It’s Friday! And We Aren’t Going to Fancy Farm! Because We Still Have The Plague And Are Sleeping 24/7

Things aren’t going so well for Governor Steve Beshear these days and he keeps making interesting appointments. This time it’s Danny Ross (half-brother to Larry Clark) getting appointed as policy advisor to Labor Secretary J.R. Gray. Ross was pardoned after being indicted for felony campaign finance violations in 1995. We like Danny a lot but we’re not sure why on earth the governor would appoint him to a position after all the trouble he had trying to move him during the session. [PolWatchers]

The Journal-Times incorrectly gives the Courier-Journal credit for reporting on the Felner emails last week. Credit should go to WHAS11’s Adam Walser and this site. But we love how mainstream newspapers love to ignore the facts. It wouldn’t be a normal day without some newspaper– usually the C-J– jacking some sort of story up. [Journal-Times]

The Herald-Leader editorial board is none too happy with Mitch McConnell and his filibustering everything. Everything from curbs on oil speculation, home heating and cooling assistance for the poor and elderly, tax credits for wind and solar energy along with clean coal and electric vehicles. Yay, the McConnell way of life is great for our country. [H-L]

Thought we were finished with this gambling stuff? Does anyone really care about slot machines at race tracks? Will anyone actually support Greg Stumbo’s attention-seeking bill? We can all agree that using the revenue to replace vehicle taxes would be nice, but come on. [C-J]

How did Kentucky end up on the sidelines in presidential election years? We have fewer African Americans, we’re more conservative, yadda yadda. And no one important is stopping by Fancy Farm this year. Daniel Mongiardo reminds us of his loss to Jim Bunning. [H-L]

We all know how Geoff Davis voted when congress was working to extend FDA authority over tobacco. So take a look at Michael Kelley’s response to Geoff’s ridiculous decision to vote no. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Wednesday. Only Two Days Til Fancy Farm.

Okay, seriously. We were the first to say many months ago that Greg Stumbo should be speaker of the house. But who on earth really thinks it’s gonna happen at this point? Jody Richards has way too much support. Also, we hear that Joni Jenkins will beat Larry Clark to be speaker pro-tem. [KY Kurmudgeon]

Governor Steve Beshear gave eight murderers and fourteen rapists partial pardons. There’s going to be a major backlash over this. It makes sense to pardon some felons. But murderers and felons? Hoo boy, it’s gotta suck working for the governor these days. Get ready for it to hit the fan. [H-L, C-J]

What’s that? Yeah, it’s the sound of Barack Obama ignoring Fancy Farm. He’ll be speaking to the National Urban League instead. You can call us bitter, but ignoring Kentucky isn’t going to fly. [The Arena]

Oh, we broke this story on The ‘Ville Voice. You might wanna add it to your regular list of daily reads. [Pat Crowley]

Wait. So no Mitch McConnell may not make it to Fancy Farm because of a possible Saturday session in the senate? [WKYX]

Is anyone excited that the Courier-Journal regurgitated what WHAS11 and this website reported? Nancy Rodriguez does on vacation for two weeks, the new reporter assigned to the story never sits down with us to get up to speed and now a new writer is pretending to have broken the latest details on the story. [C-J]

And in Sonny Landham news, it looks like Ken Moellman is backtracking and may allow Landham to run for the U.S. Senate as a Libertarian. And Sonny refuses to back down from his racist statements. This circus is amazing. [Pat Crowley]

Is there a cover-up afoot? Joe Sonka seems to think so. Mostly because our KDP slanderer’s comments have disappeared from Bluegrass Report. Totally deleted. Interesting. We’d hoped they would have remained forever. If anyone has screenshots beyond what Joe has uncovered, please send them our way. We can’t wait til we see Jennifer in-person. [Barefoot & Progressive]

It’s Tuesday. Everybody Has a New Job.

We still have ebola of the head or malaria or whatever. So it’s gonna be a slow day for us. In the meantime, just enjoy this random smattering of crap below. And done forget the Felner Scandal’s latest juicy details!

