Your Tuesday Afternoon of the Clown-Moose

Should Leonard Lawson’s privacy be a concern after being caught in an alleged bid-rigging scheme? [H-L]

Don’t you love it when people say they didn’t vote for a particular individual (like John Yarmuth) and then ramble on and on about how they don’t trust the newspaper and think Frankfort is a mess? That’s called admitting that you’re dangerously ill-informed. John Yarmuth is in Washington, D.C. And if you don’t trust the paper, why bother reading it and writing letters to the editor? P.S. Who effing cares about Michael Jackson and really thinks we should waste taxpayer dollars “memorializing” him? Ugh. [They Get Letters]

We’ve got your fainting couch, delicate Republicans. Faint away. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Clown-moose. Haha. That’s her new nickname. [Wonkette]

Let’s not pretend everything is a-okay, here, ladies. Humana losing its Tricare contract is a huge deal. There’s no other way to spin it. [Business First]

OMG – can you believe there were drugs ate the Forecastle Festival?! Apparently we’re supposed to be surprised that concert goers smoked weed and tripped on LSD. [The ‘Ville Voice]

House Democrats are preparing to unveil their national health care bill. Get ready for Mitch McConnell to scream like a banshee… while he rakes in millions from mega-health care corps. [NY Times]

Oh, wait, here’s your health care plan. Boosts taxes (rightly so) on the rich. Folks making more than $1 million per year could have to pay as much as 5.4% of their income in taxes. No where near the 35-40% us regular folks pay. [HuffPo]

Now that Bill Clinton isn’t president, it’s easy for him to back gay marriage. [The Nation]

Kentucky is set to receive up to $4,096,000 for a rebate program that will encourage purchases of energy efficient home appliances. We’ve got until October 15th to submit our complete application to the U.S. Department of Energy. The DOE recommends that programs focus efforts on heating and cooling equipment and water heaters, as energy star versions offer the greatest energy savings potential. [Press Release]

It’s a Hot & Humid Wednesday of Drama & More

The House & Senate agreed on several new “incentives” in Frankfort. Active-duty military members are now tax-exempt (state), folks trading in a vehicle for a different vehicle only pay sales tax on the difference of value in the two vehicles (wtf?), $5,000 credit for people who buy newly built homes. Not just any home– must be new, which is, uh, whatever. No one has a clue how much these “incentives” will cost Kentucky taxpayers in the long run. [Bluegrass Politics]

Joe Scarborough, author of Last Best Hope and host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, will be in Lexington tonight at Joseph Beth Booksellers to sign his new book. 7:00 P.M. Go check it out.  Make sure you send us pictures. (And, no, FTC, we weren’t paid to mention this. This just happens to be a political blog and we routinely mention political events.) [Press Release]

Just in case you need to be reminded that Al Mohler and his dozens of gay employees continue to support bigoted and hypocritical behavior. [C-J]

Oh, and this, as well. [Even More Ignorance Disguised As “Religion”]

Man, we love this Governor Mark Sanford asshat from South Carolina. Pretended he’d disappeared to the Appalachian Trail for four days while he was actually in Argentina? Hahaha. We love him because he makes our governor come off as a genius even in the midst of legislative failure. [HuffPo]

Marcus Carey has got to be the most racist “conservative” in Kentucky. We wish he’d just start referring to the president with the n-word. It’s clear he’s got that kind of racist energy built-up inside him. [Way Too Much Racism]

Can you believe someone actually believes a Bunning retirement would mean the end for Democrats? There’s not a single candidate the Republicans can put up that will be able to beat Jack Conway. [National Journal]

Did you know it is unwarranted and mean spirited to report when stewards of the public trust break the rules and deceive the public? Garsh, how mean! Can’t let the facts get in the way of hurt feelings. [C-J]

We hear Mexican-afeared Doug Hawkins has forced the Saint Paul Parish Council to keep David Yates from holding a campaign event after previously giving him permission. Hawkins did the same thing a few weeks ago when Holy Cross High School. Guess it’s time to start getting Doug “Tan In A Can/Protect Our White Women/WATB” Hawkins’ events canceled left and right. [Multiple Reports]

Uh, sorry, but Dale Romans isn’t being totally honest about what he’s up to. For instance, throughout 2007, he was nigh impossible to get a hold of (he was a supporter of Lunsford) because he was rarely in Louisville. He was gone so often, in fact, that I was forced to always deal with his pal Frank L. Jones, Jr. all the time. While there’s no denying the thoroughbred racing industry in Kentucky is suffering badly, we’re just not swallowing his story hook, line and sinker. [Joe Arnold]

Looks like Ben Chandler is one of the Congresscritters who is upset over his fancy and potentially unethical trip to the Caribbean is being investigated. [Sunlight Foundation]

State House Dems Release Big, Uh, Release

The Democratic Leadership of the Kentucky House of Representatives just released this giant… thing. Let’s just look at it and, you know, think or whatever. Way too much spin for us to dig in without barfing.

Here it is:

House votes to balance budget, create jobs, and lower taxes on military pay

Frankfort – Classroom funding will be protected, Kentucky companies will have further incentive to expand, our men and women in uniform will get much-deserved tax relief, and large bridge projects will now be able to move forward under legislation strongly supported today in the state House of Representatives.

“This short special session has a long list of accomplishments, and every Kentuckian will benefit,” said House Speaker Greg Stumbo, D-Prestonsburg. “It will move the state forward in numerous ways, and speed up our recovery during these trying economic times. I am proud of the leadership the House has shown, and of the way both the House and Senate came together in difficult times.”

