Tuesday Update Dept of Frigidity and Hate

Want free Papa John’s? Become a fan on Facebook and boom, you get a freebie. [Business First]

Jennifer Miller is busy telling everyone who will listen that she voted for Mitch McConnell. Several members of the Fayette County Democratic Party have called to share the news with us. I guess telling people that Bruce Lunsford was (for serious) trying to harm her (“assassinate” is the language she used) wasn’t enough.  Doesn’t this mean she now needs to give up her position with the FCDP?  We hear Jane Jenson and Jamie Palumbo (son of Ruth Ann) also voted for McConnell.  [Various Reports]

The Kentucky Democratic Party stiffed its field staffers one week of pay. Which is pretty horrific, considering that Jennifer paid herself $3,000 per month to do nothing. And paid Wiley Pearson, the guy who ran Jonathan Miller’s campaign… but didn’t know he’d dropped out of the race hours after he’d made it final. And Thom Karmik, the Republican. And Jeremy Horton, the guy who carried Jennifer’s water, attacking all kinds of people associated with us… the guy who on a number of occasions refused to allow field staffers to collect valuable volunteer information at political rallies. Isn’t that fancy? The KDP was so broke it STIFFED field staffers on a week of pay that was promised to them. We’ve got a bunch of information and a fancy email thread for anyone interested. Or you could just pay those folks the money they’re owed and we’ll call it a day. [Ticked Off Former Employees]

David Williams and Dan Kelly need to get over themselves. If they think they’re not yokels, they’ve got something coming to them. I mean, WE’RE yokels and we’re fine with it. We embrace it. Dan and David need to get their panties out of a twist. [C-J]

Is Kentucky’s Department of Homeland Security a holding place for political staffers? You bet your booties. But, as much as we hate to admit it, the folks who are hired there have relevant experience and are good at their jobs. Most of that office revolves around money and has nothing to do with security. And, contrary to what you read in this story, most people with state jobs have contributed tons of money to Democrats. Just as most in the Fletcher Administration had contributed tons of money to Republicans. I think the point missed in this story is that Homeland Security in Kentucky isn’t what you think it is. [Bluegrass Politics]

Laura Bush will be in Kentucky today to celebrate the life of Abraham Lincoln. Someone at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School should send us photographs. And later she’ll be at a ceremony at Lincoln’s birthplace. If you’re near Hodgenville, it may be an interesting day. [H-L]

Isn’t it interesting that Imperial Klans of America and some racists in Kentucky have to pay $2.5 million to a kid they beat at the Meade County Fair in 2006? [C-J]

Why is it most people with common sense hate the idea of an automobile industry bailout? Maybe it’s because American auto manufacturers are behind the times, produce a terrible product and they fight against better fuel-efficiency standards? Just a thought. [NYWT]

This Sounds Really Appetizing, Doesn’t It?

Are you one of those ladies who doesn’t know how to cook and/or happen to be really lazy?

Good news: all 17 state resort park restaurants will be serving their annual Thanksgiving Day buffet on November 27. From noon to 8:00 P.M.

The buffet will include soups, cheese and salads for starters. Entrees will include turkey and dressing, baked ham, fried chicken and another local favorite. “Vegetables” include old fashioned candied yams, Kentucky Wonder green beans and mashed potatoes with giblet gravy. There will be a variety of desserts including pecan and pumpkin pie.

No worries, there will be nothing remotely vegetarian-friendly or healthy about anything served by the state. The cost for the buffet will be $16.95 (plus tax, drinks included) for adults and $6.95 for children aged 6-12. Varmints under five eat for free. Click here for more information.

If you go to this school lunch thing, folks, please take pictures. We wanna see.

Be a Citizen Journalist – Win A Cool Shirt

Here at Page One headquarters, we’re all about publicizing people and events that are uniquely Kentucky. Lately, we’ve undertaken a modest effort to persuade you to participate in the telling of local stories, asking for your photos and stories from local weekend events.

So now we’re adding a little incentive. Whether you’re doing a Halloween Party or a weekend festival, or if you spot somebody interesting at the U of L game, if you’re walking neighborhoods with a political candidate, or just trying a new restaurant or walking in a park — take your camera, take a picture, then send it to us and tell us why you think it’s uniquely Louisville.

Send us something good, and we’ll share it with all our readers here on the site.

We’ll get you a cool t-shirt, like the one Rick wore on TV this week. They’re American Apparel, which means they’re high-quality.


Tuesday Morning Dept. of Dubya Can’t Speak

Seriously, does anyone understand this President we have? Can’t he hold a press conference after EIGHT YEARS without mumbling and sounding like a bumbling idiot? Something about the FDIC now insuring every transaction. But I can’t be sure. Because he’s mumbling.

