Friday Evening Dept of Wasteful David Williams

In case you missed it, David Williams is forcing the Kentucky State Police to spend untold hundreds of thousands of dollars to guard his butt outside the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Meanwhile, he’s got his own bloated staff and hypocritically call for cuts everywhere but his budget. [Page One]

The University of Louisville is admittedly in a mad grab for cash. Could that explain the recent move to hire grant menz instead of tried and true educators? [C-J]

Tonight’s edition of Comment on Kentucky might be interesting. Scheduled guests: Jack Brammer, Liz Donatelli and Debby Yetter. 8:00 P.M. Eastern on KET. So tune in. [Press Release]

Why probe crazy and corrupt Charlie Rangel but not Mitch McConnell? [Salon]

Speaking of Mitch McConnell, he says health care reform will drive the general election in November. [WFPL]

Funniest headline all week: “Mongiardo Latest With Tiny Ad Buy.” Hahahah. [National Journal]

Just in case you’re one of the few people who aren’t in the loop, catch up with “This Week in Frankfort” from the LRC. [Owen Covington]

Who could have predicted that there’d be a racist Rand Paul wacko in Lexington? Attention Joe: Campaign for Liberty is a 501( c )4, not a 401. I know, totally strange. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Larry Clark got Lt. Dan the UAW endorsement. [Bluegrass Politics]

It’s hilarious that Kim Geveden is continuing to act like Jack Conway is the devil because he didn’t write a letter for Lt. Dan to read in front of the Paultards. [WHAS11]

Kentucky Crafted: The Market is open to the general public this weekend, so go! 9-6 on Saturday, 10-5 on Sunday. Admission is $8 and parking is $6. [Kentucky Crafted]

This Is Truly Unbelievable: Costs for David Williams' Police Protection

The Kentucky Revised Statues require the Kentucky State Police to provide protection for the General Assembly and Legislative Research Commission.

Just for your reference:

6.420 Department of Kentucky State Police to provide protection for facilities and property of General Assembly and Legislative Research Commission.

The Department of Kentucky State Police shall furnish adequate protection for the property and facilities of the General Assembly and the Legislative Research Commission, both during and between sessions of the General Assembly, and shall render such additional security services as may be required by the co-chairmen of the Legislative Research Commission.

Effective: June 26, 2007
History: Amended 2007 Ky. Acts ch. 85, sec. 1, effective June 26, 2007. — Created 1978 Ky. Acts ch. 378, sec. 1, effective June 17, 1978.

That typically wouldn’t be an issue. Primarily because there’s no question the state legislature needs security while in session. But in the face of police budget cuts, why is it necessary to have the KSP providing this protection 24/7? Why can’t private security guards be used? Because it’s kind of important to keep the KSP out and about protecting Kentucky in general.

That’s a minor concern, really.

What takes the cake? The fact that the KSP has to travel with David Williams and the big dogs when they travel out of state. Why the hell would a Kentucky legislator need police protection to go anywhere, let alone somewhere outside the Commonwealth? It boggles the mind.

But take a look at the data I just got from the Kentucky State Police detailing state police personnel travel costs for the 2008-2009 General Assembly:


  • Cost to provide meals and lodging for 2008 travel: $11,043.49
  • Cost for security for 2008 session (includes above): $326,257.46
  • Mileage paid for 2008 travel (LRC reimbursed): $3,792.11
  • Cost of meals and lodging for 2008 travel (LRC reimbursed): $4,713.85


  • Cost to provide meals and lodging for 2009 travel: $3,672.84
  • Cost for security for 2009 session (includes above): $230,518.84
  • Mileage paid for 2009 travel (LRC reimbursed): $1,289.40
  • Cost of meals and lodging for 2009 travel (LRC reimbursed): $1,218.84

That’s $567,790.50. Yet David Williams and Greg Stumbo have the gall to complain about cutting this budget or that.

These numbers are absolutely obscene. Why on Earth are we forcing the KSP to spend its own money to protect these buffoons?

Really? Police protection for a Kentucky legislator when they leave the state?

Whitley County Sheriff Hodge Finally Speaks

Oh, this is ripe.

