Some Afternoon Busy Work For You Folks

Got a ton of stuff to do this afternoon… like review this fancy DVD of State Senate proceedings on March 11, 2004.

In the meantime, click some clickies:

This rail system is a nice daydream. It makes us excited. Too bad it’ll never happen. [DOT]

20/20 is returning to eastern Kentucky for a follow-up report. It’ll air this Friday at 10:00 P.M. on ABC. Last Friday’s show pulled in the highest ratings since 2004. [H-L]

What on earth is the Courier-Journal editorial board rambling on about? Funny how they’re just now getting on the Metro Housing bandwagon, kinda, and are still half-defending that horse crap while attacking Crit Luallen. At least Joe Gerth has his ducks in a row on the story. [C-J & Joe Gerth]

The end of off-shore and Swiss banking is nigh. [Huffington Post]

Our favorite Governor, Kathleen Sebelius, is Barack Obama’s top pick for Health Secretary. This could be really good for Kentucky, as she has some major ties here in the Commonwealth that go back a few years. [NY Times]

The University of Louisville got a fancy new computer that will allow Jim Ramsey to spin and lie 1,100 times faster than the average person! [C-J]

Aww, poor Jefferson Poole says Joe Sonka is hateful and stupid. Poole, the nancy pants who had the nerve to attack the mother of an Iraqi War hero and literally cried when confronted about it. We love the hypocrisy even more than we love that Poole calls himself an energy consultant. Haha. [Jefferson Poole]

Oh, look, crazy Jim Anderson Stivers is attempting to make someone other than himself appear stupid? Hahaha. [Page One Comments]

Wednesday Dept of Mountains and Fear

Some folks aren’t happy with Diane Sawyer’s 20/20 piece on Appalachia, the first portion of which aired Friday night on ABC. Is it really a “load of crap” to discuss real issues that no one wants to address in eastern Kentucky? Or is the Hazard mayor sitting in denial like woah? You can’t deny that the drug problem in our Motherland is worse than portrayed on television, that’s for certain. And why don’t we stop this generations-long bickering fest and actually save Appalachia? Why don’t we? Why don’t we focus attention on do-nothing legislators from the region? Why don’t we examine where all the pork slated for the region disappears to? Why don’t we compare and contrast everything we possibly can? [H-L]

Watch “Inside the Meltdown” on PBS Frontline last night? If not, check it out on the internets. Pure horror. [Inside the Meltdown]

This is why Roland Burris should be removed from the U.S. Senate. Democrats apparently no longer have any spine, at all, ever, the end. Hopefully the Senate Ethics Committee will oust him. What a joke. [HuffPo & More HuffPo]

From last Thursday: Scott Jennings was interviewed again by the Justice Department re: the Karl Rove/illegal Justice firing probe. With Jennings’ involvement in discussions that led to Tim Griffin becoming U.S. attorney in Arkansas, we’re pretty sure things are going to get a little dicey for him over the next several months. Here’s hoping he’s innocent and that Kentucky is saved more embarrassment than it deserves. [Washington Post]

The “seance with your fetus” bill made it out of committee yesterday. Only Denise Harper Angel and Kathy Stein had the guts to stand up against it. Who will stand up against it in the House? [Stephenie Steitzer]

Governor Steve Beshear refused to attend the I Love Mountains rally in Frankfort yesterday. We think it’s quite telling. Not that he’s in the pocket of king coal (he is), but that he apparently can’t make himself available to anyone who isn’t giving him money (reference: Bill Yung). Merely showing his face before a crowd of 500 people to address their concerns would hardly have been a condemnation of the coal industry in Kentucky. The governor should grow a pair. [Tom Eblen]

Speaking of I Love Mountains Day… Ashley Judd said Kentucky should move on from coal. She’s witnessed mountaintop removal in-person but has agreed to go on a tour guided by Daniel Mongiardo sponsored by the Kentucky Coal Association. You know how that’ll go. She’s right to stand up against the practice because it’s atrocious. Mining isn’t bad, but mountaintop removal is a disaster. Lots of insight on how terrified Steve Beshear is to take a position on anything, ever. [Ronnie Ellis]

