Stuff We Love & Hate on Slow News Days

This cracks us up. Grandpa & Cougar McCain on the hunt.

Need a hot/rich/young husband? How bout this dude? HH– you on this?

Don’t you love it when you go to Kashmir and the server/manager/whatever lies to you when they make a weird mistake and put effing green peppers in your channa masala? Where in “Whole chick peas cooked with onions, tomatoes & spices.” are the words “disgusting bell peppers” ? Hello, we have a food & dining publication. We were gonna say nice things about you. And you only gave us like four pakoras. We’re former fatties– get with the program. But we’ll be back to pig out every five minutes.

Ugh. Jerry Abramson was featured as the “supermayor” or whatever in the effing Economist. Really, wtf? We so don’t get why everyone loves him.

Rick got all fired up and called out some hack named Sandy for sending some nasty emails like 24/7. Did you know that Muslims are evil Jesus-haters and Barack Osama is the devil? If not, get in touch with Sandy.

We hate teaching old people how to use Photoshop. Ugh. Everyone grit your teeth in frustration with us.

Apparently there are all kinds of investment opportunities in eastern Kentucky. This, this, this.

Our very own Intrepid Reporter went to the Creation Museum yesterday. They spotted this awesome Christmas Dinosaur:

Beshear Nixes State Park $$ for Horse Park Stadium

While we understand Steve Beshear’s move to fund the $30 million stadium at the Kentucky Horse Park in preparation for the World Equestrian Games in 2010, it’s still disappointing. So many wonderful state parks will miss out on much needed improvements that have been in the works for years. The state parks impacted by his move may not be as high-profile as the horse park but Governor Beshear should work to obtain funding for the projects he killed. They’re just as important to our image.

Among the park projects canceled by Beshear:

  • Lake Cumberland, conference center, $5.83 million
  • Dale Hollow Lake, lodge room addition, $5.5 million
  • Dale Hollow Lake, cottage development, $5.08 million
  • Dale Hollow Lake, Dale Hollow Pool, $4.68 million
  • Greenbo Lake, general improvements, $1.43 million
  • E.P. “Tom” Sawyer, general improvements, $1.25 million
  • Marina upgrades at various parks, $1.25 million
  • Kenlake, Cherokee Park, $1.14 million
  • My Old Kentucky Home, general improvements, $1.1 million
  • Land acquisition at various parks, $916,000
  • J.J. Audubon, museum security system, $250,000
  • Jenny Wiley, general improvements, $130,000
  • AAA upgrades at resort parks, $32,779

Jim Waters: ‘Tourocrats’ tax logic

This is the second installment of Jim Waters’ Bluegrass Beacon, a now-regular feature of Page One. We won’t take much issue with Jim’s column this week except to say: We’re not sure how $0.01 per U.S. Dollar taxes on tourism is such a terrible thing. It’s not really taxing Kentuckians and it drives a could-be thriving industry throughout the state. That is, if Fletcher’s tourism big dogs could follow the law and spend funds appropriately.

‘Tourocrats’ tax logic, shaft taxpayers when mining for money

By Jim Waters

Tax increases usually don’t pass the logic test.

Take Gov. Ernie Fletcher’s so-called “Tax Modernization” policy. Lawmakers passed this sloppy legislation in 2005 after considerable arm-twisting. It includes the hated Alternative Minimum Tax, which taxes businesses whether or not they make a profit.

Raising taxes on businesses and entrepreneurs while at the same time campaigning about how bringing new jobs to Kentucky is a top priority just doesn’t pass the logic test.

Logic dictates not taxing those companies – at least until they make a profit. Businesses create new jobs that the state’s economic brain trust claims it wants.

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Welcome to Autumn. AKA Slow news day.

Who knew? Hal Rogers drops $400k on Lake Cumberland for tourism advertising. [H-L]

Too little too late? Gubernatorial candidates finally discuss public health and its problems. [H-L]

The Courier-Journal rightly questions both gubernatorial candidates’ health care agendas. Surprisingly, they hit on the scare tactics used to freak your shit out about socialized medicine. And they criticize both for being afraid to discuss a cigarette tax. What isn’t discussed is why neither candidate wants to provide health care for all Kentuckians– instead of just children or the elderly. [C-J]

Five of the six regional university boards have been stacked by Fletcher. Some day we’ll get little things like following the law right. Right? [C-J]

While Kentucky soldiers die left and right, things are just peachy in Iraq. We might not even need to stay there that much longer! [WP]

Getting Something Right

Fletcher, Kentucky and the Appalachian Regional Commission finally get something right. We’re finally offering grants to develop adventure tourism in Eastern Kentucky!

The state is making $623,000 available for grants of about $20,000 each for counties to generate so-called adventure tourism, Gov. Ernie Fletcher announced Tuesday. The money can be used to plan facilities.

The tactic was adopted after a study by Pros Consulting of Dallas showed increased spending on such tourism in Eastern Kentucky could generate 132,000 new visitors annually and $54 million to $99 million in economic impact. The ventures could create as many as 1,500 jobs.

We are absolutely shocked (SHOCKED!) that the Commonwealth is recognizing what a gem we have in the Appalachian region.

Having been involved (Jake) in a long-term community development project with the Brushy Fork Institute in the 90s, we can say first-hand that adventure tourism in the Appalachians works. A group from Fayette County West Virginia developed a similar plan in their region that was met with great success.

Click Here to read the report.

Gallatin County repeals Sunday liquor sales, joins the middle ages

Very rarely (okay, we’re being kind) does something this absurd come down the pike. You read the headline correctly. Gallatin Co has repealed a two-year-old law allowing liquor sales on Sunday.

That’s right. Gallatin Co. In tourism-heavy Northern Kentucky. Has gone crazy.

We, like Tricia Houston, are blown away that people’s religious preferences are not just inhibiting progress in Kentucky but are pushing us back in time by a minimum of six decades.

Next week we’ll be discussing the merits of allowing women to show their faces in public.

Welcome to the stone age. Or Kabul. Or anywhere else where community leaders have stopped taking their meds.

Spending money to lose money

More from the Why Kentucky Can’t Have Nice Things Dept

ERNIE $$$What’s wrong with this picture? The state spent three times its previous marketing budget to promote tourism by taxing folks staying in hotels, which results in a downturn in state revenue for tourism.

Auditor Crit Luallen released the report critical of the tourism department, suggesting creation of a (light bulb going off here) strategic marketing plan and an oversight committee to keep an eye on how all the promotional money is being spent.

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