The bills sent to Governor Steve Beshear today for his signature will do such things as:

  • Overcome the billion-dollar shortfall for the upcoming fiscal year. “This largely follows the governor’s plan, which shields classroom funding, our universities and critical health programs like Medicaid from cuts. We also made sure, though, that state employees will not have to forfeit any holiday pay as had been proposed,” said House Majority Floor Leader Rocky Adkins, D-Sandy Hook.

Peep the rest of the release after the jump…

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Gambling Bill Just Passed in the House

House Bill 2 of the special legislative session in Frankfort – the gambling bill – just passed in the State House.

After a huffy start by Larry Clark, an impassioned floor speech by Greg Stumbo, a speech from David Osborne (who personally benefits from this legislation), a speech by Robin Webb about how terrible the Herald-Leader is for not including non-thoroughbred horses in its stories and how it’s for the children and charity, a speech from Rick Rand about how this will solve our budgetary disaster(s), an 8,000-hour speech from Harry Moberly about how the Kentucky Derby will die without gambling and how David Williams’ proposal is the devil and how he isn’t a coward (really), a speech from Hubert Collins that we didn’t understand…

A negative speech from Tom Riner about how Jesus and all of his (Riner’s) 80 children will choke everyone for supporting gambling because whatever, questions and yelling and screaming from Danny Ford about money and how scary it is and declarations from him that too much money will be spent and how the budget shortfall hasn’t been addressed and how KEA is the devil, a speech from Eddie Ballard about how veterans groups need to be able to operate slot machines because they give to ball clubs and cheerleading squads…

David Watkins moved for Ballard’s amendment for veterans to be killed as it was out of order, a speech from known “Breck Girl” model and expert on killing babies with parking garages Stan Lee yelling about how this is Kentucky and not Kansas and how he feels like he’s at a nudist camp (seriously – and he sounded like he spoke from experience), a speech from Ron Crimm about how nobody has had time to read the bill, a speech from Jim DeCesare about how tobacco farming is increasing and it’s not fair (his floor amendment was killed when Rick Rand spoke against it, failed 36-55)…

A brief speech from Jeff Hoover about how he opposes the bill because the legislature doesn’t have the fiscal discipline necessary to handle the revenues, a speech from Bill Farmer about how he could have maybe voted for the Governor’s bill, a speech from Jeff Greer about how he was a school board member, a speech from Tim Moore about gambling corruption and its stronghold over politics and how he’s been strong-armed like a prisoner of war, a speech from Myron Dossett about how he’s going to fight for a military tax exemption…

A speech from Tom Burch about how he’s fascinated by Danny Ford and Stan Lee’s craziness (he then got attacked by Larry Clark because Larry is insecure), a speech from Tom/Bob Kerr about how lottery legislation doesn’t allow slots and how the people should get a vote (like the Governor originally said as he campaigned), a speech from Steve Riggs all about praying over ice cream and schools (really), a speech from Lonnie Napier about how he won’t buy raffle tickets or play bingo and how he’ll support race track casinos so they don’t permeate his district, a speech from Kelly Flood about how the legislature makes the peoples’ decision and how “moralists” are wasteful and Susan Westrom gave a years-long speech about her “lucky horse shoe” and paid political organizations posing as churches and how she loves chickens, seriously…

… It passed. By a vote of 52 to 45 with Bob Damron and Jim Wayne abstaining due to conflicts of interest.

So on to the Senate chambers with President David Williams it goes to die.

Get your popcorn or low-carb snacks ready, ladies, cause the circus has come to town.

Highlights of the House proceedings: Kelly Flood sitting with a giant grin on her face and a huge Starbucks cup in front of her (can’t she buy local?), Jody Richards and his fancy metrosexual glasses drinking orange juice, Joni Jenkins laughing all over the floor (she’s gotten skinny and wore a fancy jacket!), Susan Klimchak scrolling through her BlackBerry, Danny Ford constantly licking his lips and Rocky Adkins hollering like auctioneer Joe Prather. We thank all of these individuals for keeping us entertained throughout that hot mess.

P.S. Haha – Eddie Ballard asked why he didn’t get a chance to explain his vote before the vote was taken, asked if that’s the new way of doing business in the House. Ruh ro.

UPDATE – Governor Steve Beshear’s statement:

“I applaud the action taken by the House today. After a thoughtful debate, the House stood up for Kentucky’s signature industry and its 100,000 jobs and $4 billion economic impact. Everyone got to debate. Everyone had the chance to vote. That is the definition of leadership. An issue that is this important deserves the deliberation and vote of everyone. Now the question is will the Senate give everyone in its chamber the same privilege – an up-or-down vote on an issue of such importance to our Commonwealth?”

John Waltz on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

John Waltz, a Democrat and disabled Navy veteran running for U.S. Congress in the 4th District, has issued the following release about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. We haven’t said too much about the matter, but we wanted to run John’s statement because he says much of what we believe and feel.

It’s high time Barack Obama and the rest of Washington recognize that sexual orientation shouldn’t matter when to one’s ability to serve this great nation.

Some policies that are put into effect in the halls of Congress seem to be an egregious error, but nonetheless they continue to live on for years. One of the fundamental errors put into place is the policy saying that gays and lesbians can serve in the military so long as they do not tell someone and no one can ask them their sexual affiliation. Fundamentally any American that is willing to serve our country should be screened for their qualifications not their sexuality.

Many of the military brass state that it is imperative that we have Don’t Ask Don’t Tell simply because your sexual preference can be a breakdown in military discipline. While in the military the last thing that was on my mind was whether the person I am serving with was gay or lesbian. What mattered to us when we were rushing into fires or a crisis was if the person that was next to us would do their part for the team to get us out safe.

Read the rest of John’s statement after the jump…

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