Larry Dale Hit The Nail On Its Head

About 50 people came out on a rainy Saturday morning to see U.S. Sen. Rand Paul rally for Republican gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin. [H-L]

Last week, the Taliban began the process of retaking Afghanistan, starting with the northern city of Kunduz. [HuffPo]

Republican Whitney Westerfield and Democrat Andy Beshear are locked in a dead heat for attorney general with just over a month before election day, according to a new Bluegrass Poll. [C-J/AKN]

Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday praised gay rights activists for the progress they have made in recent years. The vice president gave the keynote address at the Human Rights Campaign National Dinner, during which he honored past civil rights leaders and commended current ones for working to fulfill the principles embodied the Declaration of Independence. [The Hill]

While it’s not the winter just yet, area homeless shelters are bracing for their busiest months now before their supplies run out. “With the winter coming, what we have isn’t going to last,” Beacon of Hope Emergency Shelter director Michele Bradford said. “It won’t last.” Employees at the 24-hour Beacon of Hope shelter in Winchester say their food supply is quickly dwindling. [WKYT]

The Associated Press properly identified Liberty Counsel — the legal group defending Kentucky’s Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis — as an anti-LGBT hate group, in an all-too-rare example of a major news outlet accurately informing its audience about Liberty’s extreme views. [MMFA]

What no one is saying here? Rand Paul and his wife, Kelly, are miffed at Matt Bevin over some nasty remarks Bevin allegedly made to Kelly some time ago. It’s a big enough rift that the McConnell crew talk about it all the time. [CN|Toot]

The nine justices of the U.S. Supreme Court are set to wade into contentious social matters in their new term beginning on Monday including affirmative action, union powers and voting rights, and could add major cases involving abortion and birth control. [Reuters]

The head of the high tech company coming to Morehead was a guest speaker at Wednesday’s meeting of the Kentucky House Special Committee on Advanced Communications and Information Technology. Robert Schena, CEO and cofounder of Rajant Corporation, told committee members that his company’s technology aboard MSU’s miniature satellites could create a network in space that could be used to keep military defense systems running if the U.S. were ever attacked. [The Morehead News]

The National Rifle Association and other anti-gun-control groups are formidable, but political trends may be loosening their grip on lawmakers. [ProPublica]

Barren County magistrates voted to adopt an ordinance on second reading Friday to set the county’s real estate tax rate for for the current fiscal year during a special-called Fiscal Court meeting. [Glasgow Daily Times]

Edward Snowden is still waiting on the Justice Department to take up his offer of a plea deal, the former National Security Agency contractor who leaked thousands of classified documents says. [Politico]

Bevin is the most inept candidate in either party since Peppy Martin won the 1999 GOP nomination after Republicans decided to make a statement about public financing of gubernatorial campaigns by not fielding any legitimate contenders. Still, given Kentucky’s anti-Obama sentiment, Conway cannot win in November unless he gets the Democratic base to turn out 100 percent. So far, he has done little or nothing to make this happen. His campaign has been only marginally better than Bevin’s. [Larry Dale Keeling]

The Supreme Court on Friday issued a posthumous response to Alfredo Prieto, a serial killer on Virginia’s death row whose lawyers had petitioned the court several times to put his execution on hold. [HuffPo]

Serious Sannie Overly Spin Goin On

HELP PROTECT OUR SOURCES! Stop the Montgomery County-Joshua Powell-Phil Rison insanity! Help us pay ridiculous the fees these shysters caused. [CLICK HERE]

Brian Mason, the deputy Rowan County clerk who has agreed to issue marriage licenses despite the religious objections of his boss, Kim Davis, is “in a difficult position,” his attorney told U.S. District Judge David Bunning on Friday. [H-L]

Professional entertainer Donald Trump suggested during a nationally televised Republican debate that vaccines cause autism, a theory that has been massively discredited. [HuffPo]

