Thursday Morning Roundup of Crazy Sorts

Ashley Judd will be at a KDP GOTV rally on November 1. Iroquois Park Amphitheater, 1080 Amphitheater Road, Lousville. Doors open at 3:00 P.M., program begins at 4:30 P.M. Other guests: Dan Mongiardo, John Yarmuth, Mayor for Life, Bruce Lunsford, Crit Luallen, Jack Conway, fake Democrat Todd Hollenbach and other electeds and candidates. [Email Blast]

More on the investigation into Sen. Joey Pendleton. Multiple sources confirm to Page One that there is, indeed, an ongoing investigation. [WHAS11]

Republicans have begun to eulogize what could be Mitch McConnell’s final term in the U.S. Senate. [Still Acting Racist]

Mitch McConnell received an honorable discharge from the military after he had a U.S. Senator get him out of service. It was all due to an “eye condition.”  More questions are left unanswered than before. [PolWatchers]

Speaking of Mitch McConnell’s military records, Michael Rogers is digging in hardcore. And he claims to have possess documents that he cannot talk about. “McConnell’s discharge was expedited by Cooper’s claim that the enlistee needed to be released quickly to attend New York University. NYU records, however, indicate that McConnell never applied to the school, and at the time of his discharge he had already earned a law degree from the University of Kentucky. Why exactly would a United States Senator write to the Commanding General of one of the nation’s most important military instillations with false information about a member of the US armed forces?” … “No matter how you slice it, McConnell’s story just doesn’t add up. That’s why I’ve encouraged him to consider the facts and truth his allies, not a problem. He should come clean with the American people. A speedy release of his records and openness with the public is the only thing that will help clear this matter up once and for all.” You definitely want to read this. [BlogActive]

The Robert Felner Indictment

Sorry this took all day. Didn’t anticipate receiving 804 (no joke) emails about Felner this afternoon. 804! Just now catching up– ten hours later. You people are insane with your emails. Trying to kill me with reading. (At least Katie King and Denise Harper Angel won’t have to kill me dead in my sleep now.)

Here ya go, folks.

The Robert Felner indictment.

All 45 pages of it.

Huge PDF file.

Oh, here’s a round-up of Felner indictment stories from around the country so far:

Michael Rogers Questions McConnell Military Record

Michael Rogers, the guy notorious for his role in the Mark Foley and Larry Craig stories has written a letter to Mitch McConnell’s chief of staff. We got wind of it from a tipster in Washington and finally have our hands on a copy. We haven’t contacted Rogers for comment, but plan to do so in a bit.

Here’s the letter:

September 19, 2008

Mr. Billy Piper
Chief of Staff
Senator Mitch McConnell
361-A Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Via: Hand Delivery

Dear Mr. Piper:

I am a reporter in Washington, DC writing stories on a number of candidates for election and reelection to the Senate and House of Representatives.

I am currently looking into writing a story about Senator McConnell’s service to our country as a member of the United States Army from mid-March
through mid-August of 1967.

Read the rest after the jump…

Read moreMichael Rogers Questions McConnell Military Record

Jim Ramsey Speaks About Felner Indictment

Here’s UofL President Jim Ramsey’s statement on the indictment of Robert Felner:

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The grand jury’s indictment today of former dean Robert Felner confirmed our initial concern of wrongdoing in the management of federal grant funds in the College of Education and Human Development. The University of Louisville brought this information to federal authorities last spring. We continue to work with the federal agencies on this investigation and look forward to its conclusion. We have confidence that the judicial system will take the next step and reach a verdict based on the evidence.

Let me reiterate the actions the university has taken since we reported our suspicions regarding Dr. Felner’s alleged criminal behavior to the U.S. attorney’s office. These actions include:

  • Reviewing internal control processes, including an audit of the finances of the College of Education and Human Development.
  • Conducting an external audit of the university’s grants management and contracts practices.
  • Reviewing faculty grievance procedures.
  • Establishing a committee to review managerial and administrative practices at the request of the faculty, staff and student senates.
  • Reviewing the university’s policies and procedures regarding conflicts of interest.
  • Appointing a blue ribbon committee to investigate the alleged improper awarding of a doctoral degree.
  • Creating a new office to field employee concerns and grievances.
  • Visiting frequently with affected faculty and staff and updating the university weekly on actions taken.
  • Updating members of the media on a regular basis.

While the past few weeks have been difficult for the university community, we believe we have taken the necessary steps to address the issues that have surfaced and to begin the healing process on campus and in the community. We have been supported by our faculty, employees, students, donors, retirees and the many friends of the university.

We are committed to the future of the university and intend to move forward.


