Get Your Butt To The State Fair This Weekend

What’s that sound? I hear this is unofficially being called Non-Merit Layoff Day in Frankfort. Can’t confirm any numbers (200 saving $5 million?), but quite a few non-merit employees were axed today. So many, in fact, that some didn’t even bother showing up for work. Anyone have details? [Frankfort Rumor Mill]

Kentucky Retirement Systems is reopening the middlemen investigation. Imagine that. No wonder Olt was so pissy with me. [Paid-Only Article]

You’re kidding me, right? Rand Paul versus Librul Comedian Marty Cockring? If Rand Paul returns a campaign contribution from someone just because they run a pornography website, then he’s as dumb as I thought he was. Seriously. Who care that they run a porn site? I mean, who DOESN’T run a porn site? Marty is probably shame jacking it to that website right now. Jesus.  Oh, Rand, if porn is only degrading to women…  what about the men?  Gays?  Trannies?  HELLO? [AP via Bluegrass Politics]

Joel Pett surely caused thousands of incidences of urine loss with this cartoon about, uh, YOU NEED TO SEE IT. [CLICK HERE NOW]

Why on earth did Ron Paul need a limo? It’s being turned into the world’s largest limo or something. Wonder if Daddy Ron ever let Rand ride in it? [Gizmodo]

You know what’s interesting about Rand Paul? He continues to lie about Jack Conway. He says Jack supports cap and trade and wants to let the Bush tax cuts expire. Apparently, Rand doesn’t even know what is own campaign talking points are these days. Because they’re the folks hurriedly pointing out that Conway has decided that he: doesn’t support cap and trade and is suddenly (again) in support of extending the Bush tax cuts for up to ten years. [B&P]

Woopsiedaisy, Jim Newberry’s crew has changed its mind and release the law commissioner’s records request. A little thing called the law forced them to wake up, maybe? [H-L]

A Kentuckian from the western region of the state has been elected co-chair of the national Equality Federation. In related news, Steve Beshear is still afraid to say the word “gay.” [Murray State News]

This is the only thing worse than that damn doughnut burger. [TPFD]

Please stop being fat and letting your kids weigh more than you. Get your front butt to the Science Center and get moving. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Dear Kentucky Democratic Party: The Kentucky State Fair started yesterday – not today. [Twitter]

The DSCC is only spending $1.3 million on ad buys in Kentucky for Jack Conway. [Hotline On Call]

Don’t miss Comment on Kentucky tonight at 8:00 P.M. Eastern on KET. Scheduled guests: Jack Brammer, Ronnie Ellis, Tom Loftus. [Press Release]

Where do Kentucky’s U.S. Senate candidates stand on Iraq? [MCL]

Do You Take Your Tea With Cream Or Sugar?

We’re in the midst of the Second Annual Golden Poo Awards and your nominations are needed! Jump into the golden mix of hilarity! [Page One]

Kentucky’s got a new gubernatorial slate from the teabaggers: Phil Moffett & Mike Harmon. Harmon skipped the recent special legislative session vote on expanded gambling BUT TOOK THE PAY ANYWAY. I’m sure the tea partiers will love that. [Moffett-Harmon]

Yesterday, the U.S. House approved Rep. John Yarmuth’s $534,000 funding request for the Kentucky Air National Guard’s emergency response unit. The funds will be used to build a new facility in Louisville that will house the Contingency Response Group. [Press Release]

You know what’s crazy? Jack Conway STILL hasn’t returned Charlie Rangel’s corrupt money. [HuffPo]

Today U.S. Senate candidate Jack Conway hit back at allowing BP to rip the American taxpayer off: “It is unconscionable that after years of reaping the benefits of massive subsidies from taxpayers – especially during its years of record profits of tens of billions of dollars – BP would now throw taxpayers under the bus by shifting the burden of cleanup costs. A company that has made so much profit on the backs of American consumers and from the wallets of Kentucky motorists owes us a fair shake, especially as people throughout this state struggle to pay their own tax bills and afford basic necessities of life.” [Press Release]

David Adams has an ego bigger than mine. And it developed because he believes he’s responsible for Rand Paul’s popularity. Pee alert. [Hahaha]

Sure, we’ve had our disagreements. But this is why I like Joe Arnold a great deal. Check it out and prepare to laugh. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Seriously, Jack Conway, it’s time for you to start paying attention. Get over your bitterness and do the right thing. The national media is preparing to come at you like a steam roller. And you’re just ignoring it. [MSNBC]

