Like Clockwork, Pokey Takes Credit For This

I told you last night that Steve Beshear was taking credit for no law enforcement officers getting killed in the line of duty during 2009. Something that, uh, has nothing to do with the governor?

So… Like clockwork, his office issued this mess:


The header info reads: Governor Beshear celebrates a calendar year with no fallen law enforcement officers.

How cute is that? Taking credit for nobody dying.

It’s great that no one has died. But this is frustrating.

Who advises this man? Jeeeeeeeeeeeesus H.

Thursday Morning Dept of Where's All the Snow?

LIVE: Papaw Beshear Reads Kentucky’s Eulogy. The liveblog from last night’s State of the Commonwealth address. Hot mess. Right here on the internet googlebox. [Page One]

Dear Joe Arnold: You could ask me how I got the email (or just read the comments here) to find out that I received it from more than one of the recipients. Instead, you’ve become a parrot for Rand Paul, I guess? You’re being taken for a spin by David Adams. Rand Paul clearly said in the email that Chip “Inciter of Racist Violence” Saltsman would be consulting on the campaign. [WHAS11]

Will Kentucky’s U.S. Senate race be a close call? [Talking Points Memo]

The Wall Street Journal things it’ll be a toss-up. The WSJ also thinks Rand Paul bolsters Democratic chances. [WSJ]

Thank goodness the Courier wrote a story about Jim Gooch’s stupid ass piece of global warming denial legislation. [C-J]

It’s a shame our governor is incompetent and refuses to consider comprehensive tax reform. Jonathan Meador makes the case. [LEO Weekly]

The House Judiciary committee will hear Amanda’s Bill today. Thinking about Amanda Ross is still devastating. Miss her. [Ronnie Ellis]

Oh, and here’s Ronnie’s take on Papaw Beshear’s thingy last night. [More Ronnie]

During that mess of a speech last night, Pokey gave few details about how he plans to protect us from the budget nightmare. Anybody have any clue? [Tom Loftus]

You know, this is something that makes me decently proud to be a Kentuckian. We treat our law enforcement officers with respect here in the Commonwealth. Can’t say the same for other parts of the country. [H-L]

Thought Nothing Was Colder Than Beshear’s Stare

The DSCC has spent about $20,000 in Kentucky over the past few months. Told ya so. [CQ Politics]

WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE OF THE POVERTY! Steve Beshear says the 2011-2012 budget shortfall is $1.5 billion. But he still refuses to address comprehensive tax reform and is thus ignoring the reality-based community in which the rest of Kentucky lives. [Press Release]

How… Um. Well. How did this become an AP story? Wow. [H-L]

This could quite possibly be the coolest old lady video ever. [YouTube]

Eight steps to understanding Kentucky’s budget crunch. [H-L]

Fairness did not care for the Archbishop’s thingy in the paper today. [C-J]

Nobama is just cold trying to kill old people now. Sarah Palin was right! [WHAS11]

Woah – the state rejected a coal ash permit. [AP]

Hrm. Wonder why this hasn’t been scheduled in Kentucky? [NLC]

I think the Office of the Attorney General is getting all of its cases from old Law & Order episodes. Some 18-year-old dude was just indicted for possession and distribution of kiddie porn, just like a dude on L&O the other day. [Press Release]

Steve Henry: The Aftermath of PLEADING GUILTY


CLICK HERE (Warning: PDF Link) for the full court file (73 pages) from the Henry case proving him wrong.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Here’s the June 30, 2006 letter from the FEC I just mentioned on the radio. Click here (Warning: PDF Link) for that.

Original story below:

That Steve Henry is a character, isn’t he? Here’s my story from yesterday. Check it all out for a trip down the Henry memory hole, in video.

That’s all behind us. Or is it?

Let’s see. (Sorry, I’m not shutting up yet) I know everything and I am going to talk about it.

Steve Henry pleaded guilty to three charges. Guilty. He is guilty. Then he had the gall to spew forth every absurdity you can imagine to the press. He blamed Greg Stumbo for his troubles left and right (not reality – Greg’s office rejected the case and that’s why Leslie Holland spent $15,000 to get complaints before the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance). He blamed me and said I used him to get a job with Bruce Lunsford (not true, obviously, as is backed up by the thousands of pages of evidence in the hands of the police and the court). And he blamed Leslie Holland (saying she was unemployable, perjured herself, attacked her medical condition, etc). He is certifiable.

