Patently false?

McConnell’s camp says attack ads being run in primetime slots are full of it. (Please watch the ad and read this article so you know what we’re talking about.)

Mitchypoo’s camp neglects to mention that Hunter Bates was McConnell’s COS, left to become a lobbyist using his Mitch connection (see John Cheves’ mind-blowing series from last fall), got a $200K contract to promote an earmark to send Chinese-made iPod-like devices to Afghanistan. McConnell delivered and Bates went to work raising $120K for his campaign.

While we hate what’s happened and the way Senator McConnell is trying to cover it up? We won’t swallow talking points hook, line and sinker, we’re not going to attack the following factual statement from Ryan Alessi:

While the ad doesn’t cite any source for the claim that McConnell voted against providing funding for body armor, an independent political watchdog group declared a similar accusation against other Republican senators last fall as false.

The ad does not cite a source for the claim that McConnell voted against providing funding for body armor. To parse words and get semantic? On October 2, 2003 McConnell voted to table an ammendment that was to be attached to an $87 billion emergency supplemental bill. (Reference: Vote 376, S.Amdt. 1817 to S. 1689) While despicable, obscene, hate-filled, possibly murderous and typically McConnell, let’s be accurate here. McConnell voted to table an amendment (like he did in April 2003). He didn’t vote for or against something that was up for a vote to become law.

That said, McConnell’s lackeys are full of shit. They’re parsing words to obscure facts. They’re challenging the semantics about what the devices were called. E.G., Public Campaign Action Fund called them “music players” in order to describe what they are, not just what they do. They could have called them iPod-like devices or MP3 players, but McConnell probably would have found fault in any of those descriptions as well. They’re attempting to obscure the fact that he lined up a contract to send $8.3million worth of Chinese-made players to Afghanistan (to spread right-wing talking points) and got $120,000 from the lobbyist’s clients.

The growing movement to oust McConnell

LEO follows up on last week’s rally to end the bloodbath in Iraq.

Stephen George sums up the opposition to Sen. Mitch McConnell in a way no other journalist in Louisville could hope to.

Here’s a great excerpt:

We are 14 months from an election, an eternity where the space will probably be filled with one of the most savage and barbaric senate campaigns in this state’s history. Hippos don’t seem dangerous, at least to those who’ve watched one slunk through a muddy river content not to upset the balance. But step between a hippo and its young and the river-horse will charge and gore you with startling ferocity. Block its escape route and you should expect to get bloodied. Never forget what you’re dealing with.

Stephen really hits it home.

Go read it.

We got a nice mention. Thanks, Stephen!

Sen. Mitch McConnell Racist?

Senator Mitch McConnell, wholly loved and supported by liberals with a tinge of awe, opposes Senate Bill 1257. The legislation was developed with bipartisan support and would provide Washington, D.C. a voting seat in the House of Representatives.

Sources say McConnell wants to filibuster in order to block passage.

Race is the only reason D.C. has been denied congressional representation for 175 years. We wonder if the 650,000+ African Americans inside the capital have anything to do with Mitch’s opposition.

Is this 1910? What the flip century is this?

As the dog days near an end

Surprised? Ethics complaint against Williams dropped. Think it could have something to do with two of those Ethics members being county contacts during the merit scandal? [PolWatchers, BGR] Update: As a reader pointed out, there’s no connection because we’ve confused the Executive Branch Ethics Commission and the Legislative Branch. That may be why there’s no connection being pointed out. Thanks, David.

When students speak. The Kentucky Kernel thinks Stumbo is right, says Ernie should ask trustees to resign. [KY Kernel]

Larry Craig FAQ. For real. Put down all beverages before checking the link. [Slate]

They’re pissed. Anti-Mitch and Anti-War protesters hit the streets of Berea as McConnell visited the chamber of commerce. A similar demonstration took place in Bowling Green. Interesting to note the event’s organizer has a son who believes Saddam Hussein was funding al Qaeda. Go figure. [Richmond Register, BG Daily News]

Crops are screwed. Kentucky asks for disaster assistance as southern Kentucky farmers harvesting their corn crops report that their yield is as much as 40 percent below average. It’s so severe that Gov. Fletcher ordered the Office of Insurance to allow out-of-state adjusters to work in Kentucky. Yay global warming. [H-L]

Ernie 180? Alessi has the scoop on Bluegrass Freedom Fund’s first ad spot. He provides an in-depth analysis proving two points true, two points at least half-true. Check it out. [PolWatchers]

Wide Stance Wednesday

When reality gets too boring, just watch this. [Funny]

Kentucky: ten years behind the game. Pol Watchers has the goods on a recent letter from Attorney General Greg Stumbo to Secretary of State Trey Grayson. Stumbo says an investigation of the state’s electronic voting equipment turned up the “alarming discovery” that the optical scanning units used in Louisville’s electronic voting system were not certified by the state. Finally, the black box voting movement has come to Kentucky. [PolWatchers]

From beans to fuel. The Owensboro Grain Company becomes a bio-diesel refinery and will start production on October 1. Today the plant will be dedicated at a ceremoney attended by Ernie Fletcher, Jim Bunning and Ron Lewis. [WFIE]

From the Heckuva Job Brownie Dept. Hundreds turned out to “greet” Mitch McConnell and thank him for the thousands upon thousands killed in Iraq. Tens of bikers showed up in support of the mass murder in Iraq. Joe Sonka was there and live blogged the event with photos. [C-J, DM]

In case you need a break from Senators and their bathroom sex…

Good entertainment. If you haven’t had a chance, listen to the radio “debate” between Fletcher and Beshear. If we’re basing things on courtesy and manners displayed in this radio show alone? Neither of these gentleman have any. Endless blabbering after repeated requests to stop were ignored. And ignored. And ignored. [WKYX]

When giants attack. Attorney General Greg Stumbo is on the right side of the nightmarish Monsanto-Delta & Pine merger. Monstanto, the world’s largest producer of pesticides and genetically engineered seed, is best known for using their GRE plants to obliterate the crops of legitimate farmers– permanently infecting the food chain. Oh– and they tried to patent the pig. [Legal Newsline]

Gaming the System. Humana breaks the law, pays $500,000 fine for misleading customers, using unlicensed agents. Imagine it– a health insurance giant skirting the law and paying a fine. Just the cost of doing business, right? [Business First]

Meanwhile, the number of individuals without health insurance nationwide is skyrocketing. (14% of Kentuckians lack coverage) The Census Bureau released figures showing the number of those without insurance rose from 44.8 million in 2005 to 47 million in 2006. That means– based on numbers two years old– nearly 16% of the population doesn’t have health coverage. People covered by employer-based health insurance fell 1.5% and the number of uninsured children rose 700,000 to 8.7 million in the same 2005-2006 period of time. [Business First, H-L]

We didn’t know Seattle had Republicans! A waitress (server, to be politically correct) helped anonymously pen a facetious blog complaint against Stefan Sharkansky. Apparently, he lets his kids run rampant and is a horrible tipper. Sounds like a familiar former Democratic Lt. Governor of Kentucky, if you ask us! [Consumerist]

Taking it to their doorsteps. War protesters rally against Sen. Mitch McConnell tonight. Thousands in Kentucky are expected to take part in National Take a Stand Day, holding a rally and a march to McConnell’s home in Louisville. [WLKY]