Jim Bunning plans to discuss the economy this Saturday in Elizabethtown. He’ll be attending the Hardin County Lincoln Day dinner. Should be entertaining so let us know what goes on– if you’re there. [News-Enterprise]

Are you standing up against Senate Hate Bill 68? Are you just like Fred Phelps, too? Are you spreading “hate speech” for having the audacity to stand up and speak out against homophobia? Yeah, so terrifyingly mean and hateful to call someone despicable or bigoted. We love it when latent homosexuals self-hate and lash out at the world because they’re terrified by their own desires. [Page One]

Martin Cockring is so bent out of shape that we called Gary Tapp Tapp Tapp a “despicable human being” that he’s beside himself. It’s the only thing he can talk about lately. That and the bit where he says the ho-mo-sexuals are throwing children under the bus because we want to foster and adopt. Hahaha. The hilarity never ends. I mean, he’s been obsessed with us since early 2008. Funny note: One prominent Republican told us yesterday, “You and old Marty Cockring should just make out and get it over with.” We can’t stop laughing. [Pure Hilarity]

Afternoon Dept of Seance With Your Fetus

Isn’t it just bizarre that the “seance with your fetus” bill was removed from Judiciary and placed in Senate Veterans, Military Affairs & Public Protection? That’s the committee to which Kathy Stein has been assigned. We fully expect her to lose her shiz. We can’t wait to hear what she has to say about the bill’s true purpose is.

The last time that bill went through, it was in Judiciary– Kathy’s committee. She rightfully choked it. Unfortunately, self-hater Tanya Pullin is chair of Veterans and has worked night and day to get an abortion bill out for a vote. Will her wish come true?

And what of Kelly Flood? She’s now removed from the “seance” bill that she repeatedly tells people she can stop. What ever will she do? Perhaps demand that the bill be placed in Judiciary when it flies out of the Senate? Heh.

And on to other stuff…

Louisville Mayor McCheese Jerry Abramson is ratcheting up the excuses for the Metro Housing disaster that was realized on his watch, perpetrated by his friends and cronies. He’s insane if he thinks this can be swept under the rug. [The ‘Ville Voice]

The White House has released state-by-state numbers of the jobs impact. Jobs to be created by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, to be specific. 33,000 in Kentucky. We’re not sure we buy the numbers but obviously have to reserve judgment. The package of $789 billion will allegedly create or save 3.5 million jobs over the next two years. [By State or By Congressional District]

Marty Cockring may be pissing and moaning in Kentucky, but rhetoric in the gay rights debating is heating up in Salt Lake City. Stop the scary ho-mo-sexual movement! Protect our children! Let’s keep defending “traditional marriage” and advocating to keep that 50% divorce rate strong and healthy! [Salt Lake Tribune]

HAHAHAHA! LEO has reached market penetration. Check it. You will greatly approve. [LEO’s FatLip]

Why is Daniel Mongiardo wasting taxpayer dollars? I mean, really? The Lt. Governor put out a press release this afternoon announcing that he will speak at the Kentucky Certified Public Accountants breakfast tomorrow in Frankfort. How and why is that relevant? Is this anything more than a campaign stunt? And what on earth could this man possibly know that applies to CPAs? [Press Release]

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Monday Afternoon Dept of Failures & Such

Has Jim Ramsey’s Post-Felner PR Campaign resorted to lies? Haha, yup. Like we said. This is a good round-up of stories we’ve written about the snafu over the past year. [The Principal]

Stand up against Senate Hate Bill 68. Making it illegal to foster or adopt children if you’re gay? Really? Is that what we’re going to waste our time on? Thanks to Gary Tapp Tapp Tapp for bringing homophobia to the front of the discussion. [Page One]

