Why Did McCheese Try To Hide His Tax Meeting?

Poor Mittens Romney still can’t figure out where he stands on the issue of immigration. [HuffPo]

Here’s the glowing mainstream media review of Jerry Abramson and his tax “reform” commission. Absolutely no mention of his attempt to stifle transparency and to keep proceedings secret. [C-J/AKN]

Lexington got something else right: the council voted against discussing a reduction of ambulance staffing levels. In Louisville, Metro Government allows EMS to continually fall off a cliff. [H-L]

Papaw and Jane thanked some man in Kansas for a free hot beef inj… donation. [WLEX18]

Look how cute! It’s Mitch McConnell pretending that only Democrats use Washington to come up with new campaign material. [WaPo]

You already know Whitley County is a hot mess so you won’t be surprised to learn a man assaulted somebody with brass knuckles. [WKYT]

So much for promised transparency! Jerry Abramson and the Beshear Administration tried to hide today’s tax “reform” meeting by asking the Legislative Research Commission to keep its cameras turned off. [Page One]

LG&E and Kentucky Utilities want to give you $30 for your old fridge or freezer. [FOX41]

So Barack Obama was all, hey students, let me come to your college and sing you some Al Green and whisper sweet nothings about Derrida and Pound and TS Eliot and also about how it is important that the interest rate on your student loan does not DOUBLE, and Republicans were all hey that is not fair because our position is really unpopular and you are being “political” and “pathetic” by pointing it out! [Wonkette]

Here you go. Here’s the University of Kentucky’s tuition hike funtimes. [H-L]

Of course a Republican group’s newsletter is urging an “armed revolution” if President Barack Obama is reelected. That’s how mouth-breathers operate. [HuffPo]

Facing federal action, Kentucky moved to increase reclamation bonds for surface mines. Funny how that always works. [WFPL]

Huge Scandal In Frankfort Just Got A Lot Worse

On January 5 we revealed the shocking news that State Senator Jimmy Higdon was a Secret Mexican.

Frankfort completely melted down and Doug Hawkins was spotted crying in Louisville.

Life got a whole lot worse for the Commonwealth on March 20, though, because we uncovered even more proof that Higdon is a Secret Mexican:

Troubling news, indeed. Damaging photographic evidence.

But this weekend, Higdon let himself slip by sending Jake a tweet IN SPANISH (translation for Frankfort: “IN MEXICAN”):

Alarming that this man is allowed to walk the halls of the capitol and the annex.

Jim Gray: Come Out With The Truth Right Now

Jim Gray may want to sack up and start answering questions about why Cheryl Taylor, the now-former Commissioner of Environmental Quality and Public Works was forced to resign. Taxpayers need to know if she funneled money to her husband. [H-L]

Laawwwwwwwd. You need to look at this fake picture of Michele and Marcus Bachmann and then read this hot mess of a story. You will pee all over yourself. [The Bilerico Project]

Did McCreary County buck a “Democrat” trend or a DemocratIC trend? You’d think a news editor would know. [McCreary County Record]

Mitch McConnell loves lately to pretend that he is bipartisan. You know that couldn’t be further from reality. [Politico]

Casey, Breathitt, Todd, Daviess, Livingston and Garrard Counties were selected to be audited for voting irregularities by Jack Conway’s office. [Press Release]

If California can stumble toward a solution to its public pension problem, why can’t Kentucky? Oh, right. Frankfort. [The Economist]

If racist halfwits ate anything other than corn syrup and pig anus, they’d be worried about their fear stifling the farming industry. [MSNBC]

Another day, another death at an Eastern Kentucky coal mine. But those regulations are so scary, right? [C-J/AKN]

The air is finally coming out of Sexytime Herman Cain’s sexytime crazy balloon. It’s a sad day for comedy in America. [Reuters]

The best part about living in the United States is that whole, you know… oh, right again. That whole bit about this apparently being a police state. Because a bunch of hippies are such a threat. [Wonkette]

Your U.S. Congress is still trying to choke the Government Accountability Office. Starving its own budget-saving watchdog seems the norm, though. [HuffPo]

