Tuesday Morning Dept of Warring in Afghanistan

Today is World AIDS Day. [HHS]

Lt. Dan supports a surge in Afghanistan. No word where Jack Conway stands. [Hotline]

Speaking of Lt. Dan, he’s now a transportation expert. [CART]

Mitch McConnell becomes the first to lie about CBO report on premiums. [FireDogLake]

Expanded gambling ties paid off for Jodie Haydon. [Nelson County Gazette]

We’re all still dying of the poverty! Even charities that fight poverty are dying of it. [H-L]

Thanks to Dirty Joe for pointing out how racist the Moonie Times is these days. Comparing Barack Obama to a chimpanzee. How original. [Think Progress via Joe]

Mitch McConnell is now the 15th wealthiest senator. Thanks to all that RED CHINESE cash. [WYMT]

Thank goodness the Kentucky Supreme Court supports the governor’s early release program. It’s time for our leaders to show some leadership in explaining the program to the citizenry. [H-L]

Happy Day Before Gobble Gobble Pigging Out

Soo…. How long will it take our Gas Station Governor to appoint Ken Winters as Joe Meyer’s replacement in the Education & Workforce spot? [Just Wondering]

More than half of teachers report buying food for hungry students with their own money. These are the times we’re living in. [HuffPo]

Democrats like Ben Chandler should be quite nervous. [Hotline On Call]

This is why I refused to link to the Washington Moonie Times several months ago when the paper begged me to add a link. Well, one of the many reasons.  [Media Matters]

National political pundits are still hedging their bets on Jack Conway, the only candidate who isn’t wholly embarrassing in Kentucky. [MSNBC]

PEE ALERT: Apparently, we’re the “radical left.” Because I’m such a feminist and such a liberal. Never mind that David himself begged me to write about things by sending the press release to me. [Paultard Manager]

HELLO! Perfect gift for a guy named Jake. Just saying. [The WHY Louisville Store]

Another pee alert: “At about 3:15 in this horrifying white-rap teabagging paultard video, there is a vaguely hot gal literally raising her hands in the air like she just don’t care. We’re going to assume brain damage here, or some kind of congenital body odor issue severe enough to even keep away the lonesome middle-aged dudes in their Barry Lyndon hats.” [Wonkette]

Dine out for Life next Wednesday, December 2. You could go to our favorite places: Blue Dog, Cafe Lou Lou, Havana Rumba, Porcini, Simply Thai. Mmmm. [Click Here for Details]

The UofL student who won a Rhodes Scholarship is from Boyd County in Eastern Kentucky. Huzzuh. We’re smart in the mountains after all. [H-L]

Thursday Morning Dept of Burning Books

Karen Sypher was indicted on six counts including retaliating against a victim. This story is never going away. [Ruh Ro]

Kentucky’s poor spend a larger percentage on taxes. Which makes tons of sense. Too bad Frankfort is too damn ignorant to attempt serious tax reform. [H-L]

After years of corruption and double standards, Ed Worley is getting a Democratic opponent. [Bluegrass Politics]

Barack Obama appointed notoriously ignorant Dana Perino to the Broadcasting Board of Governors. Hahaha. God. What a failure this administration is turning into. This is Beshear-esque, for sure. [Politico]

Woah! Richie Farmer is alive and had one of his staffers write a letter to the Courier-Journal about bacon! [They Get Letters]

Kentucky Democratic Party dollars were used in a vote-buying scheme in Perry County. [H-L]

Can you believe this mess? Marilyn Parker is bogarting the Rand Paul money bomb idear. She’s begging people on Facebook to take part in the Marilyn Parker Money Bomb on Friday, December 4. I bet she raises literally tens of dollars. John Yarmuth is totally shaking in his boots. [Hilarity]

A judge says the Army Corps of Engineers’ negligence caused Katrina. [Woah]

How many times will Joe Arnold regurgitate what the Rand Paul campaign feeds him? We love the hilarity, sure, but this is getting a little old. [WHAS11]

Jim Beam is spending $28 million to expand in Frankfort. 120 new jobs could allegedly be created. [State Journal]

Fairdale Bigfoot is still running for mayor and he still answers your questions in a weekly advice column. [Consuming Louisville]

Oh god. We’re gonna start burning books in Nicholasville, aren’t we? Just cold cracks me up that it’s always “evangelists” who lose their shiz over books because they’re lacking, you know, sense. [H-L]

Tuesday Evening Dept of Papaw Is Sinking

Papaw Steve Beshear’s approval rating has taken a major hit. At its lowest since 2009. Just 44% approve. One-termer? [SurveyUSA]

Jefferson County Family Court judges don’t think dating violence is as important as other forms of domestic violence. Way to go, folks! [The ‘Ville Voice]

The 18 biggest falsehoods in Sarah Palin’s book, which she couldn’t even write herself. [HuffPo]

Kentuckians should take note: Republicans are headed for a bloodbath in Florida. It could happen here. Though, we don’t have a gay Republican governor. [CNN]

New county-level education data is available from the Kids Count Data Center. [Click Here]

Kentuckians are smart. They don’t want Sarah Palin to run for anything ever, because she is insane. Also, who cares? This is a non-story and this wench is more of a media whore than me. [Joe Arnold]

Rand Paul hates Medicare and rights a fancy unicorn, ladies. [Barefoot & Progressive]

ATTENTION! Rand Paul wants it both ways! This is why Ronnie Ellis is our favorite dirty journalist. Hahaha. [Ronnie Ellis]

Quick, everybody feel sorry for Steve Nunn. He pleaded not guilty to six charges of wanton endangerment in Hart County. [WHAS11]

Uninsured emergency room patients are twice as likely to die. [MSNBC]

Hey, science geeks: the birth of a new species witnessed by scientists. [Wired]

FACES of Coal PR folks descended upon Breathitt County’s elected officials. [Business Lexington]

Tuesday Morning Dept of Sarah Palin Genius

Ed “I Live In Florida” Whitfield’s votes on Cuba changed as tens of thousands of dollars in contributions rolled in. [Bluegrass Politics]

That old man who filed to run for the U.S. Senate yesterday is batshiz insane, apparently. CHECK THIS MESS OUT! He published a copy of his birth certificate but I demand to see the long-form! [Hot Mess]

We hear Jodie Haydon wrote his campaign a $100,000 check. Any truth to that rumor? [Just Wondering]

Why do you people have to be so mean to poor Sarah Palin with your fancy facts? [Media Matters]

Isn’t it a shame that Brian Simpson – the Republican opposing Larry Clark for State House – chose to align himself with Rand Paul, Marilyn Parker and the teabaggers? At least Larry knows he won’t have a political fight on his hands now. [Random Thoughts]

The Office of the Attorney General is warning about job cuts. But maybe Steve Beshear should get rid of about, oh, 70 of those “special advisors” he’s got on the state payroll? [AP via H-L]

You a Vonage customer who has been screwed in the past? Take note! [Business First]

The gays everywhere are weeping because the Blade is no more. [NY Times]

Major pee alert: You should probably read this liveblog if you missed Sarah Palin’s epic appearance on Oprah yesterday. [Wonkette]

A teabagger named Gail Powers has filed to run against Rep. Joni Jenkins in the 44th state house district. Anyone got some skinny on the degree of craziness? [SoS Email Alert]

At least something good is happening after the death of a homophobe in Lexington. Hopefully all kinds of needy gays will be the recipients of these shoes. Funny how everyone gets nostalgic and sweet when people die – even if they were vile, hateful people when alive. [H-L]

49 million Americans are going hungry. So now would be a darn good time to contribute whatever you can to your local food bank. [HuffPo]