Senate Floor Like Cats In a Sack

All hell broke loose on the Senate floor today with David Williams, Julian Carroll and Katie Stine all going insane. We hope somebody caught this on film!

UPDATE (11 a.m.): Fiery debate lasted for about 45 minutes Friday morning on the Senate floor over Gov. Steve Beshear’s expanded gambling proposal.

Senate President David Williams, R-Burkesville, got the ball rolling by welcoming state Rep. Greg Stumbo back to the General Assembly.

Williams then challenged members who support expanded gaming — not just allowing voters to decide — to stand up. Just three senators — Denise Harper Angel, Tim Shaughnessy and David Boswell — did so.

“Three out of 38, there you are governor, you’ve got a long way to go,” Williams said.

Stine and Carroll argued over the rule that calls for senators to address the chair and not other senators directly and then Carroll said: “As attractive as you are, I need to look other places,” referring to his desire to address Williams.

CRAAAAZY. This gambling bit is one big, hot mess and we can pretty much guarantee NOTHING will be accomplished on anything else for at least, oh, forever. We’re waiting to hear if Governor Steve Beshear plans to show some leadership and if the KDP plans to do the same. Definitely not holding our breath.

Dissension in the Ranks of KDP

We have learned from a leader at the Kentucky Democratic Party of serious unrest and disagreement among Party leaders over the KDP’s three nominees to the State Board of Elections.

Tomorrow at 5:00 P.M. the KDP’s State Central Executive Committee will hold a conference call organized by Chair Jennifer Moore in which there are plans to discuss the three nominees. However– big however– several SCEC members are unhappy and feeling pressured because they’re unable to get information about the nominees prior to the call in order to be prepared, as they should.

See what one SCEC member had to say in a confidential email to KDP officials along with our reaction after the jump…

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