Hillary in Madisonville on Saturday

At least that’s the word according to Jerry Lundergan, former chair of the Kentucky Democratic Party, and the mainstream media feels secure enough to report it:

FRANKFORT — Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman in Kentucky says the Democratic presidential candidate will visit the state on Saturday.

Jerry Lundergan said Thursday that the New York senator’s schedule will be released by her campaign later in the day.

Though it hasn’t been made official, residents in Madisonville in western Kentucky have been gearing up for a possible visit by Clinton. Madisonville Mayor Will Cox says up to 3,500 people are expected to attend an annual Democratic dinner on Saturday night, in anticipation that Clinton will be the featured speaker. Cox says the usual turnout for the event is 300 to 500.

Heather French Henry is Reason Enough to Back Barack Obama Instead of Hillary Clinton

In a story on National Journal’s Hotline On Call from Morehead (Yes, Morehead! Our original hometown. Made national press. We love it.) about former President Bill Clinton’s visit to Kentucky, we noticed something that totally prevents us from remaining silent on the matter today.

Check out Heather French Henry’s comments:

Heather French Henry, a former Miss America and wife of former Kentucky Lieutenant Governor Steve Henry, joined Clinton at two of his stops. Speaking before the Maysville event, she recalled how Clinton singled her out for her work on behalf of veterans when he was president. And, she took a swipe at Barack Obama as she praised Hillary for her advocacy for veterans.

“Now see, I know that some out there may have the audacity to hope, but Sen. Hillary Clinton has the audacity to actually do the work that it takes to be the next president of the United States,” she said.

Let’s just go ahead and say it: Heather French Henry is a tired has-been, just like her husband, and needs to leave politics once and for all. She has no future.

I guess being sued by her publisher for allegedly pocketing $400,000 wasn’t enough to shut her ego up. Nor was allegedly losing all of her television work thanks to the actions of her husband. But we can’t say anything else, sadly, for obvious reasons.

Let’s just go ahead and say this, though: You should support Barack Obama for president if for no other reason than Steve and Heather French Henry are backing Hillary Clinton. Birds of a feather. Don’t forget it. Birds. Of. A. Feather.

Wednesday Updates. Clinton Fever Breaks.

C.J. Parrish, in a letter to the C-J, shakes blowhard legislators to their core by shedding light on the reality that it, you know, actually takes a man to create a baby… so men should be held responsible. That sound you hear is the tiny lipstick mafia (nod to the former Bitch Caucus) in Frankfort cheering as people like Jody Richards cower in fear. [C-J]

Speaking of blowhards. If you missed the comment wars on Page One last night, don’t forget to check both of them out today. Hilarious. Absolute hilarity. Did you know we went into Iraq to kill Saddam, not to allegedly go after al Qaeda? That’s the new talking point. [Here, Here]

Someone named April saw Bill Clinton in Paris. Photos, personal freaking out over him. A great read about what it’s like for a non-politico to attend one of our crazy politico functions. [April’s Website]

Who in their right mind believes that Steve Beshear will be able to lure Volkswagen to open a manufacturing plant in Kentucky? Really, who? Or are we just Negative Nancies? [C-J]

Speaking of people who aren’t in their right mind. Is anyone paying attention to this weird phallic building the Webb family wants to bulldoze an entire block in Lexington to erect? Barefoot & Progressive’s Joe Sonka has been leading the fight to wake people up. Check it all out. [H-L, B&P]

Clinton Update – Finally Something Funny

From PolWatchers re: Bill Clinton’s appearance in Paris:

Former Miss America Heather French Henry spoke as the crowd waited for Clinton, describing herself as a “Clinton fan.” She praised Hillary Clinton for helping with her Heather French Henry Foundation for Veterans.

During his speech, Clinton thanked “Heather French Smith” for her support.


Two things:

  1. I’d like to see the proof that Hillary has ever helped Heather’s faux 501(c)3.
  2. Heather. French. Smith. Hilarious. Why is the Clinton Camp allowing her to troll for them? Risky.

Clinton Rally Kills Disclosure Bill

Everyone in Frankfort is rallying for Hillary Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton. And by everyone we mean everyone. Especially lawmakers.

From John Cheves at PolWatchers:

Lawmakers skip hearing, disclosure bill stalls

A Senate bill that would require greater disclosure from groups promoting or opposing constitutional amendments may have died Tuesday because not enough House members attended a necessary committee hearing.

The sponsor of Senate Bill 148, Sen. Damon Thayer, R-Georgetown, waited in the audience for about 20 minutes into the scheduled 8:30 a.m. hearing of the House Committee on Elections, Constitutional Amendments and Intergovernmental Affairs. But most of the panel’s 12 members failed to arrive, and Kentucky State Police officers could not quickly locate them in the Capitol Annex.

Chairman Darryl Owens, D-Louisville, then canceled the meeting, the last planned for the 2008 session. While it’s possible a special meeting could be called later, Thayer’s bill is important and complicated enough to need serious study, more than a special meeting might be able to offer, Owens said.

Good luck getting any news that’s not about Hillary today.