Tuesday Dept of Getting Interesting Already

Wasn’t that fun last night? Losing power in a mere thunderstorm is awesome. Louisville must be the most technologically advanced city on the planet.

We’ve got all the video from Jack Conway’s press conference/candidacy announcement last night. His speech along with endorsements from Greg Stumbo, Crit Luallen, Ben Chandler and John Yarmuth. Also a funny video featuring Joe Sonka and Rep. Chandler. Check it out. [Clicky Clicky]

Elite bashing in Kentucky. This is getting absolutely hilarious. Effete elitists? Really? Hahahaha. We can’t believe Kim Geveden ran with that quote about Ben Chandler and the rest of the Democratic Party establishment in Kentucky. It’s the best thing ever. [Politico]

Daniel Essek is threatening to run against Jim Bunning in 2010 as he did Mitch McConnell in 2008. [Page One Comments]

Yesterday President Barack Obama issued a statement on the Month of the Military Child: “In 1986, April was designated as the Month of the Military Child, and I am proud to mark the special recognition the Department of Defense has given to military children. Like all Americans, I am grateful to the brave men and women in uniform who are serving our nation. They are the living embodiment of the ideals of sacrifice, honor and duty that have always made this nation great – and their sacrifice is their families’ sacrifice too. Their children, especially, display tremendous strength and courage each day, bravely bearing the burden of having a loved one serving in harm’s way. They may move many times – across the nation and even around the world – as they grow up. They may not see their loved ones for months on end. It is not easy, and Michelle and I, as well as the Vice President and Dr. Jill Biden, admire and are deeply grateful to each and every one of them. I call on all Americans to keep military children in their thoughts and prayers and to do their part to reach out to and support them and their families.” [Press Release]

Here’s Joe Gerth’s take on Jack Conway’s announcement yesterday with interesting comments from Ben Chandler about why he’s not running for Senate. [C-J]

Ronnie Ellis has the skinny on Jack’s remarks about Mongiardo’s/Kim Geveden’s infantile remarks of late. “This is not a grade school, student council name-calling contest,” Conway said. “This is a serious run for the United States Senate and nothing less than the future of our country hangs in the balance.” [Ronnie Ellis]

Something about this is terribly creepy. A statue of Ronald Reagan will be added to the National Statuary Hall Collection on Wednesday in Washington. [The Hill’s Briefing Room]

Daniel Mongiardo is a deadbeat candidate from 2004. He owes Kim Geveden almost $17,000. $7,330 to the Kentucky Democratic Party. $14,412 to union printers (he paid the non-union printers off). And money to Mary Karen Stumbo for endorsement letters.  Joe got confused – the debt is to Janet Stumbo, not Greg’s wife. This is all very interesting news. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Today at 1:00 P.M. in Capitol Room 110 in Frankfort, Governor Steve Beshear will sign House Bill 73. Meemaw Mary Lou Marzian’s art therapy bill. While ceremonial, it’s nice for the Governor to recognize the importance of this legislation. Hopefully a member of the press will ask Mary Lou what it’s like to be a meemaw. [Press Release]

Some Oh Snap in the Afternoon Just Because

So far we’ve received over 300 (!!) resumes and the job posting is still open. Would you like to be our full-time Assistant Editor/Investigative Reporter? Apply today. We hear another major news room is about to lay off a ton of people and want to leave things open for as long as possible. Expect to close the application window in a couple weeks, though, so hop to it. [Page One]

Isn’t it funny that Daniel Mongiardo has hired Fred Yang, a pollster and consultant now tainted by Rod Blagojevitch? It’s important to note that Yang hasn’t been charged with anything, but the two discussed ways to secure a high-paying union job for Blago and/or persuade Barry Obama to name him Secretary of Health and Human Services. Regardless of innocence, is THAT the guy you want to hire to be your big dog? Smooth move, Dan. Smooth. We love how Kim “I Win Everything” Geveden can say with absolute certainty that Yang did nothing wrong. How does he know that? Is he omniscient? [AP via Fox Nashville]

GAARD gets its first hearing today. [Tony McVeigh]

Oh, wait– GAARD legislation has been pulled by Greg Stumbo. It won’t be considered this session. That’s what happens when you propose awful legislation– unless it involves women or the gays. [Bluegrass Politics]

Do your part and ask your legislator to cap payday loansharking amounts at 36%. Call 800-372-7181 and ask that, “All members of the House of Representatives vote YES on House Bill 444 with all four (4) amendments.” [HB 444]

Today, Rep. Ellen Tauscher will introduce legislation to overturn Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell– the military’s ban on allowing the scary gays to serve openly in the military. What’s your take on the matter? [Politico]

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We’re Calling It a Day, So, Later!

We’ve been working since, oh, hundreds of hours before daylight. So. Later.

Here’s some stuff to keep you occupied:

It’ll be weird and awesome if D.C. actually gets a vote. [NY Times’ The Caucus]

This victory for reproductive rights will surely send Simon & Cothran into a tailspin. [Amplify]

Ron Paul’s son to run for U.S. Senate in Kentucky? Maybe. You know how well that’s going to go over with Kentucky Republicans. [Mark Hebert]

You may or may not care, but Bon Iver’s latest EP is only 99-cents on Amazon today. [Amazon]

Barack Obama: All troops will be out of Iraq by the end of 2011. [Huffington Post]

Public lottery to attend White House state dinners? Heck yes. Let’s get on that boat. Open up that party barge for regular folk. [WaPo]

Governor Steve Beshear just agreed to give unemployed Kentuckians an additional $25 per week. [Press Release]

Thursday Afternoon Dept of Moving Forward

Greg Stumbo said today that SB68 would be assigned to the House Judiciary committee if it makes it out of the State Senate. But we hear he’s planning on assigning the legislation to Health & Welfare, chaired by Tom Burch. We’ll believe it when we see it.