Louisville Mayor McCheese Jerry Abramson’s approval rating has hit an all-time low. According to the latest Survey USA/WHAS11 poll, Abramson’s approval rating is at 54% while 43% of Jefferson Countians disapprove of him. 13% down from the last time SUSA polled in March 2006. The Mayor’s spokescritters blame the economy. But we think common sense is prevailing. Young people don’t like Abramson. Even the folks who support the same issues that Abramson supports are pulling away from him. It’s time for the guy to wake up and smell the poopy Cordish Companies roses that are gagging everyone to death. [Mark Hebert]

Why did we and everyone else in Kentucky think J. Marshall Hughes would come out on top of Mike Reynolds in the Special Election last week? Maybe because an internal Democratic poll found that Hughes had double the name I.D. and 75% of people had a favorable view of him. Fancy how Mark Riddle, an ally of the people he’s speaking out against, admits that the Kentucky Democratic Party and Governor stayed far, far away from the race. [Joe Gerth]

Daniel Solzman has done stand-up. Again. We are not kidding. Awwwwwkkkk-waaaard. [Solzy]

See this, also. [Kentucky Sports Radio]

What’s your take on Joey Pendleton’s Senate Bill 131, a law that would require hemp farmers to register with the Department of Agriculture? It’d give farmers the replacement crop they’ve been desperately seeking. And you could smoke an entire acre of it and never get high. We think it’s a good move. [SB 131]

If you missed it on Friday and still haven’t gotten a chance to see Diane Sawyer’s introductory piece on Appalachian poverty, check it out. It’ll slay you. [Page One]

Haha. John “Sexy Panties” Ziegler is at it again with Sarah Palin. Absolute hilarity. [OC Register]

I Love Mountains Day is tomorrow in Frankfort. Show up. Do your part. Shame Jim “Coconut Cake” Gooch. [Page One]

Are you a college-aged individual who loves to work with children? The Fresh Air Fund is now accepting applications for counselors for this coming summer. They hire staff members with a wide range in some pretty amazing fields. [Fresh Air Fund]

Why Do We Keep Electing Them?

Did you see Diane Sawyer’s “A Hidden America: Children of the Mountains” on Friday night? What’d you think? It slayed us and has us in loving tears. And it din’t help that Patty Loveless’ “You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive” haunted the entire show.

Give Back!

See all six segments of the show by clicking here.

Really, why do we keep electing these do-nothings from eastern Kentucky? Why do we allow a large portion of our state to live in such shambles? Appalachian legislators talk about poverty to get more cash for their districts… but where does it go? More money has been pulled from the ground in that region than we’ll ever see in Louisville.

And WTF about children in Appalachia? Guess we can just be thankful that they’re not being raised by gay couples. Truly is much better to be parented by heterosexual drug addicts with dozens of children from multiple partners.

Just a Few More Things This Afternoon…

Interesting tidbit: Licensing & Occupations will hold a special meeting tomorrow morning to vote on Greg Stumbo’s video lottery gambling bill. We hear from committee members that they plan to push it out of committee just so House members are forced to vote on it. This could turn into a very interesting next few days.

Don’t forget to set your TiVo or DVR! Diane Sawyer’s special report on Appalachian Poverty will air Friday night at 10:00 P.M. Eastern on ABC. [Huffington Post]

Ugh, we don’t understand why these people wasted perfectly good bourbon. It just makes us sick to watch perfectly good fire water get poured out all over the Capitol steps! [C-J]

Listen to what Stephenie Steitzer has to say about all that craziness! We’re aghast! [Stephenie’s Podcast]

Damon Thayer’s campaign finance legislation received Senate approval for the third time today. The bill calls for a number of recommendations from the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance Task Force which issued a report to the General Assembly nearly two years ago. The bi-partisan group recommends increased reporting and more electronic filing of campaign finance reports. “Transparency in government is not something on which we will give up,” noted Secretary of State Trey Grayson. “It is past time for the General Assembly to act on this legislation which represents the most comprehensive and significant proposal in years to increase the transparency of the elections process in our Commonwealth. … There is a cooperative spirit in Frankfort, and I am optimistic that we can get an agreement on this legislation in 2009,” said Senator Thayer. “Kentuckians deserve a campaign finance system where transparency and access to financial information allow citizens to keep candidates and elected officials accountable for their campaign fundraising. This legislation not only strengthens transparency and access, but also emphatically states that they are priorities of Kentucky.” [Press Release]

