Todd Eklof & Kentucky Farm Burea: Vindication

For a refresher, please see the previous story about Eklof and KFB.

Kudos to WHAS11 for FINALLY reporting the Todd Eklof story!

Will the rest of the media see the light? Will we get to read the full story in print?

We’re not holding our breath. But we encourage readers to send their thanks to WHAS11 for shining light on an important matter that’s gotten the cold shoulder from everyone else.

KY Farm Bureau Admits Discrimination, Media Ignores It

Todd Eklof, minister of Clifton Unitarian Church in Louisville, spoke to his congregation in late 2004 about the importance of putting an end to discrimination. He vowed to stop performing marriage and commitment ceremonies for all couples until the anti-gay marriage amendment passed in 2004 is overturned.

Kentucky Farm Bureau (Todd’s employer) didn’t like this stance and fired Eklof shortly thereafter. KFB has claimed in court documents for nearly three years that he was fired for attendance and performance issues, though Eklof has consistently been able to prove (via court documents that are publicly available, No. 05-CI-09390, Jefferson Circuit Court Division 8 ) otherwise. (Read the full story here)

Rev. Eklof’s luck changed in May of this year when Sam Moore, president of KFB at the time of Eklof’s dismissal and a current member of its Board of Directors, admitted under oath that Kentucky Farm Bureau fired Todd Ekloff for being supportive of gay marriage.

Page 29 of the deposition, lines 19 and 20, Moore says in response to the question of why Eklof was terminated, “The marriages, I think. I think that was the main thing.” Click here for the complete deposition.

Sam Moore - KFB Deposition

On September 4, 2007, Eklof sent a press release detailing the admission to every major press outlet in Kentucky. No one covered the story. Not so much as a mention. Kentucky Farm Bureau has one of the largest lobbying entourages in Frankfort and claims to be the “Voice of Kentucky Agriculture” and no one covered the story of admitted discrimination and violation of the Fairness Ordinance.

Where is the mainstream media? Why aren’t the Courier-Journal or Herald-Leader covering this matter? Where are the major television news operations? Why is the story being ignored? Could it have something to do with Kentucky Farm Bureau being one of the largest advertising forces in the state? Are news organizations afraid of losing advertising dollars as a result of coverage? KFB has been known to throw its weight around in the past and it seems likely that the same thing could be happening here. We’ll never know unless the media wakes up.

Further, why is Kentucky Farm Bureau, an organization solely in place to further the interests of farmers and agriculture, advocating against gay marriage in its policies handbook?

KFB Handbook

Everything about this story stinks. We’ll wait to see if the press ever touches it.

Louisville’s Bristol Discriminates

Well-known peace activist Corey Nett had his civil rights violated last month by the Bristol chain of restaurants in the Louisville area when he was asked to move to the back of the restaurant or leave. Nett, who has cerebral palsy, was told that his voice was allegedly annoying other customers.

Just about anybody in their right mind understands this is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Here’s the story:

If you’re an elected offical, candidate, member of the press or prominent individual and you happen to eat at the Bristol– rest assured that you’re likely to be questioned and called out by activists for supporting discrimination.

Is the rumbling we hear the beginning of a major boycott? Will the Bristol do the right thing?

Pro Soccer in New Louisville Arena

Last Wednesday we met with Jim Host, chairman of the Louisville Arena Authority. Check out the story on The ‘Ville Voice for details on the that. Would like to add that Host does a great job selling crowds on the arena. We hope to have as much energy as he when we hit 70.

While all the regular questions about the arena were indeed asked– we pushed further. Jim Host revealed that a Major Indoor Soccer League would be calling Louisville (and the arena) home.

Big news for Kentucky?

Click here to read the rest.

Opportunistic Politics?

In light of the recent West End (in Louisville) decision to ban all alcohol sales (Hello, prohibition!), we’re republishing this piece in full from our sister site The ‘Ville Voice.

The wet-dry vote in western Louisville got plenty of media exposure for Cheri Bryant Hamilton of the Metro Council, whose district included the four affected precincts near Shawnee High School. Even before the vote was final, Mary Woolridge and Judy Green of neighboring districts were speculating about precincts upon which they could force a similar vote. It’s a pretty simple process — just get some signatures on petitions, force the vote, and shut down any business that doesn’t fly with your sense of moral values.

The logic in this case seems to be that if you can eliminate liquor sales, then crime problems will naturally go away. Both Woolridge and Green plan to have town hall meetings to discuss the issue as early as October in Districts 1 and 3. Some residents have said they’re frustrated with the state’s Alcoholic Beverage Control office, which too easily grants liquor licenses, in their view.

“They were waiting to see how it turned out (in Shawnee) to see if they would go forward,” said Tony Hyatt, the Metro Council spokesperson.

Don’t be surprised if this becomes a raison d’etre for some Council members. Now that the body has figured out the popularity of banning nudity, smoking, dogs and…coming soon: trans fat, it won’t be long before more sinful activities get the boot. Maybe the Council could get some mileage from opposing gambling. That one’s not working too well for Ernie Fletcher, but if you could restrict to a precinct, it only takes a few hundred votes to win.

The Metro Council’s vision of civic duty seems to be moving toward removing from your life options that could potentially harm you, and it’s playing well with voters. Stephen George, in this week’s LEO, points out the dangers in having politicians making decisions to restrict your choices.

# # #

If you’re completely in awe of the decision to ban the sale of alcohol in just one precinct in the state’s largest city– here are the full details from the Courier-Journal.

Coming up: The Intrepid Reporter tells the voters in District 5 what they’ve done.

Oh Snap Monday

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