Jim Gooch: Embarrassment, Should be Ousted

Rep. Jim Gooch needs to resign immediately. If he doesn’t, we’ll spend our own money fielding a primary challenger for the Western Kentucky democrat. Gooch is an example of House Speaker Jody Richards’ failed leadership. He should never have been appointed.

He got his ass handed to him on Good Morning America this weekend. What an embarrassment.

Here are some highlights. Try not to laugh when the host makes him look like an absolute fool. We especially love when he’s called out for personally benefiting from his votes as a coal industry hack.

Don’t forget: You can call Gooch to express your outrage at his stupidity.Who wants to run against him in the primary? Anyone from Hopkins, McLean, Webster or Daviess counties want to step up to the plate? We’ll help you raise money. Shoot me an e-mail if you’re interested.

Jim Gooch: The Nut that Keeps On Giving

Democratic Rep. Jim Gooch brought his weird in-denial-about-global-warming circus to Frankfort last week. And we’ve all thrown up a little in our mouths as a result. But who thought he was crazier than he seemed a few days ago?

We didn’t talk much about one of Gooch’s “experts” last week, Lord Christopher Monckton, a guy who calls himself a journalist. Monckton has an interesting past and an obscure world view on things like holding insane beliefs about HIV/AIDS. In John Cheves’ Herald-Leader story about Gooch (Nov 15th) we learn a bit about Monckton’s stance:

Lord Christopher Monckton, the 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, is a British journalist and onetime adviser to then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Monckton generated controversy during the 1980s with his recommendation — which he repeated for lawmakers yesterday — that people diagnosed with HIV or AIDS be locked up for life.

“Twenty years ago we could have stopped this disease from spreading worldwide by treating it just like any other fatal, infectious disease, by making it notifiable, so people who got it were isolated — and in the kindest and nicest way — but isolated so they couldn’t spread it to everybody else,” he said.

Eyes bulging out of their sockets? How does one begin to break down the serious holes in that logic?

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The McConnell Smear Machine

BlueGrassRoots has a great story on Mitch McConnell’s shameless attempt to smear journalist John Cheves with typical right-wing spin.

Since Cheves’ exposé last year about McConnell’s connection to Red China and the overall downfall of society, “Team Mitch” has been up in arms. They’ve been unsuccessful at changing the subject but they haven’t stopped trying.

Here is their basic argument: John Cheves was paid by a bunch of Commie liberals last year to spread lies (lies, damnit!) about Mitch McConnell in the Herald-Leader. After the LHL was caught red-handed, they were shamed into handing the Commie money back to the Reds. Fast forward to this year: John Cheves has returned to Lexington to spread more lies about McConnell. And where has he been? Why he’s been working for Sen. Ron Wyden (Communist-OR), busy plotting how to take down the Republicans with liberal propaganda.

Some of Mitch’s mindless minions use this argument: “if they’re so non-partisan, where is the research showing a corrupt Democrat”?!? Well, Billy, sit down and let me actually show you that. From CIR’s own website, we see CIR’s Will Simon ripping the Democratic leadership in the Senate to shreds in the pages of the LA Times. He scours Harry Reid, Robert Byrd, Herb Kohl and Jack Reed for hypocrisy on earmarks, as they publicly denounced them but filled legislation with pork to go back to their district. How’s that for ya?

Spin aside, there’s no way for McConnell to escape the dead weight that is China. It’s his Achilles heel. And we don’t know anyone who would want to be associated with the recent flood of dangerous products flowing from his inlaws’ shipping operations in China.

Mitch: The New Earle Clements

While examining Mitch McConnell’s first television commercials for the 2008 election cycle David Hawpe brings up the absurdity of McConnell’s self-comparison to former Sen. Alben Barkley.

Turns out Mitch isn’t keen on playing with facts and likes to ignore information that could make him look like the Red Chinese Money Broker that he is. And he’s not the second Kentuckian in history to lead his party in the Senate. The second would be Earle Clements in the 1950s. But who cares about facts? Definitely not the Dear bowtie-wearing Senator.

McConnell wants to draw a connection between himself and Barkley because the latter was not only powerful but also a popular, avuncular figure in Kentucky politics, especially in Western Kentucky, which has been a key to McConnell’s success. The truth is that one can draw more and better parallels between McConnell and Clements.

Both qualify as cool, crafty and reserved figures. Both built the state machinery that has dominated their respective parties for significant periods of the modern era. And both were county judges.

…Clements, unlike fellow Western Kentucky Democrat Barkley, was not widely loved. McConnell, unlike his Republican predecessor John Sherman Cooper, also isn’t widely loved.

