Hot Rumors About 2 OAG Investigations

We hear through the grapevine that the Office of the Attorney General may be preliminarily investigating Betty Sue Whitaker and the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet after her faked mine reports.


The potential merit hiring violations involving Bill Trude and Jesse Rowe in Steve Beshear’s Transportation Cabinet, which we questioned.

Ruh ro.

Stay tuned.

Thursday Afternoon Dept of Jim Bunning’s Done

Should I keep going on with evidence that the teabagging parties were wholly Republican and designed to strengthen the GOP? [David Adams]

Those teabaggers sure do love Barack Obama. [Teabagging Shindig & This]

Check out this giant mess of ridiculous teabagger photographs. Really, what was that about non-partisanship? And where were these people when their beloved George W. Bush was squandering trillions of dollars? [Huffington Post]

Actual unemployment is about 15.6%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. [MSN Money]

Pig poop flushers forced to shut down. We drive by this mess all the time. Thank goodness it’s shutting down. Now all we need to do is move the disgusting pig slaughtering factory out of downtown Louisville and into the burbs. [AP]

Teabagging with Frank Simon. Really. [Barefoot & Progressive]

To Catch a Predator stuff right here in our own back yard? These child-loving sex perverts need to just get their junk cut off and chemically castrate themselves. Jeez. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Louisville was identified as part of the Chicago Hub Network as a potential city on the route to developing high-speed rail in the United States. The Obama Administration today announced $8 billion and $1 billion per year for five years that could fund development of a world-class rail system here in the U.S. [Press Release]

Everyone has taken notice of Jim Bunning’s miserable campaign finance failures. We still think he’s toast, though, despite having as much cash on-hand as Daniel Mongiardo. Bunning’s surely gonna hang up his hat any day now so Trey Grayson can jump into the race, right? [Talking Points Memo, Political Wire, Roll Call, Washington Monthly, The Hill, The Fix, Politico & Miami Herald]

Hoo, boy. Make sure you read all of these letters to the editor today. Everything from global warming deniers (yes, still) to Harold Trainer not paying attention to what Jack Conway has already said about Iraq and Afghanistan. Very interesting reading. [C-J]

Monday Afternoon Press Conference Time Wasters

We’re at the Conway presser this afternoon recording the entire thing. Dirty Joe Sonka spent the afternoon at our super-secret hidey hole and is joining us at the event. So while we work on that (probably shaky) video, here are some time wasting stories for you to enjoy.

Oh, and congrats to Rep. Mary Lou Marzian for finally becoming an old grandmother! Maya Marzian Derricks was born at 7:30 on Saturday evening. Mary Lou would be– hands-down– the best meemaw ever. Can’t wait to see her out and about with the baby.

As Joe pointed out earlier today, there are some fancy new numbers for people like Kim Geveden to cry over. All people hate San Francisco, New York City, France, and Old Yerp, right? RIGHT? [Research 2000 Poll]

The election fraud mess in Clay County has stirred all kinds of public disgust. [H-L]

In support and memory of our nation’s prisoners of war and those missing in action, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is flying POW/MIA flags at rest areas and welcome centers in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Flags will be raised at 24 rest areas and welcome centers at 10:15 A.M. EDT and 9:00 A.M. CDT throughout Kentucky on April 15th. Press conferences will be held in Simpson Co (I-65 NB), Scott Co (I-75 SB), Shelby Co (I-64 EB), McCracken Co (I-24 EB) and Whitley Co (I-75 NB). [Press Release]

Did you know Greg Stumbo has no pull in eastern Kentucky? That’s why he was able to, oh, I dunno, force a guy out of office so he could take his seat. But he has no pull in eastern Kentucky. At all. End of story. HAHAHA. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Noted historian and author John David Smith, the Charles H. Stone Distinguished Professor of American History at the University of North Carolina—Charlotte, will present “Historical Memory and the Meaning of Slavery Today” at 3 p.m. on Thursday, April 16, at the Louisville Free Public Library, located on York Street. His presentation is sponsored by the Kentucky Historical Society and the University of Louisville. [Press Release]

Do you know where 42-year-old Gerald Jones of Berea may be? He’s wanted on a 14-count indictment with charges that include child pornography, drugs and weapons. An arrest warrant has been issued. Jones was last seen in a white, mid-sized pickup truck. If you have information? Contact the Office of the Attorney General Department of Criminal Investigations at (866) 524-3672. [KY OAG]

Here’s a photo of Jones:

Corbin city government spent almost $20,000 on tickets to a Montgomery Gentry show during a new expo center’s opening night. $20,000! Really. [H-L]“Mongiardo the Quiet Homophobe.” Heh. [LEO’s Fat Lip]

Cold Afternoon of State Parks & Press Releases

Man, what a slow news day. Let’s just go over some random stories for a little bit.

Much to the chagrin of of known self-important individual Anne Northup, the Louisville GOP is bringing crazed moonbat John Ziegler (Darcy Davita’s you-know-what!) back to town for a screening of his film Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected and Palin was Targeted. Thursday, April 16th, Grand Convention Center in New Albany, Indiana (because no Kentuckian worth their weight would show that mess), 138 E. Market in Nawbny. 7:00 P.M. After the event ($20 advance, $25 at the door), Ziegler will be present for a wingnut reception. Get tickets by calling 502.584.7111 or emailing Wade Hurt at or DeAnna Brangers at Thanks to Brad Cummings, a known terrorist and America-hater, for bringing Johnboy back to town. [Press Release]

