A few things this late afternoon…

Hilariously useful chart of major sex scandals.

It’s possible to make change one person at a time. This Brave Nation.

The worst thing all day. For real. Captain Hook.

Kentucky has a new Supreme Court Justice. John D. Minton, Jr.

Greg Fischer’s campaign for U.S. Senate is still violating federal law by using the Justice Department’s seal. The campaign also allegedly lied to the DOJ by saying it had stopped running the ad. Imagine that.

UPDATE: Turns out Fischer *did* lie to the DOJ. Here’s the letter the Lunsford camp originally sent the DOJ requesting the Fischer camp stop illegally using the DOJ seal. Here’s the fax direct from the Assistant Attorney General stating that the Fischer camp says it’s in compliance and has removed the ad. And here’s documentation proving that the Fischer camp misled the DOJ.

Oh snap. Amateur hour continues. Word of advice: Don’t play around with the DOJ.

Mark Hebert reports that television stations could be responsible, not the Fischer campaign, but we don’t think every station in Kentucky would be making the same mistake.

And Kim Geveden? Saying, “it’s sad that Bruce Lunsford has to go crying to George Bush’s Justice Department” probably isn’t the most wise action to take when your boy is 20 points down, has no money and no name I.D. with a week to go before E Day. Taking proactive measures to guarantee compliance with the law when shiz first hits the fan would probably be the best thing to do. Just saying.

It Only Took a Day, Kids

One day. That’s how long it took for someone to put out another MySpace/Facebook pervert press release.  This is the sixth one since January.

Our blood pressure rises a little bit each time we read one of these damn things. When will something substantive be tackled? I mean, if you don’t want your kids talking to perverts? Don’t let them on the internet by themselves! Damn.


Frankfort, Ky. (May 8, 2008) – Attorney General Jack Conway announced today that the attorneys general of 49 states and the District of Columbia have reached an agreement with Facebook to better protect children from predators and inappropriate content.

“I have been encouraging Facebook to get on board and follow MySpace’s lead in protecting children who visit these sites from adults who are trying to prey on their vulnerability and innocence,” General Conway said. “I am gratified that we’re moving forward with this agreement in an effort to protect Kentucky kids.”

The agreement is similar to the one that MySpace reached in January with 49 states and the District of Columbia. MySpace agreed to head a task force, which Facebook has joined, to explore and develop age and identity-identification tools for social-networking sites.

Don’t get us wrong– everyone appreciates keeping our kids safe. But it’s been five months. We’re tired of hearing about MySpace perverts or whatever. Legislators, former attorneys general, Democratic leaders and the everyday rank and file voters are beginning to complain to us– a lot. Can we cool it for a while? Maybe sue an oil company or whatever for a few minutes?

For the record: everyone else is afraid to offer constructive criticism and we’ve gotten a lot of push-back about mentioning this. But come on! We can’t be the only ones rolling our eyes at wasted potential. Especially if someone wants to run for governor/senate in a couple years.

State Prosecutors Anticipate Layoffs. Woops.

Due to budget cuts, state prosecutors anticipate major layoffs. According to a press release from the Office of the Attorney General, the layoff plan is being formulated now. Thanks to underfunding in the fancy budget we just botched together to jack our state up, approximately 100 people from prosecutors’ offices across Kentucky will be given the weighty, broken, backwater axe. That’s ten percent of the prosecutorial workforce in the commonwealth.

“We simply do not have the money to keep our existing staff on board,” said Ray Larson, Fayette County Commonwealth’s Attorney and member of the Prosecutors Advisory Council. “Now that the budget has been finalized, we will begin to formulate how the layoff plan will be implemented so that to the extent possible, public safety will not be compromised,” said Larson.

Excited yet? It gets better.

Every criminal case filed in the Commonwealth must be prosecuted by a County or Commonwealth’s Attorney. Caseloads for prosecutors have increased dramatically in the last ten years. In 2007 County Attorneys were handling caseloads in excess of 3,000 cases per prosecutor. Since the addition of Family Courts in 2002, County Attorneys are now handling at least 40,000 more cases each year. County Attorneys are responsible for prosecution of all District Court cases – including misdemeanor, juvenile and domestic crimes.

Since 2002 Commonwealth’s Attorneys, responsible for prosecution of all felony cases, have seen a 21% increase in their caseload. In 2002, approximately 27,000 felony cases were filed. Last year, nearly 32,000 felony cases such as murder, rape and child sexual abuse were filed. This is a 7,000 case increase from just five years ago.

The layoffs are freaking both the presidents of the County and Commonwealth’s Attorneys Associations out.

“The budgets of the Unified Prosecutorial System are personnel driven,” said Commonwealth’s Attorney Chris Cohron. “We do not have state cars or other expenses that can be cut when we are not funded sufficiently. In our case, personnel accounts for more than 90% of our budget.”

