Tuesday Morning Dept of Newberry = WATB

Get thee to Frankfort tomorrow to rally for equality. It’s maybe your final chance to scare the bejeebers out of Gary Tapp. [Page One]

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has taken over a break-in investigation at the Whitley County Sheriff’s office. I hear there could be major news coming on Thursday. [Corbin Times-Tribune]

Will Obama fund the national parks? Or will he let them linger? [Take Action]

Are coal operators gaming the system to stay in business? You’ll want to read this story. Meltodown in 3, 2… [C-J]

I hear Jerry Abramson was in Morehead yesterday dining at the Ponderosa. I would have paid to see that. [Spotted]

One of the many reasons I like First Lady Jane Beshear: She’ll be speaking at the Kentucky Association of Food Banks press conference this morning at 10:00 A.M. Hunger in Kentucky 2010. Capitol Rotunda. So please show up to photograph her, get fancy teevee footage and write about her, you newsie people. [Press Release]

Here’s more proof that King Coal will support a Republican over Daniel Mongiardo. [National Journal]

HAHAHA! PEE ALERT! Jim Newberry is pissed that Joe Sonka will be asking him questions at tomorrow’s Lexington mayoral debate. I guess Newberry is happy I turned down the opportunity to question his corrupt ass. I LOVE that Newberry’s crew is focusing on Joe instead of the race. Shows how incompetent the guy has been. [H-L]

Could PhRMA be destroyed by the new health care bill? [Sunlight Foundation]

Rand Paul’s campaign meltdown over Trey Grayson’s first campaign ad is hilarious. Apparently it’s okay to say coal is dirty one day and suggest it’s taken out of context when you get called on it. [H-L]

Will anybody really complain over two cut school days? Teachers? Students? Everyday constituents? Apparently not. [Ronnie Ellis]

Sometimes It Snows When They Say It's Gonna

Governor Steve Beshear, whose ties to the payday loan industry are no secret, released this statement late yesterday: “This legislation is the right move to protect families, especially in these difficult economic times.  Many individuals and families use payday loans as a short-term fix for a long-term problem, and some interest rates reach 400 percent, making it nearly impossible to dig out of that perpetual debt.  A cap of 36 percent interest mirrors the federal government’s cap on what may be charged to our military personnel.  It’s a smart and sensible bill for Kentuckians.” [Press Release]

What the hell is going on at the University of Louisville? How is UofL so g.d. wasteful? JESUS H! Remember when I did those records requests to find out what UofL had spent on public relations? Turns out they were hiding it all via the foundation. [Ryan Alessi]

When will Mitch McConnell apologize to law enforcement for his ridiculous attack last week? [Think Progress]

Take a look at Barack Obama’s 2009 state-by-state approval/disapproval numbers from Gallup. [Click the Clicky]

Phillip Bailey went to the Louisville mayoral forum last night. Dig in and read all about it. Lisa Moxley is spot-on when it comes to the film tax incentive. Kentucky needs to do a better job at beefing that up. Jim King apparently started showing his actual personality, which consists of a real human being and not just a numbers robot. Good for him standing up to the press. [Fat Lip]

Trey Grayson is up on the radio. I’m too tired lazy to upload it from the press release, so go here to listen to it. [Bluegrass Politics]

Pulaski County Republicans do not care for Rand Paul and told him he wasn’t welcome at their event. [Joe Arnold]

The clock is ticking, Mitch McConnell. You need to apologize to the FBI and law enforcement for your ignorant remarks. [Politico]

The mainstream press hopped on the Bible bill I wrote about yesterday. [Bluegrass Politics]

It’s interesting to see particular folks shilling for the payday loan industry. I guess PR guys who harp on every issue under the sun are real experts. Ha. Also interesting to see Jeff Greer continuing to screw thousands of Kentuckians. [Ronnie Ellis]

Republicans are wondering whether or not Rand Paul’s campaign is coming apart at the seams. [Bluegrass Bulletin]

Your Evening Dept of Boogers & Crazy Geriatrics

HILARIOUS rumor: I hear the infamous Thom Karmik is headed back to Kentucky. Who will he be working for? Greg Fischer? [Hilarious Rumor]

UPDATE: The Fischer Campaign tells me Karmik would NEVER be hired by them. So, who is it? Mongiardo? He’s hopping his butt around Louisville talking to everybody.

FINAL UPDATE: Looks like he’s working for David Tandy. Hahahahaha.

Former Lt. Governor Steve Pence endorsed Republican Bruce Wicker for Congress in Kentucky’s 3rd District against John Yarmuth. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Now go to bed, you silly old fart! [Fat Lip]

Boogers, Lies and Videuhtape. [Barefoot & Progressive]

It’s time for some WHAS11-Kentucky Kingdom schadenfreude. [More VV]

What is it with Uncle Tom Riner putting his personal benefit ahead of all else? His lame measure wouldn’t stand a chance on its own in either house of the legislature. [Page One Gets Comments]

HAHAHAHA. [Wonkette]

Go watch Teabagger Chief Randy Rand Paul on CNN. He says he can win without the GOP’s help. [Bluegrass Politics]

Fancy payday loan shark rumor: I hear the House Democratic Caucus has a fancy slush fund with about $500K from three industries: payday loan sharks, king coal and the nursing home industry. Imagine that. [Fancy Frankfort Rumor Mill]

Tonight’s scheduled guests for Comment on Kentucky are: Linda Blackford (Herald-Leader), Ronnie Ellis (CNHI) and Stephenie Steitzer (Courier-Journal). Tune in to KET 1 at 8:00 P.M. Eastern! [Press Release]

Mitch McConnell should issue an official apology to federal law enforcement everywhere. [Think Progress]

Loren Carl Nominated for U.S. Marshal

Loren Carl, District Coordinator for Ben Chandler since 2004, has been nominated by President Barack Obama to serve as a U.S. Marshal for the Eastern District of Kentucky.