Woah, who let Peppy Martin loose to drive around Lexington in the early morning hours!? [WLEX18]

People are really freaking out in Frankfort this week. Pointing out that rumors are just rumors doesn’t even seem to phase the Beshear crew. [Page One]

Candidates like Michele Bachmann and Sexytime Herman Cain are such hot messes even the most creepy mouth-breathers are freaked out. [NY Times]

KET Will Host Most Interesting Debate This Evening

The Senate likes to think of itself as the world’s greatest deliberative body. But is it some big, arcane mess with negative consequences? [The Economist]

With the House voting to give states control over coal ash, Kentucky is truly and royally fucked. Hardcore fucked. [WKYT]

Here’s part of the reason why. Steve Beshear’s concerns for King Coal are sorely misplaced. [H-L]

Matthew Barzun is once again making it rain for President Barack Obama. This time for his re-election campaign. [ABC News]

What do you expect to happen during tonight’s KET forum with Jack Conway and Todd P’Pool? We expect P’Pool to foam at the mouth about Obama, because Todd still doesn’t realize we already know he’s afraid of a black man more important than him. But we also expect Todd – if he’s decided to sack up and bother being honest – to press Jack on several issues he’ll refuse to talk about. Should be highly entertaining. [Deep KET Thoughts]

This is what we mean by mainstream media failures. The headline: Beshear Administration allegedly receives large amount of money from state workers. Allegedly? The story itself is almost as bad. [WHAS11]

The University of Louisville Hospital merger mess is getting dirtier and dirtier. But with the tens of thousands of dollars Steve Beshear raked in from those who stand to gain from said merger, nothing is likely to slow it down. [C-J/AKN]

Brave patriot turd frother Rick Santorum warns America about dangerous single mother voters. [Wonkette]

Turns out a 14-year-old swiped those three flags from the Healing Field Memorial in Lawrenceburg. [WLEX18]

David Axelrod says Republican candidates don’t understand the anger behind Occupy Wall Street. Maybe it’s because they’re incapable? Meemaw n poppop are also having a tough time figuring things out. [HuffPo]

Marching for jobs and economic justice in the name of Martin Luther King Jr. makes way more sense to most people, though. [NPR]

Could this be the guy who finally saves the United States Postal Service? [WaPo]

Of course crazy ass Herman Cain is going to stumble on taxes and immigration. He comprehends neither. [NY Times]

Giving Silly Awards Instead Of Protecting The Commonwealth Of Kentucky’s Environment

The Energy and Environment Cabinet has nothing else better to do so it’s giving YET ANOTHER award to a coal company. No, wait, it’s giving TWO awards! [Press Releases]

We’re surprised Kentucky Democrats haven’t sought this horrible racist out for his thoughts on immigration. [Wonkette]

Seems like there’s never any hope in Eastern Kentucky. Now small towns can’t afford to pay their power bills. [H-L]

Will Jim King and the rest of Louisville’s Metro Council ever sack up and do the responsible thing with Metro Animal Services? Greg Fischer clearly isn’t capable. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Really? Jobless claims UNEXPECTEDLY rose? What planet are you living on if you were surprised by a rise? [HuffPo]

David Jones is putting his money where his mouth is and he’s offering $10 million of his own cash to build an East End Bridge in Louisville. [C-J/AKN]

Now the United States Postal Service wants to close 250 mail processing facilities. Closing all these facilities in Kentucky is crazy! [WKY]

John Boehner’s ideas for tax reform are no doubt insane. But no one can deny that comprehensive tax reform is needed. [Politico]

President Barack Obama has decided to exclude Social Security from the deficits plan. [Reuters]

Mitch McConnell and Steve Beshear are both praising Kentucky’s Medal of Honor recipient. [WFPL & Press Releases]

Adam Edelen is talking about pension reform. Just like David Williams. Can you believe that? [Ryan Alessi]

OH MY GOD! THEY’RE TRYING TO GET US THROUGH THE CANTALOUPE SUPPLY! And you know we buy like 50% of all cantaloupe that is sold in Kentucky. [ABC News]

