What’s that sound?

Why, it’s your future being flushed away! And the sound of Jody Richards saying the energy bill will “sail through” the house– spitting in the face of critics and Kentuckians for the Commonwealth. Damn those people who want to know about environmental impact.

And we thought Jody had no backbone!

We hear a cadre of Democrats and Republicans alike are busily recruiting a replacement for Richards. Does this mean his plan to remain popular in his home district is a failure?

Walks like a duck, talks like a duck

Giving away the farm, car, boat and your neighbor’s dog. Jody Richards and the legislature want to give Peabody a $90million bond just to consider building a wasteful coal conversion plant in Kentucky. But that’s only part of the up to $500million freebie they’re offering up. Paying $800k-$1million to create each job makes keen financial sense to us– how about you? [H-L]

Lock-step with Bush? Both Geoff Davis and Mitch McConnell offer their praise for Karl Rove. Words of description used include brilliant, dedicated and enormous. We assume they’re talking about his ability to avoid testifying before congress. [Enquirer]

Rumor has it gas is expensive. And oil companies gouge prices. Who knew! Greg Stumbo says these price hikes are illegal, but what you can you do? Hold your elected officials accountable, that’s what. Pressure Congress to make price gouging illegal. [WAVE]

Liberals are liberal with uncertainty. American Prospect (you know, the dirty liberals who hate America) discusses the movement to oust McConnell while at the same time saying the opposition is afraid to come forward. Mainly because Bunning’s seat in 2010 is an easier win. They think it’s McConnell’s win. Go figure. [American Prospect, 2]

Coal companies cut corners. More from the Who Knew Dept. Clintwood Elkhorn Mining Company are demolishing Pike County roads with little regard for area residents or the environment. Along with blatantly violating a plethora of state laws. [News-Express]