Matt Bevin Touting Some Full-On Craziness

Just who is that radio lady Matt Bevin is promoting?


Take a look at our farewell to her last August:

Many of us didn’t like her when she got here, though we gave her several chances. And many of us are glad she’s leaving.

Why? Let’s take a stroll down racist lady memory lane:

As you can see, we welcomed her initially. We defended her for a while. Then she continued to step in the crazy, the hateful, the ridiculous. The worst? She embraced racism, embraced her own anti-semitic comments (and continued to attack John Yarmuth after the whole snafu), played the victim all along.

We knew you were a hot mess when you first told the story about how you were defending your friend, Mark Foley, as he was admitting to that congressional page incident. Don’t let the door hit you on your purposefully ignorant, racist-baiting, anti-semitic ass, Mandy.

That’s who she is. At least, it’s what she did while she was in Kentucky.

And Matt Bevin loved it enough to spend campaign contributions to advertise it.

John David Dou…yche Spreads More Homophobia

Ah, Republicans (update: no, not all Repubs are homophobes) stuck in the 1950s, what will move you forward? A swift kick in your tiny nuts? Your family turning upside down?

Maybe your spouse stuck in a hospital near the edge of death but you’re denied access to tell them goodbye?

Wait – maybe you just need to be fired from your job? Denied service at a restaurant? Maybe you need to have a tow company refuse to move your car from the interstate? MAYBE you need to be evicted from your apartment because you’re gay?

Perhaps you’d like to build a life with someone only to have your partner die in an unexpected accident. You wake up a couple days later to find that your deceased partner’s homophobic family is suing you for half of everything you thought you jointly owned with your partner?

Maybe your cop partner gets gunned down in the line of duty protecting homophobes and you aren’t eligible to receive their pension or death benefit because your government allowed just 29% of people to alter the state constitution for the other 71%?

What will it take?

Because we’d sure like to know.

Let’s take a look at John David Douche’s (I said it) homophobic rant for a look at why he’s been cast aside by a rapidly declining newspaper:

Jack wept. Kentucky’s sensitive Attorney General Jack Conway cried upon having to make a hard political decision before running for governor. Great Edmund Muskie’s ghost!

Conway took the Obama administration’s advice, put political correctness ahead of the rule of law, and declined to appeal U. S. District Judge John Heyburn’s recent ruling that Kentucky must recognize other states’ gay marriages.

Whether Conway’s were real or Clintonesque crocodile tears only he knows. Some observers swooned. To others Conway’s touchy-feely performance reinforced his reputation as a calculating phony.

Get it? Only girly men cry. Girly, swishy gay men are sensitive. CLINTON’S COCK! Jack’s a fraud. Big gay, girly, swishy, sex-making fraud.

After spending several paragraphs complaining that Jack Conway didn’t take action, he goes on to complain that Andy Beshear and Alison Grimes should do the opposite:

Caught in political cross-currents swirling within their Democratic Party, at least Conway and the elder Beshear took positions. The younger Beshear and Democratic U. S. Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes came off as craven weasels rather than profiles in courage.

Instead of telling citizens what he would have done as attorney general, Andy Beshear dodged the question. He claimed it would be inappropriate for him to comment because he might have to render an opinion on the issue if he becomes attorney general. If this is his standard he will not say anything about anything between now and next year’s election.

Grimes again proved herself a pusillanimous political coward. Instead of taking a stand she issued a characteristically incoherent statement seeming to say that she feels very strongly both ways. Courageous female politicians everywhere surely winced at her waffling weakness.

Sure, they should take positions but Douche, here, has never met hypocrisy he didn’t immediately fall in love with. Also, women are weak vermin.

Conservatives realize that Heyburn did not have to rule as he did. Yes, the judge followed U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s tortured “reasoning” in U.S. v. Windsor, but even Kennedy’s fatuous rationale stopped short of forcing gay marriage on unwilling states.

