Oh Snap Monday! We’re All Frozen & Gambled

Jon “Hotwheels” Draud Struck Again Last Week. Just in case you missed it. [Page One]

Mining corruption update: Here’s your emailed proof. Alliance Coal knew Ron Mills would be fired before Mills actually knew. I’m betting Kerri Richardson wishes she’d never gone to work for the Beshear Misadministration. [John Cheves]

Amanda Van Benschoten has a story about online political attacks in the U.S. Senate race. She is in the tank for the internets! [Enquirer]

Why is Jack Ditty trying to run against Robin Webb again? Is he suffering from Anne Northup Syndrome? [Bluegrass Politics]

If Steve Nunn’s attorney can’t get that sweet dough? He’s gonna bail, dudes. [Stephenie Steitzer]

Rand Paul’s early lead is a sign of Republican Party division. Scott Jennings is smoking crack if he thinks Mitch McConnell is hugely popular in Kentucky, though. And Rand Paul is brain dead if he thinks attaching Trey Grayson to Bill Clinton is a bad thing in Kentucky. Because Bill Clinton is hugely popular in the Bluegrass. [Jack Brammer & Ryan Alessi]

A pipe plant is moving to E-town. I should win many awards for avoiding obvious jokes. [WHAS11]

Sounds like something that would happen in Kentucky. A Senator nominating his secret girlfriend/mistress to be U.S. Attorney. But it didn’t. Thanks to Max Baucus, it happened in Montana. [Roll Call]

David Adams, who has morphed into a cyborg of ignorance lately, should take note. Even the Washington Post says (re: the climate change emails he has a you-know-what over), “They don’t provide proof that human-caused climate change is a lie or a swindle.” So maybe it’s time for David to stop spreading his horse dung around as 100% solid on behalf of a U.S. Senate candidate. [WaPo]

Commerce Lexington should promote the future, not coal’s past. [Tom Eblen]

Keep Our Jobs In Kentucky / Kentucky Equine Education Project is spending eleventy billion dollars to elect slots-supporting candidates. [Tom Loftus]

Naturally, people think sports is the most important thing in the Commonwealth. [H-L Poll]

Remember the Pearl Harbor raid on December 7, 1941. [Navy History]

Sometimes you have to wonder whether or not Jim Bunning knows if he’s coming or going. [Jim Carroll]

What the crap is this mess? Daniel Mongiardo’s Kids? Really? [Scary Hot Mess]

Thursday Morning Dept of Things Never Change

Len Peters says it was solely his decision (because of performance – PROVE IT!) to fire Ron Mills from the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet as mine permits director. Multiple sources in Governor Steve Beshear’s office still insist otherwise when I ask. They all say his firing occurred because Alliance Resource Partners wanted him fired. And they also say that the Gas Station Governor asked for him to be fired. Yet another reason Beshear is a one-term governor. Yet another reason nearly all of his staff have jumped ship. [Tom Loftus]

Ah, whattya know. Turns out it WAS Greg Fischer’s campaign that some how transferred an anonymous email address I maintain to Kimberly Greenwell. And to Daniel Mongiardo’s campaign. Yes, I’m pointing fingers, and I don’t like being lied to. [Pointing Fingers]

In other news, Crit Luallen or Jane Beshear need to move to Louisville ASAP so they can run for mayor in 2010. [Pipe Dream]

Mitch McConnell is suddenly a military expert. Guess he has forgotten that he is a first-rate chickenhawk and should probably always avoid anything having to do with the military. Primarily because of his own scandalous past involving the Floyd Family. [Politico]

The ACLU will be targeting anti-choice Ben Chandler this Friday. Visit his office to let him know how you feel. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Lt. Dan’s worst nightmare: the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies is hosting a panel on mountaintop removal today at 5:00 P.M. (too bad we all live in Kentucky) The panel, moderated by Roger Cohn, editor-in-chief of Yale Environment 360, will examine how mountaintop removal has destroyed or severely damaged more than a million acres of forest and buried 2,000 miles of streams in Appalachia. [Press Release]

John Yarmuth doesn’t want to get a whole bunch of people killed in Afghanistan or something. [WFPL]

Why are some people so afraid of a little hygiene? [LEO Gets Letters]

Lt. Dan is going to try to feed all of our horsies to visiting RED CHINA. [H-L]

The Government Accountability Office says Richmond Health and Rehabilitation Complex-Madison is the second-worst in the entire country. [AP via C-J]

It’s time to get rid of Dick Durbin and Dianne Feinstein for being the spineless hacks that they are. [AMERICAblog]

Your Tuesday Afternoon of the Clown-Moose

Should Leonard Lawson’s privacy be a concern after being caught in an alleged bid-rigging scheme? [H-L]

