Through The Republican Grapevine…

Oh, the things we hear rolling out of statewide campaigns this year. From the panic in Conway’s world that Republicans will finally capitalize upon that 300-page LMPD report involving he and his brother to Bevin worrying that Rand (and his wife — a woman Bevin has allegedly been nasty toward) will knee him square in the you-know-where.

But today’s fun…

In light of the problems the Jefferson County Republican Party had with its “unity” rally, we hear the organizers of another multi-county GOP event (Bullitt, Hardin, LaRue, Meade, Nelson) have called things off. Something about all the money folks in Louisville lost because Bevin’s at the top of the ticket? Note: Probably time for all these regional events to be turned into Ryan Quarles rallies so we can all call it a day.

Lines up with everything we keep hearing regarding Democratic polling. The reality being that Republicans are more nervous than they’ve ever been because they don’t trust the top of the ticket.

Guessing a lot of cages are gonna get rattled these next few months.

Jack Says He Knows All The Farmers

From the Conway-Overly Republican Democratic (heh) campaign for governator:

“From helping our farmers recover nearly a million dollars by cracking down on criminals who were running a fraudulent check scheme to standing up to Big Tobacco to protect a settlement agreement supporting vital agriculture programs, I have a proven record as Attorney General of getting real results for Kentucky’s rural families,” Attorney General Conway said. “My family ran a seed business in Western Kentucky, where your handshake was your bond. Sannie grew up on her family’s farm in Bourbon County, where everyone worked hard, pitched in, and got things done. Those are the kind of values we’ll bring to the Governor’s office as we continue fighting for our farmers, marketing our homegrown products, and moving Kentucky forward.”

They say these people are farmers and support their ticket:

  • Judge-Executive Alex Barnett, Harrison County
  • Former congressman Scotty Baesler and wife Alice Baesler, Fayette County
  • State Sen. Robin Webb, Carter County
  • State Sen. Dennis Parrett, Hardin County
  • State Rep. Tom McKee, Harrison County
  • State Rep. Wilson Stone, Allen County
  • Former state senator Joe Wright, Breckinridge County
  • Former state representative Roger Thomas, Warren County
  • Former state senator Joey Pendleton, Christian County
  • David Neville, Shelby County
  • Bruce Harper, Mercer County
  • Hoppy Henton, Woodford County
  • Robert and BJ Enlow, LaRue County
  • Karen Curtis, Robertson County
  • Kenny Hendrick, Warren County
  • Andrew Deweese, Butler County
  • Merrill and Shirley Stuart, Warren County
  • Chris Newton, Butler County
  • Shannon Morgan, Warren County
  • Chuck Tackett, Scott County
  • David Jacobs, Scott County
  • Mason Tackett, Scott County
  • Steve Meredith, Hardin County
  • John and Mary Bradshaw, Shelby County
  • Robert Donoho, Warren County
  • Tim and Belinda Westbrook, Warren County
  • Adam Westbrook, Warren County
  • Landon Westbrook, Warren County
  • Aaron Westbrook, Warren County
  • Tom and Elizabeth Westbrook, Warren County
  • Andrew McCord, Clark County
  • Charlie and Beverly Harrod, Shelby County
  • Bobby and Annabelle Glass, Shelby County
  • Bobby Arnett, Montgomery County
  • Don Halcomb, Simpson County
  • Joe Duncan, Warren County
  • Rondall Thornton, Warren County
  • Rod Kuegel, Daviess County
  • Marshall Coyle, Bath County
  • Denny and Felischa Page, Warren County
  • Brian Chism, Meade County
  • Robert Conley, Scott County
  • Lee Robey, Logan County
  • Fred Wheeler, Warren County

Including DUI aficionado Joey Pendleton.

Next week Jack will be at Kentucky Farm Bureau talking about how much he loves farmers while killing the environment with coal slurry and hydraulic fracturing fluid.

Here’s A Juicy Fancy Farm Thing & More

Folks close to Rand Paul tell us that he’ll be in New Hampshire instead of Fancy Farm because…

Wait for it…

He doesn’t want to have to endorse Matt Bevin or be seen with him on a statewide stage.

