Michael Rogers Questions McConnell Military Record

Michael Rogers, the guy notorious for his role in the Mark Foley and Larry Craig stories has written a letter to Mitch McConnell’s chief of staff. We got wind of it from a tipster in Washington and finally have our hands on a copy. We haven’t contacted Rogers for comment, but plan to do so in a bit.

Here’s the letter:

September 19, 2008

Mr. Billy Piper
Chief of Staff
Senator Mitch McConnell
361-A Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Via: Hand Delivery

Dear Mr. Piper:

I am a reporter in Washington, DC writing stories on a number of candidates for election and reelection to the Senate and House of Representatives.

I am currently looking into writing a story about Senator McConnell’s service to our country as a member of the United States Army from mid-March
through mid-August of 1967.

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Wednesday Morning Dept of Camps Heat Up

Ben Chandler finally grew a pair and he started campaigning for Bruce Lunsford. [Fort Mill Times & H-L]

That’s right. The U.S. Senate race in Kentucky is the second most important national election. [HuffPo]

Even Faux News is all up on the race. Shilling for Mitch McConnell, but still on the race. They interviewed Bruce yesterday, as well. [Faux News]

The Los Angeles Times has taken notice. “In Kentucky, even McConnell’s supporters concede that the senator is in a tough contest.” That’s gotta burn a little. [LA Times]

Oh, the Chicago Tribune, as well. “McConnell is one of at least a half-dozen Republican senators in danger of being booted from office.” [Chicago Tribune]

Religiocrat Mike Huckabee’s Political Action Committee sent out a fundraising email blast for Mitch McConnell. Huckabee says the media is trying to call the race before it’s officially over– which means he’s terrified of the polls. And he says there are strong conservatives across Kentucky who are on the ballot. Hahahaha. Oh, how pee-inducing. Oh, and he says Mitch supports lower taxes and less government, which is the oppositve of what he means. In addition to only supporting “traditional marriage” between one man and one woman. How quaint. [Email Blast]

Ruh ro. Greg Stumbo called on Mitch to release his military discharge records. “He’s obviously not proud of his record, Sen. McConnell isn’t, or he would have shown it by now… Something isn’t correct about it that might cause a lot of people, including veterans, to take a second look at him.” Naturally, McConnell’s campaign is now terrified and spinning out of control. You’re going to want to read the rest of what Greg had to say. [PolWatchers]

Okay, reporters, working for a crappy station in eastern Kentucky is NOT an excuse for terrible grammar and awful work. Buck up, folks. If we can do it sometimes? Surely to goodness you can do it. [WYMT]

It’s Thursday & Our Puter Still Hasn’t Shipped

We’re in meetings and such for a couple hours. Don’t burn the barn down while we’re away.

Meanwhile, here’s some stuff and things for you ladies to complain about.

Mitch McConnell. WATB. He’s all sad because Bruce has more money than his chickenhawk self. [H-L]

Mitch McConnell is attempting to run fro the party he helps lead, even while bragging about his clout. What a walking contradiction. And the rest of this Wall Street Journal article is kind of a waste of words. Even though Bruce Lunsford is the economic wave or whatever. [WSJ]

Don’t ask, don’t tell. A soldier’s legacy. Just in case you missed this wonderful article from the New Yorker. Give it a read. [New Yorker]

Hi, my name is Marcus Carey, and I just make shiz up because Barack Osama is one of those scary blacks! FEAR! Barack will say anything to get elected! You know those Democrats lie and want to raise your taxes! [Gag]

Barack Obama’s campaign for the Presidency just said it’s considering spending money in Kentucky. Ruh ro. It’s getting closer, ladies, and Grampa John McCain will have to retire to a “home.” [West Virginia Gazette]

Haha, oh god, Levi Johnston has been told he wants to say something. [236]

That mean, librul Courier-Journal is upsetting Mitch McConnell again. This time the editorial board calls McConnell what he is– a chicken– who doesn’t have the balls to face his constituency, his opponent or the truth. [C-J]

What’s the Story About McConnell’s Discharge?

