Geoff Davis: Putting Payday Loan Sharks Before Troops

It’s a remarkable time in the United States. Veterans Day just behind us. Hundreds of thousands still in Iraq. Veterans from all walks of life without access to health care. Thousands of active duty military families crumbling beneath financial strain and looming economic disaster. So it’s a good time to remind you that Northern Kentucky’s Geoff Davis (R KY-4)— a man of the military cloth himself– stood and is still standing up against our military in favor of despicable payday loan sharking.

An estimated 20% of our military men and women are forced to rely upon payday borrowing costing them over $80 million in fees every year. They’re often being charged more than 400% interest rates that lock them into a lifelong cycle of debt.

A KPBS program in San Diego called Full Focus featuring Rear Admiral Len Hering discussed the state of predatory lending and the military. Here are some excerpts:

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McConnell Votes Against Kentucky

Mitch McConnell, under the guise of fiscal responsibility (haha) voted to uphold Bush’s veto of the Water Resources Development Act.

Isn’t that nice? Kentucky’s own King of Pork votes against water while large portions of the United States are suffering disastrous shortages.

Just some of the Kentucky projects:

  • Completion of McAlpine Lock and Dam on the Ohio River in Louisville, $430 million (of that, almost $220 million already has been spent), requested by Sen. McConnell and Rep. John Yarmuth, D-3rd District.
  • A flood control study for Louisville, no amount given, requested by Yarmuth.
  • An Ohio River Basin environmental study for Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, West Virginia, Ohio and Virginia, $2.5 million, requested by Yarmuth.
  • Stabilization of the bluffs at Hickman, Ky., $250,000, requested by McConnell.
  • A feasibility study to add water supply to the project purposes for Dewey Lake, no amount given, requested by Rep. Hal Rogers, R-5th District.
  • A study to add recreation to the project purposes at Buckhorn Lake, no amount given, requested by Rogers.
  • A directive to provide protection to Prestonsburg against a 100-year flood, no amount given, requested by Rogers.
  • Water projects and resource protection and development in the counties of Anderson, Bourbon, Boyle, Clark, Estill, Fayette, Franklin, Garrard, Jessamine, Lincoln, Madison, Mercer, Montgomery, Powell, Scott and Woodford, $10 million, requested by Rep. Ben Chandler, D-6th District.
  • Wastewater infrastructure for Winchester, no amount given, requested by Chandler.
  • Renovations to the floodwall on the Ohio River at Paducah, $3 million, requested by Rep. Ed Whitfield, R-1st District.
  • Flood-control work, Licking River Basin, Cynthiana, $11.8 million, sponsor of request not determined.

Maybe Mitch should heed Larry Sabato’s warning?

“But if I were Mitch McConnell, I’d be very nervous. Because there’s a Democratic trend in his state, a new Democratic governor who’s going to try to get him, and he is the representative of George Bush and the Iraq war in Kentucky. Good luck!”

Yarmuth: Wanted by Button Police

You read it correctly. Representative John Yarmuth (KY-3/Louisville) had his button taken away! Just when you thought our weak, incompetent Congress couldn’t get any more retarded? This happens.

Recall that he distributed lapel buttons last month reading “Article 1” – a reminder to Congress that they’re the head honchos under the Constitution– not the President.

The House parliamentarian has told Yarmuth and his button battalion that they may no longer wear their Article 1 buttons during speeches on the House floor. People will just have to learn some other way that the Founding Fathers intended the elected officials under the dome, not inside the White House, to run the country.

According to the parliamentarian’s office, the pins violate House rules that forbid the “wearing of badges by members to communicate a message.” In other words, the buttons must come off.

And with the buttons, so come the gloves. A ticked-off Yarmuth whipped off a letter this week to House Parliamentarian John Sullivan challenging the ruling and asking close to (but maybe not quite) a million questions as to why his button has been banned.

Yup. It’s the end of the world if our elected officials attempt to educate themselves and the five people who watch C-SPAN in a non-partisan, good-for-everyone kind of way.

We’ll leave you with a question from Yarmie, “If a simple mention of the founding document of the country constitutes a message, how does it differ from the wearing of the American flag?”

Update: Hollenbach Afraid to Denounce Simon

We’ve heard through the grapevine (okay, okay– via KDP, the Hollenbach camp and a Hollenbach supporter– they’ve all confirmed it) that Todd Hollenbach has had a difficult time dealing with his endorsement from Frank Simon and the Freedom’s Heritage Forum. Apparently BlueGrassRoots, Blue in the Bluegrass and Page One struck a nerve talking about the matter.

Our three sources say independently that Hollenbach wrote a letter to Simon (though the Simon group says it hasn’t yet received anything) disclaiming his endorsement as long as Simon stands for intolerance and exclusion. But there’s an interesting sticking point: Todd sent the letter insisting it remain confidential. He’s also asked a few people in the media to keep the letter confidential– that is, when they ask for proof that he’s denounced Simon he’s afraid of on-the-record discussion. (We saw a copy as confirmation from one campaign source but won’t be publishing it. Don’t ask.)

