More of the Same or Something Like It

Steve ‘Ethics Reform’ Beshear has made it a point to talk up ethics at every opportunity. From the part where his administration won’t be like Ernie Fletcher’s to the long-forgotten promise to stop gubernatorial pardon abuse. It’s all sounded like ethics, ethics, ethics. And that’s just it. It merely sounded like his administration would be completely ethical.

Case in point: new Transportation Secretary Joe Prather took office in mid-December. Literally hours later paperwork was being pushed to install a (traffic) turn signal by his home. Despite cabinet reports that it was not necessary and despite canceling myriad other projects due to financial crisis.

The turn lights near the Elizabethtown home of the secretary, Joseph W. Prather, sped through the cabinet’s approval process, which got rolling on Dec. 12 — the first day Prather and Beshear were on the job, according to records obtained through the Kentucky Open Records Act. The directional arrows were up and shining by last week despite an internal review that said traffic data from the intersection didn’t show the need for turn signals.

Let’s hear it for wasteful pet projects.

Heads-Up to Questionable Rights Organization

Stop the petty bickering.

A week or so ago the questionable gay rights organization calling itself the Kentucky Equality Federation blasted the Kentucky Fairness Alliance and its leader, Christina Gilgor, for allegedly alienating members of the KEF. Jordan Palmer, KEF’s self-appointed leader, has made it a point over the years to feature himself prominently in everything his group does. Totally undermining its alleged mission.

Figured we should chime in to add that Palmer and his Republican self (part of the reason he’s clashing with the legit Fairness Alliance, otherwise party affiliation wouldn’t matter) need to stop with fracturing the equality movement in Kentucky. For over a year he’s attempted to demonize the Fairness Campaign and Kentucky Fairness Alliance. Instead of attempting to work together as Palmer alleges, his organization hasn’t done anything but try to promote itself while diminishing the potential impact of the Fairness Alliance.

It’s great that Palmer wants to help the gays or whatever. But the Fairness Alliance actually has a staff of people who aren’t just a group of friends in real life. They’re affiliated with the Fairness Campaign. And they’re well-connected, active individuals who have strong roots in Frankfort and have fought the war to bring equality to Kentucky. The Kentucky Equality Federation is a new little start-up that should try to play well with others instead of getting envious and upset when the legitimate equality organization receives the full backing of those who strive for equal rights.

We’re not suggesting the Equality Federation shouldn’t exist. But come on. This is ridiculous. You can’t trash an organization just because they won’t put you on a pedestal and cater to your every whim.

BREAKING: Video of McConnell-Ryan Encounter

Earlier today Heather Ryan was fired from her job as Executive Director of the Maiden Alley Cinema in Paducah.

Why was she fired?

Her superiors (McConnell supporters) allege Ryan and her daughter, 12-year-old Heaven, stalked, harassed, disturbed and inconvenienced Senator Mitch McConnell after filming a commercial at the theater.

According to Ryan’s bosses merely questioning the senator about the war in Iraq is inappropriate behavior. McConnell and his people made it a point to trash Ryan across the state and lobbied to have her terminated.

Unfortunately for Ryan, the McConnell clan was successful in their endeavor.

Unfortunately for McConnell and the jokers in Paducah who tried their level best to tarnish Ryan for exercising her first amendment rights, we have videographic evidence of the encounter:

Kentucky’s mainstream media remains missing in action. Where are they?

Fired for Questioning McConnell

We have just been alerted that Heather Ryan has just been fired from her job at the Maiden Alley Cinema in Paducah for daring to question Senator Mitch McConnell and catching it on video. (More info on the background of the situation here.)

Here’s an excerpt from Heather’s message:

It is with complete shock and utter dismay that I come to you this afternoon of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, January 21, 2008. As you may have guessed, a dramatic turn of events happened less than an hour ago while I was at my office in Downtown Paducah, KY. I was fired from my position as the Executive Director of the Maiden Alley Cinema for the incident in which Heaven and I asked Mitch McConnell about the war in Iraq.

It is absolutely unbelievable to me that such a powerful Senator would target a low income family simply to flex his political muscle. But believe it folks, I am now jobless, on the day in which we use to remember the great Civil Rights Leader, Martin Luther King, Jr., because I dared to speak out.

