Oh Snap Monday! Crazy Action in Frankfort

Can you believe it? Paul Harvey finally died. [Ken Layne]

Self-loather Martin Cothran tries to spin again. Now he’s saying that we are obsessed with “gay pedophilia” – despite the statements he’s made to the press where he is obsessed with said issue. Nice. Oh, Marty, who has the bigger audience? The known, not-afraid-to-admit-it homosexual wins this battle, sweet cheeks. [Very Interesting]

Greg Stumbo is still touting his super-secret-CIA-legislative-hot-mess and poffers some mysterious “changes” to alleviate concerns of a lack of transparency. Guess he doesn’t see the irony in refusing to detail those changes in the interests of transparency. [Tom Loftus]

Woops. Asking questions gets mainstreamers to pay attention. [Mark Hebert]

The Chicago Tribune names Jim Bunning the GOP’s Roland Burris. Only Jim Bunning is way more hilarious and awesome. [Chicago Tribune]

Heather French Henry’s alleged veterans “foundation” finally does something. It’s donating 55 boxes (yes, boxes, not cases) of Girl Scout cookies to soldiers. That’s good news. [C-J]

Red State citizens consume the most online porn in the USA. Come on! You know you do your part. [Jezebel]

Are we the only ones living in the reality-based community? Losing race after race, special election after special election, shutting people out of the Party, hemorrhaging money, never really raising anything, never paying staff members the thousands upon thousands that they’re owed. Hrm. Yeah, articulate and classy. That’s how WE’D choose to describe her. She totally rebuilt the Party and did her best. Ahh, revisionist history. [Delusions of Grandeur]

Secretary of State Trey Grayson’s Twitter feed got picked up by the New York Times. “Maybe AJ Stewart should consider quitting again if he is going to leave his man wide open for a game winning shot.”> We love it. [NY Times]

Your gas tax is scheduled to drop four cents. Republican heads are spinning. [WHAS11]

A Look Back At Our Favorite Stories of 2008

Earlier we shared a list of the ten most popular stories of 2008.

But what were our favorites? We couldn’t come up with a list of just ten. So you’re gonna have to take a look at our favorite eleventy billion.

From the Jennifer Moore-Jeff Noble nightmare to a particular state legislator’s penchant for fancy red shoes, it’s all here.

Let’s take a stroll down the memory hole…

The nightmare of the Robert Felner debacle consumed the University of Louisville and the entire world of higher education

  • Federal Investigation at UofL – What’s Going On? [Link]
  • A Much-Awaited Inside Look at the Communication of Robert Felner, Jim Ramsey and Shirley Willihnganz – Or How to Make the University of Louisville Look As Bad As Possible [Link]
  • The Felner Story: Proof of No Confidence Vote [Link]
  • Robert Felner: Serious Problems & Serious $$$ [Link]

The Louisville-Jefferson County Democratic Party’s annual Wendell Ford dinner. Photographs, drama and personal stories.

  • Finally – Wendell Ford Dinner Drama, Photos, Gossip [Link]

The mess that was the Louisville campaign to be district court judge consumed as all

  • Ready For This? Katie King Is In Trouble [Link]

Live blogging the KDP’s eulogy for Hillary Clinton was one of the most fun evenings of the year. It turned into a nightmare of hilarity.

  • KDP Live: Hillary Still Losing Edition [Link]
  • Live Blogging the KDP’s Eulogy for Hillary Clinton Last Night: In Photos [Link]

The depressing downfall of the Kentucky Democratic Party as chairwoman Jennifer Moore threatened longtime Party loyalist Jeff Noble (and attempted to pressure us into silence) was an eye-opener for Kentuckians everywhere. The mess caused by Miss Moore led to an evening at a Democratic club where her boyfriend threatened us and our livelihood.

  • Dirty Politics Can Be Quite a Bitch [Link]
  • An Open Letter to the Chairwoman Of the Kentucky Democratic Party [Link]
  • Almost-Livebloggy: Hebert & Edelen at Metro Dems [Link]

Read the rest of this long list after the jump…

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Don McNay in Editor & Publisher Again

For the second time in a week Don McNay is in Editor & Publisher.