A couple weeks ago, news broke that the ATF and other federal authorities took over a break-in investigation at the Whitley County Sheriff Lawrence Hodge’s office.

On February 25th, State Auditor Crit Luallen’s office released two reports detailing major corruption and hundreds of thousands of dollars gone missing in that same sheriff’s office. News also came that the FBI had gotten involved. At the time of the audit, Sheriff Hodge refused to address matters with the Auditor.

The next day we called for the resignation of Hodge and all hell broke loose. We got more hate-filled calls and emails on that topic than we’d received in weeks.

So what now? The sheriff is in full-on CYA mode.

Let’s take a look:

For the second time in less than nine months, State Auditor Crit Luallen has issued a scathing audit of Whitley County Sheriff Lawrence Hodge’s books, and has again referred findings to the FBI for further investigation.


“I don’t claim to know how to keep the books that’s why in this sheriff’s office you have a bookkeeper, who is certified by the state. They should have turned this loose when they turned the others loose.”


Hodge said that auditors are mistaken thinking that he deposited his personal funds to buy a money order to repay money.


“They’d have to lock me up before I gave them a nickel,” he added.


Hodge said that he will not be issuing financial statements to informants out of concern for their safety.

“Guilty. I’m not going to,” he said. “Whatever it takes, I’m not going to give them no tax form. I’m not going to put their name on anything,” he said.


“We owe the fiscal court nothing,” Hodge said about any past amounts. “We absolutely owe nobody anything. How many minutes of air do you think I would take as a free man if they thought that I had stole something with me running against the state police in the election?”

“How many seconds do you think I would remain free? I’d be in jail so fast my head would spin.”

Click here to read the entire story from the Corbin News Journal.

So let’s get this straight: It’s not his responsibility because he doesn’t keep the books. He still has no official response. He’s trying to make this a political issue. And he’s above the law.

Mind. Blown.

It’s people like this who give law enforcement a bad name in Eastern Kentucky. No wonder corruption is perpetual in the mountains.

Some Fancy Friday Evening Time Wasters

We believe the incompetent Whitley County Sheriff should resign immediately. [Page One]

Jeff Greer is bought and paid for by the payday loan industry. Just check his latest campaign finance reports. [H-L]

Even the Courier-Journal editorial board is on to Greer’s hypocrisy. He’s the embodiment of being unethical. [C-J]

More Joe Arnold on Trey Grayson being mean to poor Rand Paul. [WHAS11]

We hear Bob Damron is running scared now that he’s got a Republican running against him that isn’t a nutbag. Outside of hating the gays and wanting to force his “values” down your throat, that is. Which is no different than Bob. [Peter Kerr]

Jack Conway sat down with WYMT to discuss job creation. [WYMT]

Rand Paul apparently attacked Adair County Republicans and made a bunch of shiz up when he was called a liar. This race is crazy. Buncha shizhouse rats eating each other alive. [Some Bill Johnson Lady]

Greg Stumbo just doesn’t care for Mike McCall making eleventeen hundred thousand dollars while being a whiny ass titty baby. [Tom Loftus]

Don’t miss Comment on Kentucky tonight at 8:00 P.M. Eastern on KET. Scheduled guests include Ronnie Ellis, Stephenie Steitzer and Samantha Swindler (Times Tribune of Corbin). [Press Release]

State Rep. Reginald Meeks has had it up to his elbows with Frankfort and he’s coming unhinged. I love it more than my luggage. Check out these awesome bits from his latest email blast. [The ‘Ville Voice]

What are these people smoking? Hells yes we’d risk our lives to save pets. [HuffPo]

Whitley County Sheriff Hodge Should Resign

Yesterday I highlighted two audits of Whitley County Sheriff Lawrence Hodge.

Tens of thousands of dollars just missing, shoddy records and massive corruption.

And last night the Herald-Leader’s Bill Estep shared additional details.

That’s on top of an ongoing federal investigation.

So what happens next?

Hodge has abused his authority and embarrassed Southeastern Kentucky for long enough. This level of corruption cannot be tolerated in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

We call on Sheriff Hodge to resign immediately.

