Thursday Afternoon Dept of Poverty & Pig Flu

Aww, how sweet! Yet another anonymous Twitter account built to attack us. And the only folks to mention it? The Hillbilly Report guys. Imagine that. [Hillbilly Report & Fake Jacob Payne]

P.S. Our favorite part of the faux Twitter account is this: “Greg’s learning the hard way what Steve, Heather, Bruce and 2500 clients know: once you stop paying me I will use your confidences against u” – 2:35 PM May 8th. Isn’t that sweet?  During the work day, even.  So let’s set the record straight yet again. Steve Henry and Heather French Henry have faced a two-year-long investigation by the Kentucky State Police’s Special Investigations unit because of their own actions. Not because Steve didn’t pay me– he did. Illegally. Just so happens that it took two private citizens to get the investigation started because Greg Stumbo refused to launch an investigation and the U.S. Attorney’s office didn’t want to seem “too political.”

Yup, I said it.  Greg Stumbo refused to launch an investigation and tried to quash it politically.  Even went so far as to have Dale Emmons tell me to “shred anything else you’ve got on Steve” on election loss night 2007.

So keep attacking, folks, because there’s a lot more I can release.  A whole heck of a lot. I’ll keep naming names and publishing items all kinds of people in power don’t want me to release.

The Kentucky Department of Public Health reported two more confirmed cases of swine flu to the Centers for Disease Control today. The newly reported cases involve adult males from Madison and Oldham counties. Yup, we’re all gonna die of the pig flu. And then we’re all gonna die of the poverty. Kroger runs on bread and milk are imminent. This brings Kentucky to 12 cases. Click the clicky to keep constant track of the pig flu terror. [Health Alerts]

Mitch McConnell is definitely supporting usury. And he’s received over $5 million from the banking industry. You still wondering why he’s part of the problem or why he’s standing against the Truth In Lending Act? [DownWithTyranny]

What was that about Rush Limbaugh and the GOP not being racist? What was that, Brad Cummings? “Think reparations” my ass. [Pam’s House Blend]

Ruh ro. Looks like local auto dealers are feeling the impact of Chrysler’s impending failure. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Richie Farmer can’t adequately handle his job as agriculture commissioner. How the heck could he handle being governor? Even Republicans cringe at the thought of him running the Commonwealth. [Bluegrass Politics]

Ben Chandler did something we approve of! Yes, we’re as surprised as everyone else. He sponsored a bill in the U.S. House that passed 275-155 that will authorize $6.4 billion in fiscal year 2010 for green school renovation and construction projects. What is it with Republicans who continue to stand against actual progress? Greening schools will save taxpayers zillions of dollars. It’s a flipping no-brainer. [Congressional Quarterly]

Help us find a home for Otis! [Clicky Clicky]

It’s National Police Week and all kinds of Kentucky po-leece menz are in Washington, D.C. to commemorate the addition of the names of fallen officers to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial. [Jim Carroll]

Derby Video Prompts Police Investigation

The Louisville Metro Police Department for using the internets to investigate a matter that was turning into a total nightmare for the Commonwealth’s largest city. (We’re not be sarcastic)

Check this out:

Louisville Metro Police Chief Robert White has opened an investigation after he learned of a video posted on YouTube that shows a man in the infield of Churchill Downs being struck while being arrested on Kentucky Derby Day.

The video, which is labeled “Derby Beat Down,” shows the force officers used to subdue a man they were taking into custody.

Members of the Professional Standards Unit, which investigates whether officers have violated departmental policies, were asked yesterday to look into the incident, said Alicia Smiley, a spokeswoman for the department.

She said that White was made aware of the video on YouTube site and deemed an investigation was necessary. No other complaint about the incident has been filed with the department, she said.

Here’s the video:

And while we’re on a kick of giving kudos – when did the C-J learn to embed YouTube videos? Congratulations.

Hopefully they get to the bottom of this mess.

Another Court Filing In the Felner Case

A new filing in the ongoing Robert Felner saga from May 7th is rather interesting. It’s a motion from the U.S. Attorney’s Office that addresses Felner’s claims that he felt like he was in custody.

We learn that Felner knew/thought/suspected he was going to be charged with something:

At 3:08 into the interview Felner asks if he is charged with anything during the following exchange:

Felner: I’m charged with something on that, though.

Jewell: No, you are not being charged with something. OK. I mean…

Felner: But, I mean, some charges coming down the road I’m going to be…I’ll have a job that I can’t lose.

Jewell: Sir, I, I, I, I don’t know. I mean, I can’t talk to you about your personal stuff. I mean, I have no idea. I can’t give you guidance there you know. You are not under arrest today. Uh, You know, I’m not here to arrest you, or what, you know, at the end of the day, you get up and go home and do whatever you want to do … Uh, I appreciate your cooperation. Uh, my only question was, uh, we’ve covered the laptops, and, and one of them is in your bedroom drawer. And, the other…


At about 3:30 into the interview Tatum again tells Felner that they are just investigating and that he is innocent at this point. Felner says “I’m not innocent because I’ve done all these stupid things” and he adds that he knows he is in some trouble. At 4:48 into the interview Felner again asks if he could go to jail and Tatum says it is up to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, not the investigators.


One would think that a dean could understand the plain meaning of the statement “you are not under arrest.”