By now we all know that Mitch McConnell was discharged from the military shortly after being called up over an eye condition. With McConnell’s recent decision to use veterans in commercials that further his political career and his obvious lack of service, we thought it’d be a good idea to examine Mitch’s past.

If Mitch McConnell’s medical condition was bad enough for him to be discharged, why did he need Senator Cooper’s help?

Let’s take a look at the telegram Senator John Sherman Cooper sent on McConnell’s behalf demanding that he be discharged:

Army (hold)


AUGUST 10, 1967








Optic Neuritis, medical condition, yadda yadda, fine and dandy. Right?

Senator Cooper said Mitch needed to be let go ASAP because he would be enrolling at New York University. Why didn’t McConnell go to NYU? Was it all a farce?

McConnell’s got some ‘splainin to do. Senator McConnell needs to clear this matter up once and for all.

Call Mitch’s office. Ask him why he dodged the war. Ask him why he bailed on Vietnam while thousands of young men and women were dying.

P.S. Someone needs to check out the John Sherman Cooper Papers, Senatorial Series II 1956-72, Office Copy File from 1967, Box 792, at the University of Kentucky. Margaret I. King Library, Special Collections.

Thursday Update Dept of The Olympics Are UGH

The middle class is progressive. Maybe Democrats and stop pretending they’re center of left now? [Barefoot & Progressive]

Bruce Lunsford went for Mitch McConnell’s jugular last night at the homophobic, law-breaking Kentucky Farm Bureau debate. “The last 24 years, you’ve had an opportunity to do some great things for this state and this country. And in my opinion, you’ve failed,” Lunsford said. [PolWatchers]

Older than dirt Grandpa John McCain says he doesn’t disagree with re-instituting a military draft in the United States of America. “I don’t disagree with anything you said.” [Think Progress]

Presidential weener alert. ALERTA! ALERTA! [Wonkette]

Phillip Butler, a man with whom John McCain was a prisoner of war, wrote an op-ed for the Military Times about how he refuses to vote for Walnuts. That’s kind of, um, bad, right? [Military Times]

Bruce Lunsford will unveil his plan for a Kentucky Women’s Bill of Rights on September 25 in Lexington. Carrick House, 312 N. Limestone, 7:00 P.M. [Kentucky Women]

The grand jury subpoenaed 13 road contracts in the Leonard Lawson-Bill Nighbert snafu. What a hot mess. [H-L]

In other news, the latest Bigfoot hoax has Kentucky’s newsosphere in quite a tizzy. The latest gossip is all about the amazing movie Harry and the Hendersons. Our sources say a number of Louisville reporters, including former WHAS11 journalist Sean Bartel, thought the movie was better than The Godfather, which is a huge effing travesty. [Terrible First-Hand Accounts]

Why can’t Elaine Chao do something about the Red Chinese winning all of our damn medals?!?! UGH! MITCH: Send a memo to your wife, damnit. Tell her THOSE ARE OUR MEDALS. Got it? [Ugh. Make it stop.]

It’s a Slow News Day, Right?

So we’re gonna waste some time with another update. We’re also stuck in meetings, preventing us from paying attention to what’s going on.

The Felner story? Yeah, the C-J’s put a new guy on it. And, despite what we saw as promising last week, are wholly disappointed. Come on, C-J. Get it together. Stop printing crap just because UofL freaks its shiz out over a story. [C-J]

It’s not about John McCain being old. It’s about him being senile. [Politico]

Bruce Lunsford appeared on Leland Conway’s show in Lexington today. [Leland Conway]

That dern librul media is lyin’ to you again! The libruls will lie to you about Mitch McConnell’s hypocrisy! Don’t believe it! [EITB]

75% of Americans say known homosexuals should be allowed to serve in the military, up from 62% in 2001 and 44% in 1993. Somebody should ask Anne Northup how she feels about it. Basically, it’s the end of the world and the institution of marriage will crumble. Also, we lost Eye-rack because of the gays. I saw it on HBO. I know. [WaPo]