Friday Afternoon Update Dept: Don’t Pee When You Read the Last Bit

Heads-Up to a U.S. Senate candidate who shall remain unnamed to save embarrassment: allowing your staff to complain to television executives for revealing your shenanigans (which are public record) isn’t becoming of an adult, let alone a political candidate.

One of Kentucky’s shining stars of political journalism (regardless of whether you agree or disagree with him) will be on Comment on Kentucky this evening. Also on tonight’s show are Mark Hebert of WHAS11 and Deborah Yetter of the C-J. This should be good. If you can’t catch it live, don’t forget to watch it on KET’s website next week or grab the regular podcast.

We mentioned Unka Steve’s approval rating earlier. Now check this SurveyUSA shiz out. “KY Approval Ratings: Uncommon Unpopularity” is the headline, followed up by photos of Dubya, Steve, Mitch and Crazy Jim Bunning.

The rumor mill: We hear (from sources very close to the event) Hillary Clinton will be in Louisville on May 9 for the KDP event and Barack Obama has been invited. Both candidates need to show their faces. KDP will be releasing details soon, but it sounds like regular folks will be able to get into the event for $50 or so. We also hear, from a source with Levy Restaurants/Churchill Downs, that the Clinton campaign has expressed “serious interest” in attending the Kentucky Derby, going so far as to contact Downs security.

Kentucky Democratic Party Chairwoman Jennifer Moore just sent out an email blast attacking John McCain for dissingwait for itPORK BARRELL SPENDING. OMG. Serious. For real. “But, if you do the math, what McCain considers “Pork Barrel” spending would have a real impact on the lives of the people in Martin County who McCain addressed this week.” If you’re gonna attack McCain, fine. But is it wise to attack him for hating pork barrell spending when that’s the chief complaint Democrats’ have against Mitch McConnell? Sure, McCain is a hypocrite of a flip-flopper. But attacking him for shooting down PORK BARRELL SPENDING? Really?

It’s not just us yelling at the Gubnuh

Or Brett Hall. Or Steve Robertson. Or just Republicans.

It’s the entire flipping Commonwealth.

Heeb reports that Governor Steve Beshear’s approval rating “dropped like a rock this month” to 38%. That’s according to the latest Survey USA/WHAS11 polling data. Click here for the crosstabs.

From Heeb:

It appears Beshear is getting blamed, along with legislators, for the bickering in Frankfort and the failed 2008 Legislative session which produced a lousy state budget and no substantive pieces of legislation. Beshear failed to show much leadership on putting casinos on the ballot and raising cigarette taxes, two issues that are supported by the majority of Kentuckians.

The poll results show Beshear is doing worse among men (34%) than women (41%)

A few things this late Thursday

Brett Hall isn’t just wrong on grammar (we know it’s a Republican ploy to say Democrat instead of Democratic, but it’s getting old), he’s wrong on campaign finance (or is it his son doing the posting? we forget). Yesterday he emphatically reported that, “If Lunsford exceeds the millionaire’s threshold of personal contributions to his campaign (currently around $560,000), McConnell will be allowed to increase individual donors’ contribution limits.” in reference to the Millionaires’ Amendment. That’s incorrect. The threshold for Bruce Lunsford in the general election is $1.69 million.

Greg Fischer’s U.S. Senate campaign has yet again hopped on the hypocrisy train. In an email blast this morning, Fischer passive-aggressively attacked Bruce Lunsford for attempting to “spend whatever it takes to buy” the election. Never mind that Greg Fischer had poured at least $510,000 into his campaign coffers as of the FEC’s end of quarter reporting deadline. Kids, amateur hour was supposed to end a few weeks ago. This behavior isn’t worth of a U.S. Senate race. It’s embarrassing.

KET will begin its scheduled candidate forums on Monday, April 21 at 8:00 P.M. Eastern. Each forum will air live on KET1 while also being broadcast on the internets. No worries if you’re a slacker, though, because everything will be archived online. Forums air Mondays, April 21 through May 12, ending with both the Democratic and Republican U.S. Senate debates on the 12th.