So. Listen up, Steve: Just stop. You’re finished politically. The legal system has done its job. You screw up again in the next two years and you have to do jail time at Metro. You never know when to stop with the corruption and it’s finally gotten you into a heap of trouble. You didn’t stop when I confronted you in 2006 and look where it has gotten you. This is terribly sad. Good friendships and the public trust flushed down the toilet. And for what? Your ego.

How dare you accuse me of lying about everything you did – it was all documented!

How dare you attack Greg Stumbo for coming at you with a “witch hunt.”

YOU are the guy who pleaded GUILTY to THREE CHARGES. You illegally used funds from a federal account for a state race. You illegally used money from two 501(c)3 non-profits (with the knowledge of your wife, since one was her fake veterans group) to pay for your gubernatorial race.

Innocent people don’t plead guilty, don’t pay KREF fines and most certainly don’t forfeit $600,000. Innocent people don’t usually agree to be sentenced to 12 months in jail.

Really. You deserve it. And the beauty of all this? Everybody in the press is reading this at this very moment and they’re all thinking the same thing.

Some mainstream coverage of the mess:

  • Steve Henry accepts plea deal [FOX41]
  • Here’s the Fox41 video [Click Here]
  • Judge pronounces Henry guilty in election finance case [Ralph Dunlop]
  • Ex-lt. go. enters plea in election-finance case [WHAS11]
  • Steve Henry accepts plea deal on campaign funds (read it) [John Cheves]
  • Henry accepts plea deal, admits no guilt to alleged campaign violations [More WHAS11]
  • Steve Henry found guilty of violating campaign finance laws [More Ralph Dunlop]

Excerpts from Ralph’s story:

The case against him amounted to nothing more than a “political witch hunt” instigated by then-Attorney General Greg Stumbo, Henry told reporters. His accusers were liars, he said, and the evidence against him was weak.

Weak? Guess that’s why he was convicted. Found guilty on all three charges and given a jail sentence. Liars? Haha. Right.

“Why is she here?” Henry wanted to know.

Maybe because she filed the complaint with the KREF and has spent three years seeing this case through prosecution?

Henry also contended that when Holland’s complaint was filed with the registry and with the attorney general’s office, Stumbo should have delayed a possible prosecution until the registry had finished its administrative proceedings.

So Greg should not have followed the law in recusing himself and appointing a special prosecutor? Okay. Good call.

“I don’t know what kind of doctor Steve Henry is, but I know he’s not a lawyer. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” Crawford said.

“If he’s the innocent person he says he is, why did he stand up there and accept a conviction? If he doesn’t believe we had the evidence, why did he agree to a plea bargain? He knows we could prove this case.”

Crawford also said he personally interviewed Henry twice about the allegations, and “he didn’t have answers that satisfied me.”

Oh snap.

From Greg Stumbo:

“The final outcome and resulting plea agreement is proof positive that the investigation was warranted. It is unfortunate that Dr. Henry still continues to point fingers, and cast blame, rather than taking responsibility for his personal conduct.”


The summary includes the assertion that Henry reimbursed himself in the amount of $1,391 from his federal “testing the waters” account after he announced his candidacy for governor; that he paid two campaign workers, Jacob “Jake” Payne and Holland, a total of nearly $10,000 from the federal campaign account, also after his announcement for governor; and that he donated three computers owned by the federal account and valued at $2,340, to the state race.


Payne, the campaign worker, also was paid a total of $678 with funds from the Kentucky Prostate Cancer Coalition Inc. for work on Henry’s 2007 race for governor, according to the statement of facts. Henry is a prostate cancer survivor, and the founder and president of the coalition.

What was that about me lying? Again, I told the truth and Steve Henry did pay me illegally. I still have the cancelled checks. I didn’t receive much of from the $10,000 amount as it was all reimbursement (I think – it’s been three years!) for campaign supplies.

In summary: Steve Henry is guilty and the facts prove it.

Let’s put this issue to bed. I’m sick to death of it and am sad for our Commonwealth.

Blind Item – Everything Comes In Threes

Apparently everything does come in threes. KLC audit. Rand Paul’s mess. And this:

I hear that next week a certain former Lieutenant Governor will be hit with two Class D felonies (possibly cut down to Class A misdemeanors) carrying 12-month sentences (most likely to be suspended) regarding KRS 121 violations.

