TGIF! Rand's Afraid Of The Gays & Organized Labor

Everybody is pissed that I haven’t mentioned Richie Farmer’s campaign finance stupidity. If you didn’t know? Richie is one of the most embarrassingly dumb and self-entitled people to ever grace Frankfort. So it won’t come as a surprise to you that he has used his campaign account as a personal slush fund. We’re talking shades of Steve Henry ridiculousness and corruption. And, yes, I’m linking to Bob Layton, the guy who violated my copyright and when called out for it, he deleted all traces, rewrote his story using Conway images, and ignored the issue. All because I’m not a Democratic shill. [Bob Layton]

Here’s an interesting Pew Research Center study on independent voters. Apparently they usually oppose the party in power. [People Press]

Fairdale Bigfoot has penned his final column. He is not as popular as the Pope Lick Goat Monster. [Consuming Louisville]

Yoga-fearing extremist, Al Mohler, of the Southern Baptist Brainwashers, is terrified of the gays getting married. So wonder what he’ll think about this Sister Wives program, which I am super-excited about? [HuffPo]

You should probably never go to Ludlow, Kentucky for any reason. [H-L]

Dear Ronnie Ellis: Why the glaring omission in your latest story about Rand Paul’s business endorsement? You’re one of Kentucky’s best journalists. So it’s entirely shocking that you failed to include Rand Paul’s call for the abolition of UNITE during his KET debate with Secretary of State Trey Grayson. And he opposes earmarks – which fund UNITE. He told Judges-Executive the same thing. [Ronnie Ellis]

Have you seen the millions upon millions of dollars owed by delinquent property owners? [The ‘Ville Voice]

Somebody needs to send one of these to Ben Chandler posthaste! [Regretsy]

There is a cougar on the prowl in Cynthiana. So everybody in that area be sure to lock up your frat boys. Read that story and tell me you don’t crack up. [Cynthiana Democrat]

It’s official. Stan Lee is a giant pussy. He didn’t have the balls to show up at a debate with what quite possibly is his worst opponent ever. What, was he afraid he’d catch the gay? I await your complaints that I am a sexist. Also, yes, some rape jokes are funny. [Deep Breck Girl Thoughts]

Jack Conway has spoken out of both sides of his mouth when it comes to the gays. This time he’s on the right side of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and he should be commended for FINALLY being himself. But Rand Paul is copping out and doesn’t have the guts to admit where he stands on the matter. His cop-out? Let the military decide. Unfortunately, this is a legislative issue and it has to be decided by legislators. [Jack Brammer]

Isn’t it funny that Rand Paul was so afraid of organized labor that he stayed in Louisville less than 30 minutes? [Valley Report]

Reality Check On Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Republicans like Todd Lally, Andy Barr, Ben Chandler and Repub-lites like Jack Conway are keen to use tired talking points about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Even Mitch McConnell is tucking his tail and running away.

But it’s time to wake the fuck up.

Here’s a dose of reality from Rachel Maddow:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

What was that, again, Mitch’s staff? Keeping lying.

Billionaire Is The New Definition Of Grassroots

You know what’s great about Mitch McConnell? He wants to ruin everybody who isn’t a millionaire. That’s the American way. [Mother Jones]

The head Medicaid lady in Kentucky is leaving her job. Hot mess on our hands? [Bluegrass Politics]

The GOP is eying a state house takeover because the Kentucky Democratic Party is apparently non-existent these days. [WFPL]

Ever wondered what Louisville looks like when it comes to race? Then check this graphic out. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Really? This is exciting news? This is the best we can do? [Jonathan Miller]

Speaking of him… First Lady Jane Beshear is giving Jonathan Miller an award for Sustainability Service. [Press Release]

I mentioned this sexual harassment case the University of Louisville the other day. But it’s not going away, no matter how hard A Kentucky Newspaper tries to make it disappear. [KSR]

I think Mitch McConnell is maybe asking for sleeping dogs to wake back up. This whole effort in support of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell wasn’t a smart move. [HuffPo]

91% of Karl Rove’s money comes from – you guessed it – billionaires. So much for being grassroots, Turd Blossom! [Salon]

Remember Jim Waters? He’s the guy we got fired from LEO for being a bigot. He and his bigoted organization, BIPPS (former employer of David Adams) have a fancy black friend! Jerry Stephenson.  Close pal of Frank Simon.  One of the most alarmingly awful haters in all of Kentucky. [B&P]

Louisville Mayoral Race Has Finally Heated Up

This Saturday, Jack Conway will be holding a fundraiser in Northern Kentucky. September 25. The same day Julie Smith Morrow and Jim Daley are holding fundraisers. Democratic coordination and planning fail? Outside of fundraisers in the north, the campaign in the region is apparently quiet. [Deep Northern Kentucky Thoughts]

Normal people wonder when Rand Paul will stop flip-flopping. But we’re not normal people. He’s flipped again. This time on the federal drug war. [B&P]

We got a press release about this but chose not to write about it because, uh, $250? Really? [Bluegrass Politics]

I bet Jimmy Carter still gets laid because he has a potty mouth or something. [Wonkette]

Dear Jack Conway: When you send out email blasts – including invites to receptions involving every living governor – you should include an unsubscribe option and a paid-for-by disclaimer. This is not amateur hour. [Come On]

Hal Heiner calls Greg Fischer out in his latest mayoral ad in Louisville. Regular readers know Fischer doesn’t really have a history of creating jobs – his daddy just bought him some companies. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Don’t worry, Barack, the tea baggers won’t ever be able to give you specifics. And if they ever do, they’ll later flip-flop.  [HuffPo]

I’m beginning to believe that Rand Paul should be allowed to keep more of his tax dollars so he can buy a proper sport jacket that doesn’t make him look shorter than his yard signs. [Joe Arnold]

The Today Show will highlight the World Equestrian Games tomorrow between 8:00 and 8:30 A.M. [Papaw’s Twitter Box & Press Release]

Kent “Don’t Use Your Teeth, Marty!” Ostrander of the faux Family Foundation/Association/Cult is askeerd that the gays may end up being allowed to be open in the military. Can you believe that? Gays! In the military! [Fearmongering Email Blast]

Banning the sale of sugary drinks on gubmint property? Come on. Just fine people for being fat. Let’s fine the fats in Frankfort! [Consumerist]