So, thoughts? Let ‘er rip in the comments section.

Update: Highlights of Huber’s Press Conference

As we reported a little bit ago, Robert Felner has been indicted. U.S. Attorney David Huber held a press conference at 1:00 P.M. and we are there.

Here are our notes:

  • Huber said the UofL Police Dept discovered this and turned things over to the Feds. He congratulated the law enforcement agencies involved in the investigation– and they deserve it. IRS, UofL PD, Secret Service.
  • Huber outlined the indictment and discussed the millions upon millions of dollars that Felner squandered beginning at the University of Rhode Island. Opened several bank accounts to handle the money.
  • All the money in Felner’s bank accounts seized along asset forfeiture procedures. Most of the money from the UofL grants was recovered. URI funds not recovered. Scheme at URI and UofL were essentially the same. Work contracted, work was performed but money didn’t go where it was supposed to (Bobby pocketed it). The grand jury didn’t get into what work was performed at UofL– don’t need that sort of information for the case. Have enough charges without having to get into that.
  • Felner didn’t report his income from these various accounts. Yeah, duh, that’s part of the crime, right?
  • Adam Walser asked why the system broke down. Huber says the grand jury doesn’t address that. Huber said people are many times able to get away with these things. Things just happen, but he can’t address what happened at UofL or URI.
  • Parallel proceedings will go on re: other assets like property. Felner’s investment account was seized immediately.
  • Huber believes they have the fraud, the extent of the fraud and the participants. He doesn’t see anything else coming at this point but refused to say that nothing else would come down the pike. (We hear that it will. And EVERYTHING we have predicted so far has come true. I.E., it wasn’t about the NCLB grant, it involved millions and millions of dollars, it involved property, it involved multiple individuals like Schroeder. We were right and the C-J NEVER got it.)
  • Arrest warrants are out. They’ll surrender tomorrow. Sees no problem with that. (That means there’ll be mugshots, folks. MUGSHOTS.)
  • Huber says the quicker you can get into an investigation, the easier it is to resolve.  We only wish that were the case for former Lt. Gov. Steve Henry.
  • Complex case, lot of documents, lot of people to interview.  Lots of people in other states.
  • The charges: Felner and Schroeder are both facing charges for $1.7mil at URI that were diverted to funds set up by the two of them; charged with fraudulently obtaining $576,000 from the UofL No Child Left Behind grant; intent to take another $240,000 from UofL; both involved in tax conspiracy; Felner is alleged to have reported over $1.6mil in 5-year period, owes approx $500K in back taxes.  Those are the kind of things that could change over a period of time, though, but these are the most likely final outcomes of the case
  • There are other things they did – on some of the school district cases they charged expenses to UofL.  There are a lot of things in the indictment that explains the history of the Felner case.  (We’ll have the indictment online for you shortly.)
  • Huber says peaks and valleys of questions raised by the indictment will be filled by facts and evidence during a jury trial.  Folks with further questions will need to be patient (easier said than done).

We’ll get the indictment scanned and uploaded shortly. Stay tuned.


Ugh. Scanning this 50+ page indictment is taking forever, so, sorry. Hold your horses.

Cox spoke to WHAS11’s Adam Walser. Make sure to watch his reports this evening. He’s the only other person in Kentucky who has really been on this case.

Finally, yes, I’ll take credit for breaking the story. I did it. Worked my butt off to get it. And it feels nice to finally see justice served. Feels nice to finally see that everything I reported came to fruition. Naysayers be damned.

I promise that there’s more to come. Just stick with me. Adjusting to the new MacBook Pro that was finally delivered and poring through these Felner documents.

More to come.

P.S. Since the University of Louisville pulled us from its press list (wonder why?), could someone send Jim Ramsey’s statement to us when it hits? Many thanks.

Breaking: Robert Felner Finally Indicted

The hammer is coming down. Robert Felner was just indicted on charges of misusing federal grants. And we hear this is only the first round.

Ten counts of mail fraud, money-laundering conspiracy and income-tax evasion.

Thomas Schroeder is in on it, too.

Check it out:

A federal grand jury in Louisville charged Felner, 58, with 10 counts of mail fraud, money-laundering conspiracy and income-tax evasion.

The 45-page indictment says that Felner and Thomas Schroeder, 58, of Illinois, took $1.7 million from the Rhode Island school and about $576,000 from U of L, and attempted to embezzle another $240,000 from U of L.

Felner, who resigned from U of L earlier this year, also allegedly failed to report $1.6 million in income from 2002 to 2007 and allegedly owes $500,000 in federal taxes, U.S. Attorney Dave Huber said in a news release.

We’ll have more in an hour or so.