Fancy Rand Paul Election Night Rumor

I hear from sources at RPK that Rand Paul’s campaign manager, David Adams, was the guy who took calls from Sarah Palin, Jim Bunning and Trey Grayson on Tuesday evening but did not pass them on.

When someone allegedly pointed this out to Rand and showed him all of David Adams’ Twitter and Facebook postings, like this one:

… Along with various other Tweets and messages about secret meetings and sitting with supporters, Rand apparently got quite upset.

Oh, wait, what’s that? An open connection to Adam Kokesh? Yeah… nice.

Gold Amero King Ron Paul was still on-hand and the rumor – from someone quite prominent – goes that he gave Adams a lecture on “manners.”

On a related note, we’ve got two folks on the ground at the “Unity” rally in Frankfort with cameras and will have footage later today should anything go down. Anything other than feigned support of Rand Paul on the parts of Trey Grayson and Mitch McConnell, that is.

Friday Evening Dept Of Wholly Falling Asleep

For reals, folks. Can’t muster anything else today. Have 100 or so hours of video to review. SLEEEEEEEEEEP.

Enjoy your evening time wasters.

The June issue of Sojourners is all about coal, the mountains and Christianity. Give it a read. We all have common ground. [Sojourners]

Turns out Mitch McConnell had the worst week in Warshington. He’s still crying in the shower as he attempts to scrub off all the tea with a Brillo pad. [Chris Cillizza]

Ruh ro. Joe Scarborough said Rand Paul shouldn’t have appeared on Rachel Maddow’s program on MSNBC. [Think Progress]

Haha, Rand Paul is trying to cancel his Meet The Press interview. Only the third major candidate in 62 years to cancel. UPDATE: The only other two were Louis Farrakhan in 1996 and Prince Bandar (Bush) in 2003. [B&P]

Them dern LEO Libruls have a fancy pants interview with silver spoon Jack Conway. Why do they hate America? [FatLip]

The NRO loves it some Rand Paul. Amen. Hail Mary. [Marion County line]

Why does Saint Dr. Rand Liberty Christ avoid answering questions? [WaPo]

Watch Comment on Kentucky tonight at 8:00 P.M. Eastern on KET. Scheduled guests: Bill Bartleman, Ronnie Ellis, Greg Stotelmyer. Something tells me it’s going to be an interesting show. Especially if they pay attention to the news bomb we pushed yesterday. And on Monday, watch Kentucky Tonight with Charlie Moore, Jennifer Moore, Steve Robertson and HOLLY HARRIS OH GOD.  You know what that means.  Mop.  The.  Floor.  It will be insane again.  Also… SHAME ON HOLLY FOR NOT ALERTING ME TO THIS.  SHAME.  [Press Release]

Many, Many Whore Diamonds For Mike Wilson!

Oh holy night! Mike Wilson has done the unthinkable. Wilson is a Republican running in the state’s 32nd Senate District and just released this great mail piece:


Catch that? He stands for “conversative” values! What’s conversative mean?

Con*ver”sa*tive\ (k[o^]n*v[~e]r”s[.a]*t[i^]v), a. Relating to intercourse with men

And that, folks, is why Mike Wilson shall win many, many whore diamonds. For being awesome.

Best. Typo. Ever. Amen.

Tuesday Morning Dept of KDP Is Still Broke

Watch Kentucky Tonight last evening? Just as I predicted. Holly Harris handed Kathy Groob her rear end on a number of occasions. Steve Robertson stuck it to Charlie Moore about the KDP being nearly $1,000 in the hole. Best part of the show: When the RPK Chairman said Charlie could thank Page One for revealing that the KDP was broke. In other news: Holly needs to eat a Boca Burger or something. She’s getting skinnier than me. [Deep Thoughts]

The Kentucky Democratic Party is still broke and $1,000 in the hole. [Page One]

Is Larry Clark the reason Kentucky can’t have nice things? [Bluegrass Politics]

Rand Paul threw a play soldier dress up party for obese white men. Saint Dr. Rand Fun Times Paul! [Barefoot & Progressive]

Hahaha. Rand Paul and Trey Grayson are fighting over 9/11. Who will come out on top? [Ryan Alessi]

Kentucky is never going to have a budget. Never. Also, warm thoughts still go to Bob Stivers. [Ronnie Ellis]

Frankfort can pass a bill to deal with stray horses but can’t put together a budget or work to support education. [C-J]

Is anybody really surprised that Kentucky to failed to get Race to the Top funds in the first round? [H-L]

We’ll be trying again for the funds in the near future. [Toni Konz]

Mitch McConnell is still trying to sound relevant on health care reform. He’s still unable to offer any viable alternative. [Jim Carroll]

Rand Paul is proud to have the endorsement of gay-hater/extremist Frank Simon. [Saint Dr. Rand]

Somber Friday Evening Time Wasters Are Here

That terrible accident on I-65 this morning is on my mind. Ugh. I hate getting those calls. So sad. (Please don’t tell anyone I actually have feelings, readers.)  Cause this is one time I hated being right about the numbers. Deadliest accident in Kentucky since 1988. [H-L]

Kentucky’s U.S. Senate race is number 6 on this fancy list. [MSNBC]

Don’t miss Comment on Kentucky tonight on KET at 8:00 P.M. Eastern. Scheduled guests: Elizabeth Donatelli, Ronnie Ellis and Greg Stotelmyer. [Press Release]