From the press release:

He is also a Director of the Woodford County Kentucky Bank Board. Carl was the Chief of Police at the Woodford County, Kentucky, Police Department from December 2003 to April 2004, and a detective with that agency from 1980 to 1985.  From 1996 to 2003, he was the Director of the Financial Integrity Enforcement Division of the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office.  He served as Sheriff of Woodford County from 1986 to 1996 and was a deputy sheriff from 1978 to 1979.  Prior to his law enforcement experience, Carl was a manager with the Kentucky Finance Company from 1973 to 1977.  He served in the U.S. Air Force from 1969 to 1971.  Carl received a general business certificate from Kentucky Business College in 1971.

Congrats to Squirrel!

Thursday Morning Dept of Failed Leadership

Kentuckians are evenly split in their opinion of whether or not Steve Beshear absolutely sucks you-know-whats as governor. Only 44% approve. And it’s not true that Beshear doesn’t pay attention to approval numbers [Joe Gerth]

Mitch McConnell raised big bucks from a foreign defense contractor probed for bribery. [Talking Points Memo]

The PSC demands answers from EKPC. Will it get them? [External PDF Link]

Steve Beshear praised Barack Obama’s “clean coal” proposals. Too bad clean coal isn’t happening. [Bluegrass Politics]

Will Barack Obama keep his campaign promise on national parks? Will he address the National Park Service’s funding shortfall? [NPCA]

A former FBI interrogator says Mitch McConnell doesn’t know what he’s talking about. [Washington Independent]

Just, yeah, no words but laughter on this line from the Bi-State Bridges Shizbucket Mess: “My favorite came from our Old Kentucky Papaw, Gov. Beshear: “We don’t want grass to grow under our feet.” [LEO’s FatLip]

Big drug news: 51 were targeted in a Winchester drug bust. More evidence that Kentucky has some of the best law enforcement professionals in the country. [H-L]

Greg Stumbo: Please don’t misspeak about merit and non-merit positions that are facing scrutiny. It’s a surefire way to get people so mad that they email me non-stop. [State Journal]

I think it’d be wise for the governor’s office to comment on something as important as a proposed budget. That’s what a governor is supposed to do. Oh, and it’d also help if he had bothered to present a budget that the legislature could use. [Stephenie Steitzer]

Tuesday Morning Dept of Enemies of Liberty!

WHAT? You mean to tell me there’s no “Enemy of Liberty” in Kentucky to face Rand Paul? [Gawker]

When will Gary Tapp come clean about why he isn’t running for re-election to the state senate? I hear it involves his cousin. [Page One Flashback]

The military is losing ground in the fight against suicides. Andrew Horne: Thoughts? [H-L]

John Yarmuth finally caved on health care reform. [WFPL]

A witness in the Nighbert-Lawson trial says Nighbert received more than $30,000 in error. [John Cheves]

An FBI agent testified in the case. Lots of deets about how the investigation got off the ground. [Tom Loftus]

Mitch McConnell will never, ever, propose an alternative to anything. He’ll just solidly obfuscate and oppose everything. [WaPo]

What does Republican Bill Farmer do when he doesn’t get his way? Work toward a compromise? Nope, he just cold quits like Sarah Palin. [Bluegrass Politics]

Rand Paul’s demand that Trey Grayson resign is a little bit out of this world. [Fat Lip]

TGIF! Fancy Road Corruption, Meth & Dinosaurs

Bill Nighbert told Joe Prather to stay close to Leonard Lawson. Lawson wanted Prather to take care of three people: Jim Rummage, Ellen Briscoe (Danny’s wife) and another person Prather said he couldn’t recall. [Tom Loftus]

Steve Beshear testified for 90 minutes at the Lawson-Nighbert trial and it wasn’t all puppies and rainbows for him. Turns out he hasn’t cleaned up Frankfort and it’s interesting to see the defense pointing all of his messes out. [John Cheves]

Cindy McCain (yes, Cougar) posed for the No Hate Campaign in California. [MSNBC]

Fairdale Bigfoot is still running for mayor and he’s got a new advice column this week! Relationship advice time! [Consuming Louisville]

Apparently the Associated Press thinks being a lesbian is a one-time thing. [H-L]

That Jesus Museum in Northern Kentucky is going to be pissed that the Louisville Zoo is about to play host to some robodinos. [WHAS11]

Everybody in Kentucky loves their meth. According to the KSP, 716 labs were discovered in 2009. [WFPL]

So what’s the real story behind Harry Moberly’s departure? [Ronnie Ellis]

Jack Conway says he just doesn’t care for war. Strange for a Democrat to say something Democratic in Kentucky. [WBKO]

Republicans keep saying they have a plan for health care. But it’s been months and they’re still unable to hand it over. Because it doesn’t exist. [NY Times]

How is it we can afford to spend $173 million on roads in Lexington while we’ve got a $1.5 billion budget shortfall or whatever? [H-L]