Don’t you love it when people say they didn’t vote for a particular individual (like John Yarmuth) and then ramble on and on about how they don’t trust the newspaper and think Frankfort is a mess? That’s called admitting that you’re dangerously ill-informed. John Yarmuth is in Washington, D.C. And if you don’t trust the paper, why bother reading it and writing letters to the editor? P.S. Who effing cares about Michael Jackson and really thinks we should waste taxpayer dollars “memorializing” him? Ugh. [They Get Letters]

We’ve got your fainting couch, delicate Republicans. Faint away. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Clown-moose. Haha. That’s her new nickname. [Wonkette]

Let’s not pretend everything is a-okay, here, ladies. Humana losing its Tricare contract is a huge deal. There’s no other way to spin it. [Business First]

OMG – can you believe there were drugs ate the Forecastle Festival?! Apparently we’re supposed to be surprised that concert goers smoked weed and tripped on LSD. [The ‘Ville Voice]

House Democrats are preparing to unveil their national health care bill. Get ready for Mitch McConnell to scream like a banshee… while he rakes in millions from mega-health care corps. [NY Times]

Oh, wait, here’s your health care plan. Boosts taxes (rightly so) on the rich. Folks making more than $1 million per year could have to pay as much as 5.4% of their income in taxes. No where near the 35-40% us regular folks pay. [HuffPo]

Now that Bill Clinton isn’t president, it’s easy for him to back gay marriage. [The Nation]

Kentucky is set to receive up to $4,096,000 for a rebate program that will encourage purchases of energy efficient home appliances. We’ve got until October 15th to submit our complete application to the U.S. Department of Energy. The DOE recommends that programs focus efforts on heating and cooling equipment and water heaters, as energy star versions offer the greatest energy savings potential. [Press Release]

It’s a Hot & Humid Wednesday of Drama & More

The House & Senate agreed on several new “incentives” in Frankfort. Active-duty military members are now tax-exempt (state), folks trading in a vehicle for a different vehicle only pay sales tax on the difference of value in the two vehicles (wtf?), $5,000 credit for people who buy newly built homes. Not just any home– must be new, which is, uh, whatever. No one has a clue how much these “incentives” will cost Kentucky taxpayers in the long run. [Bluegrass Politics]

Joe Scarborough, author of Last Best Hope and host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, will be in Lexington tonight at Joseph Beth Booksellers to sign his new book. 7:00 P.M. Go check it out.  Make sure you send us pictures. (And, no, FTC, we weren’t paid to mention this. This just happens to be a political blog and we routinely mention political events.) [Press Release]

Just in case you need to be reminded that Al Mohler and his dozens of gay employees continue to support bigoted and hypocritical behavior. [C-J]

Oh, and this, as well. [Even More Ignorance Disguised As “Religion”]

Man, we love this Governor Mark Sanford asshat from South Carolina. Pretended he’d disappeared to the Appalachian Trail for four days while he was actually in Argentina? Hahaha. We love him because he makes our governor come off as a genius even in the midst of legislative failure. [HuffPo]

Marcus Carey has got to be the most racist “conservative” in Kentucky. We wish he’d just start referring to the president with the n-word. It’s clear he’s got that kind of racist energy built-up inside him. [Way Too Much Racism]

Can you believe someone actually believes a Bunning retirement would mean the end for Democrats? There’s not a single candidate the Republicans can put up that will be able to beat Jack Conway. [National Journal]

Did you know it is unwarranted and mean spirited to report when stewards of the public trust break the rules and deceive the public? Garsh, how mean! Can’t let the facts get in the way of hurt feelings. [C-J]

We hear Mexican-afeared Doug Hawkins has forced the Saint Paul Parish Council to keep David Yates from holding a campaign event after previously giving him permission. Hawkins did the same thing a few weeks ago when Holy Cross High School. Guess it’s time to start getting Doug “Tan In A Can/Protect Our White Women/WATB” Hawkins’ events canceled left and right. [Multiple Reports]

Uh, sorry, but Dale Romans isn’t being totally honest about what he’s up to. For instance, throughout 2007, he was nigh impossible to get a hold of (he was a supporter of Lunsford) because he was rarely in Louisville. He was gone so often, in fact, that I was forced to always deal with his pal Frank L. Jones, Jr. all the time. While there’s no denying the thoroughbred racing industry in Kentucky is suffering badly, we’re just not swallowing his story hook, line and sinker. [Joe Arnold]

Looks like Ben Chandler is one of the Congresscritters who is upset over his fancy and potentially unethical trip to the Caribbean is being investigated. [Sunlight Foundation]