Here’s an excerpt:

NEW YORK – Syndicated financial columnist Don McNay is continuing to write and comment about America’s financial crisis.

Yesterday, for instance, he taped a segment with WTVQ-TV in Lexington, Ky. And this morning, McNay was scheduled to appear on 1190 KEX News Radio in Portland, Ore.

In his most recent column on the financial crisis, McNay wrote: “The leadership styles of President Bush and Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson have contributed to the problem. Great presidents reassure the country in times of crisis. Look at Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington.


Don is becoming a regular financial expert out there in the real world. Pretty fancy for a Kentuckian.

Oh Snap Monday! Dems & Pubs Are Heated

Ryan Alessi has the skinny on the State Central Executive Committee. The article states that these are all Beshear supporters and that’s not true. 3/4ths of them have trashed the governor for months. It’s the same in every congressional district. We’re gonna have a lot to talk about for a long time. We hear the fan is just turning on and the poo-makers have just started to eat. [PolWatchers]

This is why Senate President David Williams is a powerful guy. Because he knows how to work a crowd and he knows what it takes to stand up. We just think that if David would let some bygones be bygones, he’d be able to take his leadership to the next level. Also, he needs to work within his supporters to position Trey Grayson as the next big thing. (Let’s have lunch, David.) [Bowling Green Daily News]

How do you feel about the Governor’s economic development trip to Japan during a time of all out terror on Kentucky’s economic front? We have mixed feelings about it but doubt the cost of the trip is even big enough to make anyone blink. What do you think? Note that the State Journal is still quoting Frank Simon friend Jim Waters. [State Journal]

Some Republicans can’t let go of the past and still can’t believe some of Ernie Fletcher’s retarded handlers got him all caught up in a hiring scandal. Now they’re claiming the special grand jury was tainted based on information they’re making up in their head. For real. They’re basing it on assumptions and without proof. Imagine that. Nothing wrong with digging for info to prove it was a witch hunt, but come on. Ernie’s a good guy who listened to the wrong people. [KPAC-2]

Read the rest of these eye-roll worthy bits & pieces after the jump…

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Diminished Capacity Premier for Alzheimer’s Association

From Rick:

My grandmother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s for several years before she died, used to crack me up with the crazy things she’d say after the disease took hold. She also brought profound sadness to our faces when she couldn’t remember the basic events of her full and happy life.

Pauline in her final years was the first image that came to mind as I watched Alan Alda’s amazing performance as Uncle Rollie in the Hart-Lunsford movie, “Diminished Capacity” at a special premier at the Kentucky Center last night. The movie was selected for this year’s Sundance Festival, and was screened here as a fund-raiser for the local Alzheimer’s organization.

Anyone who’s known someone with Alzheimer’s will chuckle at the movie’s comic moments. Sherwood Kiraly, who wrote the novel upon which the movie is based, told the handful of folks who stuck around after the film ended that Rollie was based on his real-life experiences with his own father.

Tons more along with photos and commentary from Jake after the jump…

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Tina Conner Back in Court

Can’t believe Hebert isn’t all over this.

Brandon Ortiz reports that Governor Paul Patton’s former mistress, Tina Conner, is attempting to reinstate her second lawsuit against Patton.

Conner’s attorney, Bill Jacobs, asked the Kentucky Court of Appeals to reconsider during a hearing earlier today. Neither Conner nor Patton were in attendance.

There’s a joke in this somewhere…

Jim Waters: Mine eyes have not seen the glory, but I’ve heard about it

This week Jim gives advice to Steve Beshear and wonders aloud if he’ll put ideas and talk into action. We’re not sure where the St. Ronnie stuff comes from or why it’s relevant, but the rest makes sense.

Mine eyes have not seen the glory, but I’ve heard about it

By Jim Waters

Now that Steve Beshear has stopped campaigning, he’s going to have to start articulating – about his plans to address serious challenges facing Kentucky’s economy and public schools.

The new governor must successfully transition from campaigning against an unpopular incumbent to working for sound policy that improves the lot of all Kentuckians. That means the interests of labor unions, social liberals and other special groups must become secondary to the betterment of the entire commonwealth.

If not, it will be “four and out” for Beshear, too.

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