TGIF! KDP Is Still Corrupt & Embarrassing

CQ Politics shows real disconnect, says the Yarmuth-Northup race is competitive. HA! [CQ Politics]

What was that about oil speculators not jacking the price of oil? Wha? Dead silence now? Yeah. [WaPo]

The Kentucky Supreme Court just ruled that the University of Louisville must reveal the names of individuals who donate to the UofL Foundation. The Courier-Journal sued UofL in 2001 because the school refused to release names of those who had given to the McConnell Center. [C-J]

The American Future Fund has released a one-minute radio ad in support of Mitch McConnell. This is because he is the Jesus of low gas prices. Just like Anne Northup. [Listen]

How you durrin? Have you seen Bruce Lunsford’s latest campaign commercial? It stars Eddie Murphy. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Looking for more information on why the DNC complaint against the corrupt Kentucky Democratic Party was dismissed? Good luck, because the DNC isn’t saying shiz and the KDP will keep pulling the curtain so everyday Democrats remain in the dark. [PolWatchers]

Brashear Files for State Supreme Court

Hyden attorney Leonard Brashear has filed with the Secretary of State as a candidate for the Kentucky Supreme Court in the 3rd Supreme Court District. (See those 27 counties after the jump)

From the press release: Brashear has been a successful attorney for more than twenty-five years. Brashear is the managing partner of the prominent law firm of Morgan, Madden, Brashear & Collins, PLLC.

Brashear was born and raised in Leslie County. He is married to Kimberly Cornett Brashear. They have one daughter Catherine. His parents were the late W. F. “Fred” and Mary Katherine Hendrix Brashear. Brashear is a Baptist; he calls both Hyden Baptist Church and Muncy’s Creek Baptist Church “home”.

Brashear has a wide range of legal experience in the private practice of law. This includes family law, real estate, criminal law, personal injury, workers comp and Social Security. Over the last two decades Brashear has also served the 41st and 33rd Judicial Circuits as both a Domestic Relations Commissioner and Master Commissioner.

Brashear is a graduate of both Centre College and the Salmon P. Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University.

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Legislative Update, Rep. Joni Jenkins, Sen. Perry Clark

Last evening Louisville’s Metro Democratic Club hosted Rep. Joni Jenkins (D-We Heart Her) and Sen. Perry Clark (D-Beshear Apologist) for its annual legislative update. So let’s cut right to the chase: Joni is still a woman of the people and Perry seems to be toeing the Democratic Party line.

We won’t bore you by rehashing the legislative session, but Joni made good with those in attendance by delivering facts and openly discussing the legislature’s downfalls while Perry served as a Steve Beshear apologist through and through. Did you know that nothing is Beshear’s fault because he only had 30 days or whatever to craft a budget? Not a good way to curry favor with a bunch of progressives.

Word of advice, ladies: know your audience. It’ll pay off. That said, Perry faces toolbag Doug Hawkins in a re-election battle for state senate. Thank goodness Perry will handily win.

Look how hot Joni is:

Check out her make-a-huge-homo-question-his-sexual-orientation pumps:

Doesn’t Perry look like he’s made of wax?

Loads more after the jump…

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A Maze of Choices

from our sister site

Everybody knows that Jerry Abramson is far and away the most popular public official in Jefferson County. But quick — who’s number two?

You’d get few arguments against Jefferson County Attorney Irv Maze, who has a significant political organization around here and a world of appealing choices ahead of him.

Maze got a taste of statewide campaigning during the 2007 primary for Governor as Jonathan Miller’s running mate, and proved he had the pulling power to attract a significant chunk of votes in Jefferson County. He was elected to his third term as Jefferson County Attorney in 2006, so the easy thing for him to do would be to stay put.

But word is that Maze has higher ambitions…

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Instead of watching Osama tapes, how bout some news?

A woman? What?! Who needs progress? Myra Tobin will face Fletcher crony Steve Branscum to become the first female chair of the University of Kentucky’s Board of Trustees. She should be elected if for no other reason than to, you know, flipping diversify the board’s leadership history [H-L]

Lisabeth makes two. State appeals court judge Lisabeth Abramson of Louisville has been appointed to replace Justice McAnulty’s vacant seat on the Kentucky Supreme Court. Fletcher’s appointment Seems to be receiving praise from all over. [C-J]

The surge is working! Say it enough and you’ll eventually believe it. Sen. Jim Bunning wants us to stay in Iraq, approves of the deaths of countless thousands. Gotta kill all those innocent Iraqis there so we don’t have to kill them here, right? [WBKO]

Dan Druen is ready to air the truth. Demands that the Kentucky Executive Branch Ethics Commission hear his case— publicly– before the November 6 general election. Also throws in that the Commission may not be as impartial as they should be since they were all, you know, appointed by Ernest Lee. [H-L]

Gays, guns & God! John David Dyche seems to be all about Ernie using hateful bullshit to win. And term limits. Term limits will save us all! P.S. John David: there are plenty of Democrats who aren’t so hot on casino gambling– just ask organized labor. [C-J]

Oh, Rep. Melvin Henley of Murray and Rep. Milward Dedman of Harrodsburg will switch their party registrations to Democratic. More Republicans jumping ship. Diane Brumback reported this weeks ago. [Hebert]

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