Tuesday Update. Late Start Edition or Something.

Two mainstream media outlets wrote about the Republican Party’s press conference calling Steve Beshear out for using the governor’s mansion for a political fundraiser. Both outlets repeated that Ernie Fletcher never held a fundraiser at the mansion, which isn’t true. We proved that yesterday. [H-L, C-J]

Attorney General Jack Conway just announced that nine people were indicted in connection with a pattern of abuse, unlawful imprisonment and wanton endangerment in the first degree re: residents of Community Presence, Inc., an adult-care facility in Carter County. [Press Release]

The Courier-Journal has an editorial about the Speaker Pro-Tem race and makes almost zero sense. The paper is complaining about Stumbo but at the same time praising him and saying he’ll run for some other leadership position. Interesting that the paper has never scratched the surface of Larry Clark. [C-J]

Anne Northup held a fancy press conference at a southwestern Louisville Thornton’s gas station this morning to push “increased energy independence” and drilling in ANWR. It’s a little weird that Thornton’s CEO has given Northup at least $8,000 in campaign contributions. [The ‘Ville Voice]

By way of Ben Ray we learn that the Associated Press is now forcing bloggers, journalists and others who excerpt or forward their stories to pay $12.50 for the use of quoting just five words. FIVE WORDS! And if the AP doesn’t like how you’re quoting them? They can revoke your “license.” You can bet we’ll be ignoring the Associated Press forever. [BoingBoing]

Fletcher Used Mansion for Fundraising Purposes

Like we mentioned earlier, Ernie Fletcher used the governor’s mansion for the purposes of raising campaign funds. And we just dug up a couple articles pointing out instances involving highway contractors.

The Republican Party of Kentucky released a statement questioning Steve Beshear’s ethics, which is fair to do. Just not with this issue.

From the RPK Release:

“Using the Governor’s Mansion for political fundraisers does not represent the kind of ethical and moral leadership the people of Kentucky deserve,” added Robertson. “Governor Beshear has said that his administration should be held accountable and that it starts at the top with him. I call on Governor Beshear to make real ethics reform part of the special session call.”

We hate taking up for Steve Beshear, but Robertson is being a bit hypocritical with this issue. His own party is guilty of the very thing they’re accusing the Kentucky Democratic Party of doing. (For the record:  We don’t think using *any* official building or property for the purposes of raising funds is appropriate.)

The RPK is claiming that Beshear is violating section 3 (A) (iii) of his Executive Order 2008-454 which prohibits “Use of state time, equipment, personnel, facilities, or other state resources for political campaign purposes.” We’re pretty sure that’s not an issue since the KDP is actually paying to use the governor’s mansion for its fundraiser. It’s not a freebie at a cost to the state.

Anyway, we can’t publish the full articles without violating copyright and we can’t find them online, but we’ll excerpt them. You’re free to search the full versions out on your own or contact us privately for a copy.

Lexington Herald-Leader (KY)
Section: City&Region
Edition: Final
Page: B1

Ryan Alessi, Frankfort Bureau Reporter

Naturally, then, Gov. Ernie Fletcher — forced to restart his re-election fund-raising from scratch after Lt. Gov. Steve Pence dropped off the ticket — has begun courting the contractors.

The governor invited more than a dozen paving company executives to the Governor’s Mansion last Wednesday for lunch, a policy presentation and a political chat in the mansion’s second-floor residence.

During the luncheon, Transportation Cabinet Secretary Bill Nighbert detailed how the state will shell out a record $2.3 billion in road funds to contractors over the next two years, said Robbie Rudolph, Fletcher’s executive secretary of the Cabinet.

The group later retreated to the residence to discuss the re-election campaign.


Wednesday’s event, which was partially organized by Amy Wickliffe — lobbyist for the Kentucky Association of Highway Contractors and former chief of staff to first lady Glenna Fletcher — instead was the first of several group meetings Fletcher hopes to have this summer, Rudolph said.

And another after the jump…

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RPK Presser @ 2:30 – Governor’s Mansion

The Republican Party of Kentucky just announced that RPK Chairman Steve Robertson will hold a press conference at 2:30 P.M. in front of the Governor’s mansion to discuss political fundraising that takes place inside the mansion.

Wonder if Robertson will bring up all the fundraising Ernie Fletcher did inside the mansion?

Yeah, we’ll believe that when we see it.

If any media types attend, let us know what goes down.

UPDATE @ 2:04:

Just learned that a “Capitol Club” Democratic fundraiser will be held in the Governor’s Mansion on June 24 from 5-7 P.M.. Looks like every Democratic elected official is on the host list. The minimum “annual membership” is $300.

Here’s the host list: Steve & Jane Beshear, Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo, Jack Conway, Crit Luallen, Todd Hollenbach (D-Friend of Frank Simon), Jennifer Moore, Nathan Smith.

The “Founding Committee,” which is just an extended host list includes names like: Joe Graviss; Tim Longmeyer, Louisville-JeffCo Dem Party Chair; Jeff Derouen, Mongiardo’s spokesperson; Adam Edelen, Homeland Security Director.

Take a look for yourself:


The event is paid for by the Kentucky Democratic Party. According to Thom Karmik, the Party’s spokesperson, the fee paid to the state for use of the mansion during the fundraiser is $300.00, as it would be for anyone using the mansion. Food and everything else will also be paid for by the KDP.