And on Monday? LOOK OUT! Check out this guest list for Kentucky Tonight with Bill Goodman: Charlie Moore, Steve Robertson, Kathy Groob and HOLLY HARRIS. AWWWW SNAP. The KDP is going to get its ass handed to it by Holly. Just watch. Really, Kathy Groob? Letting that hot mess of a lying, corrupt, dishonest… person on television? REALLY? WTF has that woman ever done/won?  The KDP really is non-existent these days.  Holly will mop the floor with her. Mop. The. Floor. I’m about to pee just thinking about it. Holly, you folks may recall, is the woman with whom I am allegedly having a wild sexytime affair, for fun, all over Frankfort. [Another Press Release]

As you read in the comments section here today, Rand Paul released a new radio spot attacking Trey Grayson today. Saint Dr. Rand is pissed that Trey Grayson’s supporters supported the crooked bailout. But, as Joe rightly notes, Ayn Rand avoids mentioning that his biggest supporter – Sarah Quitter Of The North Palin – was a supporter of that hot mess. [Barefoot & Progressive]

The Ida Lee Willis Memorial Foundation and Kentucky Heritage Council / State Historic Preservation Office are seeking nominations for the 32nd Annual Ida Lee Willis Memorial Foundation Historic Preservation Awards.  Each year, individuals, organizations and projects are honored that have made a significant contribution toward preserving Kentucky’s historic and prehistoric resources.  This signature statewide event recognizes restoration or rehabilitation of buildings, structures or community resources or a lifetime commitment to encouraging and promoting historic preservation. Nominations are being accepted in 3 categories: Preservation Project Awards, Service to Preservation Awards and the Ida Lee Willis Memorial Award. [Guidelines & Such Here]

I don’t know anyone who believes relief is coming to folks legitimately experiencing hardship because of the housing situation. Only those who believe folks who are irresponsible are needlessly winning. [HuffPo]

A bunch of legisla…  Some people who escaped from a jail or whatever in Frankfort were arrested. [State Journal]

We can’t keep guns out of the legislative chambers. We can’t support education. We can’t put together a goddamned budget. We can’t do anything. But we can waste time and money passing a measure for Joe B. Hall. And you wonder why Kentucky’s in the shape it’s in. [Bluegrass Politics]

Young Republican Straw Poll Results

The Kentucky Young Republican Federation released their straw poll results from over the weekend.

Member (18-40) Results

U.S. Senate

  • Grayson 68
  • Paul 16
  • Undecided 16

U.S. Congress

  • Lally 58
  • Wicker 26
  • Reetz 5
  • Hausman 0
  • Undecided 11

Louisville Mayor

  • Heiner 58
  • Thieneman 32
  • Robertson 0
  • Undecided 10

Associate Member

U.S. Senate

  • Grayson 47
  • Paul 47
  • Undecided 6

U.S. Congress

  • Lally 50
  • Reetz 31
  • Wicker 7
  • Hausman 6
  • Undecided 6

Louisville Mayor

  • Thieneman 47
  • Heiner 41
  • Robertson 0
  • Undecided 12

Combined Results

U.S. Senate

  • Grayson 58
  • Paul 30
  • Undecided 11

U.S. Congress

  • Lally 54
  • Wicker 17
  • Reetz 17
  • Hausman 3
  • Undecided 9

Louisville Mayor

  • Heiner 50
  • Thieneman 39
  • Robertson 0
  • Undecided 11

Very interesting, eh?

Wednesday Morning Dept of Bunning Gummed It

What’s with Rand Paul and David Adams flip-flopping 24/7? What happened to the debate anywhere, any time mantra? Hypocrisy, thy name is Ro… Rand. [Page One]

If Jonathan Miller can’t raise money for Beshear on his own free time, then McConnell’s staff shouldn’t get to raise money for him. Trey’s staff shouldn’t get to do campaign work for him. Jim Bunning shouldn’t be paying his own daughter. Steve Robertson may want to tread lightly, as the teabaggers are about to take over. Truly was a slow news day since Brammer fell for that one. [Bluegrass Politics] For the record, the Herald-Leader is committing what is effectively fraud by re-directing this link (and promoting it on sites like Twitter) to its political blog. You’d think a prominent newspaper wouldn’t deceive readers like that.

The Kentucky U.S. Senate race a toss-up? That’s what Congressional Quarterly is saying these days. [CQ Politics]

Afro-Leninism! FEAR! TERRA! MESSICANS!!! OH GOD!!1! [Barefoot & Progressive]

This Clay County vote-buying scandal is getting juicy! Check out the latest details from federal agents. [H-L]

Republicans allege they are being punished for their tax votes. And not a single person in Frankfort rolled their eyes. [Ronnie Ellis]

Kentucky Farm Bureau is against regulation that would require livestock to have space to stand up, lie down, turn around and extend their limbs and wings. Just like Farm Bureau likes to violate the Fairness Ordinance and is keen on discriminating against those they deem queer-sympathizing. [H-L]

You know coal companies aren’t being charged enough per-permit when the Kentucky Coal Association and Jim Gooch back legislation to raise permit fees. What? It makes the permitting process easier and allows King Coal to be more sneaky? Imagine that. In Kentucky, no less. [Roger Alford]

The U.S. Senate is all gummed up thanks to Jim Bunning. Yes, that’s an awful joke. Yes, I pulled it from the piece. [NY Times]

Mitch McConnell and “blue dog” Ben Chandler are new best friends. Now they can plan sleepovers and pillow fights and gossip sessions. [Politico]