Here Are Your Tuesday Evening Time Wasters

Longtime anchor woman Barbara Bailey is back at WKYT. Wait, does this constitute a violation of the Herald-Leader’s silly new terms of service? Heh. It’s just like a failing newspaper to get pissy over people promoting its content. [H-L]

Metro Animal Services didn’t realize there was no heat until three weeks ago? But furnaces for MAS were listed in a FEMA disaster claim? Gulbe is lying like crazy or somebody has some serious explaining to do. [Fox 41]

Remember Harlan Sheriff Deputy Roger Hall? The guy who plotted to kill Paul Browning, Jr as when he was running for sheriff? He was sentenced to 30 years in prison. [AP via H-L]

Why is it Lt. Dan can get a pig flu shot but pregnant women and children cannot? That makes tons of sense. [State Journal]

Educators tell legislators to back the you-know-what up or else. [More State Journal]

New Survey USA poll results in the U.S. Senate race will be released today. [Joe Arnold]

Watching Republicans fight over Rand Paul and Trey Grayson is tremendously entertaining. Put on your protective undergarment before wading in too deep. [Cyberhillbilly via Joe]

It’s awesome that the GOP has blocked an extension of unemployment benefits as nearly 200,000 lose their benefits just before the holidays. [HuffPo]

Papaw Beshear announced 34 new mine safety and permitting jobs. [H-L]

Operation Flamingo Road: Huge Success

Operation Flamingo Road, the largest drug roundup in Kentucky’s history, resulted in felony arrest warrants for 518 people. Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies all took part in the three year effort.

“This type of investigation often involves the same violent criminal activity as any other investigation into organized drug trafficking. We can not forget the dedication and tireless effort put forth by KSP detectives, task force officers and troopers, local officers and federal agents,” emphasized KSP Commissioner Rodney Brewer. “Without them, a round up of this magnitude would not have been possible.”

The Kentucky State Police obtained 327 of the arrest warrants issued in 33 counties.

To make it easier, just look at this fancy PDF released by the KSP:


No matter how you cut it, the numbers are absolutely impressive.

Wednesday Morning Dept of Obama’s Commies

Richie Farmer wants to be your mustachioed governor. But who in their right mind would run with him? Maybe Trey Grayson if he loses the senate race? Don’t forget to take part in the nonscientific poll. [AP via H-L]

House Republicans are turning to war criminal Ollie North for advice about Afghanistan. His conviction was eventually overturned, but who in their right mind doesn’t know about his involvement with Iran Contra? The GOP apparently has no public filter. [Politico]

Want an inside look at the Challenger disaster? An engineer who tried to stop the launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger in 1986 will give a free talk at the University of Louisville on November 3 about the ill-fated project. Allan McDonald will speak at the Planetarium at 7:30 P.M. He’s set to describe the sequence of events and discussions held the night before the launch and the horror of watching the shuttle disintegrate shortly after launch. The event is free and open to the public. [Press Release]

The Faux Family Foundation is about to crap its pants, no doubt, because Chuck Schumer told some gays a couple nights ago that he won’t rest until gay marriage exists in all 50 states. [More Politico]

Mayor McCheese Jerry Abramson is STILL praising Gilles Meloche! “Change agent” my rear. These folks should be strung up, in public, for us all to yell at. Seriously. [WFPL]

That mean Bob Layton destroyed Rand Paul. How mean! Rand Paull still hasn’t apologized for his perceived anti-Semitic language – when he compared Barack Obama with Adolf Hitler. [Bob via Joe]

Jimmy Higdon says he’ll be outspent by the Democrat in the 14th District special senate election. [Bluegrass Politics]

Law enforcement officials say the death investigation of U.S. Census worker Bill Sparkman is expected to be resolved within weeks. [C-J]

We know what kind of people the University of Kentucky are. Now we’re just negotiating the price. [Barefoot & Progressive]

John McCain will join Mitch McConnell on November 11th for the opening of the McConnell archives at the University of Louisville. That should be interesting, eh? [Joe Arnold]

PEE ALERT! A letter writer to the Courier-Journal said, “Barack Obama’s fellow commies in the media are using comics as a tool to remake the U.S. into a Maoist state.” Hahahaha. [They Get Letters]

Crit Luallen: 2009 Public Official of the Year

State Auditor of Public Accounts Crit Luallen has been named Public Official of the Year by Governing Magazine. That’s kind of a big deal.

“This is truly an honor and quite a pleasant surprise. I believe in the value of public service and I have worked to build a record of integrity and competence throughout my career,” Luallen said. “But I am also fortunate to have had some wonderful people around me who contributed to any successes I have had.”

From Governing:

Frankfort’s Fiscal Enforcer

THEY DON’T COME MORE AUTHENTICALLY Kentucky than Crit Luallen. She’s a descendant of two Kentucky governors and of a prominent whiskey distiller, as well as a familiar face in Frankfort’s halls of power. What Luallen clearly hasn’t inherited, however, is the loose ethical standard that has given the Bluegrass State more than its share of political scandals over the years.

As the state’s top fiscal cop, Luallen exposes corruption wherever she finds it. And she doesn’t stop at issuing scathing reports. Luallen has forged partnerships with the state attorney general, the FBI, the state police and the U.S. Attorney’s office so that any potential criminal activity she uncovers doesn’t wind up, as she puts it, “going down a black hole.” Since she took over as auditor in 2004, Luallen has referred an unprecedented 120 cases to law enforcement, yielding prosecutions of 18 public officials. She doesn’t worry much about the political consequences: More than half of the people busted as a result of Luallen’s audits were, like her, Democrats.