And that some other investigations are ongoing.

This Monday Evening Is Dying of the Poverty

Santa will be sworn in this Wednesday by Stan Lee. That’s right. Beshear & Crew allowed someone who wants to be sworn in by Stan Lee to win the special senate election. To think Santa’s elves tried to spin me for weeks into believing he was different, that he didn’t stand for bigoted junk. My, how the tides have turned, you lying elves. [Bluegrass Politics]

The Commonwealth is facing the worst budget crisis in eleventy billion years. So Steve Beshear took time out of his busy governing day to attend a press conference with Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry to announce 22 possible new jobs. 22. Because there’s nothing more important than taking peoples’ minds off your own failures while attempting to prop up a sad mayoral re-election campaign. [Press Release]

Oh, Susan Straub: What lies have we printed about Jim Newberry? Care to share specifics and start acting like an adult, or will you continue down the path of typical gubmint staffer who can’t handle criticism of their boss? [Barefoot & Progressive]

Joe Gerth discusses upcoming scare tactics that the legislature will face from Papaw and his Gas Station crew. [C-J]

Jim Gray was on Kentucky Newsmakers this weekend. He won’t turn a blind eye to wasteful spending and he actually knows something about economic development. [Barefoot & Progressive]

It’s so cute how the right-wing is afraid of the gays so badly that they’re wetting themselves with fear that Larry Craig could invade their public restrooms. [Alternet]

Licking Valley Rural Electric Cooperative Corp., serving 17,500 customers in Breathitt, Elliott, Lee, Magoffin, Menifee, Morgan, Rowan and Wolfe Counties, has been given approval by the Public Services Commission to raise its rates by 9.4% on average. The increase will raise annual revenue by $1.94 million, or about 7.7%. Monthly bills for the typical residential customer will increase by $9.10. [Press Release]

That award Pikeville Medical Center won from the American Alliance of Healthcare Providers? Turns out hospitals have to pay a fee to be eligible to “win.” But that won’t stop Steve Beshear from appearing in full-page newspaper ads and television commercials. [See One of Them Here]

Louisville mayoral candidate Jim King proposes the restoration of the LMPD Gang Squad and gets a labor endorsement. [The ‘Ville Voice & More VV]

Kentucky Equine Education Project voted to step up its game. [Paulick Report]

Gas Station Governing Just Doesn’t Work

Somebody needs to get this Sarah Palin painting for me ASAP! [OH GOD]

Gas Station Governor Steve Beshear’s approval rating has fallen to 39%. His disapproval is at 55%. Maybe the governor’s crew needs to start taking Kentucky seriously? Maybe they shouldn’t treat people so poorly and blow off everybody but the money men? Just a thought. [WHAS11/SurveyUSA]

What are you doing Saturday, December 5? Visiting the Louisville Slugger Museum, that’s what. Because the museum will give Metro United Way a portion of the admission proceeds that day. So. Get your family together and hop on down to Main Street. You know you need the exercise and time with your crew, anyway. [Just Do It]

The Gas Station Governor has a new thingy called the Southern Growth Policies Board. Jim Dingleberry likes it a lot. We got a press release about it and nearly fell asleep reading it. [Something Or Other]

Republican ruh ro moment: Communications Director of the Republican National Committee has unexpectedly resigned. [Roll Call]

How is it, again, that the spokesman for the Energy and Environment Cabinet doesn’t know the name of the mining company mining a particular location within his own state? Isn’t it kind of his job to know these things? Just beautiful. Especially when a mine worker gets killed. [AP via H-L]

This afternoon Attorney General Jack Conway’s office announced the arrest of 15 individuals accused of forging prescriptions for Oxycontin. Three in Fayette, two in Madison, one in Letcher, nine in Perry. [Press Release]

Time to support Mike Slaton for the 41st District State House seat against Tom “I Run a Church In My House For Tax Purposes” Riner. [Barefoot & Progressive]

ABC does not like those gay homosexuals to do gay homosexual things. [FEAR]

Diaper sex pervert Sen. David Vitter was spotted in the lingerie department at the Filene’s Basement I frequent in D.C.! Oh god. This is so scary. [Roll Call]