It’s Thursday. Rain Ruins Everything Edition.

Beshear creating a new task force to help deal with the Fort Knox realignment. The Governor’s Task Force on Military Base Realignment will consist of only 11 members, down from Ernie Fletcher’s group of 30. [News-Enterprise]

Mitch McConnell is still serving as the chief obstructionist in the senate. And he’s still refusing individual up or down votes on nominees to fill the Federal Election Commission. Like it makes any sense to vote once for four people. You’d think a man as old as McConnell would know how to avoid childish games. [WaPo]

Greg Fischer wins an endorsement from a blogger, picks up one or two votes. We’re not sure how/why anyone thinks Greg Fischer can win a primary election, let alone the general, so we can only assume this “endorsement” is out of principle. [Swing State Project]

Another pee pee contest? Louisville Mayor Cheerleader Jerry Abramson and Gov. Steve Beshear are begging Senate President David Williams to form a conference committee from both the House and Senate to help get all kinds of cash to build some fancy bridges in Louisville. [PolWatchers]

Harry Moberly and David Williams are STILL fighting like two little girls at a Barbie birthday party. Here’s some advice to the both of them: get your lacy panties out of the twist they’re in and DO SOMETHING for a change. Get the g-d budget figured out and get it figured out NOW. If you can’t get your respective acts together long enough to resolve this budget mess, then the least you could do is act like adults. Using language like “smart ass” during the session shows just how low-class you really are. [The Arena]

The abortion bill is going nowhere. Maybe women really can make their own decisions? We’re not sure. But we still think C.J. Parrish knows what she’s talking about. [Hebert, C.J.’s Letter]

General David Patraeus for President in 2012?

From Ben at What’s Required:

Let me spell it out very directly for everybody here: David Petraeus will run for President in 2012. Whichever non-white man the Democrats put forth this year will win, and then “King David” will challenge them in four years.

This is bad. Petraeus isn’t Wes Clark. He’s Eisenhower. He’s driven, he’s brilliant, and he wins. Clark was smart, and nice, but not special enough to stand out. Petraeus is a hero.

The war in Iraq was going so terribly that even the most hawkish minds knew that simply “staying the course” wouldn’t do after the disaster that was 2006, and when Dr. David Petraeus (from Princeton, no less!) took the reins, he immediately changed the approach. The author of the Army Counterinsurgency Manual insisted that the Army begin using it in Iraq, and casualties, both Iraqi and American, fell precipitously. He’s setting himself up for the Vietnam narrative all over again: I did my job, it was the politicians who failed. And that’s exactly what’s happening– the surge is creating the military breathing room it intended to. The Iraqis simply are refusing to accomplish their political goals in concert with it, and so the strategy has been doomed (I know, who didn’t see that coming…).

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Five Years in Iraq

This Wednesday (tomorrow), March 19, Louisville Peace Action Community will mark the fifth anniversary of the debacle in Iraq with an all-day event.


  • Wednesday, March 19, 8:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.
  • Jefferson County Courthouse Steps
  • 6th & Jefferson Streets, Louisville, 40202

Tomorrow’s event is part of a nationwide commemoration of U.S. and Iraqi lives lost since 2003 and will include two programs with speakers and music: 11:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M.

According to an email from LPAC, the group will display hundreds of boots to represent fallen soldiers and will do the same with shoes to represent Iraqi civilians killed– all to be given to charity after the event.

Will you be there? Let us know. We’ll make an effort to stop by at some point.

Illegal Firings & Skrilla Update Dept

Papa John’s founder John Schnatter and his wife are giving $1 million to the Louisville Zoo to fund the zoo’s Glacier Run project that will feature polar bears and other arctic critters. All right for doling out the skrilla when the state can’t afford it. We’re sure it’s a drop in the bucket because the guy has a $2 million bronze and gold statue of two bald eagles fighting in his foyer. It’s two stories tall and rotates on a base of marble. You reading this, other rich folk? Pony up for your community like John Schnatter routinely does. Build your legacy. [Business First]

We’ve long been a fan of Cincinnati’s City Beat, but this makes us love it even more: The Kentucky Enquirer reported today that local rich man Bill Yung has purchased the Jillian’s entertainment complex in Covington for $7 million and has hopes of transforming it into Northern Kentucky’s first casino. The purchase — which is well in advance of potential legislation that would allow gaming in the state — is one in a long line of moves that Yung has made that coincides with the state’s “F Ohio in the B” revenue plan. Last year Yung contributed $1 million to an independent campaign called “F Fletcher in the B” to help defeat incumbent governor and anti-casino guy Ernie Fletcher. Yung is now preparing for a backlash from Indiana’s long-running “F Kentucky and Ohio in the B at the Same Time” campaign, which he expects will try to derail Kentucky gaming legislation. [City Beat]

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Foaming Over Horne & Reason

A few people are so deluded they’re beyond right-wing. It’s those few individuals who are the most afraid of Andrew Horne. How’s that? He’s the only person they can talk about and it’s been less than a week since his announcement. Could call it swiftboating but those guys were much more intelligent.

Take a look at what we’re talking about.

They slink back to the 1800s to rationalize their unpatriotic behavior in trashing Andrew Horne’s military career. Blow smoke acting as if it’s all Andrew can talk about, which is as far as the truth as we can get. It’s more off the wall than suggesting Iran Contra hack Oliver North could ever be elected in the United States (as they do). Apparently calling a draft dodger a draft dodger is only appropriate for Republican use. And comparing a Marine to chicken salesman Colonel Sanders seems fine in their eyes.

What got them so fired up? A discussion of reason at VoteVets. It all leaves us wondering how these people function in life. Where’s the reason? Where’s the rationale? These fierce and early reactions make it seem like Mitch McConnell has something to be worried about.

Geoff Davis on Iraq: Puppies & Rainbows

Rep. Geoff Davis (R-KY4) recently appeared on Radio America’s Dateline: Washington for a discussion on Iraq.

Unfortunately for Davis we recorded the program so his constituency may listen. Engage your bullshiz filter before hitting play.


If you can’t stomach it (or are at work) here’s a long story short: Republican blast fax talking points – Petraeus good, Democrats bad, we can never leave Iraq. Everything is better in Iraq. The “librul” Democratic leadership don’t know the facts. Davis says the insurgence is working because he’s talked to people who’ve been there, librul Democrats still don’t know the facts because the troops say the war is just swell.

Radio America wouldn’t dare question Davis’ talking points or allow anyone to rebut with some facts. Spin, spin, spin. It’s always spin.

Geoff Davis: Putting Payday Loan Sharks Before Troops

It’s a remarkable time in the United States. Veterans Day just behind us. Hundreds of thousands still in Iraq. Veterans from all walks of life without access to health care. Thousands of active duty military families crumbling beneath financial strain and looming economic disaster. So it’s a good time to remind you that Northern Kentucky’s Geoff Davis (R KY-4)— a man of the military cloth himself– stood and is still standing up against our military in favor of despicable payday loan sharking.

An estimated 20% of our military men and women are forced to rely upon payday borrowing costing them over $80 million in fees every year. They’re often being charged more than 400% interest rates that lock them into a lifelong cycle of debt.

A KPBS program in San Diego called Full Focus featuring Rear Admiral Len Hering discussed the state of predatory lending and the military. Here are some excerpts:

Click here to view the full episode or watch others.

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