Attorney General Jack Conway today announced that the Department of Criminal Investigations secured the indictment of William John Miller of Bullitt County. Miller was indicted on five counts of possession and distribution of child pornography, all class D felony charges. From January 2008 through March 5, 2009, Miller allegedly committed the offense of Possession of Matter Portraying Sexual Performance by a Minor for receiving a number of pictures and videos containing kids performing sexually explicit acts. He’s also alleged, by means of a computer, to have intended to distribute the pictures. If he’s guilty, hopefully he gets the help he needs. [Attorney General]

You’ve gotta read this story about Dubai. It’s all about Dubai’s dark side – a reality we never really hear about outside of the middle east. [Johann Hari]

Congressman John Yarmuth is getting in on the stupid UConn-UofL wagering bandwagon. He and Rep. Joe Courtney of Connecticut announced a “friendly wager” on tonight’s NCAA Championship game between the UConn Huskies and the University of Louisville Cardinals women’s basketball teams. If Louisville wins, Courtney will send a gift basket of salami from Rein’s Deli in Vernon, lemonade from Farmer’s Cow, wine from a Colchester Vineyard, maple syrup from Hebron, Munson’s Chocolate UConn Husky chocolate bars, locally farmed honey and cigars from Jarmoc Farms in Enfield. If UConn wins, Yarmuth will send a gift basket of Louisville treasure complete with a Louisville slugger, a bottle of Woodford Reserve and a bucket (VOMIT) of KFC. [Just Plain Weeeeird and Embarrassing]

Punch-Out 2010!!! Hahaha. “The Courier-Journal reports that Lt. Gov/noted homophobe/FEC-violating Daniel Mongiardo has successfully bested incumbent Jim Bunning(!) in the first preliminary game of Money-Tag…” [LEO’s Fat Lip]

Fort Boonesborough State Park (our personal favorite) will launch its “Boone at Noon” program this Saturday, April 11th to commemorate the 275th anniversary of explorer Daniel Boone’s birth. Once a month through September, there’ll be a 45-minute presentation on Boone or a topic related to his family and the exploration of our great Commonwealth of Kentucky. Programs are included in the fort admission price. April 11: Jerry Raisor, park curator, will discuss “Daniel Boone and Land Acquisition”; May 2: Pam Eddy, park ranger-historian from Cumberland Gap National Park, “Daniel Boone and the Cumberland Gap”; June 27: Jim Caudill, historian, “A Boone Related Flintlock Rifle”; July 11: Paul Tierney, park naturalist at Blue Licks Battlefield, “Daniel Boone at Blue Licks”; August 8: Bill Farmer, Fort Manager, “Boone – The Natural Man”; September 5: Jessie Mains, 18th Century longhunter re-enactor, “Daniel Boone and the Longhunters.” Make sure you go! [Kentucky State Parks]

Vermont has legalized gay marriage, overriding the governor’s veto. Hide the children and never go to pinko commie hippy Vermont– which will leave more room for us. VT is the first state to allow the gays to marry without judicial action. Yay progress. [Huffington Post]

Record set on the first day of the Keeneland April sale. [Business First]

Tuesday is Cold Here in the Bluegrass!

What on earth did you people do to Kentucky while I was gone? It was nice when I left. Returned to freezing rain. What on earth!

But I’m grateful. It’s nothing like the crazy sandstorm I experienced near Winslow and on the Navajo reservation, the snow storm in Flagstaff or the 105 mile per hour winds in the Painted Desert.

Leaving for a while really makes you appreciate Kentucky.

Kentucky machine gun party-ers have mixed feelings about Nazis. And, no, this obviously is not what the “real” Kentucky is all about. Also, how is everyone in Kentucky so miserably obese? [Washington Independent by way of Wonkette]

Thank you, Courier-Journal Editorial Board! You’ve finally said what needs to be said. “The General Assembly session about which legislative leaders and Gov. Steve Beshear have been bragging was, in fact, largely a failure. In some instances, lawmakers did the wrong thing — for example by relaxing school accountability. In others, they did too little — for instance, by adopting a pitiably small revenue package while claiming to exhibit political courage.” [GO READ IT]

Daniel Mongiardo is still $180,000 away from being out of the red. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Like Joe says, other Democratic candidates for the United States Senate make Mongiardo’s numbers look anemic. [More B&P]

Republicans have hilarious (and actually honest) takes on this mess. [David Adams]

This either isn’t good news for bloggers in Phoenix or it’s not good news about Phoenix Police. [AZ Central]

Pretty sure the dean of the University of Louisville’s School of Medicine needs to pay attention to what these people have to say. [Page One Comments]

Really, Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson needs to get his act together. For the first time in 20 years, more and more dirt is going public and it’s not being ignored. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Thanks to the First Book contest, Kentucky children will receive 50,000 free books. Which they won’t be able to read, thanks to our legislature. [C-J]

Virginia is Not For Bar Owners

In Kentucky, where much of the world’s alcoholic beverages are manufactured, we have these dry counties, we have what are some of the nation’s highest alcohol taxes, we are always having elections in small communities on whether or not to allow local alcohol sales, and places where you can buy beer, but not other alcoholic  beverages. We have laws on the books regulating whether or not you can drink in the presence of dancing women.

But we’ve got nothing on Virginia.

More on Kelly Flood’s Illegal Frankfort Party

Just last week we told you Kelly Flood (who is still trying to ride Kathy Stein’s coattails, ref: Kentucky Tonight on Monday) held an illegal alcohol-fueled soiree in Frankfort– during the legislative session. A total waste of our tax dollars.

Now we’ve got a list of some folks who took part in the shindig:

The Kentucky State Police can now ask these legislators if alcohol was, indeed, inside Larry Clark’s capitol offices.

Feel free to contact the KSP if you’re inclined to do so. Our elected officials shouldn’t get to run amok throwing illegal alcohol parties on our dime. Enough is enough.

More names and details to follow.