So what’s that tell you? Todd Hollenbach took a lot of heat for the endorsement but is afraid to publicly distance himself from Frank Simon.

Why would he be afraid to publicly distance himself from hatred and discrimination? It’s completely beyond us. We want nothing more than to publish proof that Todd has done the right thing but it doesn’t seem likely to happen.

Oh, and Todd: You have our number. You could have called us instead of having multiple people call with curses and threats. Way to be adult, folks.

Steve Beshear Sells Out at the Last Minute

The Beshear-Mongiardo campaign has pulled an Ernie Fletcher. At the last minute Beshear has been sucked into a hate-filled Republican trap and has responded to negative robocalls like a sucker.

The response? This anti-gay rant from Rev. John Dunaway, former president of the Kentucky Baptist Convention:

I’m Rev. John Dunaway. The negative calls you’ve received about Steve Beshear are not true. Ernie Fletcher has been spreading lies to scare you. Don’t fall for those last minute dirty tricks.

Steve Beshear was raised in a family of preachers and [inaudible] values grounded in his faith. Steve believes marriage should be between a man and a woman and he believes we need a governor who will put the people of Kentucky first.

Please join me in voting tomorrow for Steve Beshear for governor.

Paid for by Beshear-Mongiardo for Governor. 502.607.8600.

Listen here:


How is this a necessary response?

This comes after Jonathan Miller and others told me via e-mail (about two weeks ago) that Steve Beshear was not homophobic and had no discriminatory bones in his body. If he’s not afraid of the gays– why produce this junk that legitimizes desperate activity and send it out to thousands of Kentuckians across the Commonwealth? Why give in to the Republican playbook of scare tactics?

This response is out of fear and is nothing more than homophobic behavior. Democratic politics could do without it. The call was unnecessary and there’s no excuse for it. It has no bearing on this election.

Breaking: Fletcher’s Illegal Anti-Gay Robocalls – UPDATED

BlueGrassRoots is reporting that robocalls are being made across the state today originating from a pro-gay organization that doesn’t exist. The calls allegedly are in support of Steve Beshear. Regular readers may be aware that this sort of activity is highly illegal and a blatant violation of campaign finance law.

KRS 121.015(7)(c),(12) identifies independent expenditures as being made without coordination, consultation or cooperation with candidates or campaigns. If we find that calls are being made in coordination with Fletcher in any way, you can bet a Kentucky Registry of Election Finance complaint will be promptly filed.

Further, independent expenditures are subject to KREF filing requirements and must report directly to the Registry. If an organization or individual isn’t properly reporting to KREF, that’s another complaint waiting to happen.

Do these fools have no morals or boundaries when it comes to hate and ignorance? Fletcher’s gay sidekicks should be ashamed.

Note to readers: Please send us an audio clip or transcript of the calls.

UPDATE 12:25: Via BlueGrassRoots we have the audio of the call:



“For the first time in 20 years the homosexual lobby proudly endorses a Kentucky candidate for governor, Steve Beshear. Beshear is receiving major support from out-of-state gay activists and has publicly committed to same-gender relationships, employment of more homosexuals in state government including teachers, and support for homosexual adoption of children.

If you believe these rights are fair please vote for Steve Beshear for governor. Visit”

Note that the ad does NOT include legally required “Paid for by” language. The call leads recipients to believe it’s from, which is an absolute lie. This is a blatant violation of campaign finance law.

UPDATE 1:20: PolWatchers has an update to this ongoing story with quotes from Beshear, Fletcher and the Fairness Campaign. Seems no one wants to take credit for the illegal call, but Fletcher’s spokesperson Jason Keller made it a point to call Beshear out for being gay-friendly, “Certainly there’s a fair question to be asked there.” Pot calling kettle?

UPDATE 4:15: We’ve received reports that the robocall originates from a telephone number owned by Lee Murphy of Poli-Tech Consulting – an organization that works only for Democrats in Kentucky – including Dan Mongiardo’s 2004 campaign. I spoke to Mr. Murphy moments ago and he confirms that he’s absolutely not involved, saying he “would never work against a Democrat” and that he’s actually friends with Mongiardo.

So where does this leave us? It appears a Republican or anti-Beshear lackey has an ax to grind and is wrongly claiming Poli-Tech is behind the robocall.

Someone is trying to cover up their tracks.

Stay tuned. More to come.

Don’t forget! Elephant in the room!

Democrats and Republicans who know how to think for themselves should not forget the elephant in the room this Tuesday. We encourage all people who don’t hate gays, women or non-christians to refrain from voting in the race for Kentucky Treasurer.

We also encourage Todd Hollenbach to keep in mind that we will not be allowing him to get far without a complete denouncement of Frank Simon’s bigoted endorsement. We’re hearing from individuals at the KDP and from within Todd’s own circle that Jonathan Miller’s soon-to-be old office is the end of Todd’s political career if he doesn’t come to his senses.