Pretty interesting, eh? And who knew the good folks at the USA’s office were so skilled that they could use snark in a filing with the court? Consider us impressed.

If you read the entire motion, it’s pretty clear that there’s no way Felner could have thought he was under arrest during initial interviews with him by law enforcement. Click here (Warning: PDF Link) for the entire document.

We’re no judge or legal expert, but let’s get real. Though, if you were in his shoes, we imagine you’d be feeling the heat quite a bit.

Interesting that Felner’s legal team is focusing on law enforcement’s common practices and their criticisms of those practices. Is that because they don’t want to deal with the nuts and bolts of the case or because they feel this is the only area where they’ve got a legitimate beef?

Hoo, boy. Gonna be a fun few months as this story unfolds. Stay tuned.

Wednesday Morning Dept of Bunning Is Magic

Wonkette is psychic and predicts an hilarious outcome between Jim Bunning and Rand Paul. [Wonkette]

What was that about Mormons not being crazy? Not even the Scientologists or snake handlers would pull something this sick. [AmericaBlog]

Daniel Solzman says he will not be involved in a fancy comedy battle. And we’re left to shed a lonely tear. [Solzy]

Dudley Webb and alleged Mayor Jim Newberry (of Lexington) have proved to be the saviors of all that is holy. Or something like that. Right? They got a nice dose of reality yesterday when future Mayor of Lexington Jim Gray unleashed. [B&P here & here]

Don’t miss video footage of the whole CentrePointe showdown. [WKYT]

Ouch, indeed. Jim Bunning’s comments attacking Mitch McConnell spread like wildfire yesterday. [Jim Carroll]

Hero of Brad Cummings and Louisville Republicans, Mike Pence, descends into gibberish after Chris Matthews questions him about evolution. Absolutely priceless. Hopefully the local GOP will continue to bring in headliners like Pence who do awesome things like this on a regular basis. [Huffington Post]

The Fraternal Order of Police is not happy with Jerry Abramson. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Coal-ash waste could be re-classified as hazardous waste. And the sound you hear is Jim Gooch rapidly sharting and gasping as he tries to wrap his mind around it all. [James Bruggers]

Crit Luallen Refers Elliott County Clerk to OAG

Yesterday State Auditor Crit Luallen’s office released the 2007 audit of Elliott County Clerk Reeda Ison. As a result of the audit, Luallen has referred the case to the Kentucky Office of the Attorney General because of a deficit of more than $5,800. And due to ongoing deficits, Luallen’s office has referred each of Ison’s annual audits to law enforcement agencies since 2004.

In June 2008 an Elliott County grand jury indicted Ison on 19 charges, including 15 counts of abuse of public trust and four counts of theft my failure to make required disposition of funds.

The 2007 audit revealed a $5,811 deficit. In 2002 it was $9,642. In 2001 it was $8,476. The unresolved cumulative total over seven years? More than $54,000.

“Our annual audits of the Elliott County Clerk continue to find deficits in the office due to improper controls and questionable financial management,” Luallen said. “The citizens of Elliott deserve stronger accountability of their tax dollars and stronger oversight of that office. We appreciate the continuing cooperation of the Attorney General’s Office in pursuing this matter.”

The current deficit is a result of Ison’s salary exceeding statutory maximums by $188, December 2005 Ambulance District Delinquent Taxes totaling $1,369 and expenditures that have gone undocumented and posted as delinquent taxes totaling $4,254.

On top of it all, the clerk owes $4,906 in federal withholdings and $2,138 in state retirement withholdings from her 2007 account. These matters have been referred to the IRS and Kentucky Retirement Systems.

You’ve gotta give the entire audit (Warning: PDF Link) a read. Our favorite part? When Ison offers no official response at all, to any claim.

We love us some eastern Kentucky waste, fraud and abuse.

On a related note: Ison has officially resigned from office. Her reasoning? “[B]ad health and other complications.” Mmm hmm.  Other complications.  We bet.

Big News: Guilty Pleas in Covington Hate Case

Jack Conway and the Office of the Attorney General just announced the conviction, by guilty plea, of the three defendants in connection with their joint roles in election finance crimes in Covington last year.

Steven Megerle pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to violate campaign finance restrictions and one count of conspiracy to fail to identify campaign contributors and advertisers. He was sentenced to 12 months in jail, conditionally discharged for one year, and a $500 fine. Prosecutors are demanding that Megerle have no involvement in the financial affairs of any political campaign and to be barred from seeking public office during this period.

Jerry Bamberger pled guilty to the same two offenses and was sentenced to 12 months in jail, conditionally discharged for two years. He will also be barred from involvement in the financial affairs of any political campaign and from seeking further public office.

Craig Johnson pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to violate campaign finance restrictions.


Guess it goes to show you cannot discriminate against someone while at the same time violating campaign finance laws. Score one for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Page One & The ‘Ville Voice on TeeVee!

Problems with Louisville Metro Corrections, the Karen Sypher and Rick Pitino craziness, Jerry Abramson’s corrupt administration screwing local businesses, JCPS Supe Sheldon Berman’s big time conflicts and Governor Steve Beshear/Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo’s worst nightmare comes true as President Barack Obama seeks to end disastrous mountaintop removal practices.

Check us out this week. You know it’s good when both Rick and Dan are uncomfortable.