Greg Fischer Breaks Non-Campaign Finance Law

This one may seem less than serious, but it’s a real insight into how much Greg Fischer values his own life. Or it could be an honest case of forgetfulness. Either way, it’d be funny if he wasn’t putting his life at risk.

A reader wrote in to inform us of a law-breaking moment of Fischer’s that totally slipped by us. In the “documentary” released by his senate campaign a few weeks ago, Fischer got into his vehicle after leaving the factory he toured and didn’t bother to put his seat belt on. It wouldn’t be too funny but the car (SUV?) continually beeped to notify Fischer that he wasn’t wearing his seat belt. Kentucky has had a seat belt law since July 2006. More on that here, see the KRS here.

Guess the campaign didn’t think it was a big deal to edit that audible annoyance while in production.

Buckle Up Kentucky, It’s the Law.

Bank Robber Shot to Death in Louisville

All hell is breaking loose in the big city.

A man who robbed the Beechmont location of Stock Yards Bank in Louisville was shot to death today just after 12:00 Noon.

It’s 2008. Why do people even attempt to rob banks these days?

This is what happens when you do crazy crap. You get shot – 14 or 15 times – until you’re dead dead dead.

From the C-J:

About noon a Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputy saw an individual wearing a bandana enter the bank at 4825 South Third Street, Louisville Metro Police Department Chief Robert White said.

When the man left the bank, the deputy confronted him and the man showed a weapon and at least one shot is fired, White said. It was not clear who fired the shot, however, and the suspect fled in a car with an undetermined amount of bank money, driving south on Third Street.
Sue Griffin, who was visiting relatives on Tenny, said a neighbor called to say they had heard on a police scanner that a Stock Yards Bank branch had been robbed and that Griffin’s relatives should lock their doors.

Shortly after that, she heard gunfire begin. She said she heard 14 shots. Kenny Hite, who was visiting a friend on Tenny, said, “It was wild. I’ve never heard nothing like it before. They told him to put his gun down … and they opened fire.”

Also peep WHAS11’s noon coverage. Effing crazy.

MySpace perverts hit Appalachia! World is ending!


A Rowan County school bus driver was arrested and charged Tuesday with unlawful transaction with a minor in an alleged incident involving a teenage boy. State police said Gary L. Clark, 46, of Elk Lick Road, Morehead, had been in contact with the boy through a profile. Police said he solicited the boy to meet him Saturday and allegedly coerced him into getting into his vehicle. There, “inappropriate actions” occurred, but police declined to elaborate. Police seized computer equipment from Clark’s home. The boy is a Rowan County student but was not on Clark’s bus route.

Folks close to the bus driver are claiming the young boy harassed the driver and the driver was merely meeting him to resolve a dispute. Uh… why would anyone give a flip about settling a dispute from MySpace (of all places) with a child they don’t even know? Yeah…

And speaking of MySpace perverts (OH NOES! IT’S THE WORST THING EVER! NOTHING BUT PERVS!), Stephen George (not a MySpace pervert) wrote an interesting story about To Catch a Predator-style sting operations going down here in the Bluegrass. Make sure you read it all. We gagged and felt like Republicans after finishing it.

Watching it on TV, the whole scene is sad and pathetic: From his mother’s dark PT Cruiser emerges 26-year-old Dustin McPhetridge, struggling to move his weight to the cane in his left hand while locking the door with the keys in his right. He’s driven five hours to Bowling Green, Ky., to meet the girl who’s now standing at the door of a palatial suburban house, offering a sympathetic smile. McPhetridge has cerebral palsy, which is making the short walk from car to house quite awkward.

It’s the first time he’s met the girl in person; they’ve only chatted online. He’s probably stoked because he thinks the petite brunette, dressed like a standard post-9/11 mallrat with shorts that may not pass as a bikini bottom, is about to screw him. There is lubricant, a man’s electric razor and a digital camera in the PT Cruiser. He thinks his new friend is 13 years old.

FBI in Frankfort

Ruh ro. That sound you hear is every legislator in the state clenching up.

Brett Hall and Marc Carey both report that an FBI agent was spotted in Frankfort today.

Well, it’s legit.

The gentleman from the FBI was seen leaving the Annex. Cabinet Secretaries, Democratic and Republican electeds have all confirmed it for us.

So. What is it? Gambling issues? Other forms of corruption?

Oh, the possibilities. We’re waiting with bated breath. So, if any of you Frankfort/whistle blower types want to spill the beans, hit us up. We need some drama today.

Doug Hawkins: “Send the Mexicans Away!”

Can you handle it? Your favorite protector of the homeland has made a name for himself and he’s been invited to play with with the big kids.

Louisville’s Metro Councilman Doug Hawkins (R-Protecting us from Mexicans) will testify in Frankfort at 2:00 P.M. today before the House Standing Committee on the Judiciary in support of Rep. Bob Damrom’s HB 304. Damron’s bill would expand the definition of identity theft, prohibit the employment of illegal aliens and– you guessed it– push for already stressed local law enforcement to handle federal immigration enforcement.

Doug Hawkins. Protecting us from Mexicans all across the land. He’s finally made it to Frankfort to spew his nonsense. Huzzuh!

Uncle Steve Wants You

Give Me An Idea, Any Idea: In that “pleasant” State of the Union speech, you might have caught Gov. Steve Beshear asking citizens for help in solving the state’s budget crisis. He really, really wants someone, anyone, to come up with an idea of two to save money, so much so that he’s taped a video message targeting state workers. It’s part of the Innovation, Economy and Efficiency team in the Finance Cabinet.  I’ve got one: Don’t hire back people you’ve already fired once.  The Governor’s honeymoon ends in 13 days, when he must deliver his budget.

Take the Fight: A Courier-Journal editorial says Beshear’s speech had one good aspect — it was non-confrontational. It wasn’t a compliment. Confrontation is coming, we’re assured. In another piece, David Hawpe says Beshear needs to get political, to jump in and get a Democrat elected in Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo‘s old district. Hawpe says it’s time the Gov gets involved in the Senate race against Mitch McConnell, pointing to a poll that shows the senior Senator soundly whipping anyone the Democrats might put up.

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