RPK Attacks House Democrats

Finally! News out of Frankfort! But it’s still about Hillary. Ugh. Make. It. Stop.

The Republican Party of Kentucky just issued a press release about House Democrats closing up shop to rally for Hillary:


FRANKFORT, Ky. – Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson today blasted House Democrat legislators for blowing off their elected duties to attend a political rally where Bill Clinton was campaigning for his wife, Senator Clinton.

At least one piece of legislation, Senate Bill 148, fell victim to the Democrat legislators’ political play day. The House committee set to hear the bill was cancelled after most of the panel’s 12 members failed to show up.

This bill, sponsored by Republican State Senator Damon Thayer (R-Georgetown) would require greater disclosure for groups promoting or opposing constitutional amendments, such as the controversial Bluegrass Freedom Fund. Voters will recall that troubled casino boss, William Yung, donated $1 million to the Bluegrass Freedom Fund – but the Fund was not required to disclose its contributors until after the election.

“It is disgraceful that this important piece of legislation may not be addressed this session because Democrat House legislators felt it was more important to play hooky with ‘Slick Willie’ rather than do the job they were elected – and are paid – to do,” said Robertson.
“I feel sorry for the voters who are represented by these Democrat legislators,” added Robertson. “They owe their constituents an apology.”

At least someone in Kentucky realizes what a flipping waste of time the legislature is these days.

P.S. It’s Democratic legislators, not Democrat. Queens English, ladies. It’s 2008. Please, let’s start speaking it.

Press Release Stuff For Your Rainy Tuesday

Yarmuth Introduces Reconnecting Homeless Youth Act

(Washington, DC) Today, Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3) introduced the Reconnecting Homeless Youth Act in the House of Representatives. The legislation will reauthorize and strengthen the main source of federal funding for disconnected youth outside of the foster care and juvenile justice system.

The current law, the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act expires September 30, 2008.


FRANKFORT, Ky. – Republican Party of Kentucky (RPK) Chairman Steve Robertson today called on Governor Steve Beshear to issue an Executive Order promoting public confidence in the Governor’s Office by making all Capitol sign-in sheets available for download on the state website.

Robertson’s urgent request comes in the wake of disturbing media reports about missing state records indicating visitors to the Kentucky State Capitol and Governor’s Office.

“Governor Steve Beshear needs to show Kentuckians that ethics reform was more than just a campaign pledge,” said Robertson. “As Steve Beshear stated in his inaugural address, accountability in government starts at the top, with him. I sincerely hope that the Governor’s response to the mystery of the missing documents will be swift and decisive.”

BREAKING: RPK Files Complaint Against Bluegrass Freedom Fund, Beshear Camp

The Republican Party of Kentucky filed a complaint with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance against the Bluegrass Freedom Fund and the Beshear-Mongiardo gubernatorial campaign for allegedly violating Kentucky’s campaign finance laws.

From the RPK’s press release:

“As various news organizations have brought to light the facts surrounding the Bluegrass Freedom Fund and its million dollar contribution from casino boss William Yung, it has become increasingly apparent that this fund was merely a front-organization used to skirt the law to help Steve Beshear get elected,” said Robertson. “If KREF finds the Bluegrass Freedom Fund and the Beshear/Mongiardo Campaign knowingly violated campaign laws, I hope it will immediately refer this matter to the proper prosecutorial authorities.”

Peep the complaint and the 42 pages of supporting exhibits here:

You knew it would happen sooner or later. Bill Yung wasn’t going to get away with giving Steve Beshear $1million without a fight.

On a related note, the BFF is no more. The group’s chief fundraiser has left Kentucky and Achim Bergmann is now consulting with Bruce Lunsford.

UPDATE @ 5:12: KDP Chairwoman Jennifer Moore responds:

“This is a desperate and baseless attack by the Republican Party. The complaint makes accusations that have been proven false time and time again. Doesn’t Steve Robertson have anything better to do with his time these days?

“What a sad example of Republicans playing divisive political games rather than working with Democrats to better the lives of Kentuckians.”

Wait a minute. Where’s the proof nothing shady went down? We haven’t seen it. Seriously– the only thing that’s come out is pretty damning and that’s that Steve Beshear met with Bill Yung just days before he wrote a million dollar check to the BFF. Hrm. Yeah. Nothing to see here, move along.