Sannie Overly, according to the T. Clay folks during the height of the lawsuit, turned her back on the women who were harassed. The women suing still maintain to me, off-the-record, that she turned her back on them. And she absolutely fought to keep what she knew secret. It’s essentially horseshit to suggest otherwise. Fascinating to watch A Kentucky Newspaper spin this mess up. Even more fascinating to watch T. Clay change his tune now that he’s banked a mountain of cash. [C-J/AKN]

U.S. President Barack Obama nominated Eric Fanning to become the next secretary of the Army, the White House said on Friday, paving the way for the first openly gay leader of a military service branch in U.S. history. [Reuters]

Andy Beshear says his goals as attorney general are basically to do what Jack Conway’s staff already do and have been doing for years. [Richmond Register]

Rand Paul (R-Cookie Tree) won the straw poll at the Mackinac Island Republican Leadership Conference, a show of organizational strength for a candidate who has seen his presidential hopes fade. [Politico]

Restaurants within city limits of Grayson may start paying up to a 3 percent tax if the Grayson City Council decides to vote for a request by the Tourism Commission. [Ashland Independent]

When gloomy Republican Party leaders regrouped after President Obama’s 2012 re-election, they were intent on enhancing the party’s chances of winning back the White House. The result: new rules to head off a prolonged and divisive nomination fight, and to make certain the Republican standard-bearer is not pulled too far to the right before Election Day. [NY Times]

Republican candidate for governor Matt Bevin is up on the air with his first television ad of the general election following weeks of ads by his Democratic opponent Jack Conway and those on his behalf by the Republican Governor’s Association. Don’t look for any surprises. The ad relies on trusted Republican strategy of tying any Democratic opponent to President Barack Obama, who is deeply unpopular in Kentucky. [Ronnie Ellis]

In Washington County, population 12,000 on a good day, two marriage licenses have been issued to same-sex couples and the world has not ended. The media and their satellite trucks have not overtaken the courthouse lawn. Federal judges have not imprisoned county officials. Preachers with megaphones have not proclaimed hellfire and damnation to the whole downtown. [WaPo]

Morehead State University President Wayne D. Andrews approached Rowan Fiscal Court Tuesday to request a permanent easement on East Second Street between Battson-Oates Drive and Normal Avenue. MSU is in the planning phase of a $50 million renovation of the Adron Doran University Center (ADUC), including gutting the interior of the building, adding a 60,000-square feet addition on the east side and creating a new entrance to the campus. [The Morehead News]

Labs in the US states of Washington and Louisiana began “listening” on Friday for the gravitational waves that are predicted to flow through the Earth when violent events occur in space. [BBC]

With $250,000 from U.S. Sen. Rand Paul in hand, the Republican Party of Kentucky confirmed Friday that it will proceed with a presidential preference caucus on March 5. Friday was the final day for Paul to provide funding for the caucus under a deal struck by party leaders last month. [H-L]

Senate Republicans are confirming federal judges at the slowest rate in more than 60 years, fueling a “politically motivated vacancy crisis” in the nation’s courts, according to an analysis released Thursday by Alliance for Justice. [HuffPo]

Frankfort Republican Planned Parenthood Freakout – High Beams On

Two secret homosexuals and their five Republican friends are freaking out about Planned Parenthood.

This sect of the Republican Party of Kentucky — the most extreme of the extreme — are holding another public circle jerk in releasing letters sent to Auditor of Public Accounts and human troll, Todd Hollenbach.

Here’s their release announcing their backward-ass letters:

“Over the summer, highly-publicized videos have documented the widespread and ongoing practice by Planned Parenthood to proactively engage in the harvesting and selling of baby body parts. Former employees have testified that this revenue-generating strategy is at the heart of Planned Parenthood’s business model. Following that disturbing revelation, State Representatives learned that the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services allows significant taxpayer dollars to flow to Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky.

