Financial Disclosures in the 18th Senate District

The special election for the 18th State Senate District will take place on Tuesday, August 25th.

In anticipation of that election between Republican Jack Ditty, Democrat Robin Webb and Independent Guy Gibbons, we thought it’d be a good idea to take a look at the financial disclosures of each candidate. Those documents are available via the Legislative Ethics Commission.

Robin L. Webb:

  • Has no investments or securities worth more than $10,000
  • Her children own an interest greater than $10,000 in real estate
  • She’s received no gifts greater than $200
  • Only interest is in her single-person legal practice

Guy E. Gibbons, Jr.:

  • Investments worth more than $10,000 in G Company, First & Peoples Bank & Trust Stock, Morgan Stanley Annuity IRA, Pacific Life Annuity IRA
  • Receives divident from First & Peoples Bank & Trust Stock
  • Owns rural and residential property in Greenup County
  • No gifts over $200

Jack F. Ditty:

  • More than $10,000 in Jack F. Ditty, M.D., P.S.C. (also receives salary and rent), Capital Bluegrass Building Partners, LLC, Capital Gains and Dividents from Mutual Funds from Alexander Investment Services, receives an Honorarium from Abbott Pharmaceutical
  • Sits on the following boards of directors: Ashland Community and Technical College, Ashland Tennis Patrons, Ashland Area Health Alliance and Kentucky Tennis Sports Hall of Fame
  • Owns residential real estate in Flatwoods, Athens (OH), and Bellefonte. Commercial real estate in the form of his office.
  • No gifts worth more than $200
  • Owes more than $10,000 to Community Trust Bank and Chase Home Finance
  • Securities from Alexander Investment Services include: American Mutual Fund-A, Capital Income Builder-A, Europacific Grown Fund-A, The Growth Fund of America, The Income Fund of America, The New Economy Fund-A, Short-Term Bond Fund of America-A, Smallcap World Fund-A

So… you tell me who has more in common with the average voter in the 18th.

RPK Attacks Robin Webb on the Radio

The Republican Party of Kentucky has launched its latest radio attacks. And Robin Webb, who is running against Republican Jack Ditty in the August 25th special election for the State Senate’s 18th district, is taking the heat.

The disparaging and exaggerative ads are mind blowing. Take a listen. If you’re faint of heart or fear you could end up as constipated Larry Clark, don’t listen. But if you love dirty politics and the flustercuck we’re about to see in the mountains, CLICK PLAY ASAP!

Here’s an ad that reveals Robin Webb hates babies and women so much that she begged for a rapist/murderer to receive a commuted sentence:


Here are some facts about the case in which Kevin Stanford was convicted for the rape and murder of Baerbel Poore. And here (Warning: PDF Link) is a July 2002 newsletter from the Kentucky Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty about the case. KCADP tried to use the case to repeal the death penalty in Kentucky. Still more info.

Now here’s the fancy ad that detailing Webb’s Socialist and Nazi ways. She hates Jesus and jobs. And she has the audacity to think people shouldn’t be discriminated against on the basis of their gender, ethnicity or disability. She clearly supports euthanizing old people. Listen:


Talk about some messed up shiz. This could sink Webb’s ship. She’s got several votes that can be used to paint her as anti-victim. If anyone has researched her commentary on the Judiciary Committee, her race will become a lost cause for the Democrats.Here’s hoping she’s as well-loved as everyone proclaims.

How will the Kentucky Democratic Party respond?

Don’t Forget Comment on Kentucky Tonight!

It’s that time again. Don’t miss Comment on Kentucky tonight at 8:00 P.M. Eastern on KET.

Scheduled guests for the evening:

  • John Stamper – Herald-Leader
  • Deborah Yetter – Courier-Journal reporter extraordinaire
  • Bill Bartleman – phoning in from the Paducah Spin… er… Sun

And on Monday night? Don’t miss Kentucky Tonight’s discussion of the 2010 election with guests Julian Carroll, Bob Stivers, Charlie Moore and Steve Robertson. That’ll be a real hoot! Cause the KDP clearly hasn’t learned its lesson form the last time Charlie Moore got his rear handed to him by Republicans.

Robin Webb Faces Jack Ditty in Special

Now that we know Robin Webb will face Jack Ditty in the special election on August 25th, let’s discuss things.

Will Webb gain the State Senate seat vacated by Charlie Borders and put power that much closer to the Democrats?

Or will the KDP and Governor’s people get involved and give things to Republican Jack Ditty?

Will the horse and casino industry come through for Webb? With Geoff Davis’ crew bring the cash for Ditty?

Who will replace Webb in the State House if she wins?


Republicans Nominate Jack Ditty

Dr. Jack Ditty, a dermatologist from Greenup County, was just unanimously nominated as the Republican candidate to replace State Senator Charlie Borders in a special election.

Click here for all kinds of information about Ditty.

Everything we hear from the Democratic side indicates that State Rep. Robin Webb will be nominated. Webb’s got way more name ID than anyone else in the district and will surely put up one heck of a fight against Ditty.

Larry Clark Gets a Republican Challenger

Speaker Pro-Tem of the Kentucky House, known homophobe Larry Clark, has gotten a Republican challenger.

Brian Simpson has lived in Louisville his entire life and has worked at UPS for more than 20 years.

We could go on for days about why somebody needs to step up to run against Larry “I Hate That Faggot” Clark, so let’s just share an excerpt from Simpson’s website, a remark that is likely to win more support than any other issue he addresses:

This NOT a career job to me my friends…I do not need 30 years as your Representative to make a difference. This state has a habit of sending the same people over and over again back to Frankfort so they can continue passing on the problems that they have helped create to the working men and women of this state.

Ding ding ding. That’s gonna resonate in the blue collar 46th District. And I’d bet money that Larry is clenched up pretty tightly right about now. He feels like he’s entitled to serve in Frankfort as long as he wants, no questions asked.

If the Republican Party of Kentucky is smart, it’ll throw money galore into that district– if only to show Larry that he doesn’t own the south end. Of course it’s unlikely he’ll be beat, but it doesn’t mean RPK can’t give him a hard row to hoe.

Did Anyone Else Watch Kentucky Tonight?

Were we the only viewers last week?

Anyway, our pal Brad Cummings, a sympathizer of the known homosexuals and bad people, was on the KET machine along with Sannie Overly, KDP Chair Charlie Moore and Jim Weise.

We’ll never understand why the Kentucky Democratic Party continues to put boring, un-exciting, non-confrontational people on television who have zero ability to refute Republican spin, but whatever.

Here are some highlights:

Really? Republicans are still race baiting with ACORN? And, Sannie, there’s no litmus test for the Democratic Party? Are you not aware that we have party by-laws, national guidelines and a national platform for a reason?

Be sure to check out the entire program when KET archives it on their internets machine.