It’s Wednesday. Kentucky’s Still Poor.

You won’t want to miss the audio recordings of Daniel Mongiardo attacking Governor Steve Beshear, maligning the U.S. Senate and cursing. P.S. No one is disputing that what Mongiardo had to say is 100% the truth – it clearly is. But everyone is up in arms that he actually had the guts to say what he’s been feeling and thinking. Makes me like Lt. Dan a lot more. Lots lots lots more. Cause he’s finally being honest. [CLICK HERE]

Steve Beshear dismisses the audio as “prankstership.” And he digs his lying hole deeper and deeper. Meanwhile, he’s telling every reporter he speaks to off-the-record how pissed off he his. [WFPL]

All kinds of additional media outlets have taken notice. [Fox News, WBKO & Political Wire]

Why is Jim Bunning still trying to pretend he’s a health care reform expert? [The Hill]

Wanna guess what won’t be in Daniel Mongiardo’s end of quarter fundraising email blast? [Barefoot & Progressive]

Kentucky’s poverty rate remains unchanged at 17.3%. [H-L]

We’re all gonna die of the pig flu! That’s if these years-long campaigns don’t off us all first because they last too long. [C-J]

The son of an apparently-murdered U.S. Census worker is criticizing the Kentucky State Police over the investigation. [H-L]

Tuesday Morning Dept of Holiday Recovery

It’s too bad teabagger enthusiast Rand Paul isn’t denouncing this sickening behavior. Teabaggers are comparing Barack Obama to both Goebbels and Mengele. [Talking Points Memo]

Dear Republicans: John Yarmuth calls you on your hypocrisy. [He Wrote a Letter]

The Britney Spears of Kentucky assures it. We remain unconvinced that real changes have come to the boards of quasi-governmental agencies. [H-L]

Let’s geek out: 40 new species discovered. [The Guardian]

Hold your lunch. University of Louisville president Jim Ramsey has written a mindless op-ed for the mainstream media. And this is how you know the Courier-Journal is in the tank for those sweet ad dollars and sweet ticket deals. [C-J]

Cute how Rand Paul’s campaign manager – the one who tacitly begged for violence at John Yarmuth’s town hall meeting – is using Paul’s recent hospitalization to attack health care reform. Glad to see David Adams has joined the realm of wingnut opportunist. [Joe Arnold]

A surge in homeless students is straining schools. And it’s breaking everybody’s heart. [NY Times]

Yeah, cause it’s all about religion in government. That’s what we need more of. Right? [Marcus Carey]

Wingnuts and birthers have finally gone overboard. It’s not apparently an intimidation tactic for John Yarmuth to have had security and metal detectors at his town hall event last week. Apparently it’s not enough to have death threats all over the country and to want to protect oneself. Where’s the outrage over Mitch McConnell’s security detail, wingnuts? Why not freak out because there’s heavy security any time he makes a public appearance? [Joe Gerth]

Thursday Morning Dept of Ruffling Feathers

Don’t miss the first three days of the Golden B.S. Awards. Make some nominations! [Day 1, Day 2 & Day 3]

It’s hilarious that people are still pretending Kenya McGruder actually ran Barack Obama’s campaign in Kentucky. Kenya was given that position by Carolyn & David Tandy, the folks who gave her her current job as Majority Caucus Director. She did jack during the presidential election. So who in their right mind believes she does anything now? [LEO Weekly]

Pretty sure Rachel Maddow can’t be a teabagger…? Teabagging queen? Haha. [HuffPo]

HAHAHA. Guess our dear readers (and us!) have ruffled Chase Cain’s feathers. Peep these beautiful Facebook Status updates from Chase Cain: Chase Cain knows now more than ever– Louisville isn’t the right TV market for him. and then no more than an hour later: Chase Cain is reminded of a quote from Katt Williams, “B*tch, you just hate me because you can’t be me.” — OMG. CAN’T. BREATHE. LAUGHTER. IT HURTS. Dahahaha. [Fancy Passive-Aggressive Facebook Status Slap Fights]

Who wins? Trey Grayson or Ron Paul’s son? Get ready for the Paultard invasion and the inevitable flood of people backing Paul just because his father ran for the presidency. [The Edit]

Ben Chandler will probably help kill health care reform because he’s never had courage to stand up. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Heh. Funny how Dan Jones still hasn’t publicly admitted that Steve Henry was trying to keep all that Floyds Fork property for himself. Funny how Dan still hasn’t admitted that he almost had to take legal action to get it. But glad to hear about this latest donation! [C-J]

Larry Sabato is the dumbest political “expert” in the entire country. Hands-down, the dumbest. Every time you email him he foams at the mouth and makes something random up. Never fails. Why do Kentucky media outlets continue to source that old kook? Jim Bunning will give his campaign loot to Trey Grayson when the time is right. [Bluegrass Politics]

The second most-hated school superintendent in Louisville history (Sheldon Berman being the first) is now wreaking havoc in southern Indiana. [C-J]

We’re still all dying of the poverty here in the Bluegrass. [HuffPo]

Tuesday Morning Dept of Political Recovery

Judge Thomas Wingate is set to rule next Monday on whether Leonard Lawson’s 1983 interview can be released to the press. [John Cheves]

My, my, my. The truth about Peggy Petrilli has finally come out. She was forced to admit that black parents at Booker T. Washington Academy never told her they wanted to replace her with an African-American principal. You may recall that Jim Waters was her chief advocate back in November of 2007, spreading her misinformation. [Page One Flashback & H-L]

Mitch McConnell, George W. Bush and Tom Delay: No One Goes Without Health Care. [Daily Kos]

