Drama Never Ends for Kentucky Democrats

Michael “Whitey” Adkins, Democratic candidate for the 25th District State House seat in eastern Kentucky has what the Salyersville Independent calls a “black past.”

Here’s the story in a nutshell: Ruh ro! The guy has a history of screwing landlords, stiffing creditors and various other crazy junk. Not exactly the kind of guy who should be winning elections in Kentucky. And while not quite as serious as the Albers guy in Louisville who fired a gun at someone, it’s definitely serious.

The Kentucky Democratic Party should distance itself from this guy in the same manner Steve Robertson distanced the Republican Party of Kentucky from Albers.

To make it easier, we figured it’s best just to give you the story.

Republished in full with permission.

Senatorial candidate has much to hide

by Coleman Larkin, Editor
Salyersville Independent

Except for his roadside campaign signs, Michael “Whitey” Adkins, the 25th District’s Democratic candidate for state senate, is unknown to most Magoffin Countians. Considering his dubious past, he’d probably prefer to keep it that way.

Adkins, who touts his involvement in “executive management with different companies” as grounds for election, has spent the last decade in chronic breach of contracts. The resulting judgments against him amount to more than $185,000 and multiple evictions.

Beginning in December of 1997, Pulaski County court documents show that Adkins, doing business as Rite-Way Rentals, Inc., a rental store for furniture and appliances, failed to pay for $8,246.43 worth of merchandise purchased on credit from Fraenkel Company, Inc. of Olive Branch, Ms. A default judgment was granted the following January.

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Luallen Finds $5 Million in Ag Grants Spent With Poor Oversight With Questionable Results

From the Department of Wasting Grant Money Like Crazy comes news that State Auditor Crit Luallen has discovered that $5 million in agriculture grant money was spent with seriously lax oversight and with questionable results for farmers in Kentucky.

The funds were awarded by the Governor’s Office of Agricultural Policy to Allied Foods Marketers West, Inc of Louisville, which was supposed to assist farmers over the past three years. The company didn’t protect the state’s interest and didn’t bother to document or monitor the project’s expenditures.

From a press release:

“It is deeply troubling that these tobacco settlement funds, intended to help transition our agriculture economy, were spent with such a disregard for accountability,” Luallen said. “It is vital that the agriculture office implement these recommendations to protect the overall integrity of the office’s mission.”

Luallen said since requesting the examination, the current leadership of the agriculture office has been extremely cooperative and their response clearly indicates the intention to improve oversight.

The results of this examination will mean additional scrutiny of other agriculture grants, she said, adding that her office would monitor the implementation of the recommendations and sample several other agriculture grants during its upcoming annual audit work.

Click here (PDF Link) to download the complete 41-page auditor’s report.

WHEN are we going to require oversight of grant dollars in Kentucky, people?! WHEN? And you wonder why the Commonwealth of Kentucky is experiencing financial crises galore.

It’s Thursday And We Miss The Office on TV

There was a crazy hot mess at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport last night. White powder (OH NOES!) and wires were coming from a bag in the cargo area of a plane so the entire world shut down for like three hundred hours. Turns out it was a portable dental kit that was dusty. FEAR. [Enquirer]

Steve Beshear told the Louisville Forum that he still supports raising the cigarette tax. And he continued to push for a public vote on casino gambling. [C-J]

Bill Nighbert is also the target of a Transportation Cabinet investigation. One of the people charged with investigating him is a man Nighbert once fired. This should be interesting. [H-L]

Do you know Lilly Ledbetter? Do you support fair and equal pay for women? Or do you support Mitch Mcconnell? You may want to educate yourself. [KY Women]

Democrat Doug Mullins dropped out of the 51st District State House race yesterday. This guarantees that Republican John Carney will win the seat. This means that only 30 of the 100 State House seats are being contested. Way to go, KDP! [PolWatchers]

Turns out Russia launched a coordinated cyber attack on Georgia before and during their physical attack on the country. Welcome to the 21st century, I guess. [NY Times by way of Barefoot & Progressive]

A few things from Politicker:

OMG. Sonny Landham to host a voter registration rally in Louisville’s West End? OMG. We can’t take it.  Will anyone ask him just how racist he is? [Trey Pollard]

Trey Grayson was selected to be a part of the RNC’s platform committee team. He’ll serve as co-chairman of the Guaranteeing Energy Independence and a Cleaner Environment subcommittee. [Trey Pollard]

And in other news, Politicker is definitely Republican. [Some Other Dude With An Ego Bigger Than Ours]

It’s Wednesday Afternoon. Do You Know Where Your Pregnant Teen And Wandering Husband Are At The Moment?

