Jim Ramsey Calls In The Big Guns

University of Louisville president Jim Ramsey got Humana founder David Jones to write a glowing editorial for the Courier-Journal today….

President Ramsey and the university are on a roll, and the reason is clear: leadership.

Ramsey is bright, experienced, thoughtful, humble, gutsy, action-oriented and totally focused on improving every aspect of the University of Louisville.

When he arrived, there were studies showing that a majority of faculty members would not send their children to the university. Morale was low. A firm hand and clear vision were required.

He provided that vision and toughness, requiring endless 12-hour and longer days and perhaps on occasion he was a bit too tough.

He will certainly profit from his current experience, and our community will continue to profit from his leadership if the trustees stand firmly behind him, based on all his very good days!

And we’re left wondering if Jones really knows what’s going on at the University.

Press Conference Update – Felner & Politics

We hear there’s a presser at UofL later this afternoon. Possibly about the Robert Felner investigation? We can’t get out there today but several reporters have promised to keep us in the loop.

And Ben Chandler is set to publicly endorse David Boswell during a 3:30 press conference. He’ll endorse the one candidate attacking Democratic Leadership but doesn’t have the balls to endorse Bruce Lunsfird INSIDE the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Imagine that. We’ll fill you in on the details from the conference call later.

Update: John Deasy’s Resume Is Jacked Up

Quick update – Not only is John Deasy’s doctorate a fraud, thanks to Robert Felner, but it turns out he’s got to, oh, fraudulent pieces of information on his resume.

Deasy listed a faculty position in the doctoral program of Educational Leadership and Social Justice at Loyola Marymount University, Calif., from 2003 to present. The university’s human resources department could not find him listed as a current or former faculty member.

There also was a date discrepancy on the resume he had on file in the Prince George’s Schools office of the superintendent.

Deasy received his master’s degree on May 21, 1989, according to Providence College records. However, his resume says he received the degree in 1987, the same time he became director of personnel at Coventry Public Schools, R.I.


In a letter to the university’s accrediting agency, University of Louisville President James Ramsey said the blue-ribbon panel found no violations of the accreditation agency’s residency requirements for Deasy’s degree, said John Drees, a university spokesman.

Somebody should so write about about this Felner debacle. Jeez.

And in other news: based on limited information we have obtained so far, it appears more than one degree has been given away at the University of Louisville. Stay tuned.

Tuesday Morning Update Dept of Presidentin’

Those self-hating John McCain gays are so fancy. With their sex parties. And their high-profile job titles like Chief of Staff. And their slings and interesting screennames. The hypocrisy is quite ripe. [Huffington Post]

What happens on Main Street affects Wall Street. Hey, Washington, you can buy all of our bad investments, too. They’re really fancy. [BuyMyShitpile]

Sorry, folks, David Boswell is a DINO who is trying hardcore to out Republican the Republican. He touts his anti-choice stances and that he’s worked hard to make sure choice is never an option. He’ll lose and we’ll all go on about our day. Why do we waste our time with these people? [C-J]

Education Week inaccurately attributes large parts of the Robert Felner-UofL story to the C-J. Guess that’s the problem when you’re not really paying attention, eh? You get your facts incorrect and begin to lose credibility as a higher education publication. [Education Week]

Michael Moore’s latest movie – Slacker Uprising – is now available for download for free. So watch it and go vote this November. Slackers. [Slacker Uprising]

Can Barack Obama steer this election back to substance? Because we all know it really is all about hockey moms, moose hunters and whether Grampa John McCain needs to change his old man diaper. [New York Magazine]

John Miller of Miller Transportation really has his panties in a wad. It’s called a TROLLEY HOP, buddy. Meaning TROLLEYS are required for the event. Not giant, gas-guzzling Miller buses. And trying to kill the TARC circulator at the University of Louisville? Are you kidding me? [C-J]

The foreigns totally get this presidential election. But it’s troubling that there are college freshmen who have no idea who they’re voting for. Ryan Alessi must hate America. Just wait til the mouth breathers read his column from yesterday. [H-L]

University of Louisville Grant Monitoring Weak

Yeah, who knew? Haha. Too little, too late?

The Courier-Journal’s latest in the Robert Felner debacle tells us what we all know: the grant handling and overview process at the University of Louisville is laughable at best. While the majority of those responsible for grants do the right thing and are meticulous with their management, it’s an absolute embarrassment that Robert Felner was able to squander potentially millions of dollars while his superiors turned their heads.

And it’s even worse that they allowed this to go on for five years. Unchecked, crazy behavior. Just flushing our tax dollars down the toilet.

Take a look at a bit of the C-J story:

[U]niversity policy didn’t clearly spell out who was responsible for oversight of grant subcontracts; that researchers sometimes failed to monitor subcontractors; and the university controller’s office didn’t consistently keep up with required documentation.

University officials say they corrected those audit findings in 2006-07, adopting clearer policies, doing more to educate researchers about compliance rules and making sure proper audits were requested.

Even so, the audit illustrates how weaknesses can exist despite the complex and overlapping regulations.