Some people are still bitter over reality.

Also, everyone is freaking out that John McCain is coming to Inez or whatever. Isn’t he already the nominee? Shouldn’t he be saving his skrilla?

Hillary and McCain are tied. Because you know Kentuckians will so vote for a woman over a military dude. Heh.

Gallup Poll: Obama Has Largest Lead Yet

Barack Obama has the largest lead yet over Hillary Clinton, just days after Clinton attempted to marginalize him with rural voters.

From USAToday’s On Politics:

Three days’ worth of polling after the news broke that Sen. Barack Obama said some small-town voters are “bitter,” he has edged out to his largest lead yet in Gallup’s daily national tracking survey.

Gallup says Obama leads Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton 51%-40% according to its Saturday-Monday poll of 1,312 Democrats and voters who “lean” Democratic. Yesterday, Obama lead 50%-40% (matching what had been his largest lead until today). The margin of error: +/- 3 percentage points.

Hillary’s numbers are only going to continue sinking around the country. Especially if her husband continues to marginalize young voters by telling them they’re too easily fooled.

SurveyUSA: Lunsford Increases Lead by 5%

That’s the word from the Latest SurveyUSA/WHAS11/WCPO poll on the Democratic Primary for U.S. Senate in Kentucky. Bruce Lunsford has increased his support by 5% in the past two weeks. And Greg Fischer finally trounced perennial candidate David L. Williams by a whopping single percentage point. Undecideds remain unchanged at 8%.

Here are the full results:

  • Lunsford 47%
  • Fischer 9%
  • Williams 8%
  • Cassaro 5%
  • Rice 5%
  • Stepp 1%
  • Wylie 3%
  • Other 14%
  • Undecided 8%

According to the poll, Bruce takes 36% of the vote in eastern Kentucky, 47% in northern Kentucky and 49% in both Louisville and western regions. No other candidate takes more than 11% of the vote in any region.

View the crosstabs and the poll tracker.

More on the SurveyUSA Poll Results

Some are having difficulty correctly comprehending the cross tabs of the latest senate poll. Here’s the skinny on the ‘Change Your Mind’ section – Could Change / Mind Made columns. A few folks seem to think the data indicate 38% of respondents could change their minds when it comes to voting for Bruce Lunsford and that 43% already have their minds made up.

In actuality, 24% of likely voters who responded say they could change their mind (see the bottom of the tabs) and a whopping 74% have their mind made up. Of the 24% who could change their mind, 38% are currently with Lunsford. Of the 74% who have their minds made up, 43% are with Lunsford.

Just wanted to break those points down.

Senate Poll Results: Lunsford has Huge Lead

In the ongoing battle (haha. battle. hahaha.) for the Democratic nod for U.S. Senate, we’re finally seeing some solid poll results. WHAS11 & SurveyUSA today released polling data that shows Bruce Lunsford the front-runner, more than 35 points ahead of opponent Greg Fischer. And like we said months ago, Fischer’s name I.D. is way below that of perennial candidate and moonbat David Lynn Williams, who is sitting at 11%.

Long story short:

  • Lunsford 42%
  • Other 17%
  • Williams 11%
  • Undecided 8%
  • Fischer 6%
  • Rice 5%
  • Wylie 5%
  • Cassaro 4%

See that? Lunsford has more support than than the rest of the candidate field combined. Fischer is sitting at the same level as three unknowns who have absolutely no shot– and he has a full campaign staff that has been spending money for months. We’re just seven short weeks away from the primary so there’s no possible way for Fischer to catch up. (But there’s still plenty of time for Michael Cassaro to finish in third place if we works hard enough.)

Love it or hate it, Bruce Lunsford is the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate. Contributing to anyone else at this point would be a waste of money and a waste of time. It’s time to prepare for the McConnell whipping Bruce is going to experience.