Don’t Even Know Why We Legitimize Him

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We hear from very reliable sources that there are several (as many as five) Bruce Lunsford campaign staffers calling around looking for jobs.

Looks like there might be a mass exodus in the works.

Not true. Two people have given notice that they are leaving the campaign staff in order to take more stable (aka not campaign jobs) jobs. Two people out of dozens does not mean there’s a mass exodus in the works.

Nice spin, though.

While the campaign probably does need to bring in a new manager who is intimately familiar with Kentucky politics/someone who has experience with Mitch, there’s no major scandal going down in the Lunsford camp. There’s lots of discussion about current campaign manager, but that shouldn’t really worry anyone. It’s no secret that Achim Bergmann rightfully calls the shots, as well he should, and we’re confident that he’ll bring in the right people to help on all the right fronts.

Side note: We’ve been openly critical of Achim in the past but that doesn’t mean he’s not good at what he does. And it doesn’t change the fact that we consider him a friend. We didn’t consult him for this story, but we know for a fact he has all the right people on board and will be bringing on additional support.

So to make a long story short… the McConnell spin machine is at work.

U.S. Senate Debate Highlights

It’s true, folks. There was a debate last night while Barry Obama was taking over the world. It included Bruce Lunsford and Greg Fischer along with about 25 other white dudes with huge ego problems.

Greg Fischer got flustered when Bruce Lunsford asked him why he didn’t contribute to Jack Conway and John Yarmuth in their runs against Anne Northup. He said his record should be vetted and you know we’ll comply with that request. And he got a little mixed up/nervous when Tom Loftus challenged him on his ‘let’s get out of Iraq, but leave it up to the generals’ bit. Loftus made him look like a bit of a fool and then gave Lunsford a chance to hit the Iraq issue home.

David Wylie is a speed signer! The translators couldn’t keep up with him.

And poor David L. Williams (not because of the voice, but because of the crazy). Oh man. He said he was in Iraq in like 1953 in the Navy or something and something about some ships being blown up. We couldn’t understand a thing the man said and that’s unfair to his crazy butt.

Kenneth Stepp said he ran for congress and got 32,000 votes. Becuase you know that has a lot to do with getting us out of Iraq.

Michael Cassaro said lots about “sniff tests” and nothing about the crazy junk going down in his campaign office.

James Rice is totally reminding us of Jim Gooch. Denying global warming and the same deer-in-headlights look.

So. Here are the more interesting bits of the night. The rest was mind-numbing.

Part One:

View Part 2 along with non-YouTube versions after the jump…

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State Prosecutors Anticipate Layoffs. Woops.

Due to budget cuts, state prosecutors anticipate major layoffs. According to a press release from the Office of the Attorney General, the layoff plan is being formulated now. Thanks to underfunding in the fancy budget we just botched together to jack our state up, approximately 100 people from prosecutors’ offices across Kentucky will be given the weighty, broken, backwater axe. That’s ten percent of the prosecutorial workforce in the commonwealth.

“We simply do not have the money to keep our existing staff on board,” said Ray Larson, Fayette County Commonwealth’s Attorney and member of the Prosecutors Advisory Council. “Now that the budget has been finalized, we will begin to formulate how the layoff plan will be implemented so that to the extent possible, public safety will not be compromised,” said Larson.

Excited yet? It gets better.

Every criminal case filed in the Commonwealth must be prosecuted by a County or Commonwealth’s Attorney. Caseloads for prosecutors have increased dramatically in the last ten years. In 2007 County Attorneys were handling caseloads in excess of 3,000 cases per prosecutor. Since the addition of Family Courts in 2002, County Attorneys are now handling at least 40,000 more cases each year. County Attorneys are responsible for prosecution of all District Court cases – including misdemeanor, juvenile and domestic crimes.

Since 2002 Commonwealth’s Attorneys, responsible for prosecution of all felony cases, have seen a 21% increase in their caseload. In 2002, approximately 27,000 felony cases were filed. Last year, nearly 32,000 felony cases such as murder, rape and child sexual abuse were filed. This is a 7,000 case increase from just five years ago.

