OAG Announces Post-Election Audit Counties

Attorney General Jack Conway just announced the six counties chosen to undergo post-election audits. The counties, selected in a random drawing this morning, will be the target of independent inquiries that will examine potential “potential irregularities that may have occurred during the primary election.”

Conway’s office also released this fancy picture of him from this A.M.

The counties drawn this morning are:

  • Butler
  • Calloway
  • Letcher
  • Perry
  • Trimble
  • Webster

The Uprising is Nigh! You’re Doomed, Kids

UPDATE @ 11AM: David will be on The Colbert Report tonight. Watch it.

Those of you familiar with the internets and reality know all about David Sirota and his liberal left ways with the truth. He’s renowned as a journalist and has led the fight to bring the reality-based community into the mainstream. And he has a great new book that’s hitting shelves across the country.

THE UPRISING: An Unauthorized Tour of the Populist Revolt Scaring Wall Street & Washington is what could only be called a masterful look at the force shaping American politics today. David spent a year traveling the country documenting the new populist revolt on the Right and Left and this book is his powerful examination of what’s taking place.

A bit of what David digs up in the book:

  • Where superdelegates come from: Sirota traces the history of superdelegates, showing how they were originally created by the Democratic Party’s entrenched establishment to thwart inconvenient challenges from outsiders and how they could now play a pivotal role in the upcoming election—crushing today’s populist uprising.
  • Conflicts of interest at the heart of the antiwar movement: Sirota reveals that the antiwar movement, which enjoys widespread public support, has cynically hired the same Democratic Party operatives who also have been employed to protect pro-war Democratic politicians.
  • Stealth efforts to unionize the white-collar world: Embedding himself with a scrappy union trying to organize workers at some of the biggest tech companies in the world, Sirota shows how these white-collar companies, while fronting a progressive image, are actually among the most harshly antilabor employers in America.
  • America’s most powerful third party: Most people think third parties are gadflies, but in New York—one of the biggest states in the nation—a third party is changing the political topography in unexpected ways, pushing around the legislature and upending the status quo, and making real gains for its populist agenda.

Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone writes, “The Uprising should be read by anyone who wants to understand exactly how the ordinary person has been sold out by the political system.” and Publishers Weekly says, “Sirota chronicles how ordinary citizens on the right and the left are marshaling their frustrations with the government into uprisings across the country and analyzes the effectiveness and longevity of their efforts.”

He’ll be in Kentucky in June for readings and public appearances and you need to make sure you show up. Make plans today.


  • Cincinnati on June 24 – 7:00 P.M. @ Joseph-Beth Booksellers
  • Louisville on June 25 – 7:00 P.M. @ Carmichael’s on Frankfort Ave

The Louisville event is a Q&A/book signing sponsored by the Kentucky Society of Professional Journalists and Change for Kentucky. 2720 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville. Be there.

Read a great question and answer session with David after the jump…

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Karl Rove’s 500 Fancy Deleted Emails Surface

With all the buzz surrounding HBO’s Recount, we thought it’d be a good idea take a look at video from the BBC in September 2007. It’s from Greg Palast, Mr. Muckraker himself, and is all about Karl Rove sending more than 500 emails from GOP and RNC servers that were later deleted to throw a wrench in a DOJ investigation.

BBC and Palast uncovered the preliminary plan in those deleted emails to silence black voters during the 2008 election. Many were soldiers, no less. Woops.

Peep the video after the jump…

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Election Fraud in Kentucky? Not Much

Attorney General Jack Conway’s office just released election fraud hotline results from yesterday. The OAG received 60 calls from 28 counties (27 calls were received during the 2007 primary and 86 during the general election), the majority of which came from county officials and voters with procedural questions. Electioneering was the common complaint and get this– THERE WERE NO COMPLAINTS OF VOTE-BUYING! Can you believe it?

Election Fraud Hotline Calls

  • 19 Miscellaneous Election Calls
  • 13 Election Official Complaints
  • 8 Procedural or Legal Questions
  • 5 Electioneering Complaints
  • 4 Disrupting the Polls Allegations
  • 3 Voting Machine Complaints
  • 2 Residency Questions
  • 2 Exit Polling Complaints
  • 1 Voter Identification Complaint
  • 1 Special or Absentee Ballot Question
  • 1 Media Call
  • 1 Campaign Violation Allegation

Fischer Campaign Finance Ruh Ro Dept

Take XVII.

Greg Fischer’s April 30th FEC report indicated that he had about $124K on-hand. Of that $124K about $115K was money that could only be used in the general election.

On Friday May 2, Fischer made a $160K TV buy statewide, which means that he either dropped a bunch of his own money and didn’t file that within the 24-hour requirement with the FEC– to inform them that he’s activating the Millionaires’ Amendment, he received a bunch of contributions without reporting them or is using general election funds for primary purposes.

Since the pre-primary report in 24-hour notices, he’s had about $20K come in. No other updates have been filed with the FEC.

We spoke via email with a representative of the Fischer campaign on Friday who told us that Fischer hadn’t dropped in any more of his own money and that he wasn’t using general election funds for primary activity. For the record: We waited six days to run with this story– out of courtesy– just in case the Fischer campaign had neglected to file paperwork or something. But no dice.

So. What’s going on here, Fischer? You’ve got some explaining to do. If you’re not breaking the law this time, then please stop with the appearance of impropriety. And stop pulling this egregious crap so you aren’t hit with FEC fines. This is getting embarrassing.

Fischer’s FEC Report: You’re Gonna Love This

Thanks to friends in Washington, D.C., we’ve gotten our hands on Greg Fischer’s first quarterly FEC report. Oh man. Where to begin?

Once we got over the fact that most of his money is just from rich family members and friends, we discovered that Fischer has $110,000 in funds he cannot use in the Primary, only in the General Election. So the reality is he has a whole lot less on-hand than his campaign has boasted. That is not fundraising strength.

He took out a strange $34,294.31 loan from Fidelity Investments to help get his contribution to the campaign over the $500,000 mark, raising the question of whether or not Fischer actually has enough liquidity when it comes to his own personal finances to drop more in. He apparently isn’t as wealthy and free with his money has he espoused in the run-up to reporting.

There were no disbursements to Dant Clayton Corp for all of the exploratory expenses he had– we were the first to report this months ago. Appears as if Greg Fischer’s campaign knowingly allowed his corporation to make a contribution to his campaign. You’ll recall that the issue was so major that the Republican Party filed an FEC complaint against Fischer as a result of our investigation. This is a big deal. If the Fischer campaign really believed it was insignificant as it alleged months ago, you’d see a reimbursement on the report like his camp said there would be.

It gets better. Juicy, juicy. Tons more after the jump…

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Party for Seven? That’ll be $50K

A quick and final update on the story we’ve been following with the Thunder party for legislators. Looks like those lobbyists who picked up the tab for the party paid around $50K and entertained seven, yes, seven, legislators.

Sounds like the attendance at a Doug Hawkins informational meeting on Dixie Highway in Louisville.

Great work by the C-J’s Joe Gerth in actually calling all the legislators and getting their takes on attending the party, including Louisville’s Gerald Neal, who passed on going after learning it was paid for by lobbyists, according to Gerth’s story.

Much more, including names of the two Democrats who ignorantly attended the soirée after the jump…

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