Sorry, You Can’t Pray Kentucky’s Problems Away

Don’t worry! Nothing to see here! Just ignoring the burning drinking water well that’s impacted from mining. [Ronnie Ellis]

This is the 114th day Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned Jack Conway: “Voters in this state are sick of politicians who simply refuse to answer important questions,” said Robertson. “Jack Conway is going to be in for a rude awakening on November 8th when the voters finally get their chance to retire him for good.” [Press Release]

The aliens are all coming to get you. Are you packed? Ready to take a trip? [HuffPo]

Really, who the flip cares about public prayer? It’s ridiculous. Get over it. If you wanna pray? Do it where you’re not using my tax dollars – like at public school athletic events. The fact that anybody would politicize this is absurd. This is just as dumb as the Ark Park. Clutch those pearls! [AP]

As the United States pushes immigrants away, the East snatches them up. Putting ourselves at a competitive disadvantage. [The Economist]

David Williams offered an educational alternative. The Democrats ran from it, essentially, and offered no other ideas. [CN|2]

The economy only grew one percent this spring and that means we’re all gonna die of the poverty again. [WaPo]

John Yarmuth is none too happy with Barack Obama on the jobs front and he is making sure everybody hears about it. [The Hill]

Crazy old John McCain and some other poop leaches tried to give Qadhafi/Gaddafi all kinds of arms. [Politico]

People are literally freaking out over the labor board’s new poster rule. [HuffPo]

Water balloon fighting can be fun. But can you imagine the amount of time, energy, effort and resources wasted on this? [H-L]

There are all kinds of new numbers and geography for the gays. They are coming to recruit your children. [NY Times]

Taking a page out of the Carter County playbook. An Ohio Congresscritter had police seize cameras at a town hall meeting. [Poynter]

Central Kentucky Must’ve Been Alien-Invaded

David & Reeechie’s campaign manager is moving along, apparently. Here’s what MG (Ret.) Donald Storm had to say about Luke Marchant: “Luke had some professional opportunities he wanted to pursue and we wish him all the best. Although he is no longer the day-to-day manager he will continue to be available to the campaign for consultation. There are no other staffing changes, and David and Richie continue with an excellent team of people who are executing an aggressive grassroots and fundraising operation that will carry them to victory come November. Sen. Williams is looking forward to next week’s forum in Louisville where he will discuss his positive ideas for the future, and where Steve Beshear is apparently going to be a no-show.” [Press Release]

If Little Todd Hollenbach’s financial literacy program had worked, do you think John Calipari would be launching a joint effort with some banks in order to teach kids financial literacy? [H-L]

The U.S. Postal Service wants to cut 120,000 jobs and pull out of federal benefits plans. Let’s see how long it takes half that workforce to, uh, go postal. [HuffPo]

There are some crazy things going down in Richmond these days. It’s gotta be something in the water in Central Kentucky. [Richmond Register]

What was that, again, about religious hospital systems being a-okay safe? We have a system right here in Kentucky that cheated the government out of $9 million. [C-J/AKN]

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raided a Mexican restaurant in Harlan. So you know meemaw and poppop are going to be even more askeerd of the foreigns. [WYMT]

Here’s a weird story about Bruce Lunsford living in a condo in Saratoga during the summer. [The Business Review]

Just in case you were wondering why Perry Clark has gone full-on teabagger using the Hitler-Obama bits lately? It’s rampant with all the teabaggers and the Rascal crowd. [Wonkette]

Remember that psych job pastor who wanted to burn the Koran? He’s planning a 9/11 Ground Zero visit. [HuffPo]

Remember when everybody freaked out over criticism of Kentucky Farm Bureau? Remember when that organization admitted to discriminating against people who didn’t hate the gays enough? Here’s Farm Bureau receiving and doling out tons of government cash. [Ashland Independent]

Want to win copies of The Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook and The Kentucky Bourbon Cocktail Book? I’ve got ten copies of each to give away. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Smokers are apparently avoiding the cancer stick tax by using self-rolled cigarettes and buying small cigars. [H-L]

Dewayne Bunch, a legislator injured breaking up a school fight, is continuing to recover. [WLEX18]