This is major. And I’d bet money that some of Papaw Beshear’s folks are grinding their teeth as we speak.

Kudos to Crit! It’s a shame she isn’t running for Governor. She’d win in a landslide.

The other 2009 recipients include: Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley; Steve Jennings, CIO of Harris County, Texas; Youngstown, OH Mayor Jay Williams; Pete Rahn, director of the Missouri Department of Transportation; Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed; Minnesota State Rep. Phyllis Kahn; Steve Hewitt, city administrator of Greensburg, Kansas.

Tuesday Morning Dept of Avoiding the Issues

Appalachia is considered one of the 15 most toxic places to live. [MNN]

Cute that Kim Geveden now admits he has no evidence the Conway Camp is behind the Mongiardo clips. And he admits recordings were made at Fancy Farm – where dozens of people were recording Lt. Dan’s commentary. Even cuter that we all know Kim Geveden was involved in the Macho Man videos and others post-Fancy Farm and the media ignored it. [Joe Gerth]

Geoff Davis is up to his old homophobic ways. Signed a letter pressuring a gay Obama staffer to resign because he’s – gasp – a known homosexual. [Iowa Independent]

Some tapes got thrown out in the Nighbert-Lawson case. And the baby jeebus wept. [Tom Loftus]

One has to wonder how Mitch McConnell has so much time on his hands to attack health care reform. What could possibly incentivize this so much for him to focus so much time and energy? [Politico]

Everyone should be apologizing to Lexington’s embarrassingly corrupt mayor for not believing in him. Because PeckerPointe is being built, right now, in real life. Right? RIGHT? [Barefoot & Progressive]

Larry Clark is loosely trying to take credit for the Norton-Anthem “deal” and is suggesting that his legislation won’t let it happen again. [Joe Arnold]

The United States Deputy Sheriff’s Association will pay a $100,000 fine to Kentucky for being, you know, a fraud. [More Tom Loftus]

The mainstream media in Lexington is taking note that coal pollution costs us $62 billion per year. Not sure if we should hold our breath to avoid the polluted air or so we can wait on the rest o the press to take note. [H-L]

And since the Herald-Leader’s editorial board actually has common sense and isn’t beholden and shady, it has written a scathing editorial of Greg Stumbo’s plan to raid education dollars. [More H-L]

Charter schools are unlikely to rear their heads in Kentucky. Because the folks who are pushing them are the Stan Lees of society. The very people who should never be let out of their cages. [C-J]

Some Monday Afternoon Time Wasters for You

It’s cute how political genius Al Cross acts like the Daniel Mongiardo tapes are no big deal. [C-J]

PeckerPointe construction is starting today! Really! A Webb dude said so on the teevee, in Lexington, so it must be true. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Flat land left over from the practice of mountaintop removal is rarely used. Who knew? Guess Greg Stumbo’s golf course, country club and house he doesn’t live in are part of that 3% of land that’s ever used. [H-L]

An interesting look at new life in old Chernobyl. [The Star]

I-66 stalls as all the money dries up. Will it ever get built? Don’t hold your breath. [Ralph Dunlop]

Kentucky doesn’t really fall anywhere on the list of best places to launch a small business in 2009. Lexington kinda does. [CNN Money]

The balloon boy hoax story from Gawker goes national. [AP via H-L]

The banks are not alright. [Paul Krugman]

According to the Kentucky Secretary of State’s office, October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. [SoS Notification Service]

Coal’s environmental damage costs the U.S. $62 billion. Can’t wait to see how Greg Stumbo and Steve Beshear spin that one. [Bloomberg]

Today U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced $20.9 million for first responders. The funds will be used for the improvement of hazardous materials planning and training. Kentucky is set to receive $311,324.00. [Press Release]

Told you this would happen: Lt. Dan & crew are blaming the Conway Campaign for the audio recordings of Daniel Mongiardo trashing Governor Steve Beshear, the office he’s running for and other people, places and things. Kim Geveden’s whiny ass titty baby mess distraction is pure hilarity.  Dear Kim/Lt. Dan:  Prove the Conway camp is behind this mess.  Because I have every reason to believe the audio comes from inside your campaign – just like the campaign plan/budget your staffers leaked to me in July. [Bluegrass Politics]

How Many Licks Does It Take to Get to the…

Jim Bunning is gumming up the works. [WaPo via C-J]

This is the future of solar power. Covert shingles that are burglar-proof. [Fast Company]

Look, Kathy Stein dressed up as some dude with a porn ‘stache and scared little children! [Oh Noes]

Oh noes. The FBI dug up part of golf course in Northern Kentucky and retrieved a container. Bet this turns into a juicy scandal.  [H-L]

How could Mitch McConnell vote against this? [The ‘Ville Voice]

The lady doth protest too much. Saying the health care bill will never see the light of day? Nice, Mr. RED CHINA Apologist. [TPM]

The governor should do more than meet with Tom Burch. He needs to be up front and transparent with the Commonwealth and that just isn’t happening on any level. [C-J]

Gregg Hale, the guy behind The Blair Witch Project, is from Henderson. He’s featured in this month’s Kentucky Living. [Kentucky Life]

This is a jacked up story about health insurance coverage dicking people around. [LA Times]

Now go enjoy your Thursday evening!