We’re Getting To The Juicy Powell Stuff

What could possibly occur during the deposition of fired former Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell that surprises anyone?


Got served with a subpoena for discovery but didn’t bring any of the demanded material. And his attorney was unaware, so that’s always fun.

The man claims the board of education violated its contract with him, defamed him and all of those other things… but he couldn’t be bothered to produce the material he claimed to possess.

Remember when a judge ordered Powell to return district-owned equipment and he didn’t?

It was in his wife’s office but he’s unsure how long. Riiight.

Claims he didn’t wipe his iPad and doesn’t know how to do so. Riiight. Spoiler alert: the board pursued a forensic examination of the equipment because it had been wiped.

And he allowed his wife to keep his wireless internet device owned by the district and paid for monthly with district funds. Despite it neither being issued to her nor being allowed to use the device and the associated service.

He was officially asked by the board of education to return the equipment and to preserve everything, so he can’t claim he acted unaware.

The questioning continued:

Fascinating, isn’t it? The man admitted to recording closed session school board meetings that are… wait for it… closed. Confidential. Private. Without advising anyone he was recording the sessions. Said he also recorded quite a few others in-person and via telephone. And he advised former board chair, Kenney Gulley, he’d done so.

You can tell where this is going, can’t you? Because trust me — it gets way more unethical.

Those videos of school board meetings? We told you all along that he was using district employees and district equipment to record school board meetings for his personal use. According to folks we’ve spoken with in the district, he hasn’t reimbursed for hours and hasn’t paid for the videos.

All of those materials he was ordered to hand over — and his attorney agreed would be handed over — months and months ago? They hadn’t been delivered as of the end of last week.

What Does Joshua Powell Remember?

Oh, you need another reason to question fired former Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell’s integrity?

He claims to remember minute details and verbatim phrases from school board meetings and encounters from years ago.

But he can’t remember the most simple details from basic, everyday life:

Fascinating stuff.

You’ll really enjoy seeing him discuss defamation, retaliation, stalking, defying court orders.

Powell Made Damning Holliday Accusation

Still need more proof — despite the years of proof we’ve already published — that Terry Holliday was neck-deep in the Joshua Powell mess?

Adds fuel to the fire. Seems to be yet another reason Holliday was pushed out, he didn’t leave on his own.

Meanwhile, education reporters in Louisville continue to heap praise on the man who at best was partially involved in and aware of the Powell shenanigans. Or… at worst encouraging Powell to continue his behavior, telling him to take legal action, complicit in costing a small town school district potentially millions of dollars.

A far cry from Holliday’s remarks under oath. But you were already aware that Holliday knew more than he claimed under oath.

Joshua Powell Is Playing The Victim

Fired former superintendent of Montgomery County Schools, Joshua Powell, has sued the board of education claiming he’s been harmed and suffered health-wise.

So, without revealing anything that’s off-the-record in his deposition and without releasing too many details about his personal health information (remember, he filed the suit, he brought it up, it’s his responsibility to provide the evidence), watch this:

Yeah. Okay.

Watch Joshua Powell Throw His Wife Under The Bus, Tell Stories About The Infamous EPO, Concoct A New Story Of Financial Impropriety

Regular readers are all too familiar with fired former superintendent of Montgomery County Schools, Joshua Powell. All too familiar with his illegally-hired wife, Anna. All too familiar with the EPO Anna filed against her husband and the 15 or so 911 calls she made regarding the man. Mostly because it’s played out in multiple investigations, during public school board meetings and in small town newspapers.

But if you’re not? Get caught up:

Now get ready to watch Joshua Powell finally speak about it on camera. Spoiler alert: he throws his wife under the bus at each and every turn:

Fascinating how stories change over time, isn’t it?


Here’s part two of that exchange. Pay close attention to the bits where Powell brings up finances:

Ignore, if you will, the remarks about Anna being the most stable person he’s ever known. Let’s focus on the money.

He claims he’d only discovered in December 2012 — some 18 months after being hired by Montgomery County Schools — that his wife had spent some $120,000 without his knowledge, that he’d never had access to his money or credit cards, etc. He claimed that was the first time he’d ever had an inkling of suspicion about his financial state.

There’s a bit of a problem with his story.

Current and former members of the Montgomery County Board of Education tell us that upon becoming superintendent of schools in July 2011, the district had to co-sign for Powell to obtain a school credit card. A man who had for years drawn six-figure salaries while serving as the top dog in two previous school districts required a co-signer because he’d been denied on his own. But he didn’t know until 18 months later that there was a problem.

And you wonder why Montgomery County can’t have nice things.

Having It Both Ways: The Joshua Powell Method Of Scamming And Obfuscating

Joshua Powell, fired former superintendent of Montgomery County Schools, has for months claimed the board of education had no authority to suspend him with pay. Even though it did, according to a judge, the Commissioner of Education and attorneys at the Kentucky Department of Education.

Here he is harping on that during deposition:

Recall that Auditor of Public Accounts Adam Edelen years ago advised Powell that he could only have a vehicle allowance or receive mileage reimbursement — not both. He’s continued to receive both.

Note: Early on in the deposition Powell claimed he hasn’t really been able to drive because of health issues, adding more fuel to the fire.

Beyond that, Powell has been scheming every which way from Sunday, digging his hole deeper and deeper, standard operating procedure. You’ve previously seen footage and read about his FMLA snafu and his claims that paperwork was fraudulently submitted on his behalf. You know he claims to have countless medical ailments as a result of being suspended by the board. You’ll also likely recall that he had a physician claim he was unable to work as superintendent beginning early January 2015.

Despite being unable to work — according to his doctor — Powell maintains that he should have continued to receive perks that would have been afforded him were he not suspended and able to work. He also continued to attend conferences despite, again, being unable to work, and claims the district should be paying him for those trips.

The kicker? He was attempting to use those trips to job shop.

Watch this exchange:

Powell later volunteered information that the district had canceled some of his other trips — without his consent, he exclaims — because he was suspended. But he continued to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on travel while holding himself up as the superintendent of schools who worked all kinds of magic. He dropped more clues about two of his inner circle members — Phil Rison and Larry Bailey — two people who were set to travel with him despite an order from the board to have no contact.

Those details:

He wants to have his cake and eat it, too.

So which is it? Was he unable to work or wasn’t he? Was it all just a CYA stunt to try to get FMLA or disability of some sort (he says he applied for private disability despite continuing to travel and do work against an order from his doctor) if the suspension stuck? You’ll have to form your own opinion because Powell has yet to give a straight answer.

See Powell Lose It Over Criminal Record

Wondering what happens when Joshua Powell, fired former superintendent of Montgomery County Schools, is put on the spot and asked about his repeated attempts to hide a misdemeanor?

Feast your eyes:

For those unfamiliar, Powell has for years repeatedly lied on job application after job application about a misdemeanor conviction on his record.

The deposition went quite a bit further on the topic. You’ll definitely want to watch:

Fascinating, isn’t it? Obfuscation galore.

The highlight was when he claimed the Trimble County Board of Education wouldn’t care about anything criminal in his past when hiring him.

Believe me when I say the rest of the deposition is eye-opening. Even for people who have followed this story for years.