Putting Various Yarmuth Rumors to Rest

You know it’s campaign season when people start trying to eat John Yarmuth alive for hating Jesus and loving the Satanist “Moslems.” While they’re busily shouting from the rooftops that Yarmuth is the most partisan hack in Kentucky’s D.C. delegation (second only to everyone else, including Ben Chandler, of course)? We’ve been tipped off to a certain Republican’s desire to attack Kentucky’s 3rd District Representative on all fronts. Including his staff, who aren’t elected and could easily make tons more cash working for anyone other than a Congressman. (AKA we should be thanking them for their service instead of being nasty.)

So let’s talk about things before anyone gets the opportunity to paint a negative picture.

First, we’ve recently learned that Yarmuth’s Constituent Liaison, Ben Basil, has been let go. Yarmuth’s staff is now conducting a search for Basil’s replacement, working through a mountain of qualified applicants. End of story. And Aaron Horner, part-time campaign staffer and part-time congressional staffer, has moved to Homeland Security. You know how the rumor mill is, so, we figured it’d be best to lay the facts out on the table.

Now for the fun stuff. Gay movies, sausages and fake i.d.s.

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New Year’s Eve Oh Snap Update Dept

Jim Cauley, Beshear’s campaign manager and Chief of Staff, to temporarily head the Governor’s Office of Local Development. Naturally, it only took an hour for blog commenters to start throwing wag the dog accusations. We suggest holding criticism for the actual commissioner who will be named to replace Cauley. [PolWatchers]

Railing on Kentucky’s budget crisis and Steve Beshear, I think, but never really making much sense. Complete with ominous tones. Something about how he needs to get his butt in gear and not screw anything up? As if things weren’t tough enough trying to establish an administration while “fixing” the budget in a month’s time. [C-J]

The Herald-Leader has started it’s week-long series of legislative previews. The first tackles Beshear and the quickly hacked together budget. AKA the budget is screwed and everyone is about to just explode from stress. Our glowing and vibrant economy is just perfect and happy because everyone is wealthy. Surely the free market can solve this one, too. [H-L, H-L]

The debate for casinos will hit the legislature on January 8. Guess we can count on not getting anything else accomplished in 2008. Flip-flopper Jody Richards refuses to speak to the press about it all– even in his home neck of the woods. Excitement abounds! [BG Daily News]

Road construction in Winchester near the Mountain Parkway has created a sense of urgency in documenting and preserving Native American history. Once again, the rich white man and his ignorant subordinates fight to ignore Kentucky’s true history. Thankfully there are people in this world who won’t let it be forgotten. [H-L]

Mitch McConnell & friends love to spend borrowed money on their supporters and David Hawpe love to write about it. Frankly, we think keeping our legislative body kosher and free of pork would be quite nice. But even conservative “think tanks” know it’s not going to happen. [C-J]

CWA Takes Herald-Leader to Task

In the ongoing push to get the Herald-Leader and McClatchy Company to treat its employees fairly, the Communication Workers of America lay the facts out on the table in an editorial.

Publisher Tim Kelly’s “Letter to Our Readers” makes it clear that the Herald-Leader’s management either doesn’t understand the meaning of true collective bargaining or has a total disregard for it.

Kelly neglected to mention just how much money the newspaper and its corporate owner, The McClatchy Co., are making. I suspect he omitted this because it would undermine his argument. The Herald-Leader is one of the most profitable enterprises in this community.

The paper’s publisher claims newsroom workers want assurances that nothing will change. This is clearly false. Guild leaders have told local media (including the Herald-Leader) that they’re willing to consider changes to paid time off and health care if the company demonstrates a true need.


We hope the H-L gets its ducks in a row soon. It’s the only major paper in the state with its finger on the pulse of society. Kentucky can’t afford to suffer when it comes to news just because an out-of-state corporation wants to reap mega-profits.

McConnell: Politicians better at spending money

Mitch McConnell told right-winger Larry Kudlow on CNBC that, well, just read it:

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell told me in a CNBC interview that elected politicians are more knowledgeable about spending people’s money than faceless bureaucrats. And while McConnell has done a terrific job maintaining conservative policies in the Senate, he is wrong on this topic. The earmarks shouldn’t be made. And the money shouldn’t be spent. Period.

Moneybags Mitch thinks he’s better at spending money than the everyday man. Which may be true– Mitch is woah better at doling out the pork than almost anyone else in the history of the United States.

Louisville Lights Up… For Now

The city of Louisville took a step backward today when Judge Stephen Ryan threw out the city’s smoking ban. It’s a victory for the Metro Louisville Hospitality Coalition, which wasted no time in advising its members to begin encouraging guests to light up. Here’s an early story from the C-J.

Here’s a copy of the order, released this morning.

Without doubt, this story will dominate local headlines throughout the Christmas season. It should. And this is a case in which the city should take immediate action. It appears to be doing so.

Local government officials, operating on Holiday mode after a lengthy Metro Council meeting last night, have not been able to assemble for an emergency meeting. In order to pass the ban again, without the Churchill Downs exemption that provided a loophole for ban opponents, it must have 18 members present and 18 votes. Some Council members have left town, some are leaving today.

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Herald-Leader Treats Employees Badly

The Lexington Newspaper Guild is making its voice heard over the Herald-Leader’s decision to fight for the right to slash and eliminate health care for part-time workers and cut sick leave for all employees. Mind numbing, isn’t it? The very paper that has editorialized support for universal health care and economic justice for decades is kicking its employees in favor of corporate profits.

The H-L is owned by McClatchy, an organization based in Sacramento, CA, which purchased the paper in mid 2006. McClatchy promptly paid former Knight Ridder execs more than $60 million (the paper’s profits were $23 million in 2005) but can’t find the means to provide their workers with the basics.

The Lexington Newspaper Guild has been in talks with the company over its contract which expired on January 1 of this year (which remains in effect via an evergreen clause) and there are two major obstacles the company is sticking with. What are they? Health care and sick leave. Arguably the state’s most important news organization in the history of the Commonwealth is on the verge of disaster over health care and sick leave. Shameful.

The Guild recently held a demonstration outside the Herald-Leader and has released a video of the event:

UPDATE: Editor & Publisher has a great story on the Guild’s fight for fairness. Publisher Tim Kelly seems to think the truth is damaging. So maybe it’d be a good idea to, you know, provide employees with the basics and stop beating around the bush.

Rumors on the Internets

Beshear: The state budget is effed! Hide yer money in the freezer! Worst financials since the last Republican administration. [H-L]

ARH nurses strike is the end of the world. Patients not crossing the picket line, forcing layoffs and unit closures. [H-L]

More on Stumbo favoring the Kentucky House, more non-denial denials from Vicki Glass about a job for Brandon Spencer. [C-J]

David Williams sought change for road at close of business for Fletcher, Ernie’s biggest contributors stand to make mega bucks. [C-J]

Did you know comprehensive sex education is better than Bush abstinence-only quackery? [DMKY]