post says Rand Paul is lighting a fire under the Kentucky GOP. But I haven’t seen any movement from the RPK or any other Republicans, so, I’m not sure what on earth they’re talking about. When will the Grayson Campaign sack up and start running against Paul? [WaPo]

I am blown away that so many people are coming out against the idea of senate candidates donating any potential salary to charity. [Page One Comments]

I am interested in having a seance with your fetus. Isn’t that the best pick-up line ever? Really, though, Elizabeth Tori wants to have a seance with your fetus. [Debby Yetter]

Why is Rand Paul’s campaign still utilizing his controversial and fired spokesperson? [Barefoot & Progressive]

The Clay County vote-buying mess included unindicted co-conspirators. You’ll want to read this story. It’s going to get exciting in Eastern Kentucky this year. [H-L]

Rand Paul’s first teevee ad focuses on national security. He spent $50,000 on the ad for just three weeks. [Joe Gerth]

Violent extremist J.D. Sparks has a Facebook group. [Facebook]

Rep. John Yarmuth on AIG’s $100 million in bonuses: “A few months after they received taxpayer dollars to rescue them from their own recklessness, it is unconscionable that AIG would so extravagantly reward executives who owe their company’s profitability to the American people. Congress needs to immediately pass comprehensive Wall Street reform legislation to rein in these big banks and corporations and put an end to this irresponsible activity once and for all.” [Press Release]

The latest Rasmussen U.S. Senate poll results are probably not good news for Daniel Mongiardo. [Page One]

Judges are none too happy with the GPS bill pushed by Greg Stumbo. [WAVE3]

Republican Confused Re: Potential DINO Opponent

That other Republican guy running against Ben Chandler is… interesting.

Unfortunately, he appears to be just another out-of-touch Republican who apparently never pays attention:

“Time and again we send the professional politicians to Washington, and time and again they fail to deliver real leadership on key issues that could actually help the economy.  Cong. Chandler is just another failed liberal bureaucrat who has never created a job. The fact he voted for ‘cap-and-trade’ legislation earlier this year shows he is completely out of touch with his constituents and has no clue how to get our economy moving again,” Templeman said.


“There are some folks running who I am sure are fine people, but none of them have any idea how businesses work and how the real world economy works,” Templeman said.  “We live in a time of serious problems, and we need folks who have the experience to come up with serious answers.  I don’t see anyone running who I feel has that experience, so I am stepping up to offer a credible alternative to the liberal Democrat who occupies the seat,” Templeman said.

Here’s a tip: when running for office, know your shiz. And be prepared for a supporter of the environment to point out what a right-wing coalbot you are if you’re, literally, someone who has worked as a coal big dog.

Oh… and when saying that your potential Democratic opponent is out of touch? Maybe it would help not to make yourself look out of touch. I don’t know anyone in their right mind who would consider spineless Ben Chandler a “liberal.”

Your Wednesday Morning Dept of Kentuckians Can’t Be Bought That Easily Anymore

Special election bloodbath last night. Republicans cleaned up in both the House and Senate races. Steve Beshear might as well pack his bags after last night’s massive losses. [Page One]

Jim Gray announced his campaign for mayor of Lexington last evening. LAST EVENING. The night of the special elections. Worst time to announce, ever. He’s the best man for the job. And he’ll smoke Jim Newberry. But announcement FAIL. Worst possible timing ever. Almost down to the worst hour ever. JEEZ! HOWEVER– It is hilarious to watch Gray call Newberry out. [H-L]

It is, indeed, ON in Lexington. The excitement begins. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Osama is gonna ruin the mail! [FatLip]

One-term Gas Station Governor Steve Beshear says progress has been made in Kentucky. Let’s try really hard not to roll our eyes. [Murray Ledger & Times]

Dale Emmons admits that there is essentially no difference between Jodie Haydon and Jimmy Higdon. [Jack Brammer]

What? ACORN isn’t guilty of breaking the law? This is sure to fire up the teabaggers and those afraid of non-whites. [Alternet]

The Courier-Journal editorial board has a lot of questions for Steve Beshear. But seems to have forgotten that his own staff members said – in their paper – that he was involved in the firing of Ron Mills. [C-J]

The Kentucky League of Cities is taking over insurance for schools. Everybody just let out a collective gasp, I think. [H-L]

Tonight’s Special Election Results

Republican Sources: Jimmy Higdon wins with 56% of the vote. Will update with numbers in a moment.

14th State Senate District

  • Jimmy Higdon (Rep) 11,327
  • Jodie Haydon (Dem) 8,891

Do we go ahead and count this as Steve Beshear’s third gambling loss?

Now we’ve lost another senate seat and we have a right-winger sitting on the bench thanks to papaw.

Pack your husband’s bags, Jane, cause he’s moving back to the farm with you.

96th State House District

  • Jill York (Rep) 2,545
  • Barry Webb (Dem) 1,663

Interesting that our embarrassing governor (is he finished?) and the Kentucky Democratic Party ignored Robin Webb’s old House seat in an easy to win district, isn’t it? That should prove this election really was about gambling and all attention was focused on the Higdon-Haydon race.

(And in other news, Jim Gray announced his campaign for Lexington mayor. Yup. Worst possible timing, ever, hands-down.)