The layoffs are freaking both the presidents of the County and Commonwealth’s Attorneys Associations out.

“The budgets of the Unified Prosecutorial System are personnel driven,” said Commonwealth’s Attorney Chris Cohron. “We do not have state cars or other expenses that can be cut when we are not funded sufficiently. In our case, personnel accounts for more than 90% of our budget.”

Brucie Moore, President of the County Attorneys’ Association, notes that the budget for the County Attorneys is over 98% personnel. “The County Attorneys of this state are already overburdened and stretched to the limit. Losing people from these offices is going to be devastating to the criminal justice system.”

Just more evidence that your governor and legislature are working hard for you, Kentucky. They tried really hard to hammer out that budget in the five seconds remaining in the session. Hope you all don’t starve to death as a result.

Read the six million billion page press release after the jump…

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Yarmuth Calls for Creation of Infrastructure Bank

Rep. John Yarmuth’s office just released a letter he wrote to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Lightning Rod) in which he calls for the creation of an historic ‘Infrastructure Bank’ that would be a public-private partnership to allegedly create jobs, spur economic growth and provide funds for transportation projects.

According to Yarmuth’s office, targeted investment in transportation and infrastructure helps boost the economy with a serious ripple effect. For every dollar spent on infrastructure, $5.70 in economic activity is spurred and for every $1 billion invested more than 47,000 jobs are created.

“Families all around the country are hurting from the downturn in the economy, and major steps are needed to both stimulate the economy in the short term and build a stronger fiscal foundation in the long-term,” Congressman Yarmuth said. “The infrastructure bank will provide that boost now and into the foreseeable future, while also building the projects that our communities so desperately need.”

Read Yarmuth’s letter to Pelosi after the jump…

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Fischer Campaign Attacks Horse Industry Again

For the second time in a day Greg Fischer’s campaign for U.S. Senate has attempted to harm Kentucky’s Thoroughbred Horse industry. In a veiled and passive attack against Democratic primary candidate Bruce Lunsford, the campaign is ignoring reality and pushing the mainstream media to paint Lunsford as a traitor for sending a surrogate to the Ruby Laffoon Democratic Dinner. See our earlier story from today for background information and facts about the Thoroughbred industry.

More about Fischer’s strange attack that could potentially harm Kentucky’s economy after the jump…

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It’s Thursday. Rain Ruins Everything Edition.

Beshear creating a new task force to help deal with the Fort Knox realignment. The Governor’s Task Force on Military Base Realignment will consist of only 11 members, down from Ernie Fletcher’s group of 30. [News-Enterprise]

Mitch McConnell is still serving as the chief obstructionist in the senate. And he’s still refusing individual up or down votes on nominees to fill the Federal Election Commission. Like it makes any sense to vote once for four people. You’d think a man as old as McConnell would know how to avoid childish games. [WaPo]

Greg Fischer wins an endorsement from a blogger, picks up one or two votes. We’re not sure how/why anyone thinks Greg Fischer can win a primary election, let alone the general, so we can only assume this “endorsement” is out of principle. [Swing State Project]

Another pee pee contest? Louisville Mayor Cheerleader Jerry Abramson and Gov. Steve Beshear are begging Senate President David Williams to form a conference committee from both the House and Senate to help get all kinds of cash to build some fancy bridges in Louisville. [PolWatchers]

Harry Moberly and David Williams are STILL fighting like two little girls at a Barbie birthday party. Here’s some advice to the both of them: get your lacy panties out of the twist they’re in and DO SOMETHING for a change. Get the g-d budget figured out and get it figured out NOW. If you can’t get your respective acts together long enough to resolve this budget mess, then the least you could do is act like adults. Using language like “smart ass” during the session shows just how low-class you really are. [The Arena]

The abortion bill is going nowhere. Maybe women really can make their own decisions? We’re not sure. But we still think C.J. Parrish knows what she’s talking about. [Hebert, C.J.’s Letter]