Telephone him at (606) 549-6006 ext 6007 if you think it’s time for him to leave office. You may also email him at

P.S. Here’s this story from WKYT.

Audit Reveals Major Corruption in Whitley Co

A couple days ago, news broke of the ATF taking over a break-in investigation at the Whitley County Sheriff’s office.

Whattya know? There’s more trouble for the sheriff. Auditor of Public Accounts Crit Luallen has released (you guessed it) two audits of the Whitley County Sheriff showing a total deficit of more than $216,000. The audits have been referred to the FBI for a $92,015 deficit. In June, five sheriff’s audits were referred to the FBI for a $124,000 deficit.

Some highlights:

  • 2008 fee account, used for day-to-day operations, had a $4,426 deficit
  • 2007 fee account was used for 2008 fee receipts, creating a cumulative deficit of $15,054, including $10,628 from the 2007 account.
  • The tax account has a deficit of $87,589.
  • The audits recommend personal funds be used to cover the deficits

From a random sampling of taxpayer checks to the sheriff, auditors found:

  • Eight taxpayers’ checks for 14 tax bills totaling $3,600 more than the amounts marked as paid on the tax bills and reported by the sheriff’s office
  • Three of these 14 bills were marked as if they were paid during the face period and were reported to the taxing districts at the face period amounts.  However, the sheriff’s office received payment at the five percent penalty amount.
  • The remaining 11 bills were marked as if they were paid during the five-percent penalty period and were reported to the taxing districts at the five-percent penalty period amount. However, the sheriff’s office received payment at the 21-percent penalty period amount.

Auditors found that the sheriff didn’t maintain proper documentation for receipts and disbursements of the drug and alcohol account. This has occurred in previous audits of the office.

It only gets worse from there, so let’s dig in to the 2007 tax account and 2008 fee account audits…


The Sheriff’s Office Did Not Properly Account For And Distribute All Tax Payments Received From Taxpayers — As I mentioned earlier, 8 taxpayer checks for 14 tax bills totaled $3,600 more than the amounts marked as paid on the tax bills reported by the sheriff. 3 of the 14 were were marked as if paid during the face period. However, the sheriff received payment at a 5% penalty. The other 11 bills were marked as if they were paid during the 5% penalty period but were paid at the 21% penalty amount.According to the audit, supplemental reports can be used to conceal the theft of tax payments.

The sheriff didn’t respond.

The Sheriff Should Not Deposit Fee And Drug Account Money In His Tax Account — 127 checks that should have been deposited in the 2007 fee account totaling $3,923, one drug fund check totaling $1,400 and 239 checks meant for the 2008 fee account totaling $25,677 were deposited in the 2007 tax account.

3 of the 2008 fee checks totaling $10,029 were reimbursements for 2008 deputies’ salaries paid with Kentucky Law Enforcement Foundation Program Funds. 2 other 2008 fee checks totaling $5,023 were payments to the sheriff’s office for transporting prisoners and serving as a bailiff of the court. All 5 of the payments were posted to the 2008 fee receipts ledger. The auditor found that deposit details were altered after deposits had been made. They were able to determine that several smaller checks and cash made up the deposits to the 2008 fee account.

The sheriff didn’t respond.

Trust me – you’re going to want to read the rest of this mess after the jump…

Read moreAudit Reveals Major Corruption in Whitley Co

Why Is Cockfighting a Problem in Kentucky?

See for yourself:

Click here.

Watch the video and read the story.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Greg Stumbo, a former attorney general, said he’s not sure cockfighting should be illegal. “A lot of people argue that it’s a tradition in our country — dates back to Thomas Jefferson and George Washington,” Stumbo said.

“I don’t necessarily believe that it’s the worst crime that’s ever been committed.”

That’s right. Uniformed police officers caught on video at a cockfight. And Greg Stumbo essentially endorsing the practice.

What Stumbo isn’t saying, however, is rumored to have once stopped a raid in Pike County while he was Attorney General because – get this – one of his relatives was involved in the cockfighting pit.

Welcome to the Commonwealth.