Papaw Is Pretending To Be Flat-Earther For Votes

According to the White House, 81,005 Kentuckians stand to lose unemployment benefits. [Press Release (Warning: External PDF)]

Giant Pussy Ben Chandler says Kentucky will suffer without earmarks. He’s also suddenly very upset with Barack Obama. [Ryan Alessi]

Passport may be hiring a new leader, but Papaw Steve Ark Park Beshear says more changes are necessary as he demands additional resignations. Too little, too late. [H-L]

Papaw is threatening to pull the Medicaid contract from Passport. Everyone I’ve spoken with believes that’s an idle threat. [Ronnie Ellis]

Maybe all of Mitch McConnell’s staffers are jumping ship because he’s playing pat-a-cake with things like Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell? (No, we’re not serious.)  [Salon]

Some Kentucky films are going big at the Sundance Film Festival this year. [The ‘Ville Voice]

OH NOES!!1! There might be some aliens coming to get you, meemaw! All your white women? Better call Dougie Hawkins, cause the borg menz are coming. [MSNBC & WIRED]

Bi-partisanship? Not in Mitch McConnell’s world. Because it’s all about him. Never working with others. Ever. For any reason. [The Hill]

Teabaggers are hypocrites. They requested more than $1 billion in earmarks this year. [HuffPo]

The prison task force is set to present new legislation on January 19. [Linda Blackford]

Dr. Robert Bevins, a toxicologist at Georgetown, wrote Papaw Steve Beshear a letter. You should read it. [His Site via Joe]