Hahaha. Martin Cothran is terrified of women. And his entire world is crashing down around him now that a drag queen has become a homecoming queen. [Marty Cockring 1 & Marty Cockring 2]

Jim Bunning is being eaten alive. By Republicans. [Bluegrass Politics]

Wanna write for ‘Ville Voice Eats? Here’s your chance. [‘Ville Voice Eats]

The Kentucky State Fair today announced three concerts for this year’s fair. Kelly Clarkson, Keith Urban with special guest Pat Green and Taylor Swift with Kellie Pickler and Gloriana. [From Twitter]

This Dilbert comic strip featuring Dogbert is all about the bailout hearings. And it is hilarious. Need a laugh? [Dilbert]

Hey, David Adams, the budget overview of the U.S. Government for Fiscal Year 2010 is now available online, live, on the internets. Ah, the Ben Chandler memories are ripe. [White House Office of Management and Budget]

This is why we should tax fat people. So they stop getting swindled. The Office of the Attorney General today announced an agreement– in partnership with 26 other states and Washington, D.C.– that Coke, Nestle and Beverage Partnership Worldwide have resolved questionable claims that Enviga, a green tea beverage, will burn extra calories that results in weight loss. The states will receive $650,000 of which $15,800 will be headed to the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Enviga claimed consuming three cans per day would result in burning 60-100 extra calories per day. “My office will not tolerate misleading claims that prey on consumers’ intentions to improve their health,” General Conway said. See? If we taxed fat, we wouldn’t have this problem. TAX TAX TAX! [Press Release]

It’s time for accountability within the Democratic Party. Let’s start in Kentucky. [Accountability Now PAC]

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Oh Snap Monday! Happy Groundhog Day!

Yes, it’s true. We saw our shadow. Sorry bout yer luck, Kentucky. You’re in for six more weeks of ice storms and hell without electricity and running water. And don’t complain– this is why God or whatever invented bourbon (remember: other states don’t have it.)

Lord, lesbians are just cold takin’ over everything. We can’t go to the grocery or turn on the news without a lesbian trying to recruit our children into lumber jacking or trying to steal an entire country. [Independent]

Remember Derek the Abstinence Clown? You’ll love this hot mess of a story. [Joe Sonka]

Wait – More than 700,000 people were without electricity during points of this ice storm mess. 700,000! [H-L]

Daniel Mongiardo told Fox News on Saturday that it’s not true that shelters in Kentucky are telling people to pack a suitcase and head to a motel. Unfortunately for him, the Herald-Leader proves that shelters are, indeed, doing that very thing. People in government or who are running for higher office in Kentucky need to learn how to tell the truth and harness it. [H-L]

Five facts about the new RNC Chairman, Michael Steele. All you Republicans still calling him your friend after being reminded of all this mess? [Huffington Post]

Governor Steve Beshear activated the entire Kentucky National Guard along with portions of the Air National Guard to assist in the aftermath of the ice storm. [C-J]

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Terrorists Could Be Coming to Kentucky

Quick, everybody move away! The terrorists are coming.

A House Armed Services Committee recently released a report that detainees from Guantanamo Bay could be relocated to several detention facilities based inside the United States, including one in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Here’s that list of communities named as potential relocation points for terror suspects:

  • MCB Quantico, Virginia
  • NAVBRIG Norfolk, Virginia
  • Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
  • Fort Knox, Kentucky
  • Fort Sill, Oklahoma
  • Fort Lewis, Washington
  • Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina
  • Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California
  • Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, California
  • WPNSTA Charleston, South Carolina
  • NAVSTA Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
  • SUBASE Bangor, Washington
  • NAS Jacksonville, Florida
  • NAS Pensacola, Florida
  • Edwards Air Force Base, California
  • Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico
  • Lackland Air Force Base, Texas

Thoughts? Are you skeert the terra-ists will get you?

Oh Snap Monday! It’s MLK Day in the USA!

Since it’s MLK day, we’re gonna mostly be woah slow and such on the content front. You’ll have to suck it up. Because we have all kinds of planning to do for tomorrow.

Not only can you get a free abortion doughnut from Krispy Kreme on inauguration day, you can get a free tall cup of coffee from Starbucks if you pledge to volunteer in your community for five hours. You can pick up pledge cards inside Starbucks January 21st – 25th. Get fat for free on Tuesday and then get caffeinated for free on Wednesday! Will this turn into abortion coffee? One can only hope. [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]

Wait, what’s that? Free cosmetics on Inauguration day? Yeah, that’s right. Get fat, caffeinated and smelly. FOR FREE. [Cosmetic Settlement]

Oh noes! Why do the homosexuals want to serve in the military? For the sexing, of course. Dingbat Gregory D. Lee tells us why gays are only in it for the man meat. And in other news, is this a flashback to Conservative Republican self-hater Mark Murphy or WHAT, ladies? Where do these sickos come from? Lee must be a closet pervert. [HuffPo Hilarity]

The Herald-Leader has several touching profiles about those in Lexington traveling to Washington, D.C. for the historic inauguration of Barack Obama. She grew up in segregated Lexington so it’s hard to overstate the excitement for her. These stories remind us why we love our country. [H-L]

Yet another heartwarming story from the Herald! A mystery solved and a family found. [H-L]

I love reminding friends who support Sarah Palin just how stupid she’s turned out to be. Now she says the Feds are wrong, Beluga whales and polar bears don’t need to be on the endangered species list? [Twilight Earth]

P.J. Pacifico will be at Derby City Espresso in Louisville on March 28th. Register to win a free copy of his latest CD. [Page One]

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