Clinton Rally Kills Disclosure Bill

Everyone in Frankfort is rallying for Hillary Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton. And by everyone we mean everyone. Especially lawmakers.

From John Cheves at PolWatchers:

Lawmakers skip hearing, disclosure bill stalls

A Senate bill that would require greater disclosure from groups promoting or opposing constitutional amendments may have died Tuesday because not enough House members attended a necessary committee hearing.

The sponsor of Senate Bill 148, Sen. Damon Thayer, R-Georgetown, waited in the audience for about 20 minutes into the scheduled 8:30 a.m. hearing of the House Committee on Elections, Constitutional Amendments and Intergovernmental Affairs. But most of the panel’s 12 members failed to arrive, and Kentucky State Police officers could not quickly locate them in the Capitol Annex.

Chairman Darryl Owens, D-Louisville, then canceled the meeting, the last planned for the 2008 session. While it’s possible a special meeting could be called later, Thayer’s bill is important and complicated enough to need serious study, more than a special meeting might be able to offer, Owens said.

Good luck getting any news that’s not about Hillary today.

Obama Campaign Steals Lunsford Idea

What’s that? Oh, yes, Barack Obama has copied the Lunsford-Stumbo Blueprint for Change. Hahahaha.

For real.

How hilarious is this? After all of the controversy the plan caused (courtesy of paid hack Mark Nickolas) during last year’s gubernatorial primary, a presidential campaign has taken the ‘Blueprint for Change’ idea and run with it.

Here’s the original:

Could someone please read both of these and tell us what’s going on? We can’t stop laughing.

Super Decider With Kentucky Ties

Former Lunsford-Stumbo Director of Operations (and friend of Page One) Ed Espinoza was on CNN’s Election Center last night discussing the role of Democratic superdelegates.

He gave crazy former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown the what for. Crazy Willie wasn’t down with following the will of American voters. So Ed nearly choked him.

It was kind of awesome.  (Wasn’t near the TiVo, only had the camera on my phone handy.)