KDP Up in Arms Over Bunning Story

Okay, seriously. We detest Jim Bunning. Awful hack of a man. But come on.

Jennifer Moore needs to get her priorities straight with press releases and email blasts.

She just sent out an email excoriating crazy Senator Jim Bunning for paying his daughter a measly $20,000 a year to bust her ass on his campaign. Read what we had to say about this in a story earlier today.

Why the hell are we paying for email blasts over something so trivial? Why are we wasting our time? We’re all about raking people over the coals for being awful and doing stupid crap– even if it’s for political gain. But what the hell? This is such a non-issue. Seriously– and we’re dirty liberals saying this!

Read the KDP email after the jump…

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KDP Files Ethics Complaint Against Doug Hawkins

You read it right, kids.

Kentucky Democratic Party Chair Jennifer Moore filed a complaint with the do-nothing Louisville Metro Ethics Commission against Doug Hawkins (R-Sombrero Lover).

Hawkins, a current Metro Council member who is running for State Senate against Perry Clark, links to his senate campaign website on his metro council site, something the KDP alleges is a clear violation of the Louisville Metro Ethics Ordinance (it is).

From a KDP press release:

“This is a blatant abuse of power. Doug Hawkins is simply using his position as a Metro Council Member to support his State Senate campaign and that is in violation of the ethics code,” Moore said. “I am confident that, after reviewing our complaint, the Commission will agree.”

While we agree with Moore’s opinion, it’s a little silly to get so up in arms over Kentucky’s most well-known protector of our white women against Mexicans. The citizens of the 37th State Senate District already know Doug Hawkins is insane. Pointing it out to them is a waste of time.

Isn’t there a senate race to meddle in somewhere? Some money to raise? Votes to buy? Maybe some legitimate work to be done… like pointing out idiots like Frank Simon have seriously violated campaign finance law again and again? Never hear anything about the real wrongdoers. We want some real leadership. Not bickering over a website.

Jennifer, don’t you know? Doug will protect you!

Operation Dumbo Dro… er… Gooch!

The ever embarrassing Rep. Jim Gooch (D-Tool) is blocking Stream Saver legislation which would put an end to the destructive practice of dumping mine waste from mountaintop removal into Kentucky’s headwater streams.

In response to the insanity, BlueGrassRoots has launched Operation Gooch.

Is this the kind of party you want? And will anyone stand up and demand his removal from this seat?

Well, let’s find out. Today, I’m unveiling Operation Gooch. We are going to call every single one of these Democrats and ask them- “Do you support or oppose Jim Gooch chairing the Natural Resources and Environment Committee?”

Get involved.

Scott Alexander Nominated in 84th House District

From the KDP press release:

Alexander is the owner of MJ&M Sales, a mining supply company. He previously served as State Representative and is prepared to begin work in the House Chambers immediately.

“I was pleased to learn tonight that Scott Alexander will be the Democratic nominee for the 84th House District vacancy. The nomination process shows that Democrats continue to work together as a united front to nominate quality candidates,” Chair Jennifer Moore said. “Scott’s prior experience in the legislature makes him uniquely qualified to fill this vacancy for the remainder of the term and work to help make the transition smooth for the next Democrat who will be elected in November.”

Is it just us or is it completely silly that the KDP didn’t bother, you know, running someone who is actually on the ballot in 2008 for the 84th District House seat? Why not run someone who could use the next nine or ten months to develop a following and name for themself?

And why isn’t the RPK fielding a candidate?

Update: Dissension in the Ranks of KDP

Last week we told you about dissension in the ranks of the Kentucky Democratic Party over nominees for the Kentucky Board of Elections. The state parties (rather, the two most vote-getting parties as of the most recent election) are each legally required to submit at least five names to to the governor as nominees for the board. Unfortunately, KDP chairperson Jennifer Moore was being cagey with information before a State Central Executive Committee conference call and some members of the committee were angered at being kept in the dark. An uproar was born.

We published an email revealing the dissent and in the process of doing so, discovered that party leadership only planned on submitting three (3) names to the governor. Dozens of people wrote in, complained, flipped out, got up in arms, foamed and everything else short of getting the vapors. Their outrage over the silly lack of understanding of the KRS on KDP’s part must have worked because the party came through with– wait for it– five names.

Those names, along with the price they paid for their nomination after the jump…

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Oh Snap Monday! Perverts, Jane Fonda, Misery

Basically, perverts are everywhere. Everyone is a flipping child predator these days. Priests, GOP leaders, clowns, R. Kelly, teachers. Seriously. Bob McKee, a Republican leader in Maryland who this year sponsored legislation protecting children from perverts like him, was arrested and canned for being a pervert. Ugh. Can you imagine such a thing? Another Republican arrested for perversion. [Washington Post]

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has confirmed their fear and hatred of the gays. The Louisville-based organization ruled last week that foot tappers and pantsuit wearers everywhere are forever banned from leadership positions. There’s an exception, though, for those homos living in chastity and those living in sham marriages. [H-L]

Vice presidentin’, Jane Fonda, Stumbo showing leadership, and miserable experiences after the jump…

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