Geoff Davis on Iraq: Puppies & Rainbows

Rep. Geoff Davis (R-KY4) recently appeared on Radio America’s Dateline: Washington for a discussion on Iraq.

Unfortunately for Davis we recorded the program so his constituency may listen. Engage your bullshiz filter before hitting play.


If you can’t stomach it (or are at work) here’s a long story short: Republican blast fax talking points – Petraeus good, Democrats bad, we can never leave Iraq. Everything is better in Iraq. The “librul” Democratic leadership don’t know the facts. Davis says the insurgence is working because he’s talked to people who’ve been there, librul Democrats still don’t know the facts because the troops say the war is just swell.

Radio America wouldn’t dare question Davis’ talking points or allow anyone to rebut with some facts. Spin, spin, spin. It’s always spin.

Geoff Davis: Putting Payday Loan Sharks Before Troops

It’s a remarkable time in the United States. Veterans Day just behind us. Hundreds of thousands still in Iraq. Veterans from all walks of life without access to health care. Thousands of active duty military families crumbling beneath financial strain and looming economic disaster. So it’s a good time to remind you that Northern Kentucky’s Geoff Davis (R KY-4)— a man of the military cloth himself– stood and is still standing up against our military in favor of despicable payday loan sharking.

An estimated 20% of our military men and women are forced to rely upon payday borrowing costing them over $80 million in fees every year. They’re often being charged more than 400% interest rates that lock them into a lifelong cycle of debt.

A KPBS program in San Diego called Full Focus featuring Rear Admiral Len Hering discussed the state of predatory lending and the military. Here are some excerpts:

Click here to view the full episode or watch others.

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