Chief Justice John Roberts’ dissent emphasized how and why Windsor did not compel such a conclusion. Moreover, Kennedy’s “logic” really does lead to legalized plural marriage and the parade of other horribles that gay marriage foes fear.

Is it fair for Bevin to tag McConnell with responsibility for Heyburn’s “liberal” ruling? Maybe, but Bevin must also indict conservative icon Ronald Reagan for elevating Kennedy to the highest court.

Yeah, they just cold want to force the gays onto you. All down your throat.

Slippery slope, slippery slope, plural marriage FEAR!!1!

The dangers to our constitutional democratic republic from imposing such controversial innovations by judicial diktat far outweigh any positives. Kentucky supporters of gay marriage should have worked to enact it via the political process.

That is what marriage equality backers in other states did. It presumably would not take long if public opinion is shifting as fast as polling and gay marriage proponents say it is.

How would we enact it politically? People like Douche in Frankfort won’t even vote on stopping discrimination. What bullshit.

And other states? They’re doing it exactly like Bourke v. Beshear.

Liberals now lauding the Kennedy, Heyburn, and Conway decisions may someday find the legal shoe on the other foot. History shows that conservative judges are equally capable of issuing similarly activist decisions fashioning new economic, property, or other “rights” from constitutional whole cloth.

But weep no more, Jack Conway, please. There’s no crying in baseball or politics.

Get it? Gays and girly men don’t play baseball and aren’t involved in politics. Also, more slippery slope nonsense.

Let’s get one thing straight (no pun intended – even if our voices and our muscles larger than 99% of these screaming homophobes like Douche, Lee, Moore, et al): there are four plus years of evidence here that Jack Conway isn’t exactly at the top of any list we could create. In fact, I (Jake) would love to castrate the man politically. So when I say his emotional press conference was genuine and coming from a serious point of understanding? It’s not an easy thing to admit publicly.

Jack was honest on a personal and political level. It’s clear that he knew he legally, personally, politically could no longer be involved in perpetuating flat-out hatred and discrimination. Because, much like Jim Crow/segregation? Being legal doesn’t make government-sanctioned homophobia right.

People like John David are the reason so many gay kids kill themselves. People like John David are the reason equality is not a thing in Kentucky today. People like John David are the reason it’s now legal to discriminate on the basis of religious belief. People like John David are the reason this Commonwealth is spending millions of dollars clinging to the fearful past, preventing economic development and job creation, stifling investment, furthering brain drain.

Let’s hope John David’s veiled rant doesn’t lead to more pain and suffering for innocent people just trying to do the right thing in life.

Shame on Bill Lamb and WDRB for publishing such nonsense. Television stations like that – which are given access to public airwaves in exchange for serving the public with news – have no place in furthering discrimination like this in 2014. Absurd.

Why “douche”? When you use veiled homophobic language like that? You’re vile. In the bro dude frat boy sense, not so much the sexist sense (save it, feminists, can’t be P.C. at this point). When you mix in a bunch of intellectual dishonesty and flat-out nonsense? You show your true colors like John David has done.

Teabaggers Got Mad At Mitch McConnell Again

Teabaggers are really mad about Mitch McConnell’s terrific anti-Matt Bevin mail piece:

Today the United Kentucky Tea Party issued a press release condemning the deceptive campaign tactics of Senator McConnell. Senator McConnell knows campaign law allows him to make these outrageous statements and unfortunately he as become the master of mudslinging. They say the problem with wrestling with a pig is you get dirty and the pig likes it. If you believe it is time for Senator McConnell to get out of the mud and start discussing his voting record call Senator McConnell and tell him to act like a Senator. Then call Senator Paul and ask him if he approves of Senator McConnell’s actions.


