90% Of You Are Already Drunk, So Read This Mess

Sylvia Lovely is back in action and is praising herself all over the place. Complete with eight videos. [Page One]

Ben Chandler is still trying to explain his problem with Democrats and it’s not working too well. [Ryan Alessi]

Love the circus, just not too excited about seeing clowns everywhere. Especially the WATB Doug Martin kinda clowns. [Barefoot & Progressive]

2.1 billion-year-old fossils? The earth is only 6,000. Amen. [HuffPo]

A Climategate scientist has been cleared of altering data, causing mouth-breathers to work themselves up into a crazy froth. [NY Times]

Dear people lacking common sense: the Executive Branch Ethics Commission is NOT the court of law. You don’t get a get out of jail free card just because you pay an Ethics fine. [H-L]

Check out this funny picture of Papaw Beshear and Peepaw Ford “shaking hands” in Owensboro. Awkward much? [Messenger-Inquirer]

Rand Paul says he didn’t say what he said on video about a fancy underground fence. [Sam Stein]

Louisville’s Fox 41 will host a July 4th special on Afghanistan on Sunday night. Tune in! And check out the promo. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Steve Beshear has a one million percent approval rating. [TPM]

Watch Comment on Kentucky tonight on KET at 8:00 P.M. Eastern. Scheduled guests: Jack Brammer, Stephan Johnson and Laura Ungar. [Press Release]

Ben Chandler Still Pretending To Be A Democrat

Ben Chandler voted against financial regulation. Along with all the other Republicans from Kentucky. Because he loves Wall Street corruption. [Ryan Alessi]

There’s been a 31% increase in the number of Kentuckians who say they’re on the verge of homelessness. [Bluegrass Politics]

Really, who thinks Rand Paul is moderate? [MCL]

Fraud allegation documentation has FINALLY been turned over to Urban County Council in Lexington. Everything will play out today at a 3:00 P.M. meeting/poo slinging. [H-L]

A Kentucky minister was detained at the Canadian border attempting to enter the United States. Apparently he’d purchased copies of the Koran on the internets post-9/11. [Wired]

Tim Havrilek is lying about Jack Conway not putting effort into communicating with Daniel Mongiardo or he’s been lied to. It’s Daniel Mongiardo being the douche hat. He failed to show at a scheduled meeting with the Governor. He fails to show up in Frankfort. He doesn’t return phone calls. And even his top people – Kim Geveden, Dick Prelopski, et al – have all met with Conway and moved on. I’ve even met with Kim Geveden and communicate with him on a regular basis, if that tells you anything. [Literally Lying?]

Like I told you yesterday, Daniel Mongiardo is lying about not having heard from Jack Conway. Jack may not be calling Lt. Dan every five minutes to chat about Twilight, but he’s put forth significant effort. [Page One]

Tom Schroeder has asked to have charges of being Robert Felner’s co-conspirator dropped. That’s probably not going to happen. You can go find the story and read it if you so desire. [A Kentucky Newspaper]

Louisville’s Metro Council selected Dr. Deonte Hollowell to fill the 6th District vacancy caused by the death of George Unseld. [The ‘Ville Voice]

So maybe I’m not going to be the next Mrs. Gore after all? [TPM]

Rand Paul says the United States should cut defense spending in Europe and shrink our footprint abroad. So he apparently doesn’t support defending our country. [A Kentucky Newspaper]

Voter Consumer Research/Jan van Lohuizen is in the field polling for Republicans in Kentucky. Unfortunately, I’ve heard from two individuals who say VCR has called their home about the U.S. Senate race requesting to speak with people who are long dead or have never been registered to vote. [Just Saying]

Important Q: Should We Let Them Use The WC?

Daniel Mongiardo is lying about not having heard from Jack Conway since the election. Daniel actually bailed on a meeting with Jack and the governor. He’s run quickly away every single time Jack has reached out to him. But they’ve spoken – it’s silly for him to act like they haven’t. Jack’s also met with Daniel’s people and so have I (independently of the Conway world, obviously). He’s very quickly going to turn into a has-been if he’s not careful. Let’s get real for a second: It’s no secret that Jack’s probably done a half-assed job with Mark Riddle’s terrible advice, but he has reached out to Daniel. [Bluegrass Politics]

We get awesome comments about Todd Lally. Lally or one of his supporters is… maybe needs help? Judge for yourself. [We Get Comments]

And sometimes we get awesome comments from Paultards who have apparently zero clue what a food desert is. [Page One Gets Comments]

May food stamp participation increased by about 2,900 to 778,968. [Press Release]

Seriously? Foreclosing on a soldier’s paid-off home because he was two months late on Home Owners Association fees? [NPR]

Elena Kagan wanted to let trannies use the restroom at Harvard. Can you believe that? There is no way she is fit to be a judge if she wanted to let trannies use the restroom. [Mother Jones]

Woah, you need to listen to this Alvin Greene interview. It is scary to think that this guy doesn’t live in Kentucky. And alarming that he isn’t a robot. [Wonkette]

Mitch McConnell is awesome at blocking legislation that would benefit homeless veterans. [Daily Kos]

Kentucky is totally number one in some really awesome categories. [Barefoot & Progressive]

I don’t believe that anybody was “stunned” about Larry King’s announcement that his show will end this fall after 25 years. Thank goodness it’s over. Sorry, kids, just not a fan. [NY Times]

Southern Political Report’s Hastings Wyman thinks only black people care about the Civil Rights Act. [Click the Clicky]

Rand Paul’s income jumped $116,000 in the last four months of 2009 and his rental income dropped $76,000. You’ll want to read all about his Personal Financial Disclosure. Especially the parts his campaign wouldn’t discuss. [H-L]

Woah, Who Can We Blame Today's Heat On?

In March I told you that State Senate Republicans were paying Bill Nighbert for political advice. Today a Kentucky Newspaper reports that same information as fresh and new. [A Kentucky Newspaper]

Does anyone else find it hilarious that Mitch McConnell is commenting on matters of the military? [Rolling Stone]

An obese and awful individual in Frankfort sent me this story complaining about the latest in swimsuit trends. But I can’t find a problem with these tiny swimsuits. [HuffPo]

I’m not an apologist for David Williams in the least. But several months ago his family told me they bought a house in Frankfort. They’d been talking about it for years, as they were tired of paying rent and for hotel rooms. So this is once instance where the Williams clan is telling the truth. [Ryan Alessi]

The rumor was right. Ed Martin filed to run for congress in the 3rd district as a Libertarian. [SoS]

On the heels of Steve Beshear’s apparently couldn’t-care-less attitude about domestic violence comes news of the seminar held today about Amanda’s Law. [WKYT]

Jim Wayne & Melvin Henley have returned their wages for the special session. [Bluegrass Politics]

Is the universe merely a statistical accident? You know you’re a huge nerd and want to read this while getting lost in your mind for an hour. [HuffPo]

Jurors in the Karen Sypher-Rick Pitino extortion trial had to tell everybody where they stand on abortion, sexytime and their University of Louisville basketball game attendance habits. It’s a shame Sypher has been barred from speaking to the media. Cause we’ve heard some craaaazy sauce stuff over the past couple years. [A Kentucky Newspaper]

I’ve harped on this for a long time, but you should give Tony McVeigh’s story a read/listen. It’s an in-depth look at funding cuts at the Kentucky Long Term Policy Research Center. [WFPL]