And let’s not forget that Alben Barkley II– who is prominently featured in the new McConnell ads– has some major experience in the sexual harassment department. He was found guilty by the state Personnel Board of trying to make a sexytime or two with a secretary in his office.

Does McConnell think everybody has forgotten that Barkley II, as state secretary of agriculture, was involved in a sensational sexual harassment incident? A secretary in the ag commissioner’s office, Ann Hester, told the Personnel Board that Barkley once asked her to be his “lover,” that he asked to look down her blouse, that he put his arm around her waist and hugged her, and that he often told her she looked “sexy.”

Birds of a feather, boys and girls.  Birds of a feather.

Geoff Davis: Putting Payday Loan Sharks Before Troops

It’s a remarkable time in the United States. Veterans Day just behind us. Hundreds of thousands still in Iraq. Veterans from all walks of life without access to health care. Thousands of active duty military families crumbling beneath financial strain and looming economic disaster. So it’s a good time to remind you that Northern Kentucky’s Geoff Davis (R KY-4)— a man of the military cloth himself– stood and is still standing up against our military in favor of despicable payday loan sharking.

An estimated 20% of our military men and women are forced to rely upon payday borrowing costing them over $80 million in fees every year. They’re often being charged more than 400% interest rates that lock them into a lifelong cycle of debt.

A KPBS program in San Diego called Full Focus featuring Rear Admiral Len Hering discussed the state of predatory lending and the military. Here are some excerpts:

Click here to view the full episode or watch others.

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McConnell Votes Against Kentucky

Mitch McConnell, under the guise of fiscal responsibility (haha) voted to uphold Bush’s veto of the Water Resources Development Act.

Isn’t that nice? Kentucky’s own King of Pork votes against water while large portions of the United States are suffering disastrous shortages.

Just some of the Kentucky projects:

  • Completion of McAlpine Lock and Dam on the Ohio River in Louisville, $430 million (of that, almost $220 million already has been spent), requested by Sen. McConnell and Rep. John Yarmuth, D-3rd District.
  • A flood control study for Louisville, no amount given, requested by Yarmuth.
  • An Ohio River Basin environmental study for Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, West Virginia, Ohio and Virginia, $2.5 million, requested by Yarmuth.
  • Stabilization of the bluffs at Hickman, Ky., $250,000, requested by McConnell.
  • A feasibility study to add water supply to the project purposes for Dewey Lake, no amount given, requested by Rep. Hal Rogers, R-5th District.
  • A study to add recreation to the project purposes at Buckhorn Lake, no amount given, requested by Rogers.
  • A directive to provide protection to Prestonsburg against a 100-year flood, no amount given, requested by Rogers.
  • Water projects and resource protection and development in the counties of Anderson, Bourbon, Boyle, Clark, Estill, Fayette, Franklin, Garrard, Jessamine, Lincoln, Madison, Mercer, Montgomery, Powell, Scott and Woodford, $10 million, requested by Rep. Ben Chandler, D-6th District.
  • Wastewater infrastructure for Winchester, no amount given, requested by Chandler.
  • Renovations to the floodwall on the Ohio River at Paducah, $3 million, requested by Rep. Ed Whitfield, R-1st District.
  • Flood-control work, Licking River Basin, Cynthiana, $11.8 million, sponsor of request not determined.

Maybe Mitch should heed Larry Sabato’s warning?

“But if I were Mitch McConnell, I’d be very nervous. Because there’s a Democratic trend in his state, a new Democratic governor who’s going to try to get him, and he is the representative of George Bush and the Iraq war in Kentucky. Good luck!”

Yarmuth: Wanted by Button Police

You read it correctly. Representative John Yarmuth (KY-3/Louisville) had his button taken away! Just when you thought our weak, incompetent Congress couldn’t get any more retarded? This happens.

Recall that he distributed lapel buttons last month reading “Article 1” – a reminder to Congress that they’re the head honchos under the Constitution– not the President.

The House parliamentarian has told Yarmuth and his button battalion that they may no longer wear their Article 1 buttons during speeches on the House floor. People will just have to learn some other way that the Founding Fathers intended the elected officials under the dome, not inside the White House, to run the country.

According to the parliamentarian’s office, the pins violate House rules that forbid the “wearing of badges by members to communicate a message.” In other words, the buttons must come off.

And with the buttons, so come the gloves. A ticked-off Yarmuth whipped off a letter this week to House Parliamentarian John Sullivan challenging the ruling and asking close to (but maybe not quite) a million questions as to why his button has been banned.

Yup. It’s the end of the world if our elected officials attempt to educate themselves and the five people who watch C-SPAN in a non-partisan, good-for-everyone kind of way.

We’ll leave you with a question from Yarmie, “If a simple mention of the founding document of the country constitutes a message, how does it differ from the wearing of the American flag?”