Trouble in Homotopia? You Bet Your Booties

We’ve been incensed over the hateful anti-gay mailer attacking Ken Herndon during the May primary for several weeks now. So what you’re about to read is probably not too surprising. But it’s come to our attention that C-FAIR, the Louisville Fairness organization, is attempting to paint Ken Herndon as something he’s clearly not: a racist bigot.

What complete horse shiz.

Important: Read about and see the mailer HERE. Read the interesting story surrounding the mailer HERE.

Fairness is up in arms that George Unseld is connected to the mail piece (via his buddy Denise Bentley). And because there’s evidence that potentially connects Unseld to the piece either directly or indirectly, they feel the need to cry racism. Sorry, but that doesn’t fly in this instance. C-FAIR can get over it.

Carla Wallace, the woman who co-founded Fairness with Ken Herndon (and whose father gave $1 million in the form of an endowment), has made it no secret that she opposed Herndon’s candidacy in favor of Unseld because Unseld was an original fairness supporter. That’s all fine and dandy. But now she and others at Fairness/C-FAIR are taking things a step further by reaching out to members of the media and prominent gay folks in the community in an attempt to demonize Ken Herndon. Classic move of character assassination.

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Homophobic Mailer Update: Denise Bentley Blamed

Remember the homophobic mailer in Louisville that trashed Ken Herndon, the Jefferson County Judge-Executive and candidate for Metro Council?

Here’s a link to our original story. And here are the sickening images of the mailer to refresh your memory:

Infuriated? Good.

We now learn that former Metro Councilwoman Denise Bentley is likely behind the mailer.

From LEO:

Herndon said he suspects Unseld’s campaign manager, former councilwoman and political operator Denise Bentley, played some role, mostly because of what he called a history of using controversial campaign ads.

“We had nothing to do with it,” Bentley said Monday in a phone interview. She told LEO that Unseld was appalled by the mailer, which he — along with the rest of his district, which includes Old Louisville, California and South Central neighborhoods — received at his home. In a press conference a day before the election, Unseld denounced it and denied any connection.

Bentley has been a consultant on several area campaigns that used negative ads. In 2006, she was an unofficial advisor to the campaign of Sharon Dummitt, a white woman who was running against current 3rd District Councilwoman Mary Woolridge. During that campaign, an ad surfaced showing a pair of African-American hands clutching cash — an insinuation that Woolridge, who is black, shouldn’t be trusted with district dollars.

It should be noted that George Unseld didn’t decide to denounce the mailer until several days later, after receiving complaints from his supporters. He said as much during his press conference, indicating that he was speaking out because people had complained to him. Nothing about him being personally offended or outraged.

Read the rest of the juicy, juicy about Denise Bentley and the drama involving Jim King after the jump…

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Powell County Fiscal Court: Ruh Ro

Auditor Crit Luallen just released her report on the financial statements of the Powell County Fiscal Court and it isn’t pretty.

According to the report, the county had a deficit of more than $1 million in its general, jail and disaster emergency funds! A million dollars. In Powell County. Yeah, we’re wowed.

Take a look at part of the release:

Auditors found that the Powell County Fiscal Court transferred restricted money from the road fund, the Local Government Economic Assistance (LGEA) Fund, the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP) Fund and the ambulance fund to the general, jail, and Disaster Emergency Services (D.E.S) funds.

The county has repaid a portion of the money; however, additional money was borrowed or transferred during the current fiscal year, according to the audit.


Kentucky law specifically prohibits the expenditure of LGEA funds for administration of the government and also states coal impact counties must expend 100 percent of funds in transportation. Fiscal court used a portion of the coal impact funds for expenditures other than transportation. These non-allowable expenditures are due back to the LGEA Fund to be expended for transportation, according to the audit.

Additionally, the county’s road fund expenditures exceeded the budgeted amount that could be used for purposes other than transportation during the fiscal year…

Glad you don’t run a county government? Ha.

Beyond all that shiz, the audit revealed that county 911 supervisors didn’t maintain timesheets nor review and sign employee timesheets. And the jailer didn’t submit an annual financial report to the county treasurer as required by state law.

We imagine it’s tough to operate in the black with the current economy. But. Ugh.

Mitch McConnell is Richer Than You, Kids

$3 million to $13 million richer, even. So says his personal financial disclosure.