Former State Representative Paul Bather died of pancreatic cancer. Check out all the memories Rick’s posted. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Dick Cheney was totally hot in high school. And Rudy 9iu11iani was a total queen. [Pure Hilarity]

Who knew that Denise Harper Angel did anything other than: barely live in her district, drink wine at events and trash people in the Courier-Journal? Wow. Call us crazy, but isn’t it a bit much to expect electronics manufacturers that sell their products in Kentucky to pay a $5,000 fee each year? [Bluegrass Politics]

We love this video Eric Cantor is peddling around the internets that’s filled with awesome profanity and fanciness. You’ll love it. Don’t watch it at work! [Huffington Post]

Since we’re on a HuffPo kick, isn’t it awesome that they made history for having a reporter– the first who writes only for a web outlet– get to question President Barack Obama? Time Magazine thinks so. [Time]

Oh, and this is why you’re fat. Fatty. [Secret Internet Fatties]

Cafe Lou Lou’s Magical Coconut Bundt Cake! Oh God, Jim Gooch would die over this. [‘Ville Voice Eats]

Late Friday in the Commonwealth of No Electricity

WHY do people run generators INSIDE THEIR EFFING HOMES? We can’t even deal.

Don’t forget Comment on Kentucky tonight! 8:00 P.M. Eastern. Scheduled guests: Stephenie Steitzer of the Courier-Journal, Tom Eblen of the Herald-Leader and Greg Stotelmyer from WTVQ in Lexington. Discussion about the budget, Obama’s stimulus package, gifting at UofL and the fancy weather. [KET]

That recession David Adams loved telling us that we’re not in? Yeah, something about picking up major steam? What was that, again? [MSNBC]

The Fairness Campaign is launching its 2009 strategy to achieve a statewide Fairness law with “Tell Your Story—Learn to Lobby,” a free introductory lobby training session held on the convening day of the Kentucky General Assembly’s Regular Session, Tuesday, February 3, 7:30-9:30pm, in the Student Activities Center, Room 303A at University of Louisville. [Fairness]

Why is Dan Mongiardo ashamed of his virulent homophobia? That’s the question everyone is asking. [Barefoot & Progressive]

The Young Professional Association of Louisville is in favor of an increase in the state’s cigarette tax. YPAL is launching a campaign on Tuesday, February 3 to meet with state leadership, write letters to local legislators, press releases, letters to the editor and more. Want to get involved? Young professionals around the state are encouraged to attend the YP Day at the Capitol and join YPAL at Serafini’s Bourbon Room from 5:30 to 8:00 P.M. in Frankfort on 02/03. [Young Professional Association of Louisville]

Governor Steve Beshear today launched a campaign to “Restock the Pantries” in conjunction with universities and community organizations in an effort to collect canned goods during weekend sporting events. Supplies are dwindling at Kentucky’s food banks so we’re pleased to see the Governor doing his part. You should do you part, as well. If you have a dollar, you can help. Tomorrow, volunteers will be on-hand at at several Kentucky universities to encourage those attending basketball games to make both food item and financial contributions to individuals in need.

  • In Lexington, God’s Pantry Food Bank and UK have organized drop-off locations on High Street and Vine Street outside of Rupp Arena beginning at 12:30 P.M. and continuing until 3:30 P.M.
  • In Louisville, the Dare to Care Food Drive and the University of Louisville will have volunteers collecting food donations at all entrances to Freedom Hall, beginning at noon EST and continuing throughout the basketball game.
  • At Western Kentucky University, food and donations will be collected beginning at the 7:00 CST tip-off of the men’s basketball game. These goods will be donated to the Elizabethtown Food Bank for distribution throughout the Western Kentucky region.
  • Eastern Kentucky University has partnered with the Richmond Salvation Army in order to collect food items and additional supplies at drop-off bins locate around Alumni Coliseum, beginning at 8:00 p.m. EST.

So do your part!