Lunsford is the Devil And Will End the World

For real. Just ask the Republican Party of Kentucky.

The RPK released a statement this morning criticizing U.S. Senate candidate Bruce Lunsford for referring to an EKU satellite campus as the “Eastern Kentucky campus of U.K.” Steve Robertson seized the opportunity to feign outrage:

“I was initially outraged by this ignorance, but what do you expect from a guy who lives in Arizona and Chicago,” said Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson. “I guess we should cut him some slack. There are probably not too many out-of-state folks who could answer such detailed questions about Kentucky’s universities.”

Call us crazy, but, uh… should the Chairman of the Republican Party really be attacking somebody for being wealthy? Hello, pot? Kettle? Republicans and money go hand-in-hand.

But what really takes the cake is former Lt. Governor Steve Pence acting like he has some sort of moral ground to stand on:

“I’m not sure I could pick out all of Arizona’s universities on a map, so I guess I won’t be too hard on Bruce,” Pence said. “But he should know that EKU has a proud history, proud alumni, and a record of turning out some of the best graduates in our state.”

Remember when Steve was yelling about the gays during the campaign he and Ernie won against Ben and Jody? Remember when he came across as a complete jerk every time he opened his mouth in front of a camera? Yeah. I remember a particular incident involving his own daughter’s graduation. The dude has no moral ground to stand on when it comes to criticizing others for calling a school by the wrong name. Lest we head down to Media Library to open the archives for footage of Steve saying something embarrassing. (This in no way should demean Pence’s history as a prosecutor and U.S. Attorney– because we know he’s tried to stop some of the very same people we’re actively trying to stop.)

Can’t we focus on the actual issues instead of making up this horse shit to complain about? Surely, if you wanted to paint Lunsford as being disconnected, you could find much more substantive material to hang around his neck. This petty activity is embarrassing and below the Republican Party.

Come on. Don’t let us beat you at your own game. You’re about to be hit with 24 years of McConnell’s history as a Senator so we’ll cut you some slack. But don’t say we didn’t warn you.

UPDATE @ 3:30: Turns out Lunsford didn’t even make the mistake. It all took place during transcription.

Our eyes hurt from rolling them all afternoon.

It’s Possible to Disagree & Still Work Together

This is something I’ve been meaning to say for quite a while and now seems like as good a time as any to open up.

It truly is possible to disagree with one another and work together toward a common goal. Democrats and Republicans can work together. People of differing political walks of life can be friends in real life. Seriously. It’s possible.

I’ve grown tired of this blatant yet unspoken rule that dems and repubs can’t play together. And even more tired of people freaking out when we say something positive (and wholly deserved on occasion) about a Republican making a difference in Kentucky or something negative about a Democrat screwing up.

We need to leave our differences behind and work with our similarities.

Being a part of the Democratic Party doesn’t always mean you’re right. Being a part of the Republican Party doesn’t always mean you’re wrong. Why can’t we recognize that as a group of people and move on?

Guess what I’m trying to say is: We’re all different. Get over it. Move on. Work together. Find common ground and let’s push this sick and beautiful world forward.

Paultards Interrupted RPK’s Weekend Convention

If you weren’t able to attend the Republican Party’s convention in Bowling Green this weekend, you’ve gotta catch up. Ron Paul’s supporters went batshit insane and the RPK’s chairman tried to fight back.

Visit PolitickerKY to read all about it and listen to audio of Paultards getting kicked out of the convention. Thank goodness Trey Pollard was there to catch it all on tape.

BOWLING GREEN — Supporters of presidential candidate and U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) saw all of their efforts to influence the outcome of the Kentucky Republican convention thwarted during a noisy procedural stand-off with party leadership on the floor of Saturday’s event. Amid shouting and unrestrained debate, Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson pushed through votes on convention rules, resolutions, and delegate slates while dissenting Paul supporters vocally argued parliamentary procedure was being bypassed.

Near the end of a tumultuous half-hour of confusion, some of the dissent moved to depose Robertson of his position while other Paul supporters were ordered out of the convention hall by the chair.

We hear Senate President David Williams also did his part to taunt the Paultards by playing along with them. If only we could have been a fly on the wall!.

Barack Obama is a Muslim and Michelle Obama Hates All White People

It’s true. Brett Hall and the rest of the right-wing blogosphere is spinning completely out of control about alleged comments Michelle Obama made.

Michelle Obama again finds herself in the eye of a tropical storm simmering on the horizon. This time, the controversy centers around a video that may or may not exist in which Barack Obama’s wife took to the pulpit in Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ and delivered a passionate sermon about “Whitey.” Whoever that is. Apparently, it was someone she didn’t like. (Reminds one of U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters’ cries of “Get Whitey!” during the 1992 Rodney King riots in Los Angeles.)

Brett’s also using a fancy and terrifying photo of Michelle to make it seem like she really does hate white people. See for yourself:

Race-baiting, anyone? Let’s make the scary black lady look as ominous and mean as possible!


Note to Steve Robertson: I hope this isn’t a talking point coming from your desk. Especially not at a time when your party is experiencing a renaissance of sorts. Especially not after all of the progress and inroads you and your staff have made over the past year-and-a-half.