Last Friday, after repeated requests to Executive Branch agencies trying to determine the amount of taxpayer dollars flowing through and from Kentucky State government to Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, seven Kentucky State Representatives wrote to Kentucky Auditor Adam Edelen and Treasurer Todd Hollenbach calling on them to investigate and audit the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. Kentucky citizens have a legal and moral right to know with certainty how their tax dollars are being spent.

Although these Constitutional elected officers were respectfully requested to immediately advise us of their intentions and the timeframe that their results would be forthcoming, the Auditor has refused to respond, and the Treasurer says he will not honor our request for an investigation.

For that reason, we are releasing our correspondence as open letters.

While Governor Beshear has stated that he doesn’t “really see any issue to get riled up about,” we, along with countless Kentuckians, are outraged and disgusted by the clear evidence that Planned Parenthood has callously engaged in the harvesting and selling of baby body parts. On behalf of those citizens we have demanded: (1) a fully transparent accounting of how much of their money is going to support Planned Parenthood; (2) that the tax dollars of Kentucky citizens immediately stop going to support Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky; and (3) that State Government take affirmative steps to ensure that the Commonwealth of Kentucky does not, directly or indirectly, facilitate Planned Parenthood or any other organization that engages in the harvesting or selling of the body parts of babies.

Given the clear unwillingness of the Beshear Administration to take these matters seriously, we have called upon Auditor Edelen and Treasurer Hollenbach to get to the bottom of who exactly is funding these atrocities. The source of these public funds is irrelevant if Kentucky State Government is providing financial support that aids or abets in these crimes against humanity. Likewise, we remind the Executive Branch that except in emergency situations, only the Kentucky General Assembly has the constitutional authority to direct where funds, collected by the Kentucky Treasurer, will be appropriated.”

Rep. Robert Benvenuti, State Representative, 88th District
Rep. Tim Couch, State Representative, 90th District
Rep. Kim King, State Representative, 55th District
Rep. Stan Lee, State Representative, 45th District
Rep. David Meade, State Representative, 80th District
Rep. Tim Moore, State Representative, 18th District
Rep. Russell Webber, State Representative, 26th District

Isn’t that fun? These people are publicly admitting that they possess few functioning brain cells. They’re publicly admitting to falling for hype.

Here’s their letter to Edelen:

And to Troll Hollenbach:

Mitch McConnell Is Right, Democrats

Like it or not, Democrats, Mitch McConnell is right. If Matt Bevin wins the gubernatorial race, Democrats are likely going to maintain control of the state house. Unless Conway’s people run all the house races, that is. Then they’re doomed. Bevin could fire up the Dems.

But if Bevin loses? Republicans will likely take over the state house within two years — not four or six. Honestly, once Republicans get to 51 votes, you know all the old Dems will start to retire out of anger and frustration and then, boom, majority like woah.

How crazy is that? Matt Bevin — the guy RPK insiders say is dumber than Richie Farmer (that’s really, dangerously dumb) — could be your governator.

And how crazy is it that Andy Beshear could lose to someone (Whitney Sweaterfield) with 10x less money? All because he and his family are afraid to say the word “gay” and stake out a position that isn’t backward.

What the hell year is this?!

Fun thing: if Republicans do get power in the state house, at least it could potentially motive Democrats to get their shiz together and draw in competent young people. This pat-a-caking hasn’t worked the last decade.

Matt Bevin Is A Republican Afterthought

Just how little faith does the Republican Party have in Matt Bevin?

Check out this reply card:


Not a mention of Bevin.

The card accompanied this invitation:


Matt Bevin is a Republican afterthought.

Keep that in your mind as you realize the Democrats are barely even trying. Keep that in your mind if the Republican beats the Democrat in the gubernatorial election.


Meanwhile, the Kentucky Democratic Party is all about dishonesty:


The real story is just as bad, as you’ve seen above. The RPK wants him there — he’s just an afterthought.

He wasn’t excluded from the invite. Only the reply card. Any other suggestion is partisan spin.