Obama Campaign Steals Lunsford Idea

What’s that? Oh, yes, Barack Obama has copied the Lunsford-Stumbo Blueprint for Change. Hahahaha.

For real.

How hilarious is this? After all of the controversy the plan caused (courtesy of paid hack Mark Nickolas) during last year’s gubernatorial primary, a presidential campaign has taken the ‘Blueprint for Change’ idea and run with it.

Here’s the original:

Could someone please read both of these and tell us what’s going on? We can’t stop laughing.

Super Decider With Kentucky Ties

Former Lunsford-Stumbo Director of Operations (and friend of Page One) Ed Espinoza was on CNN’s Election Center last night discussing the role of Democratic superdelegates.

He gave crazy former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown the what for. Crazy Willie wasn’t down with following the will of American voters. So Ed nearly choked him.

It was kind of awesome.  (Wasn’t near the TiVo, only had the camera on my phone handy.)