If you’re not pissed off you’re not paying attention.

We encourage you to contact the Maiden Alley Cinema to express your dismay. If you live in Paducah? Maybe you should stop by the theater to ask them what the hell is going on. 112 Maiden Alley, Paducah. Or just give them a call at (270) 442-7723.

Once Heather makes the video of the incident available, we’ll have it for you. It’s not looking pretty for Mitch at the moment.

Isn’t this despicable? Mitch McConnell. The man who professes such a love for freedom of speech and the First Amendment. The lone Republican standing for the right the right to burn the flag.  Cowering like a scared puppy. Getting a woman fired for merely exercising her rights. This attitude of ‘how dare you question my authority!’ has got to stop.  For McConnell and his people to exert influence like this is outrageous.

Where’s the mainstream press on this one? (HELLO, BIG STORY HERE!) Time to wake up.

Executive Ethics Controversy Brewing

Just what we don’t want to be in:  another potential mess.

Ralph Long echoes our sentiments exactly about the Executive Branch Ethics Commission falling under the Finance and Administration cabinet for administrative purposes only.

Minds. Are. Boggled. Can’t even begin to address the questions this raises.

This is the kind of thing that makes the hair rise on the back of my neck and makes me utter a Jon Stewart “WTF” at 7:30 in the morning.

If the Ethics Commission is attached for “administrative purposes” will it be treated like the other agencies that are attached for “administrative purposes”, and more importantly just what does “administrative purposes” mean?

Does it make any sense to put a watch dog agency like the Executive Ethics Commission under the same roof as the people that manage multiple billions of dollars?

Where do you think the biggest opportunity to be unethical is at? With a line worker in a county office of some agency or with people managing billions of dollars.

Greg Fischer & Self-Funding

Has someone recently explained the millionaires’ rule to Greg Fischer and the young people at the KDP? Did they just figure out that Fischer would be a waste?

Forgot to mention this last week, but, the Millionaires’ Rule (Millionaires’ Amendment) is kind of a big deal in this Senate race. And the only person it really affects is Greg Fischer. (Bruce Lunsford is so wealthy it doesn’t even come into play. He could write a $20 million check and never think twice about it.)

Here’s the dilly, kids: Once Greg Fischer loans about $600,000 to his campaign, Mitch McConnell can at that point allow all of his contributors to double their contribution amount. Meaning Mitch could easily have $20 million on-hand in no time.

If Fischer gave his campaign about $1.4 million, McConnell would then be able to triple the contribution amounts from all of his money men. So… how does $30 million sound?

Yeah. Exactly. That’s why Fischer can’t contribute a wad of cash because he just doesn’t have enough to keep up. He’s afraid of losing money and doesn’t want to win badly enough.

At a Christmas party Greg Fischer told numerous people he would drop $5 million into his campaign. A week later, after getting a bit of an FEC education, Fischer is saying he can only drop in $200,000. He and the Party now realize dropping any more into the race would sink his faux progressive ship faster than Fat Albert in a pool with floaties.

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Fischer Reminder. AKA Slow News Day.

When Greg Fischer announces his bid to run for the United States Senate against Mitch McConnell next week, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Fischer has contributed to hardcore Republicans over the years, along with his right-wing family. He’s running as a Democrat in a Democratic primary so I’ve no idea how he thinks he can escape such recent campaign finance activity. Those contributions include:

$250.00 on 07/01/1998
GENERAL – 11/03/1998



Fischer has potentially already run afoul of FEC guidelines and campaign finance law before announcing a candidacy, as is outlined here.

Fischer has a history of being a union buster.

And as our source at the Kentucky Democratic Party revealed to us last night, Greg Fischer was asked to stay out of the race by a high-level party official just days ago. Why, you might ask? Because Fischer told the Party (along with about a dozen others we’ve spoken to recently) that he’s now only planning on loaning his campaign $200,000. Meaning he doesn’t even come close to giving David L. Williams a run for his money, let alone Andrew Horne. So much for telling everyone he can finance his own race.

Just food for thought.