Fact of the matter is, the House health care reform bill produces a $6 billion surplus. [Campaign for America’s Future]

Trey Grayson and Rand Paul are both scheduled to appear together at Fancy Farm. [Pat Crowley]

Prosecutors say the Jefferson County Public Schools inquiry into the death of Max Gilpin was self-serving and reached a wholly inaccurate conclusion. Guess Sheldon Berman’s feigned “outrage” isn’t working out so well for him these days. [C-J]

This fearmongering about health care rationing is ridiculous. Blue Cross already does it. [John Aravosis]

Really, just stop bickering and fix it. [Pam’s House Blend]

Mitch McConnell makes the Democrats look good. Funny how his health care hypocrisies are being exposed left and right. [The New Republican]

Really, GOP? Attacking the Department of Agriculture for feeding the millions of people in America having trouble feeding themselves? [The Hill]

“Wow, here’s a big one!”

We initially cracked up over Secretary Miller’s comment, but the focus of the clip below is something we’ve yelled about for months. Kentuckians need to grow their own food in their own back yards. It’s been part of our lives as Kentuckians for decades and there’s no reason we should be abandoning home gardening.

Will these steps taken by First Lady Jane Beshear, Jonathan Miller and Michelle Obama make a difference? We hope so.

Sure, you’re broke and dying of the poverty. But if you’ve got room for a flower pot, you’ve got room to grow your own food.

Monday Afternoon of Tax Breaks & Govt Spending

Enter to win tickets to this weekend’s Blues & & Barbecue Festival in Louisville. Tons of tickets to give away. [Page One]

Will the tax credit really spur tons of new automobile purchases in Kentucky? We’re not sold on it and don’t think it goes far enough. But it’s nice to know you’ll pay less tax now on the $1,000 vehicle you’ll be trading in for a new $10,000 vehicle. [Stephenie Steitzer]

Louisville ranked 57th in sports by Men’s Health. [National Sports Review]

By now it’s old news, but Trey Grayson raised $600,000 for the quarter with his U.S. Senate exploratory committee. Contributions from 101 counties, 1,1500 individuals, 99% from individuals, 93% Kentuckians, 65% of contribs were for $250 or less, online contribs totaled more than $120,000. All that in 55 days. But until Trey grows a pair and enters the race as a legit candidate, we’re just not gonna take him seriously. [Roll Call]

David Tandy is finally working to move the Swift plant out of Butchertown and into a better suited area of Louisville! FINALLY! [The ‘Ville Voice/Press Release]

Today the Obama Administration awarded $49 million for energy programs in Kentucky. These funds will speed the adoption of efficiency and renewable energy technologies and will help weatherize of more than 8,900 homes. Prioritization will be given to households with children under 6-years-old and to those where conditions are substandard. The homes of elderly and disabled families will also be given priority. $44,000 for a family of four seems to be the limit. [Press Release]

Check this Alaskan blogger standing up to known over-reactor Sarah Palin. Ruh ro. [HuffPo]

Seriously, it’s Stonewall all over again in Texas. What a godforsaken place. Except for Austin and Amarillo. Texas could learn a thing or two from Kentucky and the people of the Commonwealth. [LA Times]

Kentucky will receive $27,513,433 for clean up in the aftermath of winter storms in January of this year. We’ll also receive $2,832,858 for the aftermath of May flooding. That’s a total of $30,346,291 cleanup dollars. More than any other state. [U.S. Dept of Transportation Press Release]

Kentucky Has Big Tax Problems, No Real Hope

The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (a D.C.-based “think tank”) has released a new report on Kentucky’s inadequate tax structure.

The report, Tax Reform in Kentucky: Serious Problems, Stark Choices, examines two key problems with Kentucky’s tax structure. It’s not only insufficient, failing to produce enough revenue for public services, but is also inequitable, forcing low-and-middle-income residents of the Commonwealth to pay more in taxes than wealthier individuals and families– relative to their incomes.

Two tax measures presented to the Interim Joint Committee on Appropriations and Revenue (last week) are also examined. Bill Farmer introduced House Bill 51 PHS (repeal personal and corporate income taxes, repeal limited liability tax, reduce sales tax to 5.5%), which would seriously exacerbate the main problems we’re facing by aiding the wealthy. And HB 262/HB 223 (raise taxes for the super-wealthy, offer tax credit based on earned income, reinstate estate tax, lowering taxes for the poor), presented by Jim Wayne, would improve the adequacy and equity of the system.

You’ll want to check the report out for yourself:


Our favorite bit of the report? This bit about Farmer’s ridiculous HB 51, showing that had the legislation been implemented in 2007, the provisions would have:

  • Increased taxes markedly for the very poorest Kentuckians. Families and individuals with 2007 incomes below $14,000 would have, on average, paid $136 more in taxes had HB 51 PHS been in effect; this is the equivalent of 1.6 percent of their income on average.
  • Reduced the taxes paid by middle-class Kentuckians by roughly 1.1 percent of income on average. That is, Kentucky taxpayers with incomes ranging from $27,000 to $45,000 in 2007 would have seen their taxes go down by $373 on average if HB 51 PHS had been made law.
  • Reduced taxes dramatically for the very wealthiest Kentuckians. In 2007, the top 1 percent of Kentucky taxpayers consisted of individuals and families with incomes in excess of $329,000. These taxpayers would have received an average tax cut of $40,910 – or 4.4 percent of income – due to the changes contained in HB 51 PHS.

Obviously not a good thing for most Kentuckians.

What’s your favorite part of the report?

Observation: Let’s not hold our breath about real tax reform in Kentucky. It’s pretty clear that no one in Frankfort is going to answer our prayers.