It’s True: Crazy Doug Hawkins Plans House Run

Metro Councilman Doug Hawkins says he’s running for the State Senate Seat in District 37, which comprises much of south Louisville. Hawkins made his announcement this afternoon in Frankfort, saying he’s got the support of Republican State Senate leadership.

He’s likely to face Perry Clark, the Democratic incumbent who won a special election for the seat in 2006.

Hawkins’ fans in the South End must go for the rebellious attitude that led him to be one of only two members of the Metro Council that last week who voted against the city’s smoking ban, saying citizens are overtaxed and over-regulated.

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Oh Snap. The One More Day Dept of Propaganda.

The end is extremely effing nigh and no hope remains. The final day for Ernest Lee’s campaign is sure to be filled with reality crashing down around him. But don’t get too excited, Democrats, you got lucky this year by having a horrible opponent. Learn something from it. [C-J]

Nowhere near reality. Turns out Stan Lee’s tirade about 287(g) saving the world from Mexicans barely pays for training and nothing else. Training doesn’t do much to curb illegal immigration when there’s no money to actually do something about it. [H-L]

Resurgence. The Washington Post says Democrats are resurging in Kentucky. Buncha problems with the story, though, because Louisville is not Northern Kentucky and Crit Luallen and Ben Chandler are not the only potential McConnell challengers in 2008. We’re also not certain who those “prominent Democrats” are who “opted out” of the gubernatorial primary. Who? Jerry Abramson? Brereton Jones? Please. [WaPo]

Catching up. The Herald-Leader and Courier-Journal play catch-up with with us on the Ernest Lee & Pat Boone gay-hater party. Oh, how scary Kentucky would be if the gays were everywhere. Maybe mullets and mom jeans would finally go out of style. The horrors! [PolWatchers, C-J]

Faux breaking news. Just this weekend WHAS11 claimed credit for the story about bigoted Pat Boone’s robo call in support of Ernest Lee Fletcher. Yet another story we broke which WHAS claims as its own. We’d link to their story but there’s no way to navigate their terrible website. Imagine that. The station that allows right-wing racists to post their video but not us has claimed credit for our story. Thanks to three WHAS11 reporters for pointing this out.

The giant fence and droves of farmers with guns didn’t work

From the Keeping Them Away From Our White Women Dept

Big FenceLexington considers training police to snag people that look like immigrants.

Glen Krebs, chairman of the Mayoral Commission on Immigration said

“We certainly don’t have the ability to keep them in or out of the community.”

So, we would want to keep certain segments of the population out of our cities and towns? Yeah, that’s gonna go over well with the 14K+ members of the Latino community in Lexington and Fayette County.

Wait. When did “Hispanics” become a politically correct substitute for Latino(s)? Is that P.C.?