Just days after Ken Moellman said racist bigot Sonny Landham would run for the U.S. Senate on the Libertarian ticket, he announces that he’s out. Racist Landham says he plans on running as an independent. Oh, and he brings up Jews. How nice. We can’t wait for this circus. [Pat Crowley]

Republicans named Chuck Ellinger to face Kathy Stein. Shawn McPherson will face Wilson Stone. And former Beshear chief of staff Jim Cauley will helping those special elections. We also hear at least one prominent Lunsford staffer is leaving to work for the special elections. [PolWatchers]

Speaking of Lunsford staffers, Rick just reported that Cary Stemle, the former Editor of LEO, is now on board with the Lunsford campaign as Allison Haley’s replacement. The Lunsford camp should benefit greatly from Stemle’s extensive exerience in journalism. [The ‘Ville Voice]

The Republican Party wants you to freeze out and die. Did you know George W. Bush and his allies are compassionate? They care about you. And will make sure you all freeze to death because you can’t afford heat. [C-J]

Now that we’ve brought up Repubican allies of George W. Bush, Mitch McConnell and his wife Elaine Chao are hellbent on weakening mine health safety. Now miners can be exposed to toxic chemicals and black lung and mine operators get a free pass. [H-L]

In case you missed it, the Robert Felner scandal has exploded with information and evidence so juicy you won’t be able to stand it. From details that seem to point to Felner actually knowing what’s up and sharing details with a guy he called “honey” to some crazy emails between the two, it’s all there! [Page One]

Breaking: Felner and Schroeder More Than Friends? And Other Updates On the Scandal

Were Robert Felner and Tom Schroeder in a relationship? Email obtained by WHAS11’s Adam Walser seems to suggest so. And those emails suggest Felner and Schroeder were in collusion to swindle the University of Louisville out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Felner told Schroeder in an email that he was “terrified and nuts” about an IRS investigation. Some choice quotes from Felner: “the situation is getting real dicey,” “could lose my house and you too as your payments will be stopping.” According to what Felner said in emails to Schroeder, it appears that he knew his time was up at UofL.

Take a look at these excerpts from the WHAS11 piece at 5:30:

We’ll link you to the full story once it’s live on WHAS11’s website. In the meantime, here’s the print story. Update: Here’s the full story from WHAS11 – you’ll want to check it out.

Oh yeah– we told you Felner owned all kinds of expensive homes around the country. Who needs TWO houses in Florida? Who can afford them on a mere $250K/year salary from UofL? Does this mean Felner is a self-hating homosexual? Oh man, the questions this raises!

And I bet Anne Northup and Jim Ramsey wish to high heaven they hadn’t stepped into this stinky mess.

See the scandalous email exchanges between Robert Felner and Tom Schroeder after the jump… You won’t believe your eyes…

Read moreBreaking: Felner and Schroeder More Than Friends? And Other Updates On the Scandal

Monday Afternoon Update Slow Zzzz….

We have ebola of the head or whatever and are couch-ridden for the next million hours. Our hooker must not have been honest last night. Someone call us if there’s breaking news.

Don’t you love how the Kentucky Democratic Party behaves when it is caught red-handed slandering a Democrat? Full-on denial has begun. [Page One]

Is Scott Jennings a liability for Mitch McConnell? Jennings is “mentioned” in a report by the DOJ in the Karl Rove-U.S. Attorney Firings scandal. [The Arena]

Speaking of Mitch McConnell, he’s excited for Fancy Farm and wants everyone to cheer him on. Should be exciting, right? [Pat Crowley]

There’s going to be an interesting story on WLKY in Louisville tonight about a couple million dollars that have gone missing or something. Anne Northup scored the skrilla for a Louisville church and it looks like it’s all been squandered. We’ll all have the skinny tonight. [WLKY]

And WHAS11 News at 5:30 will reveal its investigation into former University of Louisville Dean Robert Felner’s email. Discussion among Felner and Schroeder up until the investigation broke. We hear it is absolutely scandalous! We’ll have highlights later. [WHAS11]

In other news, this probably made us sick. [FEAR]

Why Was “Outer” Michael Rogers in Louisville?

The weekend of July 12th was an interesting one. Primarily because we caught wind of a visit to Louisville by Michael Rogers of BlogActive.

Rogers, you may recall, is the man who “outed” Rep. Ed Schrock in 2004, the man who first published information about Rep. Mark Foley’s instant messenger sessions with underage pages in 2005 and the guy who outed Sen. Larry Craig in 2006. (Craig was later arrested in 2007 for his well-known foot-tapping in a Minnesota airport.)

According to several reports, Rogers attended the Metro Democratic Club’s annual picnic on the afternoon of the 12th. From there we were able to obtain photographs of him near The Bristol on Bardstown Road, in front of Toast on Market and at the Louisville International Airport on July 13th.

We’re not 100% certain why Rogers was in Louisville and have been unable to get a confirmation of rumors we have heard. We know has a habit of showing up in states before outing well-known politicians, though it’d be wrong of us to speculate in that realm. If anyone has solid information, please get in touch with us.