When did everyone decide to start treating us like we’re legit? There aren’t enough hours in the day to handle all of these meeting and conference calls! It’s making it tough for us to compile responses from all the candidates and elected officials who have written in to tell us the top ten songs on their iPod. Won’t that be exciting and mind-numbing all at the same time?

We’ll be at the Metro Democratic Club this evening so don’t be all up in our face acting a fool. We are known to be sneaky and carry a camera to capture you at your worst.

The Courier-Journal claims exclusive credit for details that were revealed in the Leonard Lawson-Bill Nighbert investigation. Fact of the matter is those details were first revealed in the Times Tribune, not the C-J. Kind of a big deal when one paper credit for something another paper produced first. [C-J]

Along the same vein, the Courier-Journal is today claiming an “exclusive” in revealing that Bill Nighbert didn’t disclose his ties (ownership) in Double Buck, LLC that may have prevented a conflict of interest. Well, um, duh? Otherwise this investigation would probably have gone a lot smoother and we would have known about it a lot earlier? But really, exclusive? [C-J]

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Ken Herndon Files Suit Over Nasty Mail Piece

Remember the Ken Herndon saga and how no one is doing anything to find out who produced the nasty attack piece against him in this May’s Metro Council primary? You can read about it here, here, here, here and here.

Since the Fairness Campaign and C-FAIR have done absolutely nothing in the four months since this all went down, Herndon has decided to file a defamation lawsuit to determine who the guilty party(ies) may be.

Now Herndon will have subpoena power in the ongoing investigation and anyone suspected of being connected to the hateful mail piece will finally have to answer questions.

A former candidate for Louisville Metro Council is preparing to file a defamation lawsuit in an effort to find out who is responsible for distributing an anti-gay campaign flier that might have cost him the election.

In May, Ken Herndon narrowly lost the Democratic primary for the 6th District seat to incumbent George Unseld by a mere 112 votes. The Saturday before the election, voters found in their mailboxes a malicious campaign mailer — a glossy, double-sided, high-priced flier — featuring a photo of Herndon’s face transposed atop the body of a man embracing two other men kissing at a gay-pride parade. Among a number of homophobic jabs in bold letters was this gem: “(Herndon) wants us to elect him because he designed new garbage cans?! I guess when you live a life of trash you become pretty familiar with garbage cans.”

“I frankly think it cost me the race,” Herndon, who is gay, told LEO Weekly in June, shortly after the election.

Now, Herndon says he intends to file a civil complaint against a John/Jane Doe in Jefferson County Circuit Court in the next couple of weeks, the first step toward finding out who produced, paid for and distributed the mailer.

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Succinct Re-Cap of the Robert Felner Story

This week’s LEO provides a nice re-cap and several new details in the long and ongoing story of craziness surrounding Robert Felner.

Writer Christopher Hall raises the question about history repeating itself and we’re pretty sure you’ll think that it does– or that university administrations are half-incompetent– after reading everything he lays out.

We learn that the federal investigation involves more than the $694,000 grant that we have repeatedly harped on, faculty came forward to be interviewed for the story but did so anonymously for fear of later reprisal, UofL’s administration potentially ignored reports of grant mismanagement as early as 2006 and no one from the university administration that hired Felner bothered to find out why he was canned at UIUC 20 years ago.

You should definitely read the Hall’s story in its entirely. But first, some choice excerpts.

The U.S. Attorney says the investigation is about more than the No Child Left Behind grant that the Courier-Journal perpetually reports on:

When asked if the investigation is focusing primarily on the alleged mishandling of $450,000, or if additional money is in question, Huber simply repeats his statement that “other threads of this issue” are being looked into as well.

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