And on that note, what the flip is up with Jennifer having lunch at Serafini with a boat load of casino lobbyists just before putting out this press release? The only thing Jennifer is doing is causing people like us to get suspicious.

We especially love this ironic quote:

She said the meeting had nothing to do with pending legislation before the General Assembly and no legislators attended the lunch.

UPDATE @ 7:10:

In a strange turn of events, capitol sign-in sheets for the governor’s office have disappeared for the day casino magnate Bill Yung visited with Steve Beshear– though Beshear’s office denies having met with him. Imagine that.

Also on a sign-in sheet for Jan. 9: Bill Yung, at 10:25 a.m., apparently for the governor’s officer. But representatives of Beshear’s office have denied meeting with the Northern Kentucky hotelier and casino owner.

Check Hebert’s story on WHAS11 tonight about the whole ordeal. Just gets nastier and nastier.

RPK on House Gambling Bill

Steve Robertson, Chairman of the Republican Party of Kentucky, has just issued a statement re: today’s casino development:

“House Speaker Jody Richards has shown Kentuckians just how easy it is to fix the odds in favor of the ‘house.’ Regardless of where Kentuckians stand on the issue of allowing expanded gambling, it is truly disappointing to see Jody Richards stack the deck against Kentucky’s signature industry in favor of big casinos.”

So, hop to it! Start calling us a Republican mouthpiece for publishing a political attack on our ineffective Speaker.

“Slot-Trot” Begins. How great is that name?

With the onslaught of casino gossip in Frankfort and all the shiz that’s gone down the past few days, the Republican Party of Kentucky today filed a complaining with the Legislative Ethics Commission begging for an investigation into whether or not Kentucky’s House leadership are extortionists.

FRANKFORT, Ky. – The Republican Party of Kentucky (RPK) today filed a complaint with the Legislative Ethics Commission asking for an immediate investigation into allegations that House Democratic Leadership are extorting members of the horse industry and race tracks for campaign contributions in exchange for support of casino legislation.

“It is my hope that the Legislative Ethics Commission will make this ‘Slot-Trot’ inquiry a high priority as public confidence in House Democratic Leadership is rapidly eroding,” said RPK Chairman Steve Robertson.

The RPK’s complaint with the LEC cites Mark Hebert’s February 26 story about Democratic House members (“perhaps including the House Speaker” – haha) and their attempt to “whip the horse industry into shape” for political (ahem, casino) reasons. Read the full complaint here.

In addition to the LEC complaint, RPK Chairman Steve Robertson sent a letter to Attorney General Jack Conway requesting an investigation into potential wrongdoing (evil doers! PLEASE let the RPK use “evil doers!” in a press release soon). Peep that letter here.

While usually in disagreement with our perfect, righteous beliefs, the RPK has really proved it knows how to play politics this go round. Totally trumps that silly business Jennifer Moore started with Doug “Protector of Our White Women” Hawkins.

Oh Oh! You think some crazy shiz isn’t going down with the Democrats in Frankfort these days? Well, take a look at THIS. Democratic Representative Dottie Sims was KICKED OFF the House Elections, Constitutional Amendments and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee because she didn’t vote for the casinos bit. Come ON!

Casino Amendment Fails


An internal leadership struggle in the Democratic caucus may have derailed, at least for the time being, the constitutional amendment that would allow casinos.

A version failed this morning in a committee meeting, with three yes votes, five no votes and three passes.

This came after Rep. Rob Wilkey and Rep. Larry Clark, buoyed by three Republican votes, managed to get their preferred version before the committe instead of an alternative backed by House Speaker Jody Richards and the committee chairman, Rep. Darryl Owens, D-Louisville.

Yeah, we SO didn’t call that one like forever ago. Just didn’t see it coming. As the mother of Margaret Cho would say, we’re so “surpris-a!”

Does anyone else have the feeling that Steve Robertson’s call yesterday for legislators who have knowledge about any “illegal quid pro quos” to speak up is causing a few folks in the House to sweat? We’re disappointed to report it, but we’re hearing from powerful boys & girls in Frankvegas that Robertson’s request for whistle blowers is necessary and a few may have already come forward to talk.

Once again, citizens of the Commonwealth are left wondering why Governor Steve Beshear is failing to provide leadership so we can reap the benefits of all that casino cash.