It’s Thursday And We Miss The Office on TV

There was a crazy hot mess at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport last night. White powder (OH NOES!) and wires were coming from a bag in the cargo area of a plane so the entire world shut down for like three hundred hours. Turns out it was a portable dental kit that was dusty. FEAR. [Enquirer]

Steve Beshear told the Louisville Forum that he still supports raising the cigarette tax. And he continued to push for a public vote on casino gambling. [C-J]

Bill Nighbert is also the target of a Transportation Cabinet investigation. One of the people charged with investigating him is a man Nighbert once fired. This should be interesting. [H-L]

Do you know Lilly Ledbetter? Do you support fair and equal pay for women? Or do you support Mitch Mcconnell? You may want to educate yourself. [KY Women]

Democrat Doug Mullins dropped out of the 51st District State House race yesterday. This guarantees that Republican John Carney will win the seat. This means that only 30 of the 100 State House seats are being contested. Way to go, KDP! [PolWatchers]

Turns out Russia launched a coordinated cyber attack on Georgia before and during their physical attack on the country. Welcome to the 21st century, I guess. [NY Times by way of Barefoot & Progressive]

A few things from Politicker:

OMG. Sonny Landham to host a voter registration rally in Louisville’s West End? OMG. We can’t take it.  Will anyone ask him just how racist he is? [Trey Pollard]

Trey Grayson was selected to be a part of the RNC’s platform committee team. He’ll serve as co-chairman of the Guaranteeing Energy Independence and a Cleaner Environment subcommittee. [Trey Pollard]

And in other news, Politicker is definitely Republican. [Some Other Dude With An Ego Bigger Than Ours]

Governor Beshear Signs Electric Car Order

Remember those cute little three-wheeled electric cars?

Governor Steve Beshear just signed an executive order allowing them on Kentucky roads.

The press release:

FRANKFORT, Ky. (August 5, 2008) – Gov. Steve Beshear today signed an executive order directing the Transportation Cabinet to immediately develop and implement an emergency regulation authorizing the use of low-speed electric vehicles on Kentucky’s roadways.

“Kentuckians, like all Americans, are hard hit by record-high gas prices,” Gov. Beshear said at a news conference announcing the order. “These tough times call for creative solutions, and I believe allowing Kentuckians the option of using an electric vehicle is one of those solutions. Electric vehicles may help ease the burden on the pocketbooks of hard-working Kentucky families, as well as reduce their carbon footprint.”

“In addition, my administration will also aggressively pursue any economic development opportunities to recruit manufacturers and the jobs that come with this growing field,” the Governor added.

Read the rest of the release after the jump…

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Need a Job and Love the Environment?

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth is hiring 14 electoral organizers to work (for folks who want to work 20 to 40 hours per week) for 11 weeks across the commonwealth building long-term power and relationships leading up to election day.

Organizers will recruit and train volunteers, manage canvassing programs and develop phone banks throughout the fall.

KFTC is seeking applicants to work in the following locations: Louisville, Lexington, Morehead, Madison County, Pike County, Perry County, Floyd County, Letcher County, Knott County, Harlan and Warren Counties.

For more information or to apply, please visit KFTC’s website. Great compensation for those struggling with the current jobs market.

Elaine Chao Wants Workers to Die. Hard. Now.

What’s that noise? Why, it’s the sound of Labor Secretary Elaine Chao– wife of Mitch McConnell– trying to poison American workers. She and her cronies at the Department of Labor are working at lightning speed to push rules through the Bush Misadministration to make it tougher to regulate on-the-job exposure to deadly chemicals and toxins.

From the Washington Post:

Political appointees at the Department of Labor are moving with unusual speed to push through in the final months of the Bush administration a rule making it tougher to regulate workers’ on-the-job exposure to chemicals and toxins.

The agency did not disclose the proposal, as required, in public notices of regulatory plans that it filed in December and May. Instead, Labor Secretary Elaine L. Chao’s intention to push for the rule first surfaced on July 7, when the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) posted on its Web site that it was reviewing the proposal, identified only by its nine-word title.

The text of the proposed rule has not been made public, but according to sources briefed on the change and to an early draft obtained by The Washington Post, it would call for reexamining the methods used to measure risks posed by workplace exposure to toxins. The change would address long-standing complaints from businesses that the government overestimates the risk posed by job exposure to chemicals.

