Andrew Horne Stands Up To McConnell

Last week Vote Vets hit Mitch McConnell with a television spot featuring Iraq & Afghanistan veteran George Zubaty.

This week Andrew Horne is keeping it up:

“Senator McConnell knows this is the wrong approach — particularly at a time when we are trying to grow good jobs here at home,” Steurer said.

But Andrew Horne, a member of the veterans’ group, said in a call with reporters Thursday that McConnell has a choice.

“Is he going to be on the side of Big Oil or on the side of troops and veterans?” asked Horne, a Louisville Marine Corps colonel who is a veteran of Afghanistan and a former Democratic candidate for Congress.

What was that again, warmongers, about Horne disappearing? He’s still standing up for these issues.

Geoff Davis: Gays Bad For National Security

You know, I’d occasionally like not to absolutely detest everything about Geoff Davis.

But he’s consistently spewing crap. Like this mess on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell:

Rep. Geoff Davis, R-Kentucky, supports “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” saying it best supports the interest of national security and those serving in the military.

“At a time when our nation is involved in two wars, it is inappropriate to attempt to change controversial social policy,” said the West Point graduate. “When it comes to our national security and our defense, we should be worrying more about what potential terrorists are doing than what our soldiers are doing in their personal lives.”

Yeah. The gays are terrible for national security. We’d just hump, dance and redecorate everything so the terrorists can win.

At least Mitch McConnell had the guts to ignore the issue.

Thursday Morning Dept of Fancy Traveling & Such

I’m traveling on a fancy aeroplane all morning/afternoon, but I’ve still got a bunch of material scheduled. Remember, if there are any must-see/do thingies in Shreveport? Now’s your chance to give me a yell, ladies and ladydudes. Maybe I’ll bring back some cool gifts for you all.

Remember Republican JD Sparks who went batshiz on a LEO reporter and got his ass handed to him in court? He’s trying to run for magistrate in Oldham County. [Flashback 1 & Flashback 2]

The Kentucky Retirement Systems race is about to get crazy. You paying attention? It’s apparently hot enough to warrant advertising on this very website. My mind is totally blown. [State Journal]

Crazy sluts, open relationships and handling it. It’s that fancy book about what a whore/awful person John Edwards is. [Wonkette]

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Proceeds from the sale of Steve Nunn’s home can be used to pay for his criminal defense and expert witness testimony. [H-L]

Kevin Harned and John Belski have created the most awful video ever. A Pants on the Ground parody. “Snow on the Ground.” OMG. [WAVE3]

President Barack Obama took aim at Mitch McConnell last night and Mitchypoo is so pissed he could claw our eyes out. Hoo boy. And Jim Bunning doesn’t know which end is up. [Joe Arnold]

It’s common sense to study the effectiveness of Kentucky’s tax breaks, right? [Bluegrass Politics]

I’m not going to get all up in arms excited over Barack Obama’s three-second remark about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell last night. Consider me a skeptic. [AMERICAblog]

Tuesday Morning Dept of Enemies of Liberty!

WHAT? You mean to tell me there’s no “Enemy of Liberty” in Kentucky to face Rand Paul? [Gawker]

When will Gary Tapp come clean about why he isn’t running for re-election to the state senate? I hear it involves his cousin. [Page One Flashback]

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John Yarmuth finally caved on health care reform. [WFPL]

A witness in the Nighbert-Lawson trial says Nighbert received more than $30,000 in error. [John Cheves]

An FBI agent testified in the case. Lots of deets about how the investigation got off the ground. [Tom Loftus]

Mitch McConnell will never, ever, propose an alternative to anything. He’ll just solidly obfuscate and oppose everything. [WaPo]

What does Republican Bill Farmer do when he doesn’t get his way? Work toward a compromise? Nope, he just cold quits like Sarah Palin. [Bluegrass Politics]

Rand Paul’s demand that Trey Grayson resign is a little bit out of this world. [Fat Lip]