Tuesdays Are Definitely Easier Than Mondays

One thing Walter has the exclusive on, for certain, is being the KDP’s chief cheerleader. Yesterday he started touting how amazing Todd Hollenbach is and how awesome he is for being transparent. He also touted Hollenbach’s lack of press releases, which, really isn’t a good thing at all. [BGR]

We hear through the grapevine that Greg Fischer will be in Frankfort today with Bruce Lunsford. Looks like he’s finally getting involved in Bruce’s campaign to oust Mitch McConnell. This is a good move on Fischer’s part and should send a strong signal to progressives across the Commonwealth that it’s time to step up to the plate. [Various Gossip]

Which is worse for a congresscritter? To be corrupt or a known homosexual? Obviously, being gay trumps all else. You should go read this story all about Mitch McConnell, Ted Stevens and Larry Craig. Interesting way to spend a few minutes this morning, we assure you. [Bloomberg]

Anne Northup’s right-hand man Ted Jackson has a fancy “Nobama” campaign going from his Frankfort Avenue headquarters. It’s so retarded that the McCain campaign refuses to comment. But the RNC is all over it and in love. Hey, Teddy boy, bring us some of your gear for free (one of everything) and we won’t think you’re a racist. [C-J]

What? Now Steve Beshear is touting mountaintop removal because it creates flat land in mountainous eastern Kentucky? [Barefoot & Progressive]

By now everyone knows the federal investigation of Bill Nighbert and Leonard Lawson is in full swing. But if you didn’t, the latest news is that Governor Steve Beshear met with the FBI to answer questions relating to the investigation. Beshear says he has no evidence that the investigation is broader than Nighbert and Lawson. [Mark Hebert, PolWatchers]

Mitch McConnell tries his hardest in his latest ad to make fun of Bruce Lunsford. The only thing he’s got, though, is to make fun of Lunsford’s ad. Fortunately for Bruce Lunsford, Mitch has more than 24 years of a dirty record to make fun of.

PolWatchers has the low-down on the ad.

Weirdo Update: Republican Sex Pervert Going to Jail

Or the headline could have been: Expensive Blow Job!

You may remember the story last August. Glenn Murphy, Jr. was chairman of the Young Republicans National Federation, and he liked to party. At a July 28 event, he decided to perform oral sex on a fellow male party attendee while the recipient was asleep. As the story goes, the dude woke up and shooed him away.

Murphy apparently pleaded with the dude to keep quiet. But you know how “GOP Official Blows Sleeping Man at Party” stories are — word gets out. A blogger, who happened to be an Indiana Democratic Party spokesperson (Jennifer Wagner) got wind of the blown job and wrote about it.

That triggered his arrest, and the police got a confession on tape when Murphy asked the guy to keep it quiet two days later. Murphy was also president of the Clark County Republicans. He quickly resigned both titles.

Today Murphy pleaded guilty, and got SIX years, two of which he’ll likely have to serve. Murhpy is free on a $25,000 bond, which is way more expensive than that hooker addiction the former governor of New York has.

Moral of the story: You come up with it. Tell us in the comments. This is just too priceless to ignore. Wonderful and deliciously sick humor without any conjecture from us.  This is what happens when you live life in the closet, kids.

Thursday Updates. It’s 94 Degrees and that Sucks.

Greg Stumbo may be yet again stepping into muddy waters on the topic of race in the presidential race. We’re not suggesting he’s racist by any means, but comparing the discrimination people in Appalachia are victim of is hardly the same as racial discrimination and prejudice. Tricky territory. [WLEX18]

Mitch McConnell was on his friend Rush Limbaugh’s hate show yesterday talking about killing the environment and the entire world. Limbaugh discussed his retarded-ass “Operation Chaos” plan and then begged his ditto-head listeners to urge Hillary Clinton to stay in the presidential race. Pill heads never disappear, do they? [Here, Here and Here]

Woops. Looks like members of the Hollywood-controlled librul media want to know when someone is abusing their state vehicle. Hell must have frozen over because the media wants to stop corruption in government. Everybody run for cover! [Mark Hebert]

And more from Hebert. How afraid is Mike Duncan of the RNC? Go read his latest fundraising message and you’ll get a sense that he’s terrified of Barack Obama. [Hebert]

The Fairness Campaign wrote a letter to the Courier-Journal in response to probably homosexual Davd Edmund’s insecure op-ed from a couple days ago. The writer brings up some nasty mailings that affected a Louisville Metro Council candidate and we can’t wait to tell you more about that story. So stay tuned for it. [C-J]

Ryan Alessi has the break down of David Williams’ decision to stop the wasteful Annex renovation in Frankfort. Interesting time lines. And State Treasurer Todd Hollenbach just appeared in a news story for the first time, maybe! But it was only about him not commenting on the of some of his office space. Being a friend of Frank Simon has damaged him politically. [H-L]

See? It’s way too hot. [C-J]

Deep Thoughts with Mike Duncan

From the McConnell Money Men Make it Big Dept

Kentucky Democrats could learn a lot from Republican National Committee Chairman (and Kentuckian) Mike Duncan. He appeared on KET’s One to One with Bill Goodman this week to discuss his role as the RNC’s operations big dog. He’s a man who is all business and no play. Got his start as a young man (something Democrats are only recently beginning to grasp) and was groomed into being a national leader. He’s continuing the process of recruiting and involving young people from across the country today. On that note: wouldn’t it be interesting if “young” in Kentucky’s Democratic politics didn’t mean mid-to-late 30s?

Duncan blamed Democrats for changing political rules and ruining the game. Not sure what world he’s living in, but, uh, ever heard of gerrymandering in Texas? Tom DeLay? Constantly changing polling locations in Louisville’s more diverse neighborhoods? Just wondering. Cause it hasn’t been the Democrats screwing things up the past eight years.

He also made it clear that the scary liberals are flip-flopping hypocrites who are inevitably taking over. Great to know.

On Ernie Fletcher: All puppies and rainbows. He saved billions of poor people from taxes, killed Kentucky’s deficit– which he said was either $300 million or $1 billion– he didn’t know (how could he not? He’s the flipping RNC Chairman), and killed all the gays because God told him to.

Toward the end of the show Goodman made a quip about having to provide equal time to DNC Chairman Howard Dean because Duncan went on too long babbling about the big, bad Democrats. Call us crazy but wouldn’t that be the just and legal thing to do, KET?

On a personal note: What is it with Republicans who can’t say Democratic when referring to candidates? This weird grammatical mistake isn’t demeaning to Democrats as some Republicans believe. It makes Republicans appear uneducated if not a bit ignorant. Same goes for Democrats. One Kentucky Democratic Party official referred to the KDP as the “Democrat Party” while in Louisville last week. Sum1 needs to learn these peeps some spellin. Especially if they’re appearing on television or speaking before a crowd.