KET could have killed every bit of credibility it once had. All over airing that stupid campaign video from Ed Whitfield (R-Florida). Every journalist on earth thinks the move was ridiculous. How embarrassing for KET, a state agency. [PolWatchers]

Conspiracy theories are nice and all. But KET didn’t conspire to turn the audio down during Heather Ryan’s appearance last night. It’s television. And this happens on a regular basis with KET. Often on Comment on Kentucky. So everyone take off your tinfoil hats and calm down. Also, people, [DMKY]

John Yarmuth has scheduled a press conference with the League of Conservation Voters today at 10:30 A.M. His campaign says it’s for a “major campaign announcement.” But something tells us it’s not that major if it’s just the LCV’s deputy legislative director. [Press Release]

Anyone following the Steve Henry debacle knows he and his wife have struggled with the IRS over non-profit status for their Rosemary Clooney Museum. The IRS says you can’t, you know, use a place as a residence if it’s a non-profit. In an interesting development, Henry is now telling newspapers that he and his wife “co-own” the museum. Meanwhile, there’s been no movement on the prosecutorial front with the Henry case. The OAG is sitting on its hands. [Ledger Independent]

Longest story ever about a road. U.S. 119 was dedicated for the Pattons this past weekend. Because Paul Patton is the Jesus of everything in eastern Kentucky. [Appalachian News-Express]

More on that possibly scandalous trip Ben Chandler took. Five members of Congress, three of their spouses and one of their daughters. THAT’S necessary in the name of science? Going to the Galapagos should never be considered a luxury trip. This is ridiculous. This may have been a fact finding trip. But it wasn’t necessary to wine and dine on taxpayer dollars. [The Oregonian]

The Creation Museum is still busily making Ken Ham a wealthy man. 550,000 visitors at $20 a pop. All for some fancy dinosaur rides and a chance to see Adam and Eve. Adam… who is modeled after a gay porn star. Which makes it even better. [H-L]

This ad terrified us. Literally terrified us. [Wonkette]

It’s Wednesday. Nice Weather Is Here To Stay.

According to a press release from the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, Kentucky’s jobless rate rose to 6.8% in August, from 6.7% in July. It was 5.5% in August 2007. But that’s not to say that thousands of jobs haven’t been created in Kentucky. [Press Release]

Kentucky State Parks have tons of fun planned for Halloween. Costume contests, haunted trails, hayrides, storytelling, games and campground decorating. If you’re feeling the crunch of our souring economy, hit up your local state park. It’s worth it. They’re Kentucky’s hidden gems. Barren River, Big Bone Lick, Blue Licks, Carter Caves, Dale Hollow, Jenny Wiley, et al. [State Parks]

John Yarmuth’s ElderServe Act passed the U.S. House of Representatives. It’s part of the Elder Abuse Victims Act and will expand Louisville’s ElderServe program on a nationwide basis to protect seniors who have been subjected to physical or psychological abuse and neglect. [Press Release]

Politicker’s fake political guru “Wally Edge” is lame. He’s in the business of reprinting – verbatim – the McConnell campaign’s spin-filled posts. It’s getting more and more obvious each day that this organization is not a legitimate source for journalism but a regurgitation machine parading as mainstream.  Trey Pollard’s the only person worth reading. [Politicker]

The scary Carlyle Group that owns everything on earth may become a mortgage buyer. They literally own everything. Cable, military, yadda yadda. It’s that fancy group the Bush family is a part of and the same group the bin Laden family was involved in. [Washington Business Journal]

Former President Bill Clinton addressed a group of bloggers in New York City yesterday. In discussion about the United States’ insufficient crisis proposal, Clinton shared a story from Hillary’s visit to Kentucky last weekend, Clinton also relayed a story from his wife’s recent trip campaigning on behalf of Mitch McConnell challenger Bruce Lunsford: Hillary reported that in Kentucky, people “don’t yet see it as a big crisis requiring an urgent response, because they’ve been in trouble for years.” [Huffington Post]

When will Markos Moulitsas give it up? He’s so out of touch with Kentucky politics it’s sickening. He’s still touting Ben Chandler as a senate candidate in 2010. Yeah, uh, not gonna happen. [The Hill]

Don McNay chimes in on the economic meltdown. His column is all about what it’d be like if Jim Bunning were President. Scary, we know. But Bunning really did have better instincts about America’s economic problems than many other politicians. [Don McNay]

Worried about judicial races in Jefferson County? Among members of the Louisville Bar Association, Katie King is toast when put up against Judge David Holton. It may have something to do with the fact that she has zero experience and has never even tried a case. [LBA Judicial Poll (PDF Link)]

OMG. Did you know you? You can Cheezburger Steve Beshear! Everyone go create some masterpieces and send them our way, stat! [Cheezburger]

Some Important Stuff About Ham Or Whatever

Did you know some old dudes in politics ate some ham this morning? Ryan Alessi and Jack Brammer also ate some ham.

Bruce Lunsford said Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden would be all up in the Bluegrass campaigning for him. That’s kind of fancy.

Joni Jenkins used her red shoes to beat people about the head and to “breeze” by Mitch McConnell.

And then everyone went home to take a nap after eating all kinds of salty pig.

The end.