Additionally, maybe you could actually start campaigning? From Owensboro to West Liberty to Newport, I hear the same thing: Jack is nowhere to be seen. [Head – Desk]

Here’s videuhtape of Mitch McConnell speaking to the National Conference of State Legislatures on Monday, July 26. [NCSL]

Health reform legislation is getting more popular. David Adams and the teabaggers are gonna hate that news. [More MSNBC]

Anyone else think it’s weird that the church is targeting a band made up of Christians? [Click the Clicky]

Oh Snap Monday! Everyone Ignore the MTR Beast

Only one person in the media isn’t afraid to question whether or not strip mining and mountaintop removal is to blame for the disaster in Pike County. [Larry Webster]

All the national papers are all over Rand Paul because his family received USDA farm subsidies. [Washington Post]

I don’t want to harp too badly on the World Equestrian Games. But come on! Who can afford these prices? Talk about absurd. [H-L]

Ron Paul wants to pull troops from Pakistan, one of the places where al Qaeda apparently exists. Does his son, Rand Liberty Christ Paul, think we should be doing this fancy thing? We’ll probably never know the truth, because he’ll give two different answers. [WSJ]

What do you do when you’re a pole dancer and your daddy is ashamed of you? Who knows. I guess you start a business, run it into the ground, stiff your vendors and then start writing about everything you never knew/will never understand. Miss Teabagger is all upset that Mitch McConnell isn’t keen on allowing gun sales at gun shows without background checks. Meaning felons, those domestically violent, the mentally ill and terrorists can buy guns from unlicensed dealers without any hassle. That sounds good! Amen. [HAHAHA]

No to unemployment or helping the working man when he’s down, but yes to cheetahs. Oh, and Hal Rogers’ daughter runs the charity getting the dough.  [John Cheves]

Oh gosh! I think Ryan Alessi broke onto the field during an Orioles game! [YouTube]

Rand Paul flip-flops on everything, forever, no matter what it is. Even Sharron Angle. [Larry Dale Keeling]

Today, Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell will spew venom all across the land, from Louisville. [WHAS11]

The Rick Pitino – Sexytime In A Restaurant Lady sexytime trial is beginning! Y’all ready? [H-L]

Rand Paul is stand-offish and assholish to everybody he meets, it seems. Snubbing folks at the Kentucky Farm Bureau was an embarrassingly bad move on his part. Also, Jack Conway’s pretending to be a Republican. Particularly re: cap & trade, which he has flip-flopped on. A staffer of Jack’s confirmed to me last year that he had to “adjust his position” in order to beat Mongiardo. Guess it’s all about out-Republicaning the Republican. [Joe Arnold]

TGIF! Somebody Ask Rand About Terrorist Monkeys

Daniel Mongiardo, Whiny Ass Titty Baby with a case of extreme gay panic, is STILL whining about Jack Conway beating his ignorant ass in May. Still. I used to think the guy had a bit of a political future left. Now I think he was dropped on his head as a child. [H-L]

Soldiers are just gonna go crazy over glistening washboard abs. That’s why Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is necessary! Just ask one of (there are several) of Kentucky’s closet case legislators in Frankfort. [The Onion]

Daniel Mongiardo is going to be abandoned left and right by more unions than the AFL-CIO and its many member organizations. The longer he acts like a WATB, the more likely he is he be ruined forever. [AFL-CIO]

Wait for it… the Taliban has TERRORIST MONKEYS. [Wonkette]

Mitch McConnell is acting like he cares about our national budget. No one believes that. Not even his pals at RPK headquarters. [Politico]

Hal Rogers is bringing home $11 million in Homeland Security funding. $8 million for planning, training and such related to disasters. $2.2 million to Louisville to build up security capabilities. [H-L]

Really, Paultards? Who is “poo pooing” this as not a big deal? You’re more gullible than I thought. Particularly the guy from Louisville with “sixteen Microsoft certifications” – haha. [Mouth Breather Masturbatorium]

Everybody is freaking out about Sarah Palin’s expenses for her political action committee. Why? There’s not even anything frivolous and she’s spent very little. [HuffPo]

CentrePointe and Jim Newberry could possibly be the biggest disasters Lexington has ever seen. [B&P]