March 3, 2014

United Kentucky Tea Party Condemns Senator Mitch McConnell for his deceptive “Fraud Alert” mass mailing

Elizabethtown, Ky – This past week the McConnell campaign sent thousands of mailers to Kentucky residents marked “Fraud Alert” without any identification as to who had sent the mailers. Kentuckians, concerned that their identities or credit card information may have been stolen, opened the mailers only to find that it was a political mailing from the McConnell campaign containing the same old mudslinging accusations that Senator McConnell has been trying to push for months now.

The United Kentucky Tea Party strongly condemns Senator McConnell and his campaign staff for attempting to scare hard working Kentuckians in this manner. Unfortunately, this type of irresponsible behavior is something that we have come to expect from Kentucky’s senior Senator.

Senator McConnell refuses to run on his record of complicity in the nation’s $17.3 trillion dollar debt, and giving President Obama a blank check in the most recent debt ceiling fiasco. His backroom deals with Joe Biden and Harry Reid have led to higher taxes for working Kentuckians.

“Frankly, Mitch McConnell should be ashamed of his record in Washington. His 60% disapproval rating with Kentucky voters illustrates that Kentuckians are fed up with his lack of leadership” stated Scott Hofstra, Spokesperson for the United Kentucky Tea Party.

Kentuckians demand real leadership in Washington and we are not getting it from Senator McConnell. Kentuckians also demand ethical and professional behavior from their elected representatives and we are not receiving this from Senator McConnell either.

The United Kentucky Tea Party urges Senator McConnell to announce his retirement in order for the voters to concentrate on keeping the Senate seat in Conservative hands by helping Matt Bevin defeat Alison Grimes in November.

Scott Hofstra
Spokesperson United Kentucky Tea Party

We can’t stop laughing.

Edelen Had The Guts To Stand Up & Speak Out

“I’m not the attorney general, but I am the taxpayer watchdog, and I really don’t like the idea of spending money on lawyers when we’re laying off school teachers,” Edelen said. [Sam Youngman]

Here are five things Kentucky could spend $73 million on instead of a fake Noah’s Ark. [HuffPo]

Really, Joe Gerth? It’s unenviable for Jack Conway to have to follow a judge’s ruling to treat people equally? What flipping planet do you live on? Are politics more important than people? More important than lives? More important than protecting folks equally? This is indicative of a greater problem: lazy people who can’t bring themselves to comprehend that this isn’t simply about getting elected, pissing a segment of people off or being unpopular. [C-J/AKN]

Bill Clinton’s more popular with Democrats than even the Democratic National Committee expected. [Politico]

Nearly two years ago, a destructive tornado left its mark on West Liberty. “When I looked out of the back of the hospital i couldn’t find the church,” said West Liberty United Methodist Church member Jane Murray, “I found that really disturbing. I thought oh no the church is gone what are we going to do?” [WYMT]

This is why the death penalty is a giant joke. Kentucky needs to cut that crap out. [NY Times]

Anyone who says he knows who will win Kentucky’s 2014 U.S. Senate race is likely telling you what he wants rather than what he knows. [Ronnie Ellis]

President Barack Obama’s ban on discriminatory health insurance practices against the sick has not stopped insurers from increasing up-front charges for the expensive drugs needed to control chronic illnesses from leukemia to multiple sclerosis. [Reuters]

Heroin, a drug that used to be associated with 1970s rock stars and inner cities, has crept into Madison County recently, leading to a law enforcement “nightmare,” according to local officials. [Richmond Register]

Having a gun in the house doesn’t make a woman safer. But don’t try to tell that to hyped up lunatics in Frankfort who still believe women are property. [The Atlantic]

With snow falling outside at times, John Sturgill joined nearly 300 laid-off Eastern Kentucky coal miners at a job fair last Wednesday for a company planning to hire about 40 people. [H-L]

Creation Museum founder Ken Ham says he has raised enough money to begin building a 510-foot wooden “replica” of Noah’s Ark, the Associated Press reported Thursday. [Newsweek]

Eastern Kentucky residents realize the influential impact of a familiar face, but some are growing upset with the deep roots longterm politician Mitch McConnell has planted in the state. [Ashland Independent]

