Governor Beshear Declares State of Emergency

Governor Steve Beshear just declared a state of emergency. “The safety of our citizens is my first priority,” said Gov. Beshear.  “That is why I urge individuals who encounter high waters to use extreme caution and avoid unnecessary contact with flood waters if at all possible. Our thoughts are especially with those who lost loved ones in the tragic deaths that have been attributed to the weekend’s storms.”

The declaration of emergency issued by Gov. Beshear provides that:

  • The Division of Emergency Management operate the response and relief activities for the State, and the Division is authorized to request needed federal assistance and consult with the American National Red Cross and local officials on the need for emergency shelters
  • The Adjutant General may issue active duty orders for the mobilization of needed National Guard personnel and equipment
  • The Finance and Administration Cabinet is directed to fund the urgent operational or response costs incurred in response to this emergency
  • Transportation on and access to any and all public roadways in the affected area may be restricted or prohibited in the interest of public health and safety.
  • The Kentucky Community Crisis Response Board (KCCRB) is directed to activate their network of trained counselors to provide crisis response services

Click here (Warning: PDF Link) for the State of Emergency or click here (Warning: PDF Link) for the Governor’s order against price gouging.

Some Evening Roundup Stuff For Your Friday

David Boswell is a lying bag of dicks. He told on himself in this story about putting his version of Jesus into the classroom to save some souls. [National Journal]

Letting the gays in the military just makes sense. Not all of us know how to redecorate your shiz. [C-J]

Watch Comment on Kentucky tonight at 8:00 P.M. Eastern on KET. Scheduled guests are: Jack Brammer, Ronnie Ellis, Greg Hall. [Press Release]

Mitch McConnell sat down with an interview. Basically, he wants another ‘Contract With America’ and he can’t offer any solutions to any problems. [National Journal]

Damon Thayer acts like he is gung ho for for instant racing. So why is he playing both sides of the fence by kissing hater butt behind the scenes? [Blood Horse]

One of the former Blue Grass Airport executives has accepted a plea deal. John P. Slone pleaded guilty to theft by deception. [H-L]

The DailyKos libruls are all in a frenzy because Roger Ailes produced Mitch McConnell’s first major campaign ad, likely setting him up for his career. Well, duh? Not sure how that’s news. [NY Times via Daily Kos]

What are you doing tonight? You should go see “Deep Down” at The Clifton Center in Louisville. 7:30 P.M. 2117 Payne Street. It’s a new film directed by Jen Gilomen and Sally Rubin and tells the tale of two women who grew up on opposite sides of a mountain ridge in Kentucky coal country. [Deep Down]

Bill Nighbert settled his ethics case but a new complaint was brought against his deputy. [Tom Loftus]

Why did WATB Damon Thayer try to silence more than 200 Kentuckians? [KFTC]

Rand Paul loves not renouncing the support of white supremacists. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Still Shaming The Status Quo Elitist Candidates

Jake is nothing but a bag of sucked dicks! [Page One]

Kudos to the Courier-Journal for relenting and doing the right thing! Shame on the candidates and elected officials who have shown a lack of intestinal fortitude. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid had wine and cheese together, like fancy ladies, in Washington. [The Hill]

This week Fairdale Bigfoot, who is no longer running for mayor, provides insight (not the terrible cable provider that screws the entire region) into dating realities. [Consuming Louisville]

The area around Mammoth Cave is getting a makeover. The land surrounding the park will return to its once natural state. [C-J]

At the last minute this morning, FACES of Coal decided to tell the rest of the world (outside of the few who knew) that Trey Grayson would also be speaking at their Rand Paul rally in Louisville. [Press Release]

Looks like Republicans in Warshington are skeerd for Trey Grayson’s chances to win the election. [Politico]

The gays are standing up for what’s right in Warshington. [Pam’s House Blend]

Bizarro Paultard astroturfers gobble coal, visit Kentucky. [LEO’s FatLip]

Jack Conway is going to look absolutely deflated when Lt. Dan’s campaign launches this website. [Click the Clicky]

State Legislature Bombarded By Gay-Haters

Oh, this is glorious.

