Charlie Hoffman Really Does Eat Boogers

This man. The one pictured right here. He is a known booger eater. Because of him we’re inciting a riot, encouraging annoyance and alarm. Get to it! Go start fights in Hoffman’s name.

As David Adams reports, Rep. Charlie Hoffman (D-Waste of Time) is pushing worthless legislation that would prohibit online communication that causes “annoyance or alarm” and serves no legitimate purpose.

Like David says, telling the peeps on that scary internets about Charlie Hoffman and his booger eating ways could land a blogger in jail for up to 90 days. A second offense carries up to a year in jail as punishment.

Yeah, that’s the ticket. Let’s stifle free speech because a few booger eaters in Frankfort can’t handle criticism. We’re not suggesting that people go crazy by publishing defaming and false material, but come on. What century is this?

Charlie Hoffman. Time and money waster. Another Democrat deserving of a primary opponent.

A Jim Gooch Funny

Ryan Alessi cracks us up again with his story about the opening of the 2008 General Assembly in Frankfort today.

With 60 degree temperatures in Frankfort, the biggest difference between the 2008 General Assembly in its infancy and past sessions is the weather.

“I think you would all agree that global warming has hit inside this room,” Richards quipped.

Rep. Jim Gooch, the House natural resources and environment committee chairman, who held a controversial hearing on that subject last fall didn’t look up from his paperwork to acknowledge Richards’ remark.

The denial of something so major and obvious has undoubtedly made it difficult for Jim Gooch to know when people are poking fun at his embarrassing presence in the state house.

Even MORE Crap from the 72nd!

It never ends! No worries, though, it’ll all be over on Tuesday.

An anonymous letter is being mailed around the 72nd House District where Sannie Overly and Bryan Beauman are running in the special election. A nasty little blurb that does its best to come up with as many lies about Overly, a Democrat, as one could imagine.

The letter, which isn’t signed and doesn’t have a return address, is here:

First: The race for Supreme Court is non-partisan. John Roach wasn’t running as a Republican to sit on the bench.

Second: Overly is, in fact, listed in her church directory. Under K for Kalinyak, her husband’s last name. She goes to church, she takes her children to church and she’s telling the truth.

Finally: What imaginary investigation could the letter writer be talking about? Most Kentuckians are from small towns and realize there are always potential conflicts of interest. Attorneys represent opposing interests every day. It may be a little different if Overly represented a major client in a case that was before the Planning & Zoning Commission. Which, to our knowledge, she does not.

Voters of the 72nd District should reject this horse crap. We need to move into the 21st Century.

More on Bryan Beauman

Just when you thought it couldn’t get more dirty…

Bryan Beauman, Sannie Overly’s opponent in Tuesday’s special election, has allowed the Republican Party of Kentucky to put the final nail in his coffin. The RPK paid for a recent mailer that proclaims: “Old. Cold. Bought & Sold. [Shouldn’t describe our elected officials]” All while conveniently forgetting that Beauman was Ernie Fletcher’s right-hand man in many respects. Like in 2004 when he was the lead hitman for scaring the bejeesus out of hillfolk with the gays.

The RPK also conveniently forgets that for the past four years Kentucky has been filled with nothing but news about their own (via Ernie Fletcher) old, cold bought & sold hackery. Could this be any more sad for Beauman?

The mailer also claims Beauman supports campaign finance transparency and wants to eliminate run-off elections. Not exactly what Republicans are going to fawn over.

Beauman’s people are working overtime to manufacture scandal where scandal doesn’t exist. From spreading falsehoods about Overly’s lack of interest in non-partisanship to her personal business, nothing’s outta bounds for them. They must absolutely love thoughtlessly trashing a woman (gasp! a woman!) who they know will obliterate their Fletcherite on election day.

Just once we’d love to see a candidate in Kentucky who claims to be a model citizen that supports transparency and honesty actually give up the wedge issues and ignorance. Should we hold our breath?

Reasons to Elect Overly or Why Beauman Isn’t Worth Your Time

As everyone knows (those who aren’t living under a bridge), we’re pretty excited about Sannie Overly becoming the next representative from state house district 72. She’s simply the best candidate and is poised to become a powerful leader in Kentucky. Not because of who she knows but because she’s that good.

We digress. And we’ll get off our “Sannie is great” soapbox.

But on to her opponent, Bryan Beauma, one of the few people working hard to keep Kentucky in the 1900s. He’s worked hard to keep the “homosexuals” at bay and went to bat against the scary gays and liberals in 2004.

Bryan Beauman is so fixated on the gays that he’s allowed and promoted a letter mailed by the alleged “Values Voters of Kentucky” over the past couple weeks.

The letter, from Hugh Gabbard, LTC US Army Ret., claims Beauman will “champion Glodly moral values” and “when homosexuals filed a court challenge to the 2004 Marriage Amendment” he stood up against them. We, the gays, are obviously the most important issue facing Kentucky’s 72nd District.

Peep the letter and hilarious envelope for yourself after the jump. Along with information that may prove Beauman has been dishonest about his wife.

Read moreReasons to Elect Overly or Why Beauman Isn’t Worth Your Time

Saving Health Care? Not On Your Life.

While reading John Cheves’ legislative preview on Health & Welfare one has to wonder why Governor Steve Beshear and his physician/senator running mate Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo were never pressed to provide solid plans for the state. Solid plans beyond expanding gambling, that is. (Full disclosure: We support gambling/casinos/whatever but they’re not the pie in the sky.)

FRANKFORT– One or more unlikely things must happen before Gov. Steve Beshear can honor his campaign pledge to extend health insurance to tens of thousands of Kentuckians.

The national and state economies must improve so much that extra tax revenue gushes into Frankfort. Or Congress must overcome President Bush’s repeated vetoes of an expanded State Children’s Health Insurance Program. Or Beshear must not only cover the state’s current Medicaid deficit — $389 million for the rest of this fiscal year — but he must find money on top of that so he can afford to add people to the program.

Small wonder that Beshear’s allies in the 2008 General Assembly are counting on the clang-clang-clang of casino gambling.

Seriously. Why didn’t the voters or the press ever push Beshear to tell us just how on earth he’ll pay for everything promised? Because it sure seems to us like he can’t deliver on any promises made at any point. Beyond pushing casinos, that is.

Just wondering. Because we’re getting absolutely tired of hearing from every friend we have in the education and university system that their jobs have been cut next year. We may be in a fiscal pickle but good god. Do we really have to rape the front lines with the remnants of a rusty GOP butcher knife?

Abramson Says He’d Be Governor

HAHAHA. Wait for it.

Jerry Abramson tells WHAS11’s Joe Arnold that he would be governor today if he had run in the 2007 gubernatorial primary.


He has the egotistical nerve to believe he would be governor and admits such to a reporter.

Take a look for yourself:

Does not regret not running for governor, but when I pressed him, he acknowledges he probably would have won.

Note that Mayor for Life didn’t mention why he didn’t run.

Stick with Page One and The ‘Ville Voice in 2008 as we slowly unveil hundreds of Abramson documents that might just change the way many people feel about Louisville’s populist mayor.