The End is Nigh: Or what you missed this weekend

Thank goodness for terrible opponents. Jack Conway has an 18-point lead over Stan Lee in the latest polling. anyone surprised? We hope the Breck Girl is able to continue his career of hating everyone while raking in big insurance cash. [H-L]

Money talks. Mitch McConnell gives funds to company (SAE) he knows to be under investigation for bribery. A weapons company. How much money are we talking about here? $25 million. This from the guy who says money equals free speech. [H-L]

Nutjob in Elizabethtown? Who knew! Some guy wrote a letter to the editor about Steve Beshear loving gay money. And literally says (verbatim) that he “wants to kill more babies.” OMG. Go read it. You’ll pee yourself laughing. [News-Enterprise]

Commenters gone wild. An anonymous individual on Pat Crowley’s blog suggests Sally Denton’s Bluegrass Conspiracy is reason enough to paint all Democrats as more corrupt than Fletcher and other Republicans. Uh, maybe a handful of Democrats– some of whom are miraculously still in office and continually covering dirt up. All one really has to do is look back at the last eight years in the United States and then talk about corruption. [NKY Politics]

Budgetary hypocrisy. McConnell is going crazy over Democrats’ lack of action on the insane budget that’s being pushed through this year. He has the gall to accuse them of letting “the troops” down. Fails to mention he is one of the individuals responsible for sending “the troops” to Eye-Rack without body armor or any other basic protections. [C-J]

Ernie’s lights go out. Not only is Ernie Fletcher keen at preventing any sliver of honesty see the light of day? He’s busily telling the world his campaign can still turn the tide and win. For real. He thinks he can win. Nine days out and he seriously thinks he can win. [State-Journal]

Moment of truth. Ronnie Ellis expresses his weird bitterness over Fletcher’s impending loss. He “SHOULD” be winning, Ronnie? We get your point. But what the heck kind of journalism is that? [Daily Times]

Notes on the Ethics Case

We thought it’d be nice to point out something many in the press seem to be ignoring: the Executive Branch Ethics Commission is composed of four members who were all appointed by Ernie Fletcher. All of them. And it’s reasonable to believe they’re biased political allies of Fletcher’s.

How could there not be a strong appearance of bias? The Chairman, John Webb, testified before the Grand Jury in the merit hiring probe. That’s kind of a big deal.

Two Commission members publicly pledged to recuse themselves (John Quentin Wesley and Edward Patrick Moores) from any decision related to the merit hiring ordeal because of the outward appearance of bias. It’s a big enough deal for them to back off.

But Ronald Green, the newest member of the Commission, has refused to recuse himself. He was one of two special justices appointed by Fletcher when he took the Grand Jury’s authority to task before the state Supreme Court.

Interesting, eh? Two members say they don’t want to play the game. Mr. Webb testified before the Grand Jury. And Ernie’s right hand (Mr. Green) doesn’t believe there’s an appearance of bias. All four members are Republicans. They regularly contribute to Republican candidates. And they want to use an anonymous complaint to dig at the AG’s office for holding Ernie Fletcher responsible for his actions. And all this isn’t questioned by the media?

One would think based on the court’s decision (see it here) that it would tell the Ethics Commission to disappear. Nope. Not the case. After the court told the Ethics Commission (paraphrasing) that they’re doing some crazy junk and should get a grip, Judge Wingate gave the a-okay. They’re now meeting behind closed doors to discuss the contents of an anonymous complaint to which no one had the balls to sign their name.

Could the odor of Fletcher’s desperation get any more pungent?

McConnell Knew, Courier-Journal Chimes In

As we reported last night Senator Mitch McConnell lied to WHAS11’s Mark Hebert.

Could this story get any bigger? Talking Points Memo, Think Progress, Crooks & Liars, FireDogLake, CourtTV have all covered it. Now the Courier-Journal’s James Carroll gives it some legs.

WASHINGTON — Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell knew last week — at a time when he was denying it — that his staff had sent e-mails encouraging reporters to look into the background of a 12-year-old boy used by Democrats to support expansion of a health-care program.

In an interview Friday with WHAS-TV reporter Mark Hebert, the Kentucky Republican said his staff had not been involved in trying to push reporters to look into the financial situation of the boy’s family.

But McConnell’s communications director, Don Stewart, said in an interview Monday with The Courier-Journal that he had told McConnell about the Oct. 8 e-mails sometime around Thursday, the day before the interview with Hebert.

Ernest Lee Goes to Camp

Jesus Camp. Where he returns to preaching in just 20 days. Where he’ll be worshiping George W. Bush and praying for all gays to disappear.

His latest campaign commercial has been released. It’s a 60-second doozy that recycles some lies from Ernie’s past.

$1 billion deficit? Uh, that’s off by about $700 million. Alessi has pointed those facts out at least fifteen different times. Nice try, Gubnuh.

And you thought the lies were over… hahaha.

Welcome to all of our new readers from Talking Points Memo, ThinkProgress, Crooks&Liars, FireDogLake and CourtTV. We hope you enjoy our Governor as much as Mitch.

Environmental Insanity Featuring McConnell

Famed Olmstead Parks Conservancy will present Mitch McConnell with its top award on Friday, October 26 during the Roaring 20s Gala at the Henry Clay in Louisville. He’ll be receiving the Frederick Law Olmsted Award for Distinguished Leadership for his “contribution towards advancing our mission to restore, preserve and enhance Louisville’s Olmsted parks and parkways.”

Anyone else rolling their eyes at this laughable irony?

McConnell– the man who consistently receives a 0% rating from the League of Conservation Voters— is receiving an award from one of the most prominent parks and preservation organizations in the world.

Anti-McConnell groups have organized a demonstration to take place on Friday 10/26 from 5:00 – 8:30 P.M. at 3rd & Chestnut in Louisville.

Way to go Olmstead for drawing negative attention. We’re betting an entire bushel of apples that your membership could have come up with a much more deserving recipient of the award.

Cold Weekend Briefing Dept

Sliming Graeme Frost. Paul Krugman chimes in on Mitch McConnell’s role in trashing a 12-year-old boy as the downfall of health care. How is $45,000 in combined income a lot of money? McConnell’s wife and her tight family ties to Chinese shipping probably makes more than that each week. [NYT]

Too little too late? McConnell comes out of hiding to appear with Ernie. Everyone blinks. [H-L]

Seeking injunction. Greg Stumbo’s office seeks an injunction to block a Fletcher-appointed “ethics” panel from investigating the merit hiring scandal. Who in their right mind would let something like that go on, anyway? The “complaint” was filed by an anonymous “concerned citizen.” [PolWatchers]

Congressional Fashion Statement. Rep. John Yarmuth tries to get the Congress to, you know, understand who the heck they are and what they do. We’re shocked (shocked!) that several members of the House have no idea what Article 1 is. Not as shocked that Nancy Pelosi was afraid to wear a button. [NYT The Caucus]

New taxes. City employees campaigned on city time for the new Louisville library tax. Heads explode, library director Craig Buthod afraid to come out of hiding. Still, no one knows where their money will go. We just want to know where Beavis is. [C-J]

Need a paranormal break? The Applegate Landing bed & breakfast in West Point is apparently just the place to unwind. And it’s haunted. Should be an interesting place to check out in a neat little town. [News-Enterprise]