Check out the fax all members of the State House & State Senate received today. I’ve transcribed it so you won’t be burdened with a large file:


Lev. 18:22-28
Lev. 20:13-16
Deut. 23:17-18
Judges 12:22 20:5
1 Cor. 5.1-5 9:-11
Deut. 13:5
Mark 4:11 6:14


Oh Ye of little Faith means Abomination


To All Members of the General Assembly
Senate and House of Representatives

We need to put a stop to the repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell attempt by President Barack Obama. The Bible clearly states in Leviticus chapters 18-20 that Homosexuality is Abomination…… Men are not to have sexual relations with men and women are not to have sexual relations with women…….

I am an Air Force Veteran and we marched day and night for God and Country. In the beginning God and Alpha and Omega. The president event says “May God Bless America”. So how can he suggest such a thing??? We Americans are supposed to be going to Heaven and not to hell…. I am supposed to be waiting on the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and not the devil.

The National Prayer Breakfast is the truth…. The homosexuals may not and cannot have a national Prayer breakfast to pray through Abomination. There is no such thing as praying through Abomination. The Bible clearly states that the penalty is DEATH…. The Uganda Bill is the truth in the matter too…. DEATH!!!

Integrity is the word that is clearly misunderstood and misused…. We are never to disgrace the uniform. Abomination is a true disgrace of the Flag and the Uniform. Who is buried in Grants Tom!!!! I believe in Though Shall Not Kill too.

Homosexuals are lost people. They need to read the Bible and get themselves Baptized just like all Americans do. They may not marry each other etc. The Bible says this is all Abomination. This is all wrong!!!!!!! We are to read and do God’s Holy and Inspired Word. IN the beginning was the Word and in the ending was and is the Word.

Rev. Joel Osteen says “This is my Bible. I am what it says I Am and I have what it says I have. Today I will be taught the incorruptible Word of God. I boldly confess. My mind is alert. My heart is receptive. I will never be the same in Jesus Name”. How can Bishop T.D. Jakes preach at the Presidential Inauguration and they do not


believe in homosexuality, I have checked, and how can President Barack Obama say something like this in public? The Joint Chief of Staff should be written. How can Gen. Colin Powell agree to such bad behavior?? Washington and the Military are to be run as President and Mrs. Barack Obama Man and wife… Jesus Church the Bride. The Parables are about the Second Coming of Christ. Please write to Washington, D.C. for me and I will write for you and we must put a stop to this wrong in Government. This would probably freak out our troops etc. We are to be the number one Superpower in the world…. Rev. Rick Warren says we are to Pray for Our Purpose In Life.

God bless you,


Doug Jones

You get that?

This Doug Jones guy sent faxes to our state legislature calling for the deaths of thousands of Kentuckians.

UPDATE: Jones faxed his letter from Crestwood Baptist Church in Frankfort.

Rand Paul Illegally Uses Footage Again

David Adams has done it again – illegally using footage of Trey Grayson without permission. Unfortunately, David doesn’t live in the reality-based community where shiz like, you know, copyright and election law matter. I hear FEC and FCC complaints have already been drafted and sent off to the appropriate agencies.

So now they’re trying to insinuate that Grayson supports draft dodging. It’s hilarity:

We’re really supposed to believe that Rand Paul is a big, tough military man? All because his moonbat daddy was once in the military?


Andrew Horne Stands Up To McConnell

Last week Vote Vets hit Mitch McConnell with a television spot featuring Iraq & Afghanistan veteran George Zubaty.

This week Andrew Horne is keeping it up:

“Senator McConnell knows this is the wrong approach — particularly at a time when we are trying to grow good jobs here at home,” Steurer said.

But Andrew Horne, a member of the veterans’ group, said in a call with reporters Thursday that McConnell has a choice.

“Is he going to be on the side of Big Oil or on the side of troops and veterans?” asked Horne, a Louisville Marine Corps colonel who is a veteran of Afghanistan and a former Democratic candidate for Congress.

What was that again, warmongers, about Horne disappearing? He’s still standing up for these issues.