RPK Releases Lunsford Complaints

We told you yesterday that the Republican Party of Kentucky’s chairman, Steve Robertson, was filing complaints with the FEC and FCC against U.S. Senate candidate Bruce Lunsford and The CW Louisville/WBKI-TV, alleging campaign finance violations.

The RPK just released the official complaints along with accompanying exhibits. A Page One story is included as evidence in both complaints. Does this mean our silly little blog has reached the big time? Of course not, but we love having our egos fluffed! Even if we disagree with the manner in which they’re being fluffed.

The Exhibit

FCC & FEC Complaints, Respectively (PDF Links)

And we thought Mitch McConnell wasn’t afraid of Bruce Lunsford. Boy, were we wrong. We love that McConnell is now campaigning for Greg Fischer. And, we’re (honestly) pleasantly surprised that McConnell is taking the senate race seriously.

Sidenote: Get ready, folks, you’re going to hear nothing but “Bruce is the Devil” from a few disconnected folks who write about Kentucky from afar. Too little, too late.

UPDATE @ 2:21: It’s been brought to our attention that the CW has pulled the Lunsford interview from their YouTube account.

What gives? It’s not like it’s not already out there for public consumption.

RPK Complains About Lunsford TV Appearance

Did you hear? The Republican Party of Kentucky filed an FEC complaint against Bruce Lunsford for paying to appear on the CW’s morning show. The appearance, the RPK alleges, is a paid commercial for Bruce that didn’t contain the proper disclaimers. See the full text of the RPK’s press release after the jump.

What’s funny, really, is that Michael Cassaro appeared on the same show doing the same thing this past Monday. RPK didn’t mention him. Selective, eh?

The Lunsford campaign responded, noting:

“It was acknowledged on the air that the interview segment was paid for by the campaign. The campaign was not at all involved in the production of the television show,” -SNIP- “If there was a written disclaimer required in that instance and the campaign was responsible for making sure the television producers put that on the air, it was an oversight and we will take responsibility.”

Long story short: It’s the station’s responsibility to ensure that proper disclaimers are provided, if required, since they’re the folks who produce the show. Dan Spangler did explain that Bruce’s campaign paid for the segment but didn’t do so in the manner in which the FEC requires. In fairness, I’m pretty sure the station’s management had no idea they were responsible for so much re: the FEC. (I mean, who is? Like four people in the entire state.)

The Lunsford camp says it takes responsibility for any mix-up and I’m sure, knowing station management personally, that the CW will do anything it’s required to do.

RPK Release after the jump…

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BREAKING: Chris Thieneman Running for Congress

That’s the word from Chris Thieneman, the on-again, off-again Republican candidate for the 3rd District seat in the U.S. Congress.

He says he’s got commitments for more than $100,000 from at least 50 political supporters. Thieneman told us Friday night that he’s committed to the race.

Thieneman said it will be a good, clean, honest campaign. “I was trained to step on the field and play by the rules,” he said.

There has been plenty of pressure, he said, from Republican Party officials to drop out of the race, but he told us that he made the decision to run long ago, but waited until now to make it official. He said a Courier-Journal deadline for providing biographical information prompted him to make his announcement now, rather than in early May.

He’ll face Anne Northup in the May 20 Republican primary. The winner will face incumbent Democrat John Yarmuth this fall.

Trey Grayson, Jennifer Moore, Steve Robertson, Nathan Smith All Up on KET’s Kentucky Tonight

Pat Crowley has the skinny, which he swiped from KET:

Secretary of State Trey Grayson, a Boone County Republican, and Kenton County Democratic Party Vice Chairman Nathan Smith of Fort Mitchell are among the guests slated for Kentucky Tonight, broadcast 8 p.m. Monday on KET. Also on the panel are Democratic Party Chairwoman Jennifer Moore and GOP Chairman Steve Robertson.

This is just a prediction, but, uh, we’re pretty sure the Republicans will “win” with this appearance so long as they learn how to say Democratic. The Democrats may hold their own if they, as well, are able to say Democratic. The least we could do is put up Jack Conway.

Set your TiVo/DVR, ladies, because this will be hilarious. Maybe Trey will thank Jennifer for wrongly painting him as a racist bigot. Maybe Jennifer will apologize by telling the public that it was just the Beshear crew’s way of initiating her (getting her to run the nasty, sickening ad).

For the record: No, we don’t ever get over race baiting.

Faux Rights Group Slanders David Williams

As Ben reports, the faux rights organization Kentucky Equality Federation has killed the last remaining ounce of credibility it allegedly had.

The organization is no longer making up names of board members and claiming a legal counsel who isn’t a member of the Kentucky Bar Association (because she allegedly doesn’t exist). Nor are they attempting to ruin the credibility of the long-standing Kentucky Fairness Alliance as the org has done in the past. Nope. Wait for it.

The “Federation” is now claiming that Senate President David Williams is gay.

Take a look:

Monday, March 31, 2008
Family in the Kentucky Senate?

A blogger claims there is homosexuality (or same-sex acts) in the top ranks of the Kentucky Senate. Click here to read.

This is ridiculous. Even if the man was a known homosexual, why on earth is a self-proclaimed gay rights organization (aka front group for cash) spreading such information? Without any evidence but nasty rhetoric, the group is, of course, attempting to assassinate Senator Williams’ character. He may be a first-rate hack, but this is low.

We call on the Senator to rebuke this horse crap of a nasty allegation immediately. And on the Republican Party of Kentucky to dig their nails into the Kentucky Equality Federation. Anyone who has contributed funds to this organization should request a refund and the Secretary of State should revoke their non-profit status.

Attacks like this should not be tolerated in today’s society.

RPK Attacks House Democrats

Finally! News out of Frankfort! But it’s still about Hillary. Ugh. Make. It. Stop.

The Republican Party of Kentucky just issued a press release about House Democrats closing up shop to rally for Hillary:


FRANKFORT, Ky. – Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson today blasted House Democrat legislators for blowing off their elected duties to attend a political rally where Bill Clinton was campaigning for his wife, Senator Clinton.

At least one piece of legislation, Senate Bill 148, fell victim to the Democrat legislators’ political play day. The House committee set to hear the bill was cancelled after most of the panel’s 12 members failed to show up.

This bill, sponsored by Republican State Senator Damon Thayer (R-Georgetown) would require greater disclosure for groups promoting or opposing constitutional amendments, such as the controversial Bluegrass Freedom Fund. Voters will recall that troubled casino boss, William Yung, donated $1 million to the Bluegrass Freedom Fund – but the Fund was not required to disclose its contributors until after the election.

“It is disgraceful that this important piece of legislation may not be addressed this session because Democrat House legislators felt it was more important to play hooky with ‘Slick Willie’ rather than do the job they were elected – and are paid – to do,” said Robertson.
“I feel sorry for the voters who are represented by these Democrat legislators,” added Robertson. “They owe their constituents an apology.”

At least someone in Kentucky realizes what a flipping waste of time the legislature is these days.

P.S. It’s Democratic legislators, not Democrat. Queens English, ladies. It’s 2008. Please, let’s start speaking it.