And nearly everyone we know — Republicans included — can applaud him for that. Even if they hate Jack Conway.

Will things change? Will he cut an ad for him? Maybe do a few campaign stops? Who knows. But for now? Good on him for avoiding that unpredictable mess.

Bevin’s campaign folks say he’s reached out to Hal Heiner but it remains to be seen how Heiner will respond. Because, uh, remember that time Bevin called Heiner out for spilling the T on the Jamie Comer abuse allegations?

That “unity” rally Republicans held in Louisville at the Jefferson County Republican Party? Turns out it lost money this year, thanks in part to low turnout.

Why the low turnout? Because Matt Bevin at the top of the ticket doesn’t appeal to the thinking folks in Louisville.

Noticeably absent from the rally: Jamie Comer and Hal Heiner. Comer because reasons (you already know). Heiner because… who even knows?

Will Jack Conway repeat 2010? Will he pull an Alison and lose miserably? Will he whip his campaign folks into gear, repair damaged relationships and so the right thing?

Let’s all hold our breath!

What an exciting few months facing us all.

Bevin & Conway Have Zero Class

Matt Bevin and Jack Conway agreed to appear at a Kentucky Black Caucus event:

In what will be a rare rendezvous in early stages of the governor’s race, Republican Matt Bevin and Democrat Jack Conway will appear alongside each other Saturday in Radcliff.

Bevin has criticized Conway for not scheduling more mutual appearances while the Conway campaign has labeled those criticisms are distractions. But both will headline the Kentucky Black Caucus’ meeting where they will spend about 15-20 minutes each speaking before taking questions from the floor.


“The areas we will be focusing on are race relations and poverty,” said Stan Holmes, Kentucky Black Caucus vice president and Radcliff councilman. He added that 24 percent of Hardin County youths struggle with poverty daily.

Then both of them panicked and crapped out:

Because of a scheduling conflict, Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway will not be able to attend a Saturday event in Radcliff, according to campaign staff.


Instead, Conway’s running mate, state Rep. Sannie Overly, will attend in his place where she will speak for about 15 to 20 minutes about the Democratic ticket.

While Bevin also was announced, KBC Vice President Stan Holmes said Monday that someone from the Bevin campaign will speak.

Wondering how seriously either Matt Bevin or Jack Conway take matters of race and poverty in Kentucky?

With such disregard that neither can be bothered to show up.

Scheduling conflict? Really? If this were about a drug scandal involving Jack’s brother or a government bailout for some of Matt’s bells or whatever, they’d both show up a day early.

Nothing will change for the better come November.

Jack Says He Has Republican Support

Yesterday Jack Conway announced that the following Republicans support him:

  • Bill Hagenbuch, Jr., Allen County Attorney
  • Tommy Willett, Monroe County Judge-Executive
  • Matt Thornton, businessman
  • Stewart Ray, businessman
  • Richard Lusardo, businessman
  • Andrew Potter, sales executive
  • Ken Perry, real estate developer
  • William Bardenwerper, attorney
  • Joe Kelley, businessman
  • Ted Edgington, retired police officer
  • Todd Mercer, salesman
  • Stephanie English, nurse
  • Tyler Beam, marketing professional
  • Joan Shaw, homemaker
  • Scott Creason, administrator
  • John Hollenbach, real estate developer
  • Michael Plummer, attorney
  • Kimberly Plummer, retail sales
  • Kevin Borland, businessman
  • David Bradford, businessman
  • Tim Baker, teacher
  • Deborah Eubank, retired state employee
  • Bob Rounsavall III, businessman
  • Daniel Ebert, attorney

Which means something, we’re sure. Just not certain at this point.

Because it definitely doesn’t mean there’s a groundswell of Republican support for the Democratic ticket.

Some of the folks on that list only back Jack because their loved ones rely on him being in office for income (Joe Kelley). Some are Republican in name only and have strong ties to people like Greg Fischer (Bill Bardenwerper). Some of them have money and traditionally spend it on a variety of their wealthy friends (Matt Thornton). The others? Who even knows?