Joe Arnold still isn’t identifying this faux anti-labor group as we have done in the past. Could it be because he’s pals with Scott Jennings? [WHAS11]

I’m not saying that’s 100% the case, but something like six weeks ago we outlined that this was a project paid for by the Workforce Fairness Institute, an organization funded by anti-union corporations like Walmart and Home Depot. It’s even been written about by Media Matters. So it’s tough not to notice that nothing in-depth has been considered by local media. Tougher yet not to notice that Arnold has treated this group as more legitimate than it is. [Page One Flashback]

Wanna know why the obesity rate is out of control in some areas of Eastern Kentucky? Look no further than the corruption of “leaders” and “officials.” It’s enough to make you sick. Even the good people are on the take in the mountains. [H-L]

90% Of You Are Already Drunk, So Read This Mess

Sylvia Lovely is back in action and is praising herself all over the place. Complete with eight videos. [Page One]

Ben Chandler is still trying to explain his problem with Democrats and it’s not working too well. [Ryan Alessi]

Love the circus, just not too excited about seeing clowns everywhere. Especially the WATB Doug Martin kinda clowns. [Barefoot & Progressive]

2.1 billion-year-old fossils? The earth is only 6,000. Amen. [HuffPo]

A Climategate scientist has been cleared of altering data, causing mouth-breathers to work themselves up into a crazy froth. [NY Times]

Dear people lacking common sense: the Executive Branch Ethics Commission is NOT the court of law. You don’t get a get out of jail free card just because you pay an Ethics fine. [H-L]

Check out this funny picture of Papaw Beshear and Peepaw Ford “shaking hands” in Owensboro. Awkward much? [Messenger-Inquirer]

Rand Paul says he didn’t say what he said on video about a fancy underground fence. [Sam Stein]

Louisville’s Fox 41 will host a July 4th special on Afghanistan on Sunday night. Tune in! And check out the promo. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Steve Beshear has a one million percent approval rating. [TPM]

Watch Comment on Kentucky tonight on KET at 8:00 P.M. Eastern. Scheduled guests: Jack Brammer, Stephan Johnson and Laura Ungar. [Press Release]

Ben Chandler Still Pretending To Be A Democrat

Ben Chandler voted against financial regulation. Along with all the other Republicans from Kentucky. Because he loves Wall Street corruption. [Ryan Alessi]

There’s been a 31% increase in the number of Kentuckians who say they’re on the verge of homelessness. [Bluegrass Politics]

Really, who thinks Rand Paul is moderate? [MCL]

Fraud allegation documentation has FINALLY been turned over to Urban County Council in Lexington. Everything will play out today at a 3:00 P.M. meeting/poo slinging. [H-L]

A Kentucky minister was detained at the Canadian border attempting to enter the United States. Apparently he’d purchased copies of the Koran on the internets post-9/11. [Wired]

Tim Havrilek is lying about Jack Conway not putting effort into communicating with Daniel Mongiardo or he’s been lied to. It’s Daniel Mongiardo being the douche hat. He failed to show at a scheduled meeting with the Governor. He fails to show up in Frankfort. He doesn’t return phone calls. And even his top people – Kim Geveden, Dick Prelopski, et al – have all met with Conway and moved on. I’ve even met with Kim Geveden and communicate with him on a regular basis, if that tells you anything. [Literally Lying?]

Like I told you yesterday, Daniel Mongiardo is lying about not having heard from Jack Conway. Jack may not be calling Lt. Dan every five minutes to chat about Twilight, but he’s put forth significant effort. [Page One]

Tom Schroeder has asked to have charges of being Robert Felner’s co-conspirator dropped. That’s probably not going to happen. You can go find the story and read it if you so desire. [A Kentucky Newspaper]

Louisville’s Metro Council selected Dr. Deonte Hollowell to fill the 6th District vacancy caused by the death of George Unseld. [The ‘Ville Voice]

So maybe I’m not going to be the next Mrs. Gore after all? [TPM]

Rand Paul says the United States should cut defense spending in Europe and shrink our footprint abroad. So he apparently doesn’t support defending our country. [A Kentucky Newspaper]

Voter Consumer Research/Jan van Lohuizen is in the field polling for Republicans in Kentucky. Unfortunately, I’ve heard from two individuals who say VCR has called their home about the U.S. Senate race requesting to speak with people who are long dead or have never been registered to vote. [Just Saying]