This is a sign of what’s to come in Kentucky in 2015 – mark our words. The re-emergence of Texas billionaire and former Enron trader John Arnold in the fine print of Rhode Island’s 2014 governor’s race is drawing criticism from Providence Mayor and Democratic candidate for governor Angel Taveras. [Providence Journal]

Louisville real estate developer and former Metro Councilman Hal Heiner will announce Tuesday he is running for Kentucky governor. This is about to be just as epic a loss as his loss to Greg Fischer. Joe Arnold is really excited about this – more than a year away – because Joe Burgan melted down over horrible polling and called him. [WHAS11]

Crazy New Mitch McConnell Mail Piece Hits

Have you seen the latest mail piece from the McConnell Campaign about Matt Bevin?

Its envelope is super-deceptive and scraping the barrel, borderline illegal as it almost looks like an official government document:


But when you open it up? HAHAHA, take a look:


Brilliant way to scare Meemaw Republican an Meemaw Teabagger into reading about Matt Bevin’s TARP scandal.

Kentucky Should Stop Funding Sunrise Hatred

Steve Beshear needs to sack up and pull ALL state funding from this discriminatory hot mess. The Kentucky Baptist Convention is starting a $5 million fundraising drive for the state’s largest private child care agency. [H-L]

More religious “freedom” bills are coming around the country. But Kentucky’s has been a thing since 2013. National media is ignoring that. [CNN]

The Kentucky State Police has been pressing the Kentucky Speedway for months to pay nearly $300,000 for security provided by troopers during four major races in 2012 and 2013. [C-J/AKN]

What happens to exonerees once they get out of prison? [NY Times]

In a letter to staff members, the superintendent of Fayette County Schools warns of possible layoffs in coming months because of a $20-million budget shortfall and asks for his own $254,000 annual salary to be reduced. [WKYT]

Continuing to hammer away at Bill Clinton, Rand Paul says Kentucky Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes should be embarrassed to be seen with the former president. [Politico]

Montgomery County Schools superintendent Josh Powell and the Mt. Sterling Advocate have done it again. Purposefully working to mislead the public. [Page One]

It is one of the most astonishing fossil discoveries of recent years – a graveyard of whales found beside the Pan-American Highway in Chile. [BBC]

This conservative newspaper half-nailed it with Greg Stumbo this time. Despite the Clinton sexual harassment talking points from Rand Paul. [BGDN]

President Obama told Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Tuesday that he has asked the Pentagon to draw up plans to have all U.S. forces out of Afghanistan by the end of the year. [NPR]

A pastor allegedly exposing himself to a child? Surely not! An arrest was made Wednesday, Feb. 26th in connection with an indecent exposure case that played out in a local department store on Feb. 13. [News-Democrat Leader]

The Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF), a conservative outside group with a tendency to primary establishment GOP members, is living quite well on Capitol Hill. These are the folks hardcore backing Matt Bevin. [BuzzFeed]

Rita Wooten and her husband Ricky face an excruciating choice: watch their 4-year-old son suffer from repeated seizures — or violate the law in order to help him. [Ronnie Ellis]

When an aide walked into Danny Jones’s office on January 9 to inform him that his city smelled like licorice, the Charleston, W.Va., mayor was not alarmed. [Newsweek]

U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. declared Monday that state attorneys general are not obligated to defend laws they believe are discriminatory. But Jack Conway is ignoring that, apparently. [More C-J/AKN]

Chris Cillizza got it wrong on Kentucky again. President Barack Obama isn’t a no-no in Kentucky because he’s seen as “liberal and reflexively partisan” – it’s a no-no because he’s black. That’s why people are afraid of the man. Even Democrats. It’s why a huge number of racist, bigoted Democrats admitted to voting against the man on the basis of race alone. It’s time to stop sugar-coating this anti-Obama B.S. Sure, some of it is on legit policy grounds but very little of it. [WaPo]