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While we whore ourselves out for some friends for a moment. Don’t worry. It’s worth it.

Dedication flyerKentucky’s Hart-Lunsford Pictures has a classic on its hands. The movie Dedication opens tomorrow in New York and Los Angeles. It was one of two official H-L entries at Sundance this year and stars Mandy Moore and Billy Crudup. More importantly, especially for the crowd perpetually looking for another glimpse of its favorite cult classic funny ladies, Amy Sedaris (Strangers With Candy, author brother David Sedaris) and Dianne Wiest (of Parenthood— you know you remember the flashlight scene!) are also part of the cast.

Click here to peek a clip and trailer from the film. If you’re in NYC or LA? GO SEE IT.

We’ll fill you in when the release spreads in September. We’ll also let you know if we’re ever able to convince our good, dear, important, visionary friends (heh. shameless enough?) at HLP to let us screen their work for some free Kentucky publicity.

Missing Free Media: Beshear? Fletcher?

FACT: A key plank of the Beshear-Mongiardo campaign is to quit the economic incentive giveaway game (aka corporate welfare) for out-of-state business. From Beshear’s Web site:

“It is time we shift our economic development approach away from luring out-of-state businesses and industries that don’t need help with the promise of tax reductions, abatements and direct grants, and instead grow our economy from within, putting Kentucky businesses first.”

So why is Beshear staying silent while the Special Session plays out in Frankfort, while Fletcher dominates the free media with his economic incentive plan for Peabody Coal? Why isn’t Beshear cozying up to the environmentalists and the few legislators who oppose the incentives?

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Spending money to lose money

More from the Why Kentucky Can’t Have Nice Things Dept

ERNIE $$$What’s wrong with this picture? The state spent three times its previous marketing budget to promote tourism by taxing folks staying in hotels, which results in a downturn in state revenue for tourism.

Auditor Crit Luallen released the report critical of the tourism department, suggesting creation of a (light bulb going off here) strategic marketing plan and an oversight committee to keep an eye on how all the promotional money is being spent.

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Bringing Fame to Kentucky

Grace is GoneThe non-political side of Bruce Lunsford (love him or hate him, your political opinions aside) and his Kentucky-based production company, with business partner Ed Hart, has snagged Clint Eastwood to compose the soundtrack for their new flick, “Grace is Gone.”

We bring it up because the movie is about a father (John Cusack) faced with telling his daughters that their mother was killed in Iraq. Since it won the audience award at Sundance earlier this year, the wingnuts may go crazy over it. You know how they love the hippy movies dealing with the realities of this righteous bloodbath.