Fischer told us why he shouldn’t run

Greg Fischer spoke to Ted Shlechter— the only person who appears to care about him– last Wednesday at the Metro Democratic Club in Louisville.

While speaking to Ted in generalities, Fischer said people shouldn’t be allowed to buy elected office in Washington.

Here’s an excerpt:


So… the obviously question should be… what on earth makes Greg Fischer think anyone would be cool with him (an absolute unknown) using his money to buy an election?

Why is everyone afraid to just say it?

The rumor of Jonathan Miller’s alleged affair has been swirling around Kentucky for months. It’s been such common knowledge that it’s no longer exciting gossip in political circles. So why are we beating around the bush by merely discussing his strange-as-hell trip to Las Vegas with Brooke Parker? Someone should just ask the questions.

Has Jonathan– Mr. Ten Commandments– been cheating on his wife (with whom he has two young children) with his Deputy? Did he abuse his power when providing a 380% raise for his alleged mistress? Did he do all of this while parading around as a man of such high morality that he could publish a book about it?

We don’t personally care if he’s a cheat. It’s up to him if he wants to do something disgusting and morally bankrupt. But Miller needs to come clean with the public if he expects to ever be taken seriously. Especially if he misused his office or position while galavanting around the country.

If he did abuse his power, should he be serving as a cabinet secretary? Of course not. So if he’s done something wrong it’s time to tell the Commonwealth. Because it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine that the Herald-Leader is moments away from tightening it’s vice grip. Moments away from embarrassing our new administration.

Miller needs to understand that no one cares if he’s having an affair. We only care if he’s abused his office to benefit his alleged mistress. It’s nothing personal.

Are cabinet secretaries overpaid?

You bet your momma they are.

While Steve Beshear may be struggling to lure Joyce Hagen into the Health Services Cabinet, we’ve gotta take issue with something Mark Hebert reported today.

Why are we paying cabinet secretaries upward of $300,000 per year? WHAT ON EARTH?!

This is state government. It’s not Fortune 500 America. We’re not trying to be competitive here.

It should be considered an honor to serve your government in such a capacity as secretary of a prominent cabinet. Being reluctant because you wouldn’t be paid enough is absolutely laughable and shameful. Anyone turning down a cabinet job because there’s not enough money in it for them should be cast aside and laughed out of the state. Anyone complaining about money in an upper-level state government job isn’t cut out to be in an upper-level government position. And they’re certainly not worthy of our beautiful Commonwealth.

Creation Museum Nuts Foam at the Mouth

We could have predicted it. The Creation Museum nuts are out among us foaming at the mouth over yesterday’s op-ed in the Courier-Journal. Can’t let the truth get out that the “museum” is damaging to children.

In a letter to the editor today Mark Looy, the museum’s CCO, takes issue with everything. Apparently science is what spreads dogma. Evolution is the devil. Educators are just trying to censor the truth. Ha. It was a blast reading that one.

On Sunday, a former science instructor wrote a scathing commentary about our new Creation Museum near Cincinnati. Unlike a careful scientist, he made several mistakes and misrepresentations. Among them:

He misspells our president Ken Ham’s name, but that is the least of the column’s problems.

You’ve gotta read this one for all its glory. Not the least of which is about a man building a ship (out of wood, mind you) large enough to hold 32,000 animals or something.

Creation Museum: Not Safe for Children

James Willmot, a writer on the right side of science (aka not ignorant) penned a lengthy op-ed for the Courier-Journal today about the Creation Museum in Boone County and the damage being done to school-age children everywhere. Not to mention the damage being done to Kentucky’s already waning reputation as a shoe-free society.

And we’re not talking about injuries on the saddle-clad dinosaurs. Or even the trauma caused upon learning the museum’s model for “Adam” is a gay porn star.

All right for killing test scores and common sense!

There is a great educational injustice being inflicted upon thousands of children in this country, a large percentage of whom come from the Kentucky, Ohio and, Indiana areas. The source of this injustice is a sophisticated Christian ministry that uses the hook of dinosaurs, the guarantee of an afterlife, and the horrors of hell to convince children and their families to believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible. The tax-exempt ministry, Answers in Genesis, and its new $28 million creation museum in Boone County has become the de facto source of science information to thousands of Christians who are throwing away reason and 500 years of scientific inquiry and replacing it with ignorant dogma.

These kids are learning that despite a fossil record that clearly shows a progression of simple life forms becoming more complex life forms over billions of years (the first bacteria are believed to have established themselves approximately 3.8 billion years ago), they are taught that the first man was made from clay and that the first woman was made from the man’s rib. Instead of learning that the process of natural selection, over 3,800 millions of years, has changed populations of organisms into the approximately 10 million species (conservative estimate) that inhabit the Earth today, they are taught the “poof” theory of creationism.

Don’t forget to check out Joe Sonka’s photographic tour of the “museum” from June.

You know the C-J has struck a chord when the nuts come out on their forum. This article has definitely struck a chord. Go read all the crazy messages.

Draud can’t get his story straight

Were you one of the optimistic individuals who thought Jon Draud had his ducks in a row? Understandable. But don’t count your chickens before the eggs hatch. Draud supports the colossal disaster that is No Child Left Behind:

Draud is supportive of the No Child Left Behind act, a federal law that measures schools through reading and math tests. The law is up for reauthorization. Draud thinks NCLB is another accountability model that will help the state with the goal of bringing all schools to proficiency by 2014.

If that’s not enough to cause a head scratch or two, he contradicts himself on religion in public schools. He says today:

“I’m not in favor of teaching the Ten Commandments in schools,” he said. “I’m not in favor of teaching any religion in the schools. It’s pretty clear what our U.S. Constitution says.”

But in 1999 Draud wrote an editorial for the Kentucky Post about G-d being taken out of the American values system:

“Parents frequently do not teach their children about God and traditional American values, and schools are forbidden to do so by our court system”

So which is it? Does he support the separation of church and state or is he incensed that schools are forbidden to promote religion?

We’re glad Draud is not Barbara Erwin. But we’re not quite in the Al Smith optimism camp.

Jim King Update: Damage Control?

We reported yesterday that Democratic Louisville Metro Councilman Jim King attended a fundraiser for Mitch McConnell the evening prior.

After taking some heat, it appears, Councilman King has said he does not support McConnell or the war in Iraq.

King now says he was present at the event (without contributing) because three of his friends/business partners were there. And because he wanted to discuss airport funding. Definitely a reason King would want to be around McConnell. But at a Republican-held and Republican-sponsored fundraiser publicized by McConnell’s campaign? That’s more than a little dangerous politically.

There are far better methods of communicating with Kentucky’s Washington core that are far less controversial for a Democratic official soon to be up for re-election.

See what King had to say in his e-mailed statement released to Page One after the jump:

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