Kentucky’s Senior Senator has a $100K-$250K mortgage from Republican Bank issued in 2003 at an interest rate of 4.625 percent. That’s a pretty lucrative deal. Do any of you, dear readers, have mortgage rates that low?

He earned $183,500 in 2007, owns Washington D.C. rental property worth up to $5 million with his wife and has three Vanguard family trusts worth up to $250,000 each.

Speaking of McConnell’s Labor Secretary wife, Elaine Chao. She has a Vanguard 500 index mutual fund worth up to $5 million.

McConnell holds a seat on the Board of Directors of the Associates of Harvard Business School. What was that about being a common man who has to defend himself against wealthy Bruce Lunsford? Yeah, that argument doesn’t hold water.

Take a peek (Warning: PDF link) at McConnell’s personal financial disclosure form.

And yes, we’ll examine Bruce Lunsford’s PFD when we get our hands on it.

State Vehicle Abuse? You Be the Judge

This photo was taken on Thursday, June 5, 2008 in the parking lot of Beef O’Brady’s in Frankfort at 11:56 A.M.

The car in the photo is from the Frankfort Motor Pool. Motor Pool cars are for day trips. I.E., you go to a meeting and then come back. They’re available to state employees just like Avis or Hertz and they’re not assigned to an office or agency.

So why was it driven to a restaurant in Frankfort? Who needed a Frankfort Motor Pool vehicle to go to lunch in Frankfort? We’re not trying to harm anyone’s career but we can’t not point this out as an example.

Acccording to KRS 44.045, paragraph 2, state vehicles are for “official use only.” Read it for yourself.

Stopping at Target or Kroger on your way home isn’t an official use of a state vehicle, so no one is going to complain much about that if you aren’t abusing your privileges. But that sort of vehicle use still costs us taxpayers money. There are roughly 10,000 passenger vehicles that drive in excess of 90 million miles per year in the state fleet. If each of these vehicles are driven an extra five miles per week for short stops at the grocery, that’s 2.6 million additional miles per year. At $0.44 cents per mile that adds up to $1.144 million per year. That’s also an additional 144,000 or so gallons of fuel per year that doesn’t need to be purchased by the state.

We’ve got to change the way we do business in Kentucky. It doesn’t have to cost employees that much, so don’t freak out. But there’s no reason we should be using these vehicles for personal trips without paying for that use.

Ruh Ro: Louisville Arena Authority Scandal Brewing

Loosely mentioned it earlier, but Rick’s just published his piece about Jim Host and the Arena Authority.

You didn’t really think someone other than Jim Host’s hand-picked contractor had a shot during the second round of bidding on the arena demolition contract, did you?

If you read the C-J story by Marcus Green, one thing is obvious — somebody’s lying. The contract was awarded to O’Rourke and Company for a second time, this time at a price of $2.3 million, which is less than the $2.8 million contract that was awarded earlier this year. So, did the Authority save a half-mil by re-bidding, or has it already spent that much with the work O’Rourke’s already done?

Both the competitive companies, CRS Demolition of Louisville and Dore & Associates of Michigan, claim they weren’t allowed access to the construction site and couldn’t make an accurate bid. Host persuaded Rick Godsey, of the local architectural firm, to say that no one from the companies involved asked to see the whole site. Dore’s chief executive saw how it was being handled and dropped out. CRS simply filed a protest instead of a bid.

But there’s more to the story, of course.

CLICK HERE to read the rest of the juicy, juicy…

Put an End to State Vehicle Abuse – Speak Up

Thanks to a wonderful reader comment on a thread about state vehicle usage, we’ve got an idea.

I’ve read posts where people are complaining about state employees being parked at Wal-Mart or a restaurant during off hours or with speeding state vehicles flying down the interstate.

Could you create a post or link where people could send in photos or plate numbers of the offenders?

Maybe with the attention paid to this problem, this will lead to some solutions, just like everyone complaining about the office Senate office renovations has forced Williams to cave.

So… let’s do that very thing. Feel free to comment on this post with information, links to photos, etc. But don’t stretch the truth or play loose with the facts. We’ll find out if you do (and you’ll likely be outed if you’re douchey enough).

If you don’t want to leave a comment, you may contact me by using THIS LINK (click it) or by using this email address:

This level of transparency is exactly what’s needed across the Bluegrass and it’s time we all started taking responsibility.