For example, in Felner’s case, the university’s controller requested documentation about his subcontractors in late April 2008 — a full year after the first of three checks to one of the subcontractors was deposited in a Louisville bank.

Not sure about anyone else, but I’m pretty certain it’s becoming more and more clear that the entire University needs an overhaul. This is simply unacceptable on any level.

Even oversight that takes place early can fail to catch problems. For example, it’s not clear why the university didn’t notice that Felner had not reported financial disclosures required of researchers.

How about Shirley Willihnganz and Jim Ramsey literally ignored Felner’s faults and behavior? That may have something to do with it.

And while Bristow and others say they’re willing to make needed changes, no system is likely to catch everyone bent on wrongdoing.

“There’s no perfect system,” Wilhelm said. “There’s always someone who will find a way to circumvent it.”

Yes, there’s always a Robert Felner out there. But having some sort of system in place for oversight is better than the, you know, system of nothing that Jim and Shirley have going on these days.

Gosh. When will this investigation end? And when will UofL’s top dogs start taking responsibility?

Top Republican Donor Defends Jim Ramsey’s Offensive and Objectionable Public Behavior

Bill Stone, a top Republican donor in Louisville and member of the University of Louisville Board of Trustees, is defending Jim Ramsey in a letter to the editor that can only be considered troubling.

Stone compared the mountains of facts and evidence published by this site, the Courier-Journal and other media outlets to the Duke lacrosse scandal.

Despite the pejorative, almost daily hammering of your reports, the community needs to know that for weeks Ramsey has been pushing the right levers to get to the essence of the issues confronting us. Unlike the president of the pompous Duke University, who condemned innocent young men and their lacrosse coach in the face of media pressure, Ramsey has withstood The C-J onslaught with courage and fortitude.

Courage and fortitude. That’s how he describes Jim Ramsey’s words and actions. Referring to more than 30 complaints and grievances against a potentially corrupt administration as “anonymous crap” garners praise with the words “courage” and “fortitude.”

Jim Ramsey has the fervent belief that the facts and truth should dominate the ultimate judgment of an individual, and that no person deserves a predetermined public flogging. He and U of L stand for the ultimate freedom of each of our students, staff and faculty.

Is it really a “public flogging” when hundreds of pieces of information obtained via open records requests are made public? Is it a “public flogging” when you deal with FACTS and EVIDENCE?

I can assure all those who read this offering, from the perspective of someone who has been intimately engaged with U of L as an 30-year overseer before becoming a trustee, that the leadership of our beloved U of L is in steady and skilled hands. We will come out of this stronger and better as we continue our inevitable journey toward national academic prominence.

Stone is correct that we will come out of this stronger and better– after the legislature has its way with a public inquiry and review of Jim Ramsey and the way he has handled this boondoggle at the esteemed University. National academic prominence, not so much. Stone is horribly mistaken if he believes the actions of Ramsey and Willihnganz over the past five years are indicative of “steady” and “skilled” leadership.

This is embarrassing and laughable. While admirable that Jim Ramsey has the ability to coerce his crew into spreading misinformation in the media, Stone needs to step aside in order to maintain his reputation in this city and the Commonwealth.

The time for damage control has come and gone. Anyone thinking it’s appropriate to defend the indignant, offensive and reactionary behavior of Jim Ramsey throughout this entire ordeal needs to step aside from public life entirely. They should not be trusted to lead a state university in any capacity.

Unelectrical Thursday Morning Dept of Blah

Vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s private Yahoo e-mail account was hacked and some of its contents were posted on the internets yesterday. Screenshots of emails and pictures belonging to Palin were published all over the place. Their authenticity has been confirmed. [Wired Blog]

Been wondering why Barack Obama won’t be in Kentucky, ever, for any reason? It’s called 30% of Kentucky Democrats voting for John McCain. 61% of Independents, 63% of Men, 52% of Women, 55% of those aged 18 to 49 and 60% of those age 50 and older. [ARG Poll]

The Herald-Leader’s Art Jester wrote about Lee Todd saying UK had safeguards in place to prevent a Felner disaster. Then he credited the Courier-Journal with breaking a story that WHAS11’s Adam Walser actually is responsible for. Of course, timing isn’t everything, but credit where credit is due is appropriate at all times. [H-L]

Did you know? Barack Obama is a racist who stokes racism. Rush “Pill Head” Limbaugh is the Jesus of everything, just like Mitch McConnell. Rush sure hates those Mexicans. But not as much as he hates Barack Obama for being black AND a Muslim! [Politico]

Is Jim Bunning the only crazy old man on earth with big enough balls to blast this fed rescue of AIG? What the hell is with this corporate welfare scheme? I thought the free market could handle anything? And what about this “slow” economic time? Feeling the recession yet, Davd Adams, or are you still in denial? [PolWatchers]

A newspaper in Gaithersburg, Maryland says Robert Felner’s attorney, Scott Cox, is out in the public defending John Deasy. He’s saying Felner had nothing to do with Deasy’s doctorate. And, uh, common sense and evidence tell us otherwise. Also– when will newspapers start at least getting the amount of the NCLB grant correct? [Gazette]