Click here to read the rest…

Steve Beshear Pleases Both Dems & Pubs

Remember those fancy little three-wheeled electric vehicles that both Republicans and Democrats want to have built in Kentucky? Now Governor Steve Beshear is chiming in and said yesterday that he wants talk to the manufacturer of the Zap! autos about producing the vehicles in Kentucky.

The governor is now considering, it would seem, the possibility of signing an executive order to allow three-wheeled, battery-powered vehicles on Kentucky roads.

Here’s what Beshear had to say, according to the C-J’s Stephenie Steitzer:

“Our economic development folks are in the process of contacting the ZAP people to begin talking about what the possibilities are for them to produce their cars here and to develop some business here, and we are open to doing whatever is necessary to bring that about.”

Finally, something we can all agree on. That these itty bitty cars should be made in Kentucky so we can have all kinds of environment-loving fun on surface streets all over Louisville.

And in other news, you should be highly envious of the solar-powered cap (for the built-in fan) we got from Zap! Don’t worry– we wouldn’t be caught dead wearing it. But that doesn’t mean we won’t be standing outside in the sun every five minutes just to see if it works. It was made in China so it probably doesn’t work and will poison us with the lead fumes of death. Special thanks to our unlikely Republican legislator friend who made it happen.

Wednesday Morning Update Dept of Broken Puters

Looking for a job? U.S. Customs and Border Protections is hiring in Kentucky! They’re in Hopkinsville, Louisville, Lexington and Owensboro through the end of the week accepting applications. Big money. [Business First]

Read the first paragraph of this story. A former Champaign school official is accused of hitting the mother of her grandson with a hammer in a child custody dispute Friday. OMG. Grandmothers are the end of the world or whatever. [News-Gazette]

Just how large of a bullet did the University of Wisconsin-Parkside dodge? The Badger Herald wonders in their recap of the latest bit about Robert Felner. [Badger Herald Muckrakers]

Gannett shares fell 6.5 percent yesterday to their lowest level since 1990. No wonder there’s such a terrible mood at the Courier-Journal these days. We’re all gonna die of the awful news starvation! [Washington Business Journal]

Larry Dale chimes in on Bruce Lunsford’s fundraising results for the second quarter. Sure, $600,000 is chump change compared to McConnell’s $3 million in special interest money. But it’s disingenuous to suggest that Lunsford is having difficulty raising money. Primarily because he doesn’t have a large finance staff. [KY Kurmudgeon]

John McCain thinks rape is funny. No wonder so many Clintonites and women who think it’s cool to stay bitter forever are supporting him! [Barefoot & Progressive]

History for dummies? Yeah, if you like to have the bejeezus scared out of you by some puppets and shiz! We want the King Kong figure. Someone buy it for us. Or else. [C-J]

Wednesday Update Dept of Sticky Humidity

George W. Bush tours America to survey the damage caused by his disastrous presidency. It’s from the Onion News Network. Watch the video. Scary and hilarious. [Hilarious Video]

The Governor’s Scholar program kids chose Walnuts McCain over Barry Obama in a mock election. 49.4 to 46.9. Nader 1.5, Barr 1.3, Baldwin .8, McKinney .1. Isn’t that fancy? Not sure what this says about academia in Kentucky. [PolWatchers]

New LEO editor Stephen George is super-important now and gets mentioned by John David Dyche in the newspaper. Fancy! [C-J]

Why did David Williams sit on 9 million bills for like a hundred years before signing them and sending them to the governor? This basically kills his argument about the House screwing everything up and confusing him at the last minute. [Mark Hebert]

Yeah, that’s right. Our hot tip about Larry Belcher being late to his press conference got reported by Hebert last night. [More Hebert]

Does the public really support expanded drilling here in the U.S. and A? [What’s Required]

Greater Louisville Inc – Louisville’s chamber of commerce – laid off 60 6 people yesterday. GLI says the lay-offs were not a cost cutting measure. WTF gives, then? You don’t just magically lay off 60 6 (the C-J article HAD to have been corrected, we read it multiple times) people when you’re the effing CHAMBER OF COMMERCE and then refuse to give the media a reason. [C-J]

Does anyone else love Toothpaste for Dinner? Married to the Sea? Natalie Dee? [Clicky, Clicky, Clicky]