Brucie Moore, President of the County Attorneys’ Association, notes that the budget for the County Attorneys is over 98% personnel. “The County Attorneys of this state are already overburdened and stretched to the limit. Losing people from these offices is going to be devastating to the criminal justice system.”

Just more evidence that your governor and legislature are working hard for you, Kentucky. They tried really hard to hammer out that budget in the five seconds remaining in the session. Hope you all don’t starve to death as a result.

Read the six million billion page press release after the jump…

Read moreState Prosecutors Anticipate Layoffs. Woops.

Greg Fischer Breaks Non-Campaign Finance Law

This one may seem less than serious, but it’s a real insight into how much Greg Fischer values his own life. Or it could be an honest case of forgetfulness. Either way, it’d be funny if he wasn’t putting his life at risk.

A reader wrote in to inform us of a law-breaking moment of Fischer’s that totally slipped by us. In the “documentary” released by his senate campaign a few weeks ago, Fischer got into his vehicle after leaving the factory he toured and didn’t bother to put his seat belt on. It wouldn’t be too funny but the car (SUV?) continually beeped to notify Fischer that he wasn’t wearing his seat belt. Kentucky has had a seat belt law since July 2006. More on that here, see the KRS here.

Guess the campaign didn’t think it was a big deal to edit that audible annoyance while in production.

Buckle Up Kentucky, It’s the Law.

Bank Robber Shot to Death in Louisville

All hell is breaking loose in the big city.

A man who robbed the Beechmont location of Stock Yards Bank in Louisville was shot to death today just after 12:00 Noon.

It’s 2008. Why do people even attempt to rob banks these days?

This is what happens when you do crazy crap. You get shot – 14 or 15 times – until you’re dead dead dead.

From the C-J:

About noon a Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputy saw an individual wearing a bandana enter the bank at 4825 South Third Street, Louisville Metro Police Department Chief Robert White said.

When the man left the bank, the deputy confronted him and the man showed a weapon and at least one shot is fired, White said. It was not clear who fired the shot, however, and the suspect fled in a car with an undetermined amount of bank money, driving south on Third Street.
Sue Griffin, who was visiting relatives on Tenny, said a neighbor called to say they had heard on a police scanner that a Stock Yards Bank branch had been robbed and that Griffin’s relatives should lock their doors.

Shortly after that, she heard gunfire begin. She said she heard 14 shots. Kenny Hite, who was visiting a friend on Tenny, said, “It was wild. I’ve never heard nothing like it before. They told him to put his gun down … and they opened fire.”

Also peep WHAS11’s noon coverage. Effing crazy.

MySpace perverts hit Appalachia! World is ending!


A Rowan County school bus driver was arrested and charged Tuesday with unlawful transaction with a minor in an alleged incident involving a teenage boy. State police said Gary L. Clark, 46, of Elk Lick Road, Morehead, had been in contact with the boy through a MySpace.com profile. Police said he solicited the boy to meet him Saturday and allegedly coerced him into getting into his vehicle. There, “inappropriate actions” occurred, but police declined to elaborate. Police seized computer equipment from Clark’s home. The boy is a Rowan County student but was not on Clark’s bus route.

Folks close to the bus driver are claiming the young boy harassed the driver and the driver was merely meeting him to resolve a dispute. Uh… why would anyone give a flip about settling a dispute from MySpace (of all places) with a child they don’t even know? Yeah…

And speaking of MySpace perverts (OH NOES! IT’S THE WORST THING EVER! NOTHING BUT PERVS!), Stephen George (not a MySpace pervert) wrote an interesting story about To Catch a Predator-style sting operations going down here in the Bluegrass. Make sure you read it all. We gagged and felt like Republicans after finishing it.

Watching it on TV, the whole scene is sad and pathetic: From his mother’s dark PT Cruiser emerges 26-year-old Dustin McPhetridge, struggling to move his weight to the cane in his left hand while locking the door with the keys in his right. He’s driven five hours to Bowling Green, Ky., to meet the girl who’s now standing at the door of a palatial suburban house, offering a sympathetic smile. McPhetridge has cerebral palsy, which is making the short walk from car to house quite awkward.

It’s the first time he’s met the girl in person; they’ve only chatted online. He’s probably stoked because he thinks the petite brunette, dressed like a standard post-9/11 mallrat with shorts that may not pass as a bikini bottom, is about to screw him. There is lubricant, a man’s electric razor and a digital camera in the PT Cruiser. He thinks his new friend is 13 years old.

FBI in Frankfort

Ruh ro. That sound you hear is every legislator in the state clenching up.

Brett Hall and Marc Carey both report that an FBI agent was spotted in Frankfort today.

Well, it’s legit.

The gentleman from the FBI was seen leaving the Annex. Cabinet Secretaries, Democratic and Republican electeds have all confirmed it for us.

So. What is it? Gambling issues? Other forms of corruption?

Oh, the possibilities. We’re waiting with bated breath. So, if any of you